Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1940, He Actually Didn’t Die


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Regardless of which of these three artifacts it was, Yang Kai could not let them be easily revealed. Even in the Star Boundary, the revelation of these artifacts would surely bring about a rain of terror.


Needless to say, the two Emperor Artifacts were the inheritance he obtained from Yang Yan and were of extremely high grade and power, enough to make cultivators below the Emperor Realm risk their lives to snatch. Even Emperors would likely covet them greatly.


Although the Verdant Dragon Bone Sword was not as high-grade, that was only because Yang Kai had not completely refined it into a real artifact. The Dragon Bone Sword was basically a semi-finished product now.


But its primary materials were a piece of Dragon Bone and a Dragon Bead.


These were relics of an ancient True Dragon, on par with the Dragon Scale fused into Yang Kai’s body. Even if these relics were not as valuable as the two Emperor Artifacts, the difference wasn’t that great.


So as soon as the Treasure Seizing Snake entered his body, Yang Kai became anxious.


These three artifacts, no matter which one was taken away, were not a loss he could bear, but right now, with his strength imprisoned, he could only silently endure the pain caused by the Treasure Seizing Snake swimming about his body, unable to resist.


What’s more, even if he was at his peak, he may not be this Yan Xiu Ran’s opponent.


Yan Xiu Ran was smiling deviously to the side, a cold look in his eyes. Obviously, this was not the first time he had done this kind of thing. Grinning, he taunted, “It’s not too late for you to regret now. If you don’t want to endure this pain, just cooperate obediently. “You have to know, although you might think your artifacts are precious, if you die, you’ll have no use for them anyway.”


Yang Kai just glared back at him coldly, without saying a word, his eyes filled with hatred as he seemingly tried to burn the appearance of this person in front of him deep into his bones.


Yan Xiu Ran snorted contemptuously and said, “Fine, be stubborn, just don’t blame Father here later when you can’t endure it any longer.”


Saying so, he formed a seal with his hands and pushed his strength slightly.


Seemingly receiving some kind of signal, the Treasure Seizing Snake inside Yang Kai’s body began moving about even more fiercely.


Yang Kai’s screams rang out again.


He could clearly feel the path the Treasure Seizing Snake was travelling through inside his body. This Monster Beast had some kind of innate ability to sniff out artifacts inside a cultivator’s body, making it impossible to try to conceal anything from it.


Quickly, it located the Dragon Bone Sword and swiftly slithered towards it.


Yang Kai endured the pain as big beads of sweat dripped from his forehead while trying to shift around the Dragon Bone Sword, but he was unable to help matters at all.


The Treasure Seizing Snake soon approached the Dragon Bone Sword and it opened its mouth to swallow it whole without even pausing.


If it succeeded, Yang Kai’s loss would be immense.


However, something unexpected happened next. The Treasure Seizing Snake was only halfway through its swallowing motion when it suddenly seemed to be greatly frightened and backed away in a hurry.


Turning around, it scurried away from the Dragon Bone Sword with all haste.


In that moment, Yang Kai clearly felt a faint Dragon Pressure being emitted from the Dragon Bone Sword while inside the Dragon Bead which was embedded into the hilt of the Dragon Bone Sword, the Dragon Soul suddenly opened its eyes and out glanced lightly towards the Treasure Seizing Snake.


Feeling the faint Dragon Pressure coming from the Dragon Soul had shocked and forced back the Treasure Seizing Snake.


Yang Kai was ecstatic seeing this, and after just a little thought, he understood why things had transpired this way.


It was not that the Dragon Bone Sword was too high-grade, but rather that the Dragon Bone Sword’s Dragon Pressure and remnant Dragon Soul possessed a natural restraint and deterrence towards the Treasure Seizing Snake.


This was not too surprising though as Dragons were the rulers of all Ancient Divine Spirits and according to rumours, the bloodline of Flood Dragons and snakes were all originated from Dragons, only diluted innumerable times over the aeons. True Dragons were great ancestors to these creatures and could naturally restrain them.


The Treasure Seizing Snake was still a type of snake, so of course it did not dare act presumptuously in front of its ancestor and immediately backed down.


“Hm?” Yan Xiu Ran, who had been observing, could not help letting out a note of surprise as he frowned, not knowing what happened to his Treasure Seizing Snake which had seemingly just failed to snatch the other party’s artifact from his body for the first time.


In the past, his Treasure Seizing Snake could easily rob artifacts from others, clearing them out within just ten breaths of effort, but today, it seemed to be having difficulties…


He could not help taking a deeper look at Yang Kai, but he didn’t care too much in the end and simply continued to wait.


The Treasure Seizing Snake did not dare to swallow the Dragon Bone Sword, so it could only look for other artifacts.


Its next goal was the Annihilation Thunder Bead!


Naturally, the Annihilation Thunder Bead did not give off an innate Dragon Pressure that could deter it, but the rich Thunder Attribute energy which it contained was not something the Treasure Seizing Snake dared to provoke, so it only took a single glance at the Annihilation Thunder Bead before slithering away.


With the ability of the Treasure Seizing Snake, it dared not get involved with an Emperor Artifact such as the Annihilation Thunder Bead. The only result of forcibly plundering it would be frying itself to ashes!


This Treasures Seizing Snake had some level of intelligence, so it knew how to advance while avoiding disasters.


Soon, it came to the Sealed World Bead, and possibly because it had already failed twice with the Dragon Bone Sword and Annihilation Thunder Bead, the Treasure Seizing Snake did not rush to devour the Sealed World Bead but instead wandered about nearby, observing this new prey carefully.


