Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1924, Unwilling


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The days spent in the Sword Union were almost the same as in the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce. He was running around here and there, taking Starships to Cultivation Stars, Medicine Stars, Ore Stars, and setting up the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Arrays.


Fortunately, as Azure Tree Star served as a transit, not much time was consumed.


In just a year and a half, the seventeen stars of the Sword Union had all been linked together.


Yang Kai preached the Alchemy Way to the Alchemists for the Sword Union before extricating himself.


At this time, there were only six years left before the ten-year agreement with Gui Zu.


Finally, Yang Kai returned to Shadowed Star!


When Yang Kai returned to the Sect, everyone in the High Heaven Sect was overjoyed. Tens of thousands of disciples lined up to welcome.


Yang Kai was stunned when he noticed that the level of the cultivators in the Sect was a level or more higher than before he left. Especially Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang. Much to his surprise, they had broken through to the Origin King Realm together!


After breaking through, Su Yan’s aura had grown purer and more flawless. She might have cultivated the Ice Crystal Jade Body postnatally, not being born with it, but this set of Secret Techniques from Scarlet Wave Star was still quite powerful. It was able to optimise her powers thanks to her physique.


Ice Crystal Jade Body, coupled with the Ice Phoenix Source Power in her body and the Profound Frost Divine Sword in her hand, made the current Su Yan far from an ordinary First-Order Origin King.


She would not fall leeward against an ordinary Second-Order Origin King, and if she were to join Yang Kai, it would not be difficult to kill a Third-Order Origin King.


Meanwhile, Xin Ning Chang’s aura had grown more and more natural after the breakthrough, as if her entire body was integrated with the world. Yang Kai studied her for a long time but couldn’t find any clues. He believed that this should be because of the Sacred Spirit Medicine Body returning to its original nature.


Combat was not Xian Ning Chang’s strongest aspect, but when it came to Alchemy, she was a peerless genius.


After having advanced to the Origin King Realm, her Alchemy Technique advanced by miles overnight. She had already surpassed the current Yang Kai in Alchemy.


She had gone back to Tong Xuan Realm several times over, and after witnessing the vigorous World Energy and the growth of the land, she knew that only by improving her strength could she bring a better and brighter future to Tong Xuan Realm. So, she spared no effort to cultivate.


What she cultivated was Alchemy!


That led to a huge stock of pills for the High Heaven Sect. No matter how many herbs flowed into the High Heaven Sect, they would all be refined into pills by Xia Ning Chang, which would immediately be sent to Shadowed Star for sales, changing back to even more herbs.


Except for these two, the others had also made considerable progress in cultivation.


However, Ye Xi Yun had just broken through to the Origin King Realm and couldn’t go any further anytime soon, while Gui Zu had been in a retreat all the while. He too had failed to take that crucial step and had been stuck in the Second-Order Origin King Realm.


Yang Kai took a one month break in the High Heaven Sect. During this one month, he accompanied his parents, Grand Master, Ancestor Founder, and other friends and family. Also, he was almost inseparable from Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang.


After one month, he disappeared from everyone’s sight all of a sudden.


Except for a few, no one knew where he went.


At night, the sky was dotted with stars.


At the top of the Medicine Peak of the High Heaven Sect, Xia Ning Chang was sitting on the stone steps outside the main hall, looking up at the sky with her cheek resting on her palm. Through the starry sky, she seemed to be able to see a familiar figure.


Sha sha…


Slight rustles of footsteps suddenly made Xia Ning Chang turn around. When she saw who it was, she couldn’t help but smile. “Senior Sister Su!”


Su Yan gently nodded as she made her way to Xin Ning Chang’s side and stood, looking somewhere in the sky.


With two peerless beauties sitting and standing side by side, it became the most beautiful scenery in the world.


Their hair danced along with the breeze like a waterfall.


Su Yan narrowed her beautiful eyes and asked, “Junior Sister, are you worried for him?”


Xia Ning Chang slowly shook her head. “I’m not worried. He returns safely every time.”


“Then, is it that you couldn’t bear to part with him!?” Su Yan asked again.


Xia Ning Chang couldn’t help but flush. She bit her cherry red lips and said, “Senior Sister, you don’t?”


Su Yan’s white as jade cheeks flushed red slightly. She shook her head and replied, “I hate to part with him, too. But… it doesn’t matter. It’s like this every time.”


“Yes, it’s like this every time.” Xia Ning Chang smiled. “I have already gotten used to it.”


Su Yan said, “Men! Sigh, they really make others worry! Back then, we were just insignificant cogs in the world, that’s all. Then, we went to Tong Xuan Realm, and then to the Star Field. Every time we changed places, our vision grew a lot higher, and every time, he would act as the vanguard. It’s the same this time around. Although we don’t know anything about the Star Boundary, how dangerous it is, we can do nothing apart from not fall too much behind him in cultivation and wait.”


“Senior Sister, aren’t you unwilling!?”


“I do want to experience the winds and storms with him!” Su Yan’s beautiful eyes flickered with sadness.


[Thinking about it, I was never with him when he was in danger. But every time I had a crisis, he would appear before me like a god, stopping all the violent storms by his brave and heroic body.]


While enjoying the feeling of being protected, Su Yan was a bit reluctant.


[Even if it’s a sea of swords or a Hell, I want to walk with you all the way, even if it’s just once. Even if I am bruised and bleeding, even if I have to sacrifice myself, even if my Soul is destroyed, I will not regret it.]


Silent, two pairs of beautiful eyes peered through the void, staring somewhere into the distance.


The area within a range of ten thousand kilometres of Shadowed Star was a Dead Zone with a tremendous amount of horrible energy remaining. It was the aura of destruction leftover from the battle between the Starry Sky Great Emperor and the Insect Emperor, as well as the oppressive Emperor Pressure and the chaotic principles. An Origin King Realm master dared not trespass here.


