Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1925, Powerhouses Gather


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Hearing what Gui Zu said, Ye Xi Yun also gently nodded, “The current Shadowed Star is indeed a little different from several dozen years ago, but that change happened quite subtly and very few people could detect it. This time, the change is obvious.”


“That only shows that this time, that boy has made great progress, perhaps he’s even reached the Third-Order Origin King Realm,” Gui Zu grinned as black Qi wrapped around him, making him look a little eerie.


The farther a Star Master’s strength increased, the greater the benefits the corresponding Cultivation Star would receive. It was a symbiotic relationship after all.


“Third-Order Origin King…” Ye Xi Yun muttered to herself, wondering when she would be able to reach such a height.


She was more eager to go to the Star Boundary than anyone because the Star Boundary was the Starry Sky Great Emperor’s home!


The last time the Great Emperor left, she had been unable to follow her, a reality that filled Ye Xi Yun with regret.


The movement in the distant void was not only noticed by Ye Xi Yun and Gui Zu, but also by countless people across Shadowed Star.


Needless to say, Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, and Qian Tong, the other three Origin Kings on the star who had far sharper senses than other cultivators, noticed, together with many Origin Returning Realm masters who turned their eyes towards the sky at that moment.


However, none of them was able to see much, only faint streaks of multi-coloured energy penetrating from the depths of the Star Field and falling onto Shadowed Star, causing the World Energy aura to seemingly become richer.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai stood stark naked in the distant Dead Zone, frowning slightly as he remained motionless.


For a moment, even he could not properly evaluate his situation.


Over the past few years, he had been cultivating in the Dead Zone to feel the ambient Emperor Pressure, the strength of Principles, and also refine the Origin Essence Crystal.


He thought he could break through to the Third-Order Origin King Realm with ease!


But for some unknown reason, there was a thin line he had been unable to cross no matter how he tried, leaving him at the peak of the Second-Order Origin King Realm.


The most obvious clue was that he had still not been able to condense his own Origin Essence Crystal!


The Origin Essence Crystal was the crystalized essence and the perceptions of an Origin King’s lifetime of cultivation. Without an Origin Essence Crystal, one could not be a Third-Order Origin King.


Although he had failed to make a breakthrough in his cultivation, his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art broke through under the strong pressure of the Dead Zone, and among the Five Elements supreme treasures, all except for the Sun’s True Essence had been completely used up.


In addition, his Domain was on the verge of reaching the grand accomplishment stage!


So even though he failed to break through, Yang Kai felt that he was much stronger than before his retreat.


“Has the opportunity not arrived yet? Or is there something I’m missing?” Yang Kai could not understand.


A cultivator was destined to go through all kinds of hardships and some things simply could not be forced, so Yang Kai was not discouraged despite failing to break through this time. He was confident that his aptitude was no worse than anyone else’s, and since others could reach the Third-Order, he could too. All he needed was time.


“Forget it, let’s not worry about that for the time being. Anyway, my current strength is not much worse than any of the others and should be more than enough to open the road to the Star Boundary,” Yang Kai quickly relaxed and took out a brand-new set of clothes from his Space Ring. After dressing himself, his figure flickered, and he directly crossed the million-kilometre distance to Shadowed Star.


As a Star Master, this kind of thing was easy for him.


After returning to the Sect, Yang Kai did not disturb too many people, choosing to only meet with his relatives.


A few days later, he took Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang through the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array and left Shadowed Star.


For the next year, no one knew his whereabouts.


A year was not long, but also not short.


One day, the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array in High Heaven Sect’s main square suddenly lit up, and two human figures appeared from the bright white light.


Ye Xi Yun and Gui Zu were already waiting here and after seeing the visitors, Ye Xi Yun cupped her fists towards one of the majestic men and asked, “Would Your Excellency happen to be Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s President Ai Ou?”


The man nodded slightly, smiled, and responded, “It is this Ai.”


“High Heaven Sect’s Ye Xi Yun, greets President Ai Ou!”


“So, it is Elder Ye, I’ve heard much about you!” Ai Ou cupped his fists quickly. He also learned about the situation in High Heaven Sect from Yang Kai.


Ye Xi Yun then turned to the next man and said with a smile, “Then this must be Senior Long Tian Shang.”


“Indeed, pleasure to meet you,” Long Tian Shang’s attitude was calm and gentle as he returned the greeting.


“The two of you came a little early,” Gui Zu laughed wickedly to the side.


Ai Ou and Long Tian Shang’s gazes landed on Gui Zu simultaneously, and although they felt his aura was a bit uncomfortable, they both knew he was a master who could stand on equal footing with them, a genuine Third-Order Origin King.


Not daring to show any neglect at the moment, both of them exchanged greetings one after another.


“What about that boy Yang Kai? Why is he not here to greet us?” Ai Ou grumbled a little unhappily; after all, he was still Yang Kai’s nominal father-in-law. How could a son-in-law not come to greet his father-in-law?


“Sect Master hasn’t returned to the Sect yet and I don’t know where he went, but Sect Master will definitely not miss the appointed time,” Ye Xi Yun explained.


“That damn brat!” Ai Ou spat disdainfully, “He is definitely out there gallivanting about and completely lost track of time.”


