Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1994, Entering The Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Time passed and soon, it was noon.


Atop the high platform, Duan Yuan Shan, who had been standing to the side with a big smile on his face, quickly walked over to Xiao Yu Yang and asked something in a low voice. After getting an affirmative nod, Duan Yuan Shan turned around, inhaled deeply, and shouted, “Citizens of Maplewood City, may I have your attention please…”


When the crowd heard this call, everyone immediately understood that the show was about to begin so they quickly fell silent and turned their attention towards the high stage.


Duan Yuan Shan smiled slightly and cupped his fists, “First, allow this Duan to offer his sincerest and most heartfelt thanks to Silver Star Envoy Senior Xiao from Star Soul Palace for opening the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda in my Maplewood City. Many thanks to Heavenly Martial Holy Land, Orthodoxy Temple, Azure Sun Temple, Violet Source Chamber of Commerce, and Seven Glories Chamber of Commerce as well for their assistance in this great favour and for their generous contributions of precious treasures, Secret Arts, Secret Books, Martial Skills, and artifacts. For this grace today, on behalf of all of Maplewood City and its surrounding forces and families, as City Lord, this Duan offers his praise and thanks once again, wishing several Senior’s continued good health and success on the Martial Dao, in addition…”


Words seemed to overflow from Duan Yuan Shan’s mouth once he opened it, his speech filled with lavish praise and flowered words he had clearly been preparing for some time now.


However, before he could finish speaking, Xiao Yu Yang frowned impatiently and snapped, “Enough nonsense, get to the point!”


Even though he was reprimanded so bluntly in front of so many cultivators in the city, Duan Yuan Shan did not dare show any dissatisfaction. Instead, he simply nodded and after rearranging his thoughts slightly, continued, “The time has come! Please take action, several Seniors. To the gathered cultivators, your life or death, fortune or misfortune, will be decided by your own hands upon entering the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda!”


As soon as these words fell, the six Emperors stood up one after another.


Below the high stage, countless peoples’ eyes turned towards these six.


Xiao Yu Yang gave a loud, long roar as he formed a series of seals with his hands. The surrounding World Energy hummed as stifling coercion burst forth, causing many of the Origin Kings gathered below to reel back in fright.


It was not just the Origin Kings present who felt pressured though, as even the other five Emperors on the stage were staring fixedly at Xiao Yu Yang and observing his movements, seemingly wanting to glean some clues from his actions.


Xiao Yu Yang’s movements were extremely fast, his hands flying so quickly that only a series of afterimages were visible.


With one last shout, Xiao Yu Yang suddenly pointed his palms forward.


At that moment, a complex and profound series of lines and runes appeared before him.


Immediately afterwards, Xiao Yu Yang used his fingers like brushes, the surrounding World Principles as ink, and the void as his canvas to draw even more patterns and runes, each of them seemingly resonating and interacting with the world itself, like living creatures.


Crackling sounds rang out constantly.


An indescribable force began to emerge from this giant array and spread outwards slowly.


Soon, a runic circular Spirit Array approximately a hundred metres in diameter had formed before everyone’s eyes.


Xiao Yu Yang at this point shouted, “Begin!”


When his voice fell, the other five Emperors leapt up and, in a flash, appeared at five different positions around the Spirit Array where each of them used their own methods to pour their strength into it.


The entire Spirit Array began to rotate with the influx of this energy.


As the power of the six Emperors poured into it, the Spirit Array rotated faster and faster, causing those who were staring at it to feel slightly dizzy.


The faces of the six Emperor Realm masters were extremely solemn as the consumption of their strength was far greater than they had anticipated. Before long, besides Xiao Yu Yang, the other five Emperors had gone slightly pale from the exertion.


Fortunately, this process did not last long, and when the huge Spirit Array began emitting a steady light and transforming into a kind of shining doorway, Xiao Yu Yang shouted again, “Great Emperor, please take action!”


After these words fell, from the light gate, an illusory palm appeared, one that seemed to emerge from beyond the Heavens, and shattered some kind of final barrier. Instantly, the light gate stabilized and the figure of a pagoda suddenly appeared, one that was emitting a brilliant five-coloured glow that somehow blurred and obscured its true appearance.


“Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda!”


Under the high stage, the cultivators who saw this scene exclaimed, their eyes widening as they stared towards the glowing pagoda.


This was obviously the core treasure of Star Soul Palace, the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda Emperor Artifact which was famous across the entire Star Boundary. Almost all had only heard rumours about this tower, while none of them had seen it with their own eyes. But now, not just seeing, these people would soon even be able to enter this paradise.


Thinking so, many felt their breathing become rapid and ragged.


“Many thanks for your hard work,” Xiao Yu Yang signalled lightly to the other five Emperors.


These five seemed to be extremely exhausted at the moment though, so after acknowledging these words of thanks, they all returned to their original seats, closed their eyes, and began adjusting their breathing.


In the next moment, a Space Ring appeared in Xiao Yu Yang’s hand, and he threw it towards the light gate with a smile before gently palming towards it.


The Space Ring instantly shattered and from inside it, hundreds of different bursts of light shot out and flew into the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda like arrows from a string.




“They’re the treasures brought out by the other great forces! Look at that artifact!”


“Are the famous Dao Source Fruits among those things then? If I can obtain that fruit, I can break through to the Dao Source Realm!”


“There are only three Dao Source Fruits, but tens of thousands of competitors. How are you going to obtain one?”


“If I can, I can!”




