Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1941, Scram If You Don’t Want To Die


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai didn’t show any fear though and instead just grinned and said, “If you kill me, you may not be able to withstand the consequences!”


“A trivial prisoner dares try to bargain with Father? No one will care if trash like you dies!”


“Really?” Yang Kai spat out a mouthful of blood, “Senior Brother Kou said he is going to ask Protector Bian for instructions about how to deal with us. You tell me: What will your fate be if Protector Bian learns that you killed me without her permission?”


Hearing the name ‘Protector Bian’, Yan Xiu Ran’s eyes flashed with a strong sense of fear and like a basin of cold water was splashed onto him, his anger instantly cooled.


[Seems like I am right!]


Seeing his expression, Yang Kai completely calmed down.


Judging from these Blue Feather Sect disciples’ behaviour, this Sect did not seem to be anything good. Likewise, these cultivators were not good people. Most likely, the only reason this Sect continued to exist was that rules were strictly enforced and breaking them led to severe punishment!


This was why Yang Kai used Protector Bian’s name as a deterrent despite never having met her before.


Yan Xiu Ran really did begin to hesitate.


Just as Yang Kai said, if Yan Xiu Ran really killed him before Protector Bian gave the order, it would be a disaster for him. Even if Protector Bian didn’t kill him, he would still lose a layer of skin.


As such, he didn’t dare think about killing anymore.


However, his Treasure Seizing Snake was killed by Yang Kai, so it was impossible for him to simply drop this matter. After hesitating for a while, Yan Xiu Ran walked towards Yang Kai and savagely spat, “Brat, know this! Once Protector Bian orders your death, Father here will personally send you down.”


Yang Kai curled his lips sharply when he heard these words.


“But now… while you can escape capital punishment, some suffering is due. Your physique seems a bit unusual, so Father here hopes you do not give in too quickly!”


Saying so, Yan Xiu Ran rushed in front of Yang Kai and pushed his Source Qi violently onto his fist and punched Yang Kai’s abdomen fiercely.




Yang Kai felt as if he had been struck by lightning and his whole body bent into a shrimp shape as he convulsed in pain. Unable to hold back, Yang Kai coughed up a big mouthful of blood onto Yan Xiu Ran.


The latter was caught off guard again, and before he knew it, his face was covered in blood.


Being provoked again and again, Yan Xiu Ran’s patience was at its limits and he could not stop himself from lifting his leg and sweeping it towards Yang Kai’s neck.


The next moment, Yang Kai flew out and fell to the ground, motionless.


From the looks of it, he had passed out.


“Consider yourself lucky!” Yan Xiu Ran snorted coldly before turning around and shouting at Liu Xian Yun viciously, “Drag him with you and follow me!”


Now that his Treasure Seizing Snake had died, it would be impossible to snatch Liu Xian Yun’s artifacts even if Yan Xiu Ran wanted to. He could only imprison the two of them in the Bone Prison first before finding other ways to torture them.


Liu Xian Yun heard this and hurriedly ran over to Yang Kai’s side before stretching out her finger to check his pulse. After confirming that he was still alive, she could not help breathing a sigh of relief.


After calming down, Liu Xian Yun stretched out her hand and lifted Yang Kai up before carrying him on her back.


Following Yan Xiu Ran, she walked into the cave in the mountainside and immediately felt a kind of pressure that forced her neck to shrink slightly.


From the belly of the mountain, pained shouts faintly echoed, adding a gloomy and menacing air to the already gloomy cave.


As Yan Xiu Ran led the way, he sneered and commented, “After entering the Bone Prison, there are not many people who come out alive. If you do not want to suffer any inhuman treatment, you’d best hand over your artifacts to me as soon as possible and I can make life a bit more comfortable for you, otherwise… you’ll learn what living a life worse than death really means!”


Liu Xian Yun’s pretty face paled slightly as her tender body trembled, but she still bit her thin lip and held her tongue.


The deeper they went, the darker and damper the environment became, and it wasn’t long before an unpleasant smell also began to fill the air, causing Liu Xian Yun to frown.


After descending what seemed to be about a thousand metres, they arrived at a dungeon.


The cells here were separated by some kind of fencing refined from Monster Beast bones that seemed extremely strong.


From the dim cells, many scarlet eyes, like those of wild beasts, stared towards Yan Xiu Ran and the others, causing Liu Xian Yun’s hair to stand on end slightly.


“Kill me, kill me, please kill me!” A horrible howl came from somewhere as someone begged for death. Liu Xian Yun could not imagine what kind of torture this man was enduring that actually made him prefer death to life.


But here, death obviously became a kind of extravagant hope as the pleading voice quickly turned into a series of extremely miserable howls.


Liu Xian Yun’s cheeks were already pale and bloodless as she felt that this might be her future destiny, causing her great sorrow and pain.


“Get in!” Yan Xiu Ran suddenly stopped in front of a cell, opened the door, and motioned to Liu Xian Yun.


Liu Xian Yun did not dare to defy him, so she could only walk into the cell with Yang Kai still on her back.


Yan Xiu Ran closed the cell tightly as soon as Liu Xian Yun entered before directing a sneer at her and rapping his fingers on the bone fence, “These two are new, make sure you entertain them well.”


Having said what he wanted to say, he turned around and left.


