Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 196, Plundering Yang Liquid

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor: Rosyprimrose

Proofreader: Skoll


(Silavin: Yang Liquid can mean semen… Please direct your thoughts to the title. You’re Welcome :D)


A couple days before in one of the danger zones, Yang Kai had sensed that there was a Yang attribute Precious Treasure, but since it was one of the marked areas on the map, he had not dared to explore it.


But now it seemed like he had no choice. He had scoured the entire island and harvested everything he could find, if he wanted to accumulate four hundred drop of Yang Liquid, with the exception of that danger zone there was nowhere else to look.


The only question was what kind of Monster Beast stood guard there.


He had to be extremely careful, if the guardian was similar to those two giant eagles from before, even if Yang Kai used his Flaming Yang Wings he would have no hope of escape.


After spending a whole day, he arrived at the periphery of the danger zone.


Yang Kai had planned thoroughly, ordering the insects to do some preparatory work, while he carefully speculated about any possible situation that might arise and what countermeasures to take deal with them. Only once he had agonized over all this did he begin to take action.


The Yang Origin Seal in his chest reacted, a few thousand feet in front of him there was indeed a Yang Treasure, and the grade was not low, if its contained energy was enough, then refining out the last hundred drops of Yang Liquid would definitely be possible.


He had to risk it now, so Yang Kai hardened his resolve, and fearlessly walked step by step under the guidance of the Yang Origin Seal.


There seemed to be a bloody smell in the air, and everywhere traces of a Monster Beast could be seen, all signs of the great danger in front.


After closing the first thousand feet, the bloody smell became thicker, andYang Kai could faintly see a huge dark red rock standing not far in front.


The Yang Qi that his Yang Origin Seal sensed was definitely being emitted by this stone.


Yang Kai was ecstatic. Suddenly, the hope of reaching home was within his reach. Such a large piece of Yang property stone, if he could absorb all of its Yang Qi, then cobbling together four hundred drops of Yang Liquid would be easy. This stone should be similar to the Yang Flame Stone mined by Bloody Battle Gang, but compared to the Yang Flame Stone its quality was much higher.


Continuing to move forward carefully, Yang Kai saw that at the bottom of the rock, there was a shallow cave, and inside the cave was an awe-inspiring Monster Beast, its pair of purple eyes staring at his own.


Yang Kai heart suddenly jumped, he did not expect his whereabouts to be exposed to easily.


But the Monster Beast did not seem interested in coming out to attack Yang Kai. Instead just lying in the cave, staring aggressively at him.


This was its home; it was its only place of rest and safety. Without it, the Monster Beast knew that it would die; chased to death. Unless it was a last resort, it would not leave.


Once he had approached to within three hundred feet, the Monster Beast let out a loud roar, its purple eyes also flashed a brutal light, warning him to stay away.


It slowly stood up, and stepped out of the cave.


It was only now that Yang Kai could see its true body. This Monster Beast had an appearance similar to a giant wolf, but its body was covered in dark red fur. It stood twenty feet tall and its mouth was full of razor sharp teeth, glaring towards Yang Kai while baring its fangs.


An invisible pressure surrounded him, leaving Yang Kai almost breathless.


Sixth-order Monster Beast! This was absolutely a sixth-order Monster Beast, definitely not any weaker than the previous two giant eagles. For such a Monster Beast, even if Yang Kai gave his all, it would still be impossible to kill it.


Slowly bending down, while observing the movements of the Monster Beast, Yang Kai picked up a stone at his feet.


Immediately, he threw the stone toward the Monster Beast.


Such a blatant provocation completely enraged the dark red wolf beast; next, all Yang Kai saw was a red light flash in its eyes and then this Monster Beast had already crossed the three hundred foot distance between them, appearing right in front of him.


[So fast!] Yang Kai went pale and without the slightest hesitation, he quickly turned around and activated his movement skill, quickly retreating.


The sound of wind came from behind. The Monster Beast was closing in rapidly, causing Yang Kai’s hair to stand on end. An icy chill running down his spine, he pushed his speed to the limit, constantly flashing out.


“Young master, it’s no good, it’s going to catch up!” Old Demon cried out in panic.


“Then help!” Yang Kai did not have time to think about anything else, simply flying forward. Old Demon quickly rushed into the Soul Breaker Awl and transformed into a black streak flying towards the wolf beast.


The Monster Beast’s response was quick, actually opening its mouth and biting the Soul Breaker Awl.


Old Demon was terrified and cried out in fear. Fortunately, this wolf beast was unable to chew through the Soul Breaker Awl, and surprised by this unusually hard object, it quickly spat it out.


But Old Demon still had a lingering fear.


With this short delay, Yang Kai finally opened some distance.


After dashing out about 300 meters, finally arriving at the location of his previous layout, Yang Kai no longer ran away, instead turning and staring at the Monster Beast, watching it swiftly close in on him, its mouth full of fangs reflecting a brutal light.


Kicking his feet, Yang Kai’s body flashed and reappeared a few dozen feet away.


Without waiting for him find his footing, the wolf beast had already rushed over, its’ speed not much slower than the Heaven Devouring Insect. Right now, Yang was under immense pressure, having to constantly display his movement skill to barely avoid it.


At that moment Old Demon finally attacked, distracting the wolf beast’s attention from Yang Kai, slightly alleviating his embarrassing situation.


One man, one demon, and one wolf beast, over a radius of several hundred feet, continued this deadly play. Several times, Yang Kai was almost eaten alive, always just barely escaping mortal danger, but even so, Yang Kai was covered in cold sweat.


