Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2035, Having the Same Plan


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The bidding for the Dao Source Fruit was extraordinarily fierce. At the beginning, Origin King Realm cultivators could participate, but in the later stage, only Dao Source masters were eligible to bid.


While they were calling their bids, they were fighting openly and covertly, clashing with each other with Divine Senses all over the auction house. From time to time, a stifled groan would be heard from some private room, obviously the result of someone suffering a loss.


And the host of the auction, Drunkard, seemed to have already expected it and didn’t care one bit. As for the City Lord’s Mansion, no one stepped out to stop the chaos, simply allowing them to fight amongst themselves.


With the rising bids being called out one by one, the atmosphere of the auction hall grew more and more intense, making the cultivators sitting in the lower hall flabbergasted.


Yang Kai also gained some insights from this mess, learning about how deep the heritages of these masters backed by their powerful families and Sects really were.


The auction lasted for more than an hour, and the Dao Source Fruit was eventually won by the Dao Source Realm master in the A Block private rooms for the steep price of 11 million.


Throughout the Star Boundary, most second and third-class Sects would find it difficult to spend 11 million Source Crystals all at once, but if they could create a few Dao Source Realm masters in exchange, raising the overall strength of their force, it was well worth the price.


Finally, the auction had come to an end.


Yang Kai and Kang Si Ran left the auction house together, with many other cultivators also leaving in groups of twos or threes, excitedly chatting about what they had seen just now.


“Brother Yang, I will go back for a few days to make preparations before we set off. I hope that place… will not disappoint me,” Kang Si Ran whispered to Yang.


Yang Kai naturally knew what place he was referring to exactly and promptly nodded, “Good! Then I will wait for Brother Kang’s message.”


“I will take my leave then, goodbye,” Kang Si Ran cupped his fists before he turned around and left.


After he had left, Yang Kai also turned around and headed off.


After a while, he arrived at a certain street and casually found a tavern to enter. Sitting down next to a window, he ordered some wine and food and began enjoying himself.


The reason why he didn’t return to his rented secluded home was that he wanted to track Liu Yan. It wasn’t easy to make a move inside Maplewood City, so he could only wait for the Flying Saint Palace group to leave the city.


The Flying Saint Palace could also be considered a great force in the Southern Territory, and naturally because of the appearance of Luan Feng last time and the opening of the Five Colored Treasure Pagoda as well as the later auction fair, the Flying Saint Palace delegation had remained inside Maplewood City for some time.


However, according to Yang Kai’s calculations, they should not be staying for too much longer, so he waited patiently for the right opportunity.


But Yang Kai didn’t expect he would have to wait two whole days.


During this time, the Flying Saint Palace group had been staying inside their inn; never leaving. Yang Kai could still vaguely perceive Liu Yan’s aura and wasn’t worried about losing sight of her or worried about being discovered by the Second-Order Dao Source Realm master, Liu Yi Zhi.


Yang Kai reckoned that the people from Flying Saint Palace were staying in Maplewood City because Ning Yuan Cheng wanted to subdue Liu Yan.


His guess wasn’t wrong.


At this moment, in a room on the upper floor of the inn, Ning Yuan Cheng was angrily staring at the bowl in front of him as he formed some seals, causing a strange flaming red bird to immediately emerge from the bowl.


Liu Yi Zhi was standing by Ning Yuan Cheng’s side, seemingly never having left that spot.


“Slut!” Ning Yuan Cheng seemed to be fuming for some reason and was now lashing out in anger at Liu Yan, “Hurry up and show your human form, don’t pretend to be ignorant! Don’t think for a moment that this Young Lord doesn’t know that your intelligence is high and you can understand all of my words.”


Liu Yan, who had been trapped under many seals, just kept flapping her wings while quietly hovering mid-air, not making a single cry or trying to cause any trouble.


And just when Ning Yuan Cheng showed an opening though, she swiftly opened her beak and shot out a ball of thunder fire towards him.


This scene had apparently happened many times so Ning Yuan Cheng wasn’t surprised by it. He didn’t even dodge as Liu Yi Zhi, who had been guarding him, simply waved his hand at the thunder fireball and erased it.


“Heh heh, your temper is fiery! Excellent, this Young Lord likes that about you, but since you are reluctant to show your human form, don’t blame this Young Lord for being ruthless. Deacon Liu, get ready, we are returning to the Saint Palace!”


The nearby Liu Yi Zhi was overjoyed after hearing this and immediately confirmed, “Young Palace Master, are we going back?”


“En, I have tried for two days, but I still can’t make this bitch submit, so there’s no reason to remain here any longer. Let’s return to the Saint Palace first where I can seek assistance from Lord Father. At that time, I’d like to see how she refuses to bow to me,” Ning Yuan Cheng let out a cold snort before he formed some new seals and forced Liu Yan back into the bowl.


After half an hour, the team from Flying Saint Palace checked out of the inn and walked towards the city gate.


Yang Kai, who had been meditating in a room in the same inn, suddenly opened his eyes and breathed a sigh of relief, “They’re finally leaving.”


