Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1931, Failing To Agree


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yin Le Sheng laughed wildly as he clapped his hands, causing Yang Kai and his group to become extremely unhappy, especially Ai Ou who, being stared at by this unknown man, could not help feeling an extreme sense of danger.


Out of courtesy, Ai Ou did not get angry, however, but instead cupped his fists intently and said, “This one is Ai Ou, dare I ask these friends’ names and what you are doing here?”


Yin Le Sheng grinned lightly and replied, “This King is Grand Desolation Star Field, Netherworld Sect’s Yin Le Sheng, which Star Field are you from?”


Which Star Field?


Yang Kai and others looked at each other, at a loss for how to answer.


However, everyone had heard from Yang Kai before that theirs was not the only Star Field and that there were many others out there, separated by some kind of unpassable boundary that only those of extraordinary strength could cross.


So, when they heard the other party report the name of their home Star Field, this so-called Grand Desolation Star Field, they were able to understand.


“You don’t even know what your Star Field is called?” On the side, the bald man called Feng De looked at Yang Kai and others with a weird expression, like he was staring at a group of country bumpkins.


Ai Ou let out a wry chuckle as he explained, “Well… we really don’t know. Our Star Field has been closed off for over ten thousand years, so none of us or our ancestors had any contact with the Star Boundary. Thus, we don’t know what the outside world calls us.”


“Closed off for ten thousand years?” Feng De and Liu Xian Yun looked surprised, the latter wondering out loud, “Then how did you find the Starlight Corridor and arrive here?”


She knew that there were times when the connection between a Star Field and the Star Boundary was cut off. For example, when the Star Field’s Principles became damaged or unbalanced and cultivators could no longer reach a sufficient height to open a connection. Another example would be if the passage to the Star Boundary itself collapsed.


As such, she was very curious how Ai Ou and the others repaired the passage after ten thousand years.


“This…” Ai Ou showed a hesitant look as he did not want to explain in detail; after all, this matter involved the Starry Sky Great Emperor and the other party was a stranger who they just happened to meet, there was no reason to tell them too much.


Liu Xian Yun observed his reaction and smiled lightly, “This Mistress has been indiscreet.”


“It’s fine!” Ai Ou observed her polite response and the resistance in his heart reduced greatly, quickly changing the subject, “Are you three also heading to the Star Boundary?”


“Of course!” Liu Xian Yun nodded.


“Then why linger here? Did you become lost?”


Liu Xian Yun and Feng De did not know how to answer this question and could only turn to Yin Le Sheng.


Ai Ou then realized that this man, who made him feel quite uncomfortable, was this group’s leader. Turning his eyes back to Yin Le Sheng, Ai Ou was about to ask another question when suddenly Yin Le Sheng’s gaze fixed onto Yang Kai who had been blocked by the crowd all this time, a brilliant light flashing across his eyes.


While Ai Ou had been trying to communicate with the other party, Wu Dao, Chi Yue, and the others were also observing these three. Each of them was a figure who had lived thousands of years and dominated one side of the Star Field, reaching the pinnacle of strength and status.


What kind of character someone had and what their intentions were, they could often tell at a glance.


Liu Xian Yun and Feng De both gave off a fairly passive feel, but Yin Le Sheng made each of them uncomfortable. This could not be helped though as the malevolent aura coming from him was far too rich.


At this moment, seeing how interested he seemed to be in Yang Kai, how could they not understand that the situation was moving in a bad direction? Instantly, all of them stepped slightly to covering Yang Kai’s figure.


“Hahahaha!” Yin Le Sheng burst into laughter suddenly, “There’s actually more than one Star Master among you! The Heavens have truly blessed this King!”


In this Starlight Corridor, Star Masters appeared extremely different from others. Their status could be seen at a glance through how they absorbed the surrounding starlight wisps.


Before, Yin Le Sheng’s attention had been attracted by Ai Ou, so he hadn’t noticed Yang Kai’s existence, but it hadn’t taken long for him to discover Yang Kai hiding in the back, absorbing the starlight more than ten times faster than Ai Ou.


What made him even more excited was that one of his ‘prey’ was just a Second-Order Origin King.


How could he not be happy?


After waiting here for five years just to bring a gift to the Star Boundary’s Netherworld Sect, the Heavens had delivered two big gifts to him.


Yin Le Sheng’s eyes filled with greed in an instant.


“Friend…” Ai Ou’s face went cold as he stood in front of everyone, staring at Yin Le Sheng intently.


“Friend?” Yin Le Sheng tilted his head and squinted towards Ai Ou, as if he didn’t put him in his eyes at all, walked towards the edge of the Netherworld Darkness Shroud step by step, and declared slowly, “Who is your friend?”


“What is Your Excellency’s meaning here?” Ai Ou’s expression turned gloomy. He couldn’t figure out why the attitude of this man, the apparent leader of this group, would be so different from his companions; after all, up until now, they had been chatting in a relatively pleasant manner.


“It’s nothing much!” Yin Le Sheng came to the edge of the Netherworld Darkness Shroud, looked forward with indifferent eyes, and declared lightly, “If you ants don’t want to die, lower your Knowledge Sea defences and allow this King to mark your Souls. Depending on whether this King is in a good mood, perhaps he will spare your lives!”








