Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1929, Yin Le Sheng


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Yang Kai, you’ve absorbed the most starlight of all of us; how much of your Saint Qi has transformed?” Gu Cang Yun asked curiously.


As soon as this question was asked, everyone could not help turning their heads to look at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai checked quickly and said, “About one percent.”


“So much!?” Wu Dao called out in shock as everyone else looked at him with envy.


“Is that a lot?” Yang Kai was stunned.


Wu Dao smiled bitterly, “Indeed, the amount of this old master’s Saint Qi that has transformed is barely noticeable, but it has already provided some great benefits. Since you have already transformed one percent of your Saint Qi, it likely won’t be long before the conversion is complete!”


“En, I suspected that, at the rate my Saint Qi is transforming, it will take at least five or six years to complete, even if I stay here,” Chi Yue nodded.


“What about President Ai Ou?” Everyone turned their eyes to the other person who held an advantage in this regard.


“I’m much worse than Yang Boy, about ten times so,” Ai Ou slowly shook his head.


“That’s fast enough,” Everyone could not help feeling a little frustrated.


None of them had thought that being a Star Master would result in such benefits after entering here. The power in Yang Kai’s body was transforming so fast that they could hardly believe it.


After discussing this unexpected development for a short while, everyone deeply felt that they had no more time to waste; after all, such an opportunity was not one you met every day. Splitting into two groups again, everyone hurriedly began absorbing the starlight wisps while moving forward on the road.




At a spot, some ten thousand kilometres ahead of where Yang Kai’s group was.


This place was also filled with starlight, the same as everywhere else in this strange corridor.


However, in this place, there were three figures.


Among these three people, two were men and one was a woman, none of whom seemed old, even dressed up as youths, but their auras were extremely powerful.


One of them, sat cross-legged in the sea of ​​starlight with a gloomy face, like a dormant beast, his aura so daunting that the other two stayed as far away from him as possible, seemingly afraid to approach.


All three were Third-Order Origin Kings.


And where the three of them sat, there was a semi-circular energy barrier covering them. This barrier was quite profound and was able to block the intrusion of the surrounding starlight.


As such, in a ten-metre radius around the group of three, there was just a clean, empty void.


The imposing man had his eyes closed tightly and was slowly forming a series of seals with his hands, seemingly cultivating some kind of Secret Technique. From time to time, there would be a violent energy fluctuation from his body.


Although all of them were Third-Order Origin Kings, this man gave off a far stronger aura compared to the other two.


Suddenly, the bald man amongst the male and female pair opened his eyes and glanced around with an impatient look on his face before muttering, “We’ve already been here for five years. How long more do we have to wait?”


Hearing what he said, the woman next to him also opened her eyes and glanced towards the front before whispering, “Calm yourself Brother Feng De, is five years really a long time for you or me? Both of us have benefited a lot from staying in the Starlight Corridor with the help of the Netherworld Darkness Shroud provided by Senior Brother Yin Le Sheng.”


Hearing her mention Yin Le Sheng, Feng De, the bald man, looked towards the man in front of him who was releasing a thick malevolent aura with some fear and nodded, “En, we did take advantage of the Netherworld Darkness Shroud provided by Brother Yin in order to stay here for so long; if not for it, the Starlight Corridor would surely have expelled us after just a month or two, but… why are we waiting here anyway? What exactly is Brother Yin waiting for? Junior Sister Liu, do you know anything?”


Liu Xian Yun slowly shook her head, “I don’t know, but Brother Yin must have his own plans!”


Feng De smiled bitterly, “Fine, let us not mention this anymore. By the way, how much of your Saint Qi have you managed to transform, Junior Sister Liu?”


“About one-fifth,” Liu Xian Yun smiled wryly before turning to look at Yin Le Sheng with some envy and saying in a low voice. “I am incomparable to Brother Yin. In my opinion, the Saint Qi in his body should almost be completely transformed into Source Qi! Once we leave this Starlight Corridor, he will likely be able to break through to the Dao Source Realm immediately!”


“The advantages of being a Star Master are really extraordinary,” Feng De said, filled with jealousy, “If I had known this before, this Feng would have also gone and refined some Cultivation Star’s Star Source.”


“And how dangerous is refining a Star Source?” Liu Xian Yun slowly shook her head, “Without great luck, it is impossible to succeed in refining one. How many of our Grand Desolation Star Field’s Third-Order Origin Kings have died over the past ten thousand years trying to refine Star Sources? This Mistress never attempted it because she never had full confidence in succeeding. In any case, we will soon arrive at the Star Boundary, so it won’t be too late to look for a Star Source in the future.”


Feng De slowly shook his head, “That might be true, but I’ve also heard that Star Sources are extremely rare treasures in the Star Boundary. Many masters intentionally regress their own cultivation in order to access the Starlight Corridor and return to the major Star Fields just to seek such an opportunity. Since you and I have already missed the opportunity, I’m afraid it will be difficult to obtain a Star Source in the future.”


Liu Xian Yun looked somewhat depressed, knowing that Feng De was right.


“Can you two be silent? Your noise is disturbing this King’s tranquillity,” Suddenly, a gloomy voice sounded.


Liu Xian Yun and Feng De could not help shivering slightly as they turned their heads fearfully towards the front, just in time to see Yin Le Sheng, who had been sitting cross-legged the whole time, open his eyes.


Those eyes were extremely cold and seemed to have no emotion in them at all, making any who gazed into them feel extremely uncomfortable.