With his Qi Transformation Ninth Stage cultivation, to deal with a sixth-order Monster Beast, it was truly a foolish endeavour. If not for his superb movement skill, he would have long been killed by this Monster Beast.


But in order to be able to leave this island, Yang Kai had to take this risk.


After a full stick of incense worth of time, Yang Kai looked around, revealing a grin, summoning his Flaming Yang Wings and soaring into the sky.


“Old Demon, you keep it busy along with the insects, I’m taking off!” Yang Kai called out, turning towards the direction of the big Yang stone.


“Please hurry young master; Old Servant is really afraid it will swallow me.” Old Demon was dismayed, though he was safely hidden inside the Soul Breaker Awl, if it was really to be swallowed by this wolf beast it would still be frightening.


The Monster Beast glared towards the direction Yang Kai had flown, and as if it was aware that this human wanted to occupy its home, it could not help letting out a terrifying roar and raced out.


But it had not run for long when it encountered a strange fog.


Dashing into it, a burst of sizzling noise rang out, followed by the wolf beast crying out miserably, rushing back, and fearfully staring this white mist barrier in front of it.


This fog really lived up to Yang Kai’s expectations; even this sixth-order Monster Beast could not freely enter it, the strong corrosiveness enough to stop it in its tracks.


But this wolf beast was clever, knowing how lethal this fog as, it quickly changed direction, trying to rush out the other side, but it soon discovered it had been surrounded. This several thousand feet radius area had at some point been wrapped by this strange fog, leaving no way out, no door to the heavens, no path for the living.


This was Yang Kai’s plan all along, letting those giant insects set up this fog barrier in advance here, deliberately leaving a small gap, leading the wolf beast inside, and after the closing the gap, he could then use his Flaming Yang Wings to calmly leave.


From beginning to end, he did not have any intention to kill this powerful sixth-order Monster Beast, nor did he have this ability, trapping it was the best he could hope for.


*Sha Sha Sha*


From below its feet came a burst scratching sounds, the whole ground trembling, and then suddenly, countless insects burst out and began fearlessly attacking the wolf beast.


The wolf beast roared in anger, its whole body spewing flames. Any insect that got close was quickly roasted and fell to the ground.


Old Demon did not dare to approach it, only floating around endlessly, disturbing the wolf beast’s attention.


On the other side, Yang Kai flew to the large Yang stone, reaching out and placing his hands on it, he frantically circulated his True Yang Secret Art, swallowing the Yang Qi into his body.


This giant Yang property stone was significantly higher quality than those Yang Flame Stones. No wonder the wolf beast decided to cultivate here, this stone would also be of great benefit to it.


Surging Yang Qi flowed into his body, and in the blink of an eye, his meridians swelled up.




A drop of Yang Liquid formed, sinking into his dantian.


*Drip, Drip*


Yang Kai felt like in his life he had never heard such a pleasant sound, the Yang Liquid in his dantian increased by a drop seemingly every second.


Three hundred and twenty drops, three hundred and fifty drops, three hundred and eighty drops …


After about a hundred breaths, Yang Kai had accomplished his goal, and he had only taken a small part of the Yang Qi in this giant Yang property stone, barely having absorbed one tenth of its total store.


But Yang Kai did not stop here, still circulating his True Yang Secret Art.


The wolf beast howling soon rang out even louder, the cry mixed with anger and murderous intent, it was, after all, a sixth-order Monster Beast, Yang Kai did not know how long that fog barrier could delay it. If it ruthlessly ignored its own injuries and charged out, nothing he had come up with could block it.


In just a short time, Yang Kai had already condensed five hundred drops of Yang Liquid in his dantian; this number was absolutely enough to support his flight to Sea City.


At that moment, a black gas suddenly flew over to him; it was the Soul Breaker Awl, and Old Demon anxious yelled, “Young master, you have to escape now, that guy decided to rush out!”


Before he even finished speaking, Yang Kai saw a red figure rapidly approaching, it had already escaped.


The wolf beast was covered in burning flames. It had used this layer of flame to resist the fog barrier’s corrosion, allowing it to leave while only suffering some minor injuries.


A thousand feet, five hundred feet, three hundred feet…


The wolf beast was like the wind.


Acting decisively, Yang Kai released his Flaming Yang Wings again, and as the wolf beast was about to reach him, he quickly flew into the sky.


Looking down, he could see the wolf beast’s pair of purple eyes staring into his own, a furious roar constantly emitting from its throat.


Yang Kai grinned, “Thank you! In fact, I did not take much of your stones’ Yang Qi, only about two-tenths, there’s no need to be so upset right?”

(Silavin: Fuck off! That’s goddam 20%! WTF! – Sorry, Asian Blood boiling here…)

(Rosy: Well at least he’s a polite and honest thief…lol)


As if it could understand what Yang Kai had said, like it had somehow gotten a great deal and should be grateful, the wolf beast became even angrier, roaring out again and again.


Yang Kai no longer bothered dealing with it, maintaining his Flaming Yang Wings also consumed a lot of True Yang Yuan Qi; fluttering his wings, he quickly left.


The wolf beast also understood, knowing that it could not catch this flying enemy, it naturally did not chase


Arriving at his previous location, Yang Kai picked up his sack filled with Precious Treasures, and led the surviving insects towards the direction of the solitary peak.


Two days later, Yang Kai came to the solitary peak and entered the cave. He then removed everything on the stone shelves one by one. Not daring to refine them now, he also would not leave them here.


If he could use them, they would be of great help in the future! Now that he had enough Yang Liquid, it was at last time to leave this island.


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