If Flying Saint Palace didn’t leave, he would really be troubled; after all, he had promised Kang Si Ran that he would go with him to explore that cave mansion soon, so he really didn’t want to draw out this conflict any longer.


While it wouldn’t be a big deal to explain to Kang Si Ran that he needed a few more days, doing so would still break the trust between them.


At this moment, the Flying Saint Palace disciples were walking towards the city gate to leave Maplewood City as Yang Kai had expected.


He didn’t immediately follow them, however, and instead waited for a while before also leaving his room and making his way towards the same city gate.


Sometime later, on a plain millions of kilometres away from Maplewood City, Yang Kai hurriedly flew forward.


Because of his subtle connection with Liu Yan, he had a clear idea about the location of Flying Saint Palace’s group so he wasn’t worried about losing them.


However, he didn’t have a suitable flight type artifact on hand, so he was also unable to catch up with the opposite party, making him a little impatient.


While rushing forward at full speed, Yang Kai suddenly felt a powerful and overbearing Divine Sense sweep past him. This sudden situation made Yang Kai’s expression change and he forced himself to stop.


That Divine Sense was devoid of murderous intent, but it was still extremely cold, and after sweeping over Yang Kai, it casually withdrew.


Yang Kai stood in his place, a little confused, only a moment later realizing something and muttering under his breath, “There’s someone else chasing after Flying Saint Palace? This feeling… it’s that man surnamed Han.”


During the previous auction, a man surnamed Han had used his Divine Sense to pressure Kang Si Ran and Yang Kai. This memory was still fresh in Yang Kai’s mind so he was immediately able to identify the other party.


It was just that he hadn’t expected that someone else would be eyeing Flying Saint Palace’s group, just like he was.


If it weren’t for the fact that the other party had confidence in his strength and didn’t attach any importance to a mere Origin King, Yang Kai might not have noticed him.


Once he attacked the Flying Saint Palace delegation, this man surnamed Han might have taken advantage of and used him.


Thinking so, Yang Kai couldn’t help breaking out into a cold sweat.


Fortunately, the man surnamed Han didn’t have such plans, otherwise, things would have become really troublesome.


The man surnamed Han wanted to use his Divine Sense to intimidate Yang Kai, apparently, and force him to retreat from these muddy waters, and if it were any other Origin King, this tactic might really have worked, but Yang Kai had a reason he needed to persist.


After a while, Yang Kai continued his pursuit; however, this time, he was no longer as anxious and instead just pressed forward in a steady manner.


In any case, the man surnamed Han was going to confront Flying Saint Palace, so Yang Kai wasn’t in a rush to make the first move. It would be best for him to act once both sides were mutually wounded, or better yet, killed one another.


Presumably, the man surnamed Han was chasing after Flying Saint Palace’s group for Liu Yan. During the auction, his finances were weaker than Ning Yuan Chen’s, so he could only rob them to get what he wanted now.


He just happened to have the same plan as Yang Kai.


With the man surnamed Han as the vanguard, Yang Kai became far more relaxed and while continuing the chase, he began to strategize about his next move. It would be better if he could prevent both sides from discovering him while approaching as close as possible.


But after thinking about it for a long time, he couldn’t come up with a good strategy, causing him to be a bit depressed. All he could do now was act according to the circumstances.


After another half a day, when it was beginning to get dark, Yang Kai, who was still flying, suddenly raised his eyes to look into the distance as his expression changed.


Flickering lights could be seen in that direction, and if one listened carefully, they could vaguely hear intermittent explosions coinciding with those flashes as well as intense bursts of Spiritual Energy.


“He finally made his move!” Yang Kai was ecstatic and hurriedly used his Nihility Secret Technique before continuing his approach.


In addition to having a miraculous effect of avoiding fatal attacks, Yang Kai’s Nihility Secret Technique could also conceal his aura and appearance. This Secret Technique was derived from his comprehension of the Dao of Space and was far superior to ordinary concealment technique from big sects.


Unless there was a cultivator with a cultivation a whole Great Realm higher than Yang Kai, it would be impossible for them to detect his existence unless they performed a thorough search.


After flying forward for half an hour, Yang Kai had finally arrived at the location of the fight.


Under the moonlight, a flying ship was suspended mid-air and vague figures could be seen on the deck all looking towards a certain direction.


One of the figures was, impressively, Flying Saint Palace’s Young Palace Master, Ning Yuan Cheng. As for the others, they were naturally the disciples of Flying Saint Palace.


In the sky about a thousand meters away from the ship, two figures were entangled with each other, apparently fighting in close quarters.


Yang Kai looked closely and found that the two figures were the man surnamed Han and Liu Yi Zhi.


The fight between them was intense but steady as both of them were in the same realm, so the one who persevered longer and wore down his opponent would be the winner.


Judging from how they were confronting one another though, it didn’t seem like either side was holding back. Obviously, both of these men had experienced many battles, and by the looks of it, the fight would continue for some time.



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