After realizing the streams of light were the treasures the other great forces had contributed to this time’s opening of the Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda, everyone became excited, especially regarding the three Dao Source Fruits which greatly stimulated the desires of these Origin Kings.


Although everyone was extremely excited, no one dared to act arbitrarily; after all, Xiao Yu Yang was still watching them.


After taking a moment to sweep his eyes around, Xiao Yu Yang smiled slightly and shouted, “Everyone, you may enter.”


As soon as his voice fell, how could the cultivators who had been waiting here anxiously hold back? Everyone began using their movement skills and Secret Techniques to rush towards the light gate, seemingly afraid to be left behind.


For a time, the square in front of the City Lord’s Mansion became noisy and chaotic.


Even before entering, fights were beginning to break out about who had priority to go in.


Xiao Yu Yang did not pay this commotion any mind, however, as his eyes simply moved towards a certain young woman who was standing amongst the crowd. Seeing this young woman looking towards him, he gently nodded, before flicking his wrist secretly and sending a gentle but well-concealed force towards her.


Yang Kai’s group of three also mixed into the crowd, squeezed to and fro by the chaotic rush, winding up quite miserable.


However, the cultivators who accidentally touched Mo Xiao Qi all felt like they were being pierced by sharp swords and reeled back in pain.


Yang Kai noticed this quickly and immediately gave Mo Xiao Qi a wink. Mo Xiao Qi understood and boldly and without hesitation or looking back charged forward.


After some twists and turns, the trio finally reached the light gate and rushed inside.


A familiar feeling of long-distance teleportation overcame Yang Kai, but he quickly stabilized himself and soon, a completely different environment appeared before him.


Immediately, Yang Kai noticed that the World Energy here was not very rich, quite thin in fact.


However, all around him, there was a mysterious force that all cultivators at his level craved for, Principle Strength!


Although the Principle Strength here was somewhat strange, and not nearly as strong or complete as in the outside world, because it was shattered and fragmented, it was actually much easier to grasp and understand.


It was no wonder that Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda was a highly visited experience ground for Star Soul Palace’s disciples. In this special environment, Star Soul Palace’s cultivators would far more easily be able to grasp Principle Strength. Even if the Principles in this place were incomplete, just being able to touch and study them was a great boon.


After the Origin King Realm came the Dao Source Realm, but if one wanted to break through to the Dao Source Realm, they needed to first grasp Principle Strength.


Star Soul Palace having a treasure like Five Coloured Treasure Pagoda allowed its disciples to twice as easily reach the Dao Source Realm than average cultivators.


This was an extremely terrifying advantage.


Yang Kai had not even gathered his wits when he heard a terrible scream come from nearby.


Startled, he quickly turned his head to look around.


Nearby, Yang Kai noticed a cultivator get bitten in the neck by a crocodile-like Monster Beast. Blood splashed out like a fountain from the cultivator’s throat as he tried to stop the flow with his hands but failed miserably.


Another crocodile-like Monster Beast clamped onto this man’s thigh and began dragging him into a nearby marsh.




In the blink of an eye, the cultivator disappeared, leaving behind only some bubbles on the muddy water’s surface.


The cultivator who suffered misfortune obviously arrived here before Yang Kai, but after such a long-distance teleportation, one would often feel dizzy and disoriented for a short time, so he had failed to respond in time to the approaching danger.


Regarding this, even if Yang Kai wanted to make a move, it would have been too late by the time he noticed.


The fierce beasts hiding in this swamp were simply too fast.




With a soft gurgling sound, from the corner of Yang Kai’s eyes, another crocodile beast, exactly like the ones that had just killed the previous cultivator, sprang up from the swamp, its eyes filled with bloodlust as it opened its mouth and snapped towards him.


With the lessons learned from the previous cultivator, how could Yang Kai be caught off guard though? With a flicker, he threw out a punch covered in five-coloured light toward this crocodile’s head.




As if metal struck metal, sparks flew, and the crocodile was smashed back into the swamp it emerged from.


However, the crocodile did not die and instead flicked its tail to escape under the water.


Yang Kai only then released his Divine Sense to scan his surroundings.


The next moment, his face could not help but sink.


Under his perception, there were countless fierce auras all around him, stealthily approaching under the muddy water.


These auras obviously belonged to more crocodile beasts like the ones he had just encountered. Individually these creatures were not that strong, most of them just peak Ninth-Order Monster Beasts, which was equivalent Third-Order Origin Returning Realm humans.


Such Monster Beasts really were not anything in Yang Kai’s eyes.


However… there were far too many of them, and Yang Kai didn’t want to get bogged down dealing with them.



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    1. But on a greater level. Remember only Original Returning Realm cultivators entered Emperor Garden cause of some restrictions and the treasure in Emperor Garden only helpful to those at OR & at most OK. But Five Coloured Treasured Pagoda is in itself is a Great Emperor Artifact.
      And I think Yang Yan atmost reached Third Emperor Senior Realm but their is still a big gap between TE & GE.

      1. she’s called the starry sky great emperor tho .. so she’s titled, AND called great emperor. don’t you think that would be weird when she wasn’t one of the ten great emperors?

        1. 🤔Actually, though Yang Yan was called Great Emperor, she has already explicitly stated that the top ten masters of the Star Boundary are people other than her (Chapter 1833).

  1. I wonder if there is actually six levels then five in the pagoda. Just like another story it said it was seven but there was a secret area that made it eight levels. An it took six emperors to open this.

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