Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1930, There’s Really Someone Here


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Waiting for cultivators from other Star Fields travelling to the Star Boundary?” Liu Xian Yun and Feng De were stunned, not expecting that Yin Le Sheng was actually using the Netherworld Darkness Shroud to isolate them from the surrounding starlight and remain here for five years just because of this.


One had to know that the Netherworld Darkness Shroud was a core treasure of Netherworld Sect, said to have been passed down to it from the Star Boundary, its grade already surpassing Origin King Grade.


Only the Netherworld Sect, which had a foothold in the Star Boundary, could possess this kind of Heaven-defying treasure. What’s more, every time it was used, the Netherworld Darkness Shroud had to absorb countless Souls to fuel itself.


Liu Xian Yun suddenly recalled that Yin Le Sheng had gone to a certain Cultivation Star in the Grand Desolation Star Field five years ago and slaughtered the inhabitants of more than a dozen cities. At that time, everyone had thought he had fallen into depravity and was wantonly slaughtering to amuse himself, but now it seemed he was actually preparing the Netherworld Darkness Shroud for this.


“Do you understand?” Yin Le Sheng stared at the two faintly.


Liu Xian Yun shook her head and said, “Please dispel our doubts, Senior Brother Yin.”


Yin Le Sheng said, “I’m waiting for Star Masters!”


As soon as this remark came out, both Liu Xian Yun and Feng De showed a look of enlightenment, with Lin Xian Yun saying, “Could it be that the rumour about Netherworld Sect possessing a Secret Technique to seize Star Sources from others is true?”


Yin Le Sheng nodded and said, “Naturally.”


“So, Senior Brother Yin wants to snatch others’ Star Source?”


“No!” Yin Le Sheng’s eyes flashed coldly, “I already have a Star Source, so I won’t be able to absorb a second for some time.”


“Then Senior Brother Yin, you…”


“I can’t make use of it, but now that I am heading to the Star Boundary’s Netherworld Sect, I must prepare a decent gift. If this King can prepare such a gift, this King’s future will surely become smooth after entering Star Boundary’s Netherworld Sect! “


Only now did Liu Xian Yun and Feng De truly understand why Yin Le Sheng had been waiting here for five years.


Although Yin Le Sheng all but ruled over the Grand Desolation Star Field, he was still just a Third-Order Origin King. After entering the Star Boundary, such a cultivation would be worthless. Netherworld Sect had fierce internal competition, and it was commonplace for disciples to fight amongst themselves.


Yin Le Sheng was travelling to Netherworld Sect in the Star Boundary without a backer, and without support, one could only rely on themselves.


As such, he was here targeting Star Masters.


As long as he could bring a Star Source as a gift to the Netherworld Sect, what lack of support could he have?


For a moment, Liu Xian Yun and Feng De could not help but admire Yin Le Sheng’s level of vision. He truly stood higher and saw further.


Any Third-Order Origin King had an extreme yearning for the Star Boundary, so spending five years waiting here also showed how strong Yin Le Sheng’s will was.


However… this was all a gamble, one that could result in great gains, or complete losses.


After all, staying here was also delaying their progress. Even if the Saint Qi in Yin Le Sheng’s body had completely transformed into Source Qi, he was unable to break through here, wasting a great deal of time.


“As long as this King can obtain the attention of Star Boundary’s Netherworld Sect, he will not lack for resources in the future and becoming an Emperor will be just around the corner. Follow me, and the benefits you reap won’t be small.”


Liu Xian Yun and Feng De quickly thanked him.


“Now that you know this King’s plan, cease your incessant prattling. This King prefers silence!” Yin Le Sheng waved his hand.


“Yes,” Liu Xian Yun and Feng De nodded together.


After experiencing the scene just now, regardless of how they really felt, they knew they could not put up any resistance. If Yin Le Sheng wanted to kill them, it was probably as simple as waving his hand. The gap between them was too great now.


At that moment, a clear ringing sound came out.


Yin Le Sheng was startled and immediately took a small bell from his waist. This bell seemed perfectly ordinary, but right now it seemed to have been disturbed by something and was ringing softly.


“Someone is coming!” Yin Le Sheng’s eyes flashed brightly, and he couldn’t help grinning, “This King has not waited here for five years in vain! I hope these people don’t let me down too much, otherwise… heh heh heh…”


His low laughter was so harsh and grating that Liu Xian Yun and Feng De could not help cringing slightly, silently paying tribute to the people who were approaching.


It did not matter how powerful or what kind of status these newcomers had in their Star Field, they could only curse their own bad luck for facing Yin Le Sheng here.


If the ones who came had a Star Master among them, Yin Le Sheng might be willing to send them all off painlessly.


But if no such character existed, Liu Xian Yun and Feng De were certain that these people would soon understand what a life worse than death felt like! After all, Netherworld Sect’s torture methods caused the entire Grand Desolation Star Field to tremble in fear.


A hundred kilometres away, Yang Kai and the others were still casually strolling forward.


Yang Kai could not tell how the others were, but the Saint Qi in his body had been transforming into this new, higher form at a very fast rate. This power seemed closely related to his essence and was incredibly smooth to circulate and operate, on top of being far more powerful.