It was because of being wrapped in such a Dead Zone that Shadowed Star wasn’t discovered by the outside world for many years and remained in a semi-isolated state.


At this moment, Yang Kai was right in the centre of the Dead Zone, naked.


He was drenched in blood and was exuding a golden light. the outstanding healing ability of his own Golden Blood was constantly repairing his injuries, but the terrifying Emperor Pressure around him was constantly destroying it.


His body was going through destruction and reconstruction, again and again.


Yang Kai was under unimaginable pain and torture.


This was Yang Kai. He wasn’t using any power to resist the surrounding Emperor Pressure. He was only feeling the mystery of the Emperor Pressure and profoundness of the principles with his very own body.


Having cultivated the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art, he had a strong physical body and had also taken countless Shadowed Heaven Pills, not to mention his pure Golden Blood. All these factors allowed him to survive in this terrible place.


Any other Origin King would have to circulate his energy to block the terrifying power of this Dead Zone.


But that extremely oppressive Emperor Pressure was something he still couldn’t block, so he had no choice but to burn through the accumulated Golden Blood to maintain his life.


With time, a layer of golden blood cocoon had formed around Yang Kai. He seemed to have turned into a silkworm. Only the resounding and powerful heartbeats coming from the cocoon showed his surging vitality.


Although it was unbearable torture, Yang Kai felt that it was also a rare experience and opportunity for him. It was an excellent opportunity to cultivate the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art.


Wrapped in the blood cocoon, he took out the five elements’ treasures and started madly devouring the five elements Yuan Qi from them, storing it in his body.


Not only that, but he also took out the Origin Essence Crystal he got from the Clear Sky Auction House of Purple Star, prying into the mysteries of the Third-Origin King Realm!


In the quiet Starry Sky, no one would have thought that someone would be breaking through their limits in this daunting Dead Zone, using its tremendous pressure to stimulate their own potential.


Yang Kai knew that he didn’t have much time left. He had already wasted a lot of time arranging the Space Arrays for the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and the Sword Union, so he could only make up for the lost time using this method.


Time went by, days, months, one year, two years, three years…


Today, the weather was bright and clear. The sky was blue and clear as a mirror.


But suddenly, a dazzling golden light flashed somewhere in the void before disappearing in the next moment.


At the same time, a terrifying pressure could be felt from a very far distance.


The World Energy of the entire Shadowed Star started growing denser all of a sudden. Countless beautiful rays of light shot towards Shadowed Star from the Star Field, each like a rainbow. They left a long tail behind them as they fell into the nooks and crannies of the Shadowed Star, leaving Shadowed Star cultivators shocked. They had no idea what was going on.


Soon, they discovered that wherever those colourful rays fell would turn into paradise on earth. The World Energy was dozens of times or even hundreds of times greater than usual.


The barren mountain that no one used to care about was filled with World Energy at the moment. Presumably, it would turn lush and green very soon, becoming beautiful and refreshing, like a spring.


The ordinary cultivation paradise with decent World Energy grew even better suited for a cultivator’s retreat.


Every cultivator felt their blood boiling. The comfortable environment around them made them ecstatic.


They thought that it was a gift from Heaven itself!


High Heaven Sect, Hundred Flowers Peak…


Ye Xi Xun saw through it clearly the moment the golden light flashed. She raised her head and looked up.


The next moment, a ghostly figure suddenly appeared beside her. The figure was surrounded by an unfathomable aura. It was Gui Zu, who had successfully advanced to the Third-Order Origin King Realm not long ago.


Seeing Gui Zu arrive, Ye Xi Xun nodded her acknowledgement.


Gui Zu pursed his lips into a smile and said, “That kid has exited his retreat!”


“Is all of this due to Sect Master?” Ye Xi Xun asked.


Gui Zu replied, “Beside the Lord of Shadowed Star, who can arouse this kind of fortune for the entire star? He has refined the Source of Shadowed Star, so his strength and Shadowed Star are closely related. You have lived on this star for a long time. Haven’t you noticed that every time his strength improves, it will bring huge benefits to Shadowed Star?”



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    1. I hope YK teach Su yan his transformation technique(I mean the monster transformation)..we already know that su yan has Phoenix source power!

      1. I believe he already did, it was very briefly mentioned.
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  1. Well, I’ll stop reading here for now. I’m not sure if I’ll enjoy the incoming “back to weakest” state once again. I’d probably be back when he’s fairly strong in this upcoming Starry Boundary Volume/Arc. Until then I hope you guys continue to enjoy the story

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      1. The Five Colored Lotus was in the Great Han Dynasty, not Tong Xuan Realm, but you can look at it one of two ways, much like the “living jade” that Yang Kai defeated and turned into his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea. You can say that even the lower worlds can get their share of supreme treasures & Yang Kai lucked his way into them, or you can say the author needed to give Yang Kai an immediate power-up to let him keep fighting against others above his realm.

    1. Yang Kai mentions it briefly when he returns there to collect his friends and family, but Tong Xuan Realm is ANCIENT compared to most of the Star Field, and the only reason it didn’t become a Dead Star several thousand years ago is the fact that it preyed on the life force of its cultivators. I would guess that after the Great Demon God killed them and hid TXR from the Star Field, the rest of their race didn’t last very long…though Yang Kai does mention very early in the first Starry Sky arc that he sees cultivators from the race that *helped* the Bone Race, so that may not be accurate.

      TXR is old enough that the previous Star Field Master would have known about it, and while that might not explain why the Stone Race eggs or other treasures were outside of TXR, it’s a better explanation than when the author says, “they came from the Starry Sky.”

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