Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1920, Repairing


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Just after entering the palace, Yang Kai felt a faint Space Force blowing on his face.


He immediately focused his eyes, and sure enough, there was a Space Array at the centre of the main hall, which happened to be glowing slightly. This place was guarded by many cultivators, overtly and covertly.


[This should be the Space Array hub of Water Moon Star.] Yang Kai realized it immediately. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be so heavily guarded.


Sure enough, Ai Ou then introduced, “This is a Space Array, connecting my Water Moon Star cities and many important strongholds. It’s an extremely important part of Water Moon Star.”


Yang Kai nodded. As he swept through it with his Divine Sense, he immediately knew the internal structure of the Array. He didn’t care about it too much. After all, it wasn’t that hard for him to arrange this kind of Space Array.


“Senior, why do you want to show me this?” Yang Kai asked.


“This is not the thing I want to show you.” Ai Ou smiled mysteriously as he beckoned Yang Kai to follow him. Then, he walked to the side and entered through a side door. There happened to be a staircase spiralling down the palace.


Fist-sized night pearls dotted the walls around the stairs, emitting a soft and warm light, lightening the staircase a little.


Ai Ou led the way for about fifteen minutes before the two came to some place underground.


As they were walking, the front became wider all of a sudden. To Yang Kai’s surprise, there wasn’t an underground cave here but an extremely spacious secret room. There was nothing in this secret room other than something at the very centre of the room that was exuding an ancient desolate aura.


“This…” Yang Kai raised his eyes as he hurried forward. With the help of the light of the night pearls embedded in the walls all around, he circled around an area of about five feet as if he was wandering around an Array.


“This is a Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array?” Yang Kai looked at Ai Ou in amazement.


“Indeed!” Ai Ou earnestly nodded. “As you can see, this is indeed a Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array. It can transmit anyone or anything from Water Moon Star to another star!”


“You can’t use it?” Yang Kai asked again.


“Mhmm! I don’t know what went wrong, but according to records in ancient books, no one has been able to activate it for over ten thousand years already. Over the years, every Chamber of Commerce President had asked someone to repair it. Unfortunately, no one could. Yang Kai, it’s not that this King doesn’t trust you, but this is a very important matter. This King can only believe what he sees. If you can repair this Array, this King will believe you!” Ai Ou said with a solemn look on his face.


“What’s so difficult about it!?” Yang Kai pursed his lips into a smile. He looked extremely relaxed.


“Can you really fix it!?” Ai Ou cheered up right away.


“I can,” Yang Kai nodded his affirmation. “But Senior, where is this Array connected to?”


Ai Ou furrowed his brow slightly as if it was hard to disclose. However, he pondered for a moment before answering, “Since you didn’t hide anything from me, treating me with sincerity, and Xue Yue is deeply in love with you, you aren’t an outsider. There is no harm in telling you. Have you heard of the existences of the Dark Stars in the Star Field?”


“Dark Stars!?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow. He asked in surprise, “Are they the stars that can’t be reached by conventional means and are hiding in the depths of the Star Field? The ones that could not be found with naked eyes?”


“So you do know about them!” Ai Ou nodded. “Yep, those are Dark Stars. The vast Star Field is hiding many secrets. It might seem that there aren’t many Dark Stars in the entire Star Field but it couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are many Dark Stars, it’s just that they couldn’t be found with conventional methods. All the stars with some or a little value had been divvied up by various great forces already. Take my Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, for example, we have as many as eighteen stars in our control. If any force wants to grow stronger, they could either resort to invasion and aggression or start searching for a Dark Star. There are many unknown factors to invasion and aggression, so the safest and the most convenient way was to find a Dark Star. Unfortunately, the Dark Stars were very hard to find. Even if someone brushed past it, he or she might fail to notice it.”


Yang Kai nodded and agreed, “I’ve heard about them. It’s said that there are many Natural Arrays in the Star Field hiding some stars. The mystery of these Natural Arrays can even hoodwink the eyes of a Third-Order Origin King master.”


While speaking, Yang Kai brow twitched as he cried in surprise, “Senior, you mean to say that this Space Array is connected to a Dark Star?”


Ai Ou looked a little excited as he nodded and replied, “Yeah, it’s connected to a Dark Star. You may not know, but my Chamber of Commerce’s ancestor used to have some friendship with the Starry Sky Great Emperor. That Dark Star was discovered by the Great Emperor. Finally, he told the Chamber of Commerce’s ancestors. This Array was laid by the Great Emperor himself.”


[It’s actually Yang Yan!?]


Yang Kai was a little surprised. He finally realized why the Array before him was almost the same as the Array arranged by him.


It came from Yang Yan, and his Space Array layouts were all taught by her as well. It would be a wonder instead if they were different.


Originally, Ai Ou thought that Yang Kai would look shocked after hearing about the friendship between the Great Emperor and Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, but he noticed that Yang Kai remained indifferent. Ai Ou was surprised and raised his evaluation of Yang Kai in his heart.


Only someone with a calm temperament could be so indifferent. How could he have known that Yang Kai and Yang Yan had spent a lot of time together? No one in the entire Star Field had a better understanding of the Great Emperors than him.


