Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1922, Invitation


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Yang Kai, sitting cross-legged in the air, let loose his Divine Sense and merged it into the surroundings. Then, he started sensing the Principles here.


Yang Kai came to know the importance of the power of Principles from Yang Yan.


A cultivator could only exceed the Origin King Realm by comprehending the power of the Principles, and only then could they get a chance to glimpse at the mystery of the higher realm.


That was also why Yang Yan said it was easier for the Star Master-level characters to grow up.


Because Star Masters were the masters of Cultivation Stars and fused with the Star Sources, they could easily comprehend the World Principles of the Cultivation Star, becoming proficient over time.


Yang Kai let Xiao Xiao devour the residual Source for this very reason.


He never gave up on helping his two helpers as he grew stronger. If Xiao Xiao could comprehend the Principles one day, his combat power would surely rise. At that time, he could not only ignore the power of an Origin King Realm’s Domain but could easily suppress it.


Very soon, Yang Kai entered a selfless state. All his thoughts were focused on his senses, what he was feeling.


He could clearly feel that there was a mysterious and obscure power flowing around him. Even he could not sense the depth of this power.


It was the Principles!


He wasn’t expecting to comprehend much from them, he just wanted to come in contact with them as much as possible, making preparations for the future.


Just like this, one month had gone by in a flash.


Today, Yang Kai finally opened his eyes. A faint, intelligent gleam could be found in his eyes. As he looked around, everything that was originally obscure seemed a lot clearer.


He had a slight glimpse of the power of Principles.


“As I expected, it’s stronger than Domain. If I can really comprehend the World Principles, everything I Will shall be strictly enforced.” Yang Kai sunk into his thoughts. “What could be the next realm? It can actually let one control such a strong power.”


Whether it was the Shi of the Origin Returning Realm masters or the Domain of the Origin King Realm masters, they were all exerted outwards with one’s own power as the core. They influenced the surroundings with their own ability.


But the power of Principles was different. It controlled the power of Heaven and Earth at the fundamental level. In just one glance, it was clear which was stronger and which was weaker.


Yang Kai stood in his place quietly, pondering for three whole days, but he was still a little confused.


He knew that it might be too early for him to consider all these.


[It can’t be forced.]


Yang Kai then flew down.


Yang Kai immediately sensed Ai Ou’s aura inside just as he returned to the palace. Obviously, he had already returned from outside. Along with him, there were Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan.


However, Xiao Xiao seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep, again. His aura was steady. There weren’t any fluctuations.


When Yang Kai walked into the hall, he was surprised to find Ai Ou looking at Liu Yang suspiciously. He had no idea where she came from, but with Ai Ou’s insight, he could easily tell that Liu Yan was an intangible existence. She was an energy body.


At this moment, Liu Yan was hugging the Stone Puppet, sitting calmly on one side, waiting for Yang Kai.


“Senior.” Yang Kai stepped up and cupped his fists to greet Ai Ou.


“You are back.” Ai Ou nodded his acknowledgement.


“How did it go?” asked Yang Kai.


“I have collected more than two thousand skeletons. As for the rest… I couldn’t find them. But I found a few Starships that are still usable, mostly filled with mined out ores. After we go back, I will send people to continue mining.”


“That’s great! Since there is nothing else, let’s go back.”


“Alright!” Ai Ou didn’t make mindless talk and stepped into the Space Array first as he agreed.


Yang Kai waved his hand and put Liu Yan and Xiao Xiao away together.


He might not have asked Liu Yan about her gains, but judging by her expression, she had a bountiful harvest. After all, there was still unrefined and unstable scorching-hot energy in Liu Yang’s body, just happening to disturb her aura.


Presumably, Liu Yan must have found some Heaven and Earth Fire on this Ore Star.


Ai Ou parted his lips. He wanted to ask about Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan, but gave up this notion after a thought.


He had felt the power hidden in their bodies and both of them gave him jitters. In other words, if he fought them alone, he wasn’t sure that he could take down either of them.


Owing to this, he found Yang Kai more and more mysterious.


[He is not even sixty but he is already a Second-Order Origin King and an Origin King Grade Alchemist. He can also arrange Cross-Cultivation Star Space Arrays and even has such fearsome subordinates. All this at such a young age…]


[Can there be a human of such calibre? Can a human have all these powers alone?]


[Aren’t the Heavens being too partial?]


But when he thought of how Xue Yue had captured the heart of such a man, he was overjoyed!


[If someone like him became an enemy of the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, it would be a disaster for the Chamber of Commerce. No wonder Kuang Shi Zhong crumbled under Yang Kai’s hands and Purple Star suffered such a heavy loss.]


After a blinding flash, the two returned to the underground secret room of Water Sky City.


After regaining his senses, Ai Ou immediately said, “Yang Kai, I have personally verified your abilities. I will leave the Space Arrays between the eighteen stars to you. Whatever you need, you can ask Xue Yue. She will do her best to assist you. I will need to deal with the matter of Ore Star, so I won’t be available for a while.”