At the same time, a few scarlet eyes suddenly lit up inside the cell that was originally dark and silent.


Liu Xian Yun was taken aback as it was not until this time that she realized that there were already four people inside this cell.


“Huh? A woman?” Suddenly, a shout of pleasant surprise rang out as a cultivator who had been imprisoned here began taking deep sniffs of the air with his nose, apparently indulging in Liu Xian Yun’s faint body scent, his whole person became extremely excited.


“A woman came here? Hahahaha! The Heavens have blessed us brothers!” Someone immediately laughed.


When this word spread, there was a commotion in the nearby cells as numerous prisoners crowded beside the fence to stare at Liu Xian Yun with interest. Bursts of lewd laughter rang out as everyone was clearly expecting a good show to start soon.


Liu Xian Yun’s complexion sank as she hurriedly backed away to the innermost position and leaned herself against a wall while staring forward vigilantly.


Inside the cell, a burly man stood up slowly. This man was at least two metres tall and his huge size alone gave him an imposing presence. Although his strength was also clearly sealed, his whole figure exuded a fierce aura like that of a great beast.


“This woman is mine!” The burly man said faintly but in a tone that would allow no objections.


The other three men heard this and cringed for a moment before one of them said flatly, “Since Boss Zong has spoken, we brothers will naturally have to give some face, but after Boss Zong has finished enjoying her, can we… heh heh heh?”


“Do as you please!” Zong Qi said coldly.


“Many thanks Boss Zong!” The three people hurriedly thanked him before taking a step back while obscene smiles filled their faces as they prepared to watch.


The burly man named Zong Qi stared at Liu Xian Yun closely. Using the dim light to see Liu Xian Yun’s appearance clearly, he couldn’t help but nod his head in approval, “En, the highest quality goods! Those Blue Feather Sect bastards finally did something good for Grandfather here.”


“What do you want to do?” Liu Xian Yun asked with a calm face, her phoenix eyes filled with sharp light as she stared at Zong Qi.


She did not panic because she knew in such a place, trying to reason with others was useless, only strength mattered here.


Now that everyone’s Qi had been sealed, and one could only use their physical strength though, Liu Xian Yun felt great pressure just looking at the giant iron body before her.


“You still don’t know what I want to do?” Zong Qi coldly snorted, then without putting the petite Liu Xian Yun in his eyes at all, he commanded, “If you don’t want to suffer, do you best to enjoy it!”


“Hahahaha, Boss Zong’s words couldn’t be more correct. En, I advise you not to provoke Boss Zong, little girl. He’s quite skilled in Body Tempering, so with your tiny frame, you can’t resist. Just lay back and enjoy yourself, or are you afraid Boss Zong can’t satisfy you?”


“Shameless bastards!” Liu Xian Yun ground her teeth and cursed.


“Haa, if you scold him like this, you’ll only stimulate his animal desires! It’s better to just keep quiet,” Suddenly, Yang Kai’s voice came from behind.


Liu Xian Yun was startled at first before she became overjoyed and asked softly, “You woke up?”


“I never passed out!” Yang Kai leapt off Liu Xian Yun’s back as he spoke and began to rub his neck and abdomen, grimacing in pain for a moment as he muttered, “That bastard really used a heavy hand, he nearly crippled me. Damn it, I’ll make him pay for this one day.”


Liu Xian Yun looked at Yang Kai dumbly, completely shocked he had actually not passed out being hit like that.


[This man… what kind of freak is he!] Yan Xiu Ran’s attack just now was not even enough to rob his consciousness. Just how strong was his endurance?


Absent-minded, she even forgot about the dangerous situation she was currently in.


“Oh? You have a lover already?” Zong Qi stood ten metres away from Yang Kai as he looked down at him with eyes filled with disdain and mockery.


“Haha, this friend must be joking, she and I… are just friends,” Yang Kai explained.


Zong Qi coldly snorted, “Whether you are her friend or lover, I warn you, scram if you don’t want to die!”


“You’re quite the arrogant one aren’t you!” Yang Kai raised his head to look up at the burly man in front of him with half-squinted eyes, “In that case, I should also warn you… scram if you don’t want to die!”


Using the same words, Yang Kai returned the exact same intent.


The cell suddenly went quiet.


The other three men hiding in the dark had their jaws drop as they stared at Yang Kai as if he was a dead man. Suddenly, one of them reacted and called out, “Not good, run! Boss Zong is definitely going to explode.”


The other two were also quite agitated as a look of horror filled their eyes, seemingly recalling some kind of hellish memories as they hurriedly moved to the outer edge of the cell.


A moment later, Zong Qi sneered and said, “You’re quite funny, but… angering Grandpa here will do you no good. I’ll give you one chance to survive: Kneel down and lick my shoes, otherwise, this time next year will be the anniversary of your death!”



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  1. This iron pole trying to be oversmart and arrogant. He didn’t even realise that the man standing in front of his Mt. Tai . Some people truly have eyes but failed to see Mt. Tai.
    I am guessing he’s beaten to a pulp by YK and become a good dog.

  2. “..otherwise, this time next year will be the anniversary of your death!”

    Why do all the villains say this? Like just attack ffs instead of going on a long speech about how it’s your death anniversary blah blah before getting their ass kicked.

    1. I guess it could be considered entertaining but the author needs to add some variety instead of just the same phrases over and over.

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