Ai Ou continued, “That Dark Star is an Ore Star of great value. But unfortunately, my Chamber of Commerce has been sitting on this treasure for over ten thousand years but could never get their hands on it. We really aren’t befitting of the Great Emperor’s trust. Yang Kai, if you can restore this Array, you will be the true benefactor of my Chamber of Commerce. This King…”


After having spoken to this point, Ai Ou discovered that he couldn’t go on.


He originally wanted to thank Yang Kai, but just as he was about to speak, he discovered that he couldn’t thank Yang Kai enough. Yang Kai’s appearance had provided benefits to the Chamber of Commerce beyond his estimate. [What should I use to thank him for all this!]


[Even if I sold the entire Chamber of Commerce to thank him, it would still be lacking.]


“Senior can rest assured, leave it to me.” Yang Kai nodded like it was his responsibility, and he couldn’t shrink from it.


“Alright! Then this King will be waiting. How long will it take?” Ai Ou asked excitedly.


“It will just take a minute!” As Yang Kai spoke, he had already arrived at the foundation of the Space Array that had not been repaired for ten thousand years. Next, he released his Divine Sense to investigate for a moment before an expression that says that he already has a plan appeared on his face.


Then, he took out various materials from the Space Ring, including the pure Space Spirit Crystal he had obtained from the Severed World.


Immediately after, scorching-hot heat broke out from Yang Kai, changing the shapes of all those materials as they were merged into the Array Foundation. At the same time, Yang Kai’s Divine Sense shuttled through the Array Foundation back and forth, repairing and perfecting the interior structure of the Spirit Array with his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea.


From the beginning to the end, it just took a stick of incense worth of time. Finally, Yang Kai raised his hand as the pure Space Spirit Crystals were inlaid in their position in the Array.


The entire Array suddenly hummed, emitting distinct Space Force fluctuations. The dismal, grey Array started glowing faintly at this moment.


“This…” Ai Ou was simply dumbstruck, his jaw slacked so far that one could almost squeeze a fist into it.


As Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce President and a Second-Order Origin King master who had lived most of his life, he had seen almost all kinds of strange things. He would remain unfazed even if a mountain collapsed before his eyes.


But at this moment, he was shocked.


He thought that it wouldn’t be an easy thing for Yang Kai to repair the Space Array.


He thought that it would take him a month or two, or even a year or two.


He thought that it would take a huge toll on Yang Kai, both physically and mentally.


He thought…


But he only took the time it takes to burn an incense! Much to his surprise, Yang Kai had solved the problem that had been plaguing the entire Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce for tens of thousands of years and untold elites just like that.


[Is this kid Human?]


Ai Ou felt something in his mind break as he looked at the sight before him in disbelief. But the humming of the Array, fluctuating Space Force, and the faint glow were proof in itself that this Space Array had been repaired.


While he was still reeling from the shock, Yang Kai took out some more material and refined them in his hands. After a short while, a token-like thing took shape in his hands.


Immediately after, Yang Kai beckoned Ai Ou and proposed, smiling, “Senior, do you want to take a look at what’s on the other side?”


“Is… is this possible?” Ai Ou sceptically asked. It wasn’t that he was questioning Yang Kai’s ability but everything that he saw had exceeded his scope of understanding.


“Mhmm, this array is the same as what I have learned. The problem was that there was something wrong with the internal structure of the Spirit Array. It was nothing big, I have fixed it already. I have also strengthened the Array Foundation and added some Space Spirit Crystals. It would be enough for this Array to operate for ten thousand years without any problem!”


Ai Ou gulped a mouthful of saliva, but when he remembered that there was a rich Ore Star on the other side of this Array that none of the Chamber of Commerce Presidents had been able to get their hands on, he couldn’t help restrain his excitement. He jumped straight into the Array.


“Senior, take this and stabilize your Soul.” Yang Kai handed Ai Ou the token refined by him and exhorted.


“Is this your especially refined Transmission Token, without which the Space Array can’t be used?” Ai Ou asked, pondering. Obviously, Shen Tu had reported everything to him. So, he knew about the Transmission Token.


“Yeah! However, it’s not that you can’t use it, if you use it rashly, you will be exiled into the endless void.” Yang Kai pursed his lips.


“Great! Since it’s your handiwork, this King doesn’t have to be worried.” Ai Ou broke into laughter. He then raised his hand and proposed, “Let’s head off! This King wants to see how rich that Ore Star is.”


Without further ado, Yang Kai placed many Saint Crystals into the Array and formed a few hand seals, activating the Spirit Array.


A dazzling light suddenly swallowed Yang Kai and Ai Ou before the two disappeared.


Somewhere tens of thousands of kilometres away, on a lonely and desolate star, a light started flickering in a quaint palace. It lasted for ten or so breaths before it slowly dimmed out.


After the light disappeared, Yang Kai and Ai Ou’s figures appeared in the palace.


Unlike Shen Tu, who was dizzy for a long time, Ai Ou quickly came to his senses even after experiencing an inter-star transmission. As expected of Second-Order Origin King, a master with endless Spiritual Energy.


He hurriedly looked around and rapidly spread his Divine Sense. Apparently, he was checking the surrounding environment for danger.



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  2. I’m just gonna skip reading and comment on something first, the great emperor is Yang Yan, yes she knows about arrays, but she’s not a space Dao cultivator and this isn’t her Starfield. Most likely, the great emperor is her friend who was the previous owner of YK star chart and small world bead. As for the arrays, it’s obvious they’re taught by YY or they’re both array masters like YY being both artifact and array.

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