Liu Xian Yun squeezed out a smile and apologized, “This Mistress was just chatting with Brother Feng casually and did not intend to disturb Senior Brother Yin. Please don’t take it to heart, Senior Brother Yin.”


Yin Le Sheng just glowered at them indifferently, not saying anything.


Feng De soon frowned though and asked, “Brother Yin, we’ve been waiting here for five years. How long are we supposed to linger?”


“Do you want to leave?” Yin Le Sheng glanced at Feng De lightly.


Feng De replied, “If Brother Yin could inform us what he is waiting for here, this Feng would be fine accompanying him for a lifetime, but… Since entering this Starlight Corridor, Brother Yin has been in meditative retreat, so this Feng is somewhat…”


“Dissatisfied with my attitude?” Yin Le Sheng’s voice sounded coldly.


Feng De wore an ugly expression, frowned, and said, “I wouldn’t dare, it’s just…”


Before he could finish speaking though, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him. At some unknown point, Yin Le Sheng had already approached and Feng De could not help shivering under his icy eyes. Feeling the aura of death approaching him, Feng De instinctually punched out.


“Don’t!” Liu Xian Yun’s pretty face changed drastically as she cried out softly.


“Hmph!” Yin Le Sheng coldly snorted. Facing the terrifying blow that Feng De had just released, he did not even try to dodge and instead raised a single hand and lightly dispersed the incoming attack, before reaching out and pinching Feng De’s neck.


Suddenly, Feng De, who was also a Third-Order Origin King, was restrained, his Saint Qi unable to circulate properly. Yin Le Sheng then hoisted him up like a chicken to be slaughtered.


This scene was so incredible that even Liu Xian Yun was frozen in shock.


At this moment, she knew that she had been underestimating Yin Le Sheng. He had transformed all his Saint Qi in his body into Source Qi, otherwise he would never have been able to so easily overwhelm Feng De who had the same cultivation as him.


After all, before coming here, while Yin Le Sheng was indeed stronger than either of them, the discrepancy wasn’t so obvious.


But after coming to this place, the distance between him and them suddenly expanded.


This was directly related to his Saint Qi’s transformation into Source Qi.


“Brother Yin…” Feng De struggled but could not get rid of Yin Le Sheng’s restraint, a look of horror flashing across his eyes as he called out pleadingly, his face slowly losing colour.


“If you were not from the Grand Desolation Star Field, do you think this King would so kindly allow you to enjoy the benefits of the Netherworld Darkness Shroud? Not only are you not grateful, but you also actually dare to question this King’s actions? Even your death won’t be worth pitying!” Yin Le Sheng spat coldly, adding a little strength to his hand, causing Feng De’s life to shorten even further.


Liu Xian Yun to the side was completely pale right now and wanted to intercede, but when she thought of Yin Le Sheng’s cruel methods and manner, she couldn’t work up the courage to speak.


Because she knew that if Yin Le Sheng was truly angered, Feng De would die without a doubt.


She could only force a smile and say, “Senior Brother Yin, please show mercy. This Mistress and Brother Feng know our wrongs and apologize. Please spare Brother Feng, Senior Brother Yin.”


“You know your wrongs?” Yin Le Sheng asked indifferently.


Feng De nodded quickly.


“There will be no second chance!” Yin Le Sheng snorted coldly before tossing Feng De aside like some kind of rag sack.


Liu Xian Yun wanted to help Feng De but did not dare to move rashly. Instead, she only able to watch Yin Le Sheng nervously.


After punishing Feng De a little, the latter did not make another move. Instead, he folded his hands behind his back and said lightly, “This King does not want to take extreme measures, you are both from the Grand Desolation Star Field like me after all, and my Netherworld Sect has a base in the Star Boundary. After we arrive, both of you will join my Netherworld Sect and we will all belong to the same family in the future.”


Liu Xian Yun squeezed out a smile and said, “Since Senior Brother Yin has said so, this Mistress will respectfully obey.”


Netherworld Sect’s reputation in the Grand Desolation Star Field was terrible, so its base in the Star Boundary was not going to be anything good. However, with so many masters in the Sect, few dared to challenge it. After this trip to the Star Boundary, if they could really join an established force, perhaps their future cultivation would be much smoother.


However, that also meant being thoroughly tainted with the stigma of the Netherworld Sect, causing Liu Xian Yun to be a little bit displeased.


But with things as they were now, she had no choice.


Feng De, on the other hand, was just grateful for having escaped death, so he did not dare raise any objections.


Yin Le Sheng was very satisfied with the attitude of the two of them and took the initiative to say, “You want to know why this King hasn’t entered the Star Boundary for so long and instead chose to remain here?”


Liu Xian Yun and Feng De looked at each other, the former saying, “If it is not convenient for Senior Brother Yin to say…”


“There’s nothing inconvenient,” Yin Le Sheng said lightly. “Since you will both be joining my Netherworld Sect, you are not outsiders, so it won’t hurt to tell you. The reason why this King has been waiting here is to wait for others from different Star Fields who are also travelling to the Star Boundary.”



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    2. Don’t forget that yang Kai has 1% of his Saint qi transformed and he should have like 10+ years of qi stored and if he use dragon transformation + the amount he has source qi he should be able to hold up for long enough for the others to escape.

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  2. People surnamed Yin always suck. And more bad math. One month and YK has converted 1%. At that rate 8 years to convert and this is at 10 times (!!) even Ai Ou’s rate. How is it that Chi Yue estimates 5-6 years for her complete conversion? If we reverse engineer from Chi Yue’s estimate, YK should be at least at 20-30%(probably much more) by now.

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