Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1921, Dark Star


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The two of them were now inside a hall that gave off an ancient aura. Obviously, no one had trespassed this place all these years, and since no one had attended to it there were signs of damage all around the hall.


What’s more, over a hundred skeletons were sitting cross-legged inside the hall.


These withered skeletons had long lost their lives and flesh. Even the clothes on their bodies had been eroded by time, leaving white and withered bones behind. Some of them still maintained a human form, but some of them were just lying on the ground. It was really a ghastly sight.


After confirming that it was safe, Ai Ou finally focused his gaze on the withered bones in the surroundings. His eyes couldn’t help but become a little dull as he said, heaving a sigh, “These should be our Chamber of Commerce disciples who couldn’t evacuate in time back then.”


In the past, the Space Array stopped functioning all of a sudden and some of the cultivators that were still mining on this Ore Star didn’t have the time to return to Water Moon Star. Now, over ten millenniums had passed. Since an Ore Star was unsuitable for cultivation, they couldn’t make any advancements in cultivation, so all they could do was wait for their deaths.


Hundreds of people had died in the main hall alone. One could only imagine how many died outside.


At that time, the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce had suffered heavy losses. According to the ancient records, they had lost contact with more than 5,000 disciples!


In other words, about 5,000 Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce disciples had died on this Ore Star.


“Senior, restrain your grief,” Seeing the dismal look on Ai Ou’s face, Yang Kai was at a loss on how to comfort Ai Ou. All he could do was say this.


Ai Ou forced a smile, “This King knows that it happened tens of thousands of years ago. I just feel that the Chamber of Commerce has not done justice to them. They spilt their blood over here, but hardly anyone can remember them after ten millennia.”


“People will remember them in the future. I think that they are dead here mainly because they were protecting the array here, preventing the invasion of any outside force. This feat is a meritorious deed in and of itself.”


“Why do you say so?” Ai Ou asked, confused.


Yang Kai pursed his lips into a slight smile, “Let me put it this way, if one wants to teleport across stars, we must have two stars connected with Space Arrays. If any one of them was damaged, you cannot teleport. The one in Water Moon City was already damaged. But after I repaired it, we could teleport here. In other words, the Array here is completely intact. Previously, I was still a little worried. If the Array here was damaged, I would have to enter the Void Corridor alone to repair the transmission node. It’s a dangerous task for me, but I didn’t have to do that, which means that they had protected the Array here till their deaths. Haven’t they done a meritorious deed for the Chamber of Commerce? Senior, you should remember this. You should commemorate them for the future generations to worship.”


Ai Ou looked to be in a daze. He nodded again and again and said, “You are right. This King might have no idea about their names but they are indeed the heroes of the Chamber of Commerce. Our future generations should remember their merits.”


People in desperation, in the time of their deaths, become mad and irrational. They could do just about anything. Thankfully, the hundreds of people who died here didn’t go mad and damage the Space Array here. They probably hoped that someone from Water Moon Star would come and rescue them.


Unfortunately, this wait had lasted over ten millennia! They were already reduced to withered bones.


Ai Ou’s face suddenly became solemn. He got off the Array, made his way to those hundreds of skeletons, and said solemnly, “This one is the current Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce President, Ai Ou. This Ai Ou has etched everyone’s effort into my mind, so you can rest in peace. Although this Ai is late, I will take you home today. I have to lay everyone to rest. If I somehow desecrate you while trying, I hope that your dearly departed spirit can forgive me!”


While speaking, he took out an empty Space Ring and waved his hand and carefully circulated his Saint Qi, putting the withered bones in front of him into the ring.


Then the second, the third…


It took him half a stick of incense time before Ai Ou had collected all the bones.


He then turned his head to look at Yang Kai and said, “I’m going to see if there are other disciples out there. You can look around in the meantime. This is an Ore Star. If you will gain something, you are more than welcome to take it. If you discover anything, it will be your lucky encounter.”


“Alright, then we will meet here one month later. I still have something to discuss with Senior.”


Ai Ou nodded and disappeared from his place in a flash.


Yang Kai also followed him out of the hall.


[This Ore Star is very similar to the one I had accidentally discovered. It’s dark, damp, and cold with weak World Energy. It’s not suitable for cultivation, but it contains extremely rich minerals.]


[The High Heaven Sect has become extremely rich by relying on the deposits of that Ore Star. I believe that if the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce can develop this Ore Star, their financial resources will go up by another level.]


Thinking of that Ore Star, Yang Kai brow twitched. He immediately let Xiao Xiao and Firebird out with the wave of his hand.


“Master, what can I do for you?” Liu Yan was still in her fire form. Her white-as-lotus arms laid bare for everyone to enjoy. Her fiery red top, coupled with her exposed lower abdomen and belly button, looked quite tempting.


Yang Kai glanced at her and shook his head. He then turned his gaze to the Stone Puppet and asked, “Xiao Xiao, is there anything you like here?”