“You want to enslave me? Don’t make this old master laugh to death!”


Ai Ou and the others were immediately filled with outrage. Of the six, aside from Yang Kai, which one had not stood at the peak of the Star Field for centuries? Which one was not a master who held worlds in their hand?


They had always been the ones standing at the summit, looking down on the masses below? When had they ever been so despised?


None of them could even remember the last time they were referred to as ants.


What was even more unacceptable was that Yin Le Sheng actually commanded them to open their Knowledge Seas and allow him to mark their Souls!


If they really obeyed, they would become slaves to Yin Le Sheng for the rest of their lives, with him able to control whether they lived or died.


With someone stepping on their faces so presumptuously, even if Ai Ou and the others had the calmest of temperaments, they would become enraged.


Yang Kai’s expression also became gloomy as he knew that this encounter was no doubt a great misfortune. Although the other party was also just a Third-Order Origin King, daring to act so wantonly obviously meant he had something to back his arrogance up.


Yang Kai was not able to determine what gave this wicked looking man his confidence though, only by fighting would that become apparent.


“You’re angry?” Facing the rage of Ai Ou and the others, Yin Le Sheng remained perfectly calm and said indifferently, “Ants aren’t qualified to be angry. Know that this King branding your Souls is your life’s honour, not a shame!”


“Honour my foot!” Chi Yue snapped, “If you think it’s such an honour, why not let this Queen mark your Soul instead!”


Yin Le Sheng’s eyes flashed coldly hearing this and took another step, his body finally appearing outside the Netherworld Darkness Shroud.


Suddenly, a terrifying aura erupted from his body and pressed down on everyone like a mountain.


The appearance of this aura was so abrupt that it caused everyone’s complexion to change drastically.


Yin Le Sheng raised his hand, pointed his finger towards Chi Yue, and condensed a light at its tip before softly calling out, “Netherworld Finger Spear!”


An attack formed from pure energy seemed to break through the barriers of space at that instant and arrive directly in front of Chi Yue.


Feeling the terrifying power behind this blow, Chi Yue’s pretty face changed drastically and she swiftly pressed her palms together to summon a massive silver spider phantom behind herself. This silver spider flashed its fangs and legs menacingly as the crescent-moon shaped mark on its forehead began exuding a faint fluorescence reminiscent of pure moonlight.


Heavenly Moon Demon Spider!


Chi Yue was also a descendant of the Ancient Divine Spirit Heavenly Moon Demon Spider and had its blood flowing through her veins. This was the reason she had so willingly accepted Shan Qing Luo as her adopted daughter and taken the utmost care of her.


Chi Yue was a Monster King level master, and with the blood of an Ancient Divine Spirit running through her, when she displayed this Secret Technique its might was naturally extraordinary.


The Heavenly Moon Demon Spider phantom opened its giant mouth and spat out a beam of pure white energy that rapidly transformed into a spider web, one that seemed extremely tough and durable, creating a shield in front of her.


“Oh? A descendant of an Ancient Divine Spirit?” Yin Le Sheng seemed surprised at the scene in front of him, but the look on his face was still as calm as ever, “Interesting, but if that’s all… you can just die!”


As soon as his voice fell, his finger spear touched the spider web.


With a puff, the seemingly sturdy spider web was instantly pierced through by the spear.


Seeing this scene, Chi Yue’s face turned pale as she realized just how massive the gap between her, and her opponent was. This attack was not something she could resist at all.


“Universe Inversion!” A whisper suddenly sounded as Wu Dao stretched out his hand towards the void and pulled out a long sword covered in cold light that began drawing in all the surrounding luminescence.


Wu Dao waved his long sword and slashed forward.


“Jie Jie Jie Jie… Sky Devouring Ten Thousand Souls!” Gui Zu smiled wickedly as he summoned out his Ten Thousand Soul Banner and transformed it into a black curtain that released an endless series of cries and howls. On this black curtain’s surface, one could vaguely see all sorts of distorted human faces, making it appear quite terrifying.


“Grand Sun Golden Disk!” Gu Cang Yun followed up.


“Tyrant Body Destructive Fist!” Ai Ou took action.


The five Third-Order Origin Kings all displayed their own Secret Techniques to block the finger spear Yin Le Sheng had just sent out.


*Hong long long…*


The world trembled as waves of energy crashed against the void.


Faced with this violent explosion, Ai Ou and the others were all forced back a few steps.


The finger spear was stopped, and everyone’s Secret Technique had disappeared.


However, all of their faces were extremely ugly!


They needed to all combine their strength just to block a casual blow from their enemy! If this man had used all his strength, just how terrifying would his power be?


They could hardly imagine.


All of them had never felt so powerless before. Facing any opponent in the same realm as them, they were confident they would not lose fighting spirit, and even if they were to die, they would surely drag down their enemy with them.


But when facing Yin Le Sheng, everyone felt that they were facing a high mountain that could not be crossed, one they could only look up at but could not see the peak of. Everything seemed shrouded in clouds and mist…



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