“It’s alright.” Yang Kai smiled. “However, this junior has a presumptuous request, I wonder if Senior can agree to it.”


“Why are you still being polite?” After everything, Ai Ou regarded Yang Kai as a member of his family. Would he still refuse Yang Kai’s request?


“I need your Chamber of Commerce’s Star Emperor Token!” Yang Kai said in a low voice.


Ai Ou’s face turned cold. “How do you know that my Chamber of Commerce has Star Emperor Token?”


Immediately, he seemed to be in a daze. “Xue Yue told you about it, am I right?”




“Can you tell me what you need that Star Emperor Token for? Although it was something left by the Great Emperor, the Divine Ability sealed inside had already been activated, so it’s of no great use. It’s now just a heritage, that’s all. If you can tell me the truth, I will give it to you.”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before taking out a jade slip and pouring his Divine Sense into it. He then handed it to Ai Ou and said, “Senior, just look at this.”


Ai Ou took it sceptically and carefully started reading.


The information in the jade slip was exactly the same as the one Yang Kai had given to Red Moon Tribal Lord. It contained the secret of gathering nine Star Emperor Tokens to open the way to the Star Boundary.


Sure enough, Ai Ou looked shocked after reading it. He asked in surprise, “Is this true?”


“How can this junior dare make any jokes regarding this?” Yang Kai earnestly replied.


“No wonder you want that Star Emperor Token. If so, it doesn’t matter if I give it to you, but about those six Third-Order Origin King…”


“Senior, counting you, this junior already has four candidates.”


Ai Ou looked at him in amazement and said, smiling, “It seems you are already prepared.”


“Then, I wonder if Senior has any thoughts of going to the Star Boundary?” Yang Kai asked, grinning.


Ai Ou fell into his thoughts. He wasn’t as fanatical as the Red Moon Tribal Lord, and after having pondered for a while, he said, “I can’t give an answer at the moment, but even if I don’t go, I think Martial Uncle Long will be very excited about this.”


“Senior Long!?” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up. He nodded and said, “He is a very suitable candidate.


Long Tian Shang was a peak Third-Order Origin King and fully met the requirement for opening the Star Boundary channel. For Yang Kai, it was like adding wings to a tiger.


“Martial Uncle Long has been studying the deeper secrets of Martial Dao over the years. If he is told about this, he would be overjoyed and would definitely not refuse.” Ai Ou smiled slightly.


No one had an idea about the persistent pursuit of Martial Dao by a Third-Order Origin King. Only when the cultivator reached this state himself did he come to understand it.


Therefore, Yang Kai had long reckoned that it was a piece of cake gathering the number of people. He only had to spread the news in his hand, then hidden old monsters would come looking for him themselves.


It was just that he didn’t want to work with unfamiliar people. So, he gave priority to familiar cultivators.


“You can rest assured. Either Martial Uncle Long or I from the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce will certainly join you.” Ai Ou asked with a serious look on his face, “But kid, how many Star Emperors Tokens have you collected?”


“Counting the one at the Chamber of Commerce, I have already gathered eight.”


Ai Ou’s pupils couldn’t help but constrict. “Where is the last piece?”


“Sword Union!”


“Sword Union!?” Ai Ou raised his brow as he suddenly started grinning. Patting Yang Kai’s shoulder, he said, “That’s easy. Leave this to me. I will do it for you, take it as my repayment. Just wait for the good news.”


Watching him take on everything, Yang Kai was extremely pleased. Originally, he was planning on going to the Sword Union after dealing with things at the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and have a good talk with the Sword Union President. But now, with Ai Ou taking the matters in his hand, it had saved him time and effort. He believed Ai Ou could do it.


“Then, thank you very much, Senior.”


“Why are you being polite and all. We’re all one family.” Ai Ou broke into laughter, hugging Yang Kai’s shoulder affectionately.


The more he looked at Yang Kai, the more satisfied he was. He felt that such a son-in-law would be extremely hard to find.


Over the next few days, Yang Kai rarely had free time.


Since President Ai Ou was busy taking people to the Ore Star to mine ores and Xue Yue was busy collecting materials for arranging the Space Arrays…


Yang Kai had no one to accompany him.


So, the extremely enthusiastic Alchemists of the Alchemist Pavilion visited Yang Kai from time to time, calling themselves disciples. They would cause a big commotion in the name of paying a visit, but it was rather clear what they really wanted.


Yang Kai was helpless. He had no choice but to take a trip to the Alchemist Pavilion and preach Alchemy again. After preaching for five days, he finally satisfied these shameless Alchemists.


And after five days, Xue Yue had also prepared everything. All the materials for arranging the Space Arrays had been collected, so the only thing left was for Yang Kai to arrange it.


Naturally, Yang Kai didn’t waste time. He immediately started assembling the first Cross-Cultivation-Star Space Array hub at the most hidden location of Water Sky City.


The Array was finished in just ten days.


Next, Yang Kai and Xue Yue, together with a large team of cultivators, took an Origin King Grade Starship to the nearest Cultivation Star.



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