In fact, Yang Kai didn’t need to ask this question. As soon as he took out Xiao Xiao, his round black bean-like eyes started looking around. He looked extremely dumb but Yang Kai knew that this expression meant that he was extremely excited.


To the Stone Puppet Family, who were born to refine the essence of ores for themselves, this Ore Star was simply a paradise. As long as they were given time, they could devour the entire Ore Star.


Just as Yang Kai asked, Xiao Xiao’s head moved up and down like a chicken pecking rice.


Yang Kai curled his lips into a smile as he asked in a low voice, “Does this star have a residual Source?”


Last time, when they were in that Ore Star, Xiao Xiao entered into a deep sleep after having swallowed the residual Star Source. He might not have become stronger after he woke up but its Origin King Realm’s demon could not be underestimated.


This was another way of growing stronger.


If he could swallow some of the residual Source here, Xiao Xiao would surely grow stronger.


An Ore Star’s Source was different from a Cultivation Star’s Source. Because the Ore Star’s Source was severely damaged, the World Energy was sparse and the star was unsuitable for cultivation, so it didn’t matter if it had the Source or not.


As long the mineral deposits were still there, the value of the Ore Star would not be reduced.


But the same couldn’t be said for a Cultivation Star. Each Cultivation Star was inhabited by hundreds of millions of souls. Without its Source, it would soon be reduced into a Dead Star. At that time, all its residents would suffer.


The same was true for a Medicine Star.


A Medicine Star’s World Energy was quite rich, even far denser than an ordinary Cultivation Star’s. And because of its rich World Energy that the spirit medicines could mature so quickly.


Having heard Yang Kai’s question, Xiao Xiao seemed to be a little confused. It scratched its head while looking at Yang Kai, confused. He looked as if he had no idea what Yang Kai was asking.


“Stupid, it’s the thing you ate last time and fell asleep,” the nearby Liu Yuan knocked Xiao Xiao’s head hard.


Xiao Xiao seemed to have understood now and his eyes couldn’t help but light up. He hurriedly nodded.


“Go ahead and swallow it. If we come across a treasure along the way, we can’t let it go, can we!? When you are done, you can wait for me here,” Yang Kai waved his hand and said, smiling.


Having gotten the permission, Xiao Xiao flipped in the air before his short figure dived straight into the ground, disappearing in a flash.


Under Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, he had actually dived a hundred miles underground in this short span and was still diving into the earth at an astonishing speed. Obviously, it was looking for the residual Source.


“Master, what do I do?” asked Liu Yan.


“You can also look around and see if you have a lucky encounter of your own. No one has entered this star for over ten millennia, so there should be some good stuff lying here. Maybe it’s been waiting just for you to collect it.”


“You don’t need me by your side!?”


“No.” Yang Kai shook his head. Suddenly, he seemed to have realized something, staring Liu Yan in surprise. “Your sentience…”


In the past, Liu Yan didn’t appear to be self-assertive. She didn’t ask these kinds of questions. But today, Liu Yan was behaving a little differently.


Liu Yan herself was dumbstruck. She furrowed her pretty eyebrows and appeared to be at a loss.


Yang Kai smiled. “I guess refining the Sun’s True Fire has been really helpful to your growth. Unfortunately… Xiao Xiao’s natural sentience is too low, otherwise, he would have become smarter. Keep working hard! If I get the chance someday, I will think of a way to shape your physical body. You don’t have to live in this energy body.”


Liu Yan’s pretty eyes immediately glowed with a dazzling light as she said, bowing elegantly, “Then, this Liu Yan would like to thank Master in advance.”


Yang Kai waved her off. Liu Yan immediately let out a cry as she transformed into a Firebird, shooting towards the horizon and leaving a tail of scorching fire behind.


After his two helpers had left, Yang Kai released his Divine Sense and checked the situation of the Avatar inside the Sealed World Bead.


However, the Avatar was still digesting the floating continent. Its body was as huge as a mountain and was particularly daunting.


Seeing its current situation, Yang Kai knew that this wasn’t a suitable time to let it out.


The next moment, his figure jolted before flying straight into the sky.


This was a Dark Star, a star hidden by a natural Array. The ores here were worth nothing to Yang Kai, but the natural Array hiding the Dark Star was another thing. He wanted to have a glimpse of its mysteries.


If he could get some inkling from that strange Array, it would be extremely beneficial to Yang Kai.


The sky was dim and dark, unlike any Cultivation Star he had seen so far. There was no sun or moon, and not even the twinkling of stars could be seen, only a dim light cascading through the sky. God knows where it was coming from, but the entire Ore Star was barely visible because of this weak light.


The entire sky and earth seemed to be shrouded by an invisible lid, forming a world of its own.


After flying to a height of over a hundred thousand kilometres, Yang Kai didn’t go up anymore because he felt that the natural Array had some kind of effect here. If he went up again, he might trigger some kind of lethal trap.


Even he might not be able to escape from this kind of lethal track. It was the wrath of Heaven and Earth itself, the might of the Principles.



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