After confirming that the Sealed World Bead did not give it a sense of danger, it opened its mouth and swallowed the Sealed World Bead into its abdomen in one bite before trying to withdraw from Yang Kai’s body.


But it immediately realized it had made a terrible mistake.


The moment the Sealed World Bead entered its belly, a surge of World Force exploded in its abdomen and in an instant, a big hole blasted out of the Treasure Seizing Snake’s abdomen, causing it to hiss and cry as it fled in panic.


The Sealed World Bead was literally an independent world. Yang Kai was only able to keep it inside his body because he had painstakingly refined it. How could the Treasure Seizing Snake possibly swallow an entire world with its pitiful strength? It was nothing more than good luck it had not exploded on the spot from trying.


The Treasure Seizing Snake had quickly discovered that all the things in Yang Kai’s body were not things it could covet, and even with its faint sentience, how could it dare to remain after suffering such a loss?


At the same time, Yan Xiu Ran’s face could not help changing dramatically as he shouted, “What happened?”


He shared some connection with the Treasure Seizing Snake, so the moment Treasure Seizing Snake was wounded, he noticed and, in a panic, hurriedly formed a series of seals to try to urge the Treasure Seizing Snake to return.


Yang Kai endured the unbearable pain before suddenly stumbling backwards a few steps.




From somewhere in his chest, a small snake covered in blood shot out, hissing frantically as if it had been greatly wronged, and shot towards Yan Xiu Ran. There was a big hole in this small snake’s abdomen that was continuously leaking blood and its organs were clearly exposed to the air, causing Yan Xiu Ran to feel incredibly distressed.


In the next instant though, Yang Kai made a move that shocked Yan Xiu Ran and Liu Xian Yun.


Leaping forward, Yang Kai stretched out his hand, grabbed the Treasure Seizing Snake, and with a squeeze of his palm crushed its head.


Yang Kai’s Qi was indeed imprisoned right now, but he still retained his physical strength, so the speed of his actions was as fast as lightning.


By the time Yan Xiu Ran reacted, the Treasure Seizing Snake was already dead.


Yang Kai grinned at him wickedly before stuffing the little snake into his mouth and chomping down on it.


Blood overflowing from his lips, Yang Kai appeared akin to a ravenous beast, his scarlet eyes gleaming with a terrifying light.


“You…” Yan Xiu Ran was stunned, never having anticipated such an outcome. Because Yang Kai’s strength was supposedly sealed, he did not expect him to be able to move so quickly, and by the time he realized something was wrong and tried to rescue his precious snake, it was already too late.


The Treasure Seizing Snake had now become a snack in Yang Kai’s belly.


Liu Xian Yun could not stop her tender body from trembling slightly. Right now, she and Yang Kai were a pair of grasshoppers on the same rope. In her opinion, Yang Kai’s actions just now were no different from pushing them into a fiery pit.


Didn’t he understand that people under the eaves have to bow their heads?


[Disaster, this is a true disaster!] At that moment, she deeply regretted cooperating with Yang Kai. How could he seem so steady and stable in one moment, and in the next, act like a madman? Liu Xian Yun’s stomach was filled with regret as her expression turned incredibly ugly!


“You court death!” Yan Xiu Ran was truly enraged as he arrived in front of Yang Kai with a few hurried steps and punched his face in.




Facing a violent blow from a Third-Order Origin King, how could Yang Kai possibly defend himself in his current state? Immediately, he flew out like a ragged sack and directly sank into a big mountain wall a hundred metres away, opening a giant pit in the process.


The sound of broken bones rang out.


A moment later, Yang Kai slipped down from the mountain wall.


“Brother Yang!” Liu Xian Yun exclaimed in panic. Although she did not understand why Yang Kai had made such a crazy move all of a sudden, she couldn’t help calling out to him nervously when she saw him taking this hit.


After all, no matter what, she and Yang Kai were both from the low-level Star Fields and shared some common fate. On the other hand, none of these Blue Feather Sect disciples seemed to be anything good, so if Yang Kai really died here like this, her own future would become worrying.


She subconsciously did not want Yang Kai to die like this.


But she also knew that Yang Kai had little hope of survival. Yan Xiu Ran had not shown any mercy with his attack just now. Even if it was her, in her current state, she would have certainly been killed, so what hope was there for a mere Second-Order Origin King like Yang Kai?


*Hai hai…*


A violent cough suddenly rang out as Yang Kai struggled to stand up, spat out most of the Treasure Seizing Snake’s meat from his mouth, then swallowed down its bladder alone.


Liu Xian Yun’s beautiful eyes widened as she stared at Yang Kai like he was some kind of monster, her heart beating wildly!


[He… he survived?]


How was that possible?


“He didn’t die?” Yan Xiu Ran was also stunned. Just now, he had furiously tried to take Yang Kai’s life in order to avenge his Treasure Seizing Snake’s death; after all, while the Treasure Seizing Snake had no use in battle, its innate Divine Ability to rob other people’s refined artifacts was still incredibly useful to him. He had purchased this little snake for an incredibly high price, but it had died tragically at Yang Kai’s hand; how could Yan Xiu Ran possibly forgive him?


As such, after seeing that Yang Kai really was not dead, Yan Xiu Ran’s eyes became cold as he stepped towards Yang Kai menacingly, his Qi erupting like a volcano as he directed all his anger and hatred towards him.



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