However, the speed of conversion still seemed a bit slow to him, and Yang Kai estimated that, at this rate, it would take him at least one or two years to finish the process.


The group of six people was silent.


Suddenly, Yang Kai raised his head and looked ahead with a frown.


Faintly, he felt some kind of life aura coming from the front, but the environment here was too strange so even with his powerful Divine Sense, he couldn’t probe too far, making him uncertain.


After thinking about it, Yang Kai pushed both his Space Force and his Divine Sense.


In an instant, his Divine Sense leapt across space into the distance up ahead.


“There’s really someone there!” Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became strange. He never thought that there would be other people in this Starlight Corridor.


[Could they be from some other Star Field and were also preparing to enter the Star Boundary?]


He could only make this speculation.


At the same time, he quickly used his Divine Sense to tell everyone to pause.


On the other side, Yin Le Sheng, who was waiting quietly, narrowed his eyes slightly, revealing a suspicious look on his face.


Just now, he felt a Divine Sense drifting by his side strangely, which was quite shocking to him as Divine Sense could not probe too far in this Starlight Corridor, not even one as strong as his own. Even seeing someone a few kilometres away was all but impossible, which was why he had to use the bell-like artifact on his belt to check for the life auras of nearby people.


“Did I imagine it?” Yin Le Sheng muttered to himself before grinning slightly, “If not, then it seems I’ve met a real master. Interesting, very interesting!”


He had been waiting here for five years and had already transformed his Saint Qi into Source Qi, so although he had yet to break through to the Dao Source Realm, his combat strength was now no longer comparable to that of an ordinary Origin King.


No matter who the approaching person was, since they were travelling to the Star Boundary from some Star Field, their cultivation would certainly not exceed the Origin King Realm.


As such, Yin Le Sheng did not put them in his eyes at all.


The movement of the bell in his hand stopped temporarily, causing Yin Le Sheng to be even more certain that he had encountered a cultivator with a strong Divine Sense, and that the other party had someone who discovered him already.


The truth was exactly as he thought. After Yang Kai stopped the other five people, he told them the situation there.


“There are people here? Three of them?” Chi Yue’s beautiful eyes widened, unable to believe what she was hearing.


“Yang Boy, are you sure you didn’t sense wrong?” Ai Ou also had a suspicious expression on his face.


“Since Sect Master Yang has said so, he must be certain,” Wu Dao frowned. “Now it is just a question of whether these three strangers are friends or foes.”


“En, since we’re all new and unfamiliar with this place, it would be best to avoid unnecessary trouble. Yang Kai, what’s the exact situation, be more specific.”


Yang Kai knit his brow slightly as he said, “From what I could perceive, the three people up ahead are just standing in place, seemingly waiting for something. As for their cultivation, they are all Third-Order Origin Kings, but one of them… gives me an extremely dangerous feeling.”


“If even you feel a threat from them, they’re not weak,” Ai Ou frowned. “But since they are all Third-Order Origin Kings, they should be cultivators from a different Star Field and are probably trying to enter the Star Boundary just like us. Did they perhaps get lost here?”


“Why don’t we just ask?” Gui Zu laughed strangely, “There are three of them and six of us, what is there to be afraid of?”


“While that might be true, you also know that after entering this place, a massive gap can appear between different Third-Order Origin Kings. Take President Ai Ou as an example, I’m afraid that none of us is his opponent now!”


“En, the power our Saint Qi is transforming into is very powerful.”


“But we can’t just continue standing here, right? Each of us is an overlord in our own domain. Since when have we begun acting so timidly?”


As soon as this statement came out, everyone could not help feeling shocked and realized that since entering the Starlight Corridor and feeling the mysteries of this place, while looking forward to the Star Boundary, their mentality had also gradually changed.


They could no longer behave as they once did, standing aloof and dominating over all others.


“Alright, we’ll proceed carefully and let everything take its course. If they are really lost, it is fine to have a discussion with them, but if they are hostile, then we’ll fight!” Yang Kai said lightly.


“So be it!” Wu Dao nodded in agreement.


“Then Junior will take the lead!” Yang Kai smiled slightly and offered.


“I’ll go, you stand back!” Ai Ou snorted and stood at the forefront.


As an elder, how could he always allow Yang Kai to take the risks?


Chi Yue also smiled and said, “This time, you just follow along obediently.”


“Eh… en, alright,” Yang Kai did not insist. In any case, it was not clear whether the people up ahead were friends or enemies, so it didn’t make much difference who went forward.


And so, the group of six approached the direction where Yin Le Sheng and his group were waiting.


As they approached, the bell in Yin Le Sheng’s hand rang quicker and quicker.


A distance of a hundred kilometres was nothing to cultivators of their level, so after just a stick of incense’s time, the two groups of people met.


Ai Ou took the lead and stood still about three hundred metres away from Yin Le Sheng and looked forward intently.


The starlight around him flooded into his body uncontrollably as he absorbed and accepted it.


Yin Le Sheng’s originally dull gaze burst with a strong light when he saw Ai Ou and he couldn’t help laughing heartily, “Good, good, good! After waiting for five years, this King has finally found someone decent.”



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