Long Tian Shang could not help laughing loudly, “A year ago, he came to Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and took Xue Yue away. Didn’t he tell you where he was going?”


Ai Ou just grumbled with a sullen face, “That boy mysteriously appears and disappears as he pleases. Before I even agreed, he snatched up Xue Yue and left. En, he was accompanied by three women at the time, all of them Origin Kings. I really don’t know where he found all of them.”


“Three women?” Ye Xi Yun raised her brow slightly, “President Ai Ou must be referring to Sect Master’s Senior Sisters who are Origin Kings, but there are only two of them. Who is the third?”


As soon as Ye Xi Yun’s voice fell, she heard someone say, “She should be this Queen’s adopted daughter!”


As this voice sounded, the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array’s light faded once more and an elegant, mature woman appeared, accompanied by a burly man who looked as gruff as a bear.


Ai Ou and Long Tian Shang were shocked when they heard this voice and quickly looked back. After seeing the face of the person who came, Ai Ou’s eyes almost popped out as he exclaimed, “Chi Yue! How could it be you, you old ghost!”


The person who had come was none other than Red Moon Tribal Lord Chi Yue: The only Monster King of Monster Emperor Star!


And listening to Ai Ou’s tone, these two obviously knew each other.


But that was not too surprising, as there were only so many Origin Kings in the Star Field, and even fewer above the First-Order, so even if they had never met face to face, they would have at least heard of one another.


Chi Yue simply sneered, “What? If you two old farts can come here, why can’t this Queen?”


Ai Ou snorted, “I haven’t seen you for many years, but your tongue is still as sharp as ever. I didn’t expect that brat, Yang Kai, to actually have connections to your Monster Race, and what’s more unexpected is that you actually reached Third-Order.”


“Didn’t you as well?” Chi Yue looked at Ai Ou with a light smile.


Ai Ou squinted his eyes, “So, you are one of the six?”


“Aren’t you?” Chi Yue asked back.


“Naturally. Yang Kai is this King’s son-in-law, so how could this King not agree to his invitation?” Ai Ou smiled triumphantly.


“Sorry, Yang Kai is also the son-in-law of this Queen,” Chi Yue sneered.


The two masters glanced at each other before suddenly grinding their teeth and cursing in synch, “Just how many women does that smelly brat have!?”


A year ago, Yang Kai went to the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and took Xue Yue away. Similarly, he had gone to Monster Emperor Star and snatched up Shan Qing Luo. Together with Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang, who were following him from the start, he now had four stunning beauties gathered around him.


Moreover, all four of them were masters at the First-Order Origin King Realm!


During the few years Yang Kai had been in retreat, Xue Yue had also broken through to the Origin King Realm, not disappointing her natural talent.


“Who was not once young and loose!?” Long Tian Shang laughed aloud to the side, “You two shouldn’t be dissatisfied, having a character like Yang Kai as a son-in-law is like picking up a big bargain.”


Ai Ou still frowned and muttered, “Nevertheless, I am a bit unwilling.”


Chi Yue added coldly, “When he comes back, we need to teach him a severe lesson first!”


Ai Ou nodded sharply, expressing his agreement, the two of them suddenly standing united because of this.


“Everyone is an honoured guest of my High Heaven Sect, and since Sect Master has not returned yet, everything in the Sect has been left to this Mistress’s management. Please allow me to show you your accommodations, where you can rest and refresh yourselves. The scenery of my High Heaven Sect is quite picturesque!” Ye Xi Yun saw that the greetings were finished and spoke before motioning to everyone.


No one raised any objections and immediately followed Ye Xi Yun into High Heaven Sect, towards the main peak.


More honoured guests arrived one after another.


Sword Union’s Union Master Gu Cang Yun travelled through the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array together with Gu Jian Xin a few days later.


The hidden dragon who showed his tail but never his face, Wu Dao, also arrived in High Heaven Sect through the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array.


Ye Xi Yun had made proper arrangements before to ensure a respectful welcome was extended to all involved parties.


Today’s High Heaven Sect had six Third-Order Origin Kings gathered inside it.


This was a sight fundamentally impossible to witness in the past. Third-Order Origin Kings were rare existences, and most of them were constantly in secluded retreat to contemplate and study the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao, but now, so many of them had arrived in one place.


After everyone got together, they began discussing the Martial Dao atop High Heaven Sect’s main peak, exchanging their cultivation experiences. The sound of their discussion inspired the surrounding World Energy, and a mysterious sound spread out in all directions, causing many High Heaven Sect disciples to benefit greatly.


The concept of time had already become extremely weak in the hearts of Origin Kings, and once these six Third-Order Origin King masters sat down, they did not move for an entire month. Within this one month, the voices of these six people atop the main peak constantly sparred with one another, their sound shaping the very world around them in a profound manner.


Even ten years later, this main peak would still retain traces of these Third-Order Origin King’s discussion about the Martial Dao and Heavenly Way. Many High Heaven Sect disciples would visit the main peak to enter retreat in order to gain insights from this residual aura.


One month later, the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array, which had been silent for a long time, flickered again.


This time, five figures appeared.


One male and four females.


The one in the centre was Yang Kai, and the other four were naturally Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Shan Qing Luo, and Xue Yue.



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