Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2055, Eager to Die


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


As soon as he shouted ‘Ghost Hand Shen Tu,’ the Qin Family cultivators turned pale. They unconsciously tried to explain themselves while they started mobilizing the energy in their body to be ready to make a move at a moment’s notice.


A trace of panic also appeared in the pretty eyes of the girl in purple as well.


She might be young but she was extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Not to mention, every cultivator in the vicinity of Maplewood City was aware of Ghost Hand Shen Tu.


Ghost Hand Shen Tu was a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator. Heaven knows what evil arts he was cultivating, but he was extremely vicious and committed outrageous crimes around Maplewood City all year round. Relying on his powerful Dao Source Realm cultivation, he robbed and killed the weaker cultivators.


For many cultivators, the four words ‘Ghost Hand Shen Tu’ were tantamount to a disaster. Once they encountered this guy, it meant that their death wasn’t far from them.


Furthermore, this guy was not alone. Heaven knows where he got a bunch of powerful subordinates but each and every one of them was an Origin King Realm master. Most weren’t their match; all they could do was stretch their necks out to be beheaded.


And this guy wasn’t just vicious but was also extremely clever. The City Lord’s Mansion had sent a team of masters, led by City Lord Duan Yuan Shan, to encircle and catch this guy many times, but it was all in vain; they couldn’t catch him. They could only inflict serious injuries to him but ultimately let him escape.


Since then, Ghost Hand Shen Tu seemed to have become honest and law-abiding for a while. But well-informed people knew that he was far from being law-abiding. However, he was no longer as unscrupulous as before. Now, his targets were people with no background and support. He no longer antagonized the members of families in Maplewood City and the disciples of the nearby Sects.


So to say, the masters of those families and sects were too lazy to care about him, and City Lord’s Mansion couldn’t focus their forces on Ghost Hand Shen Tu forever. Besides, he was as cunning as a fox. All these reasons helped him run scot-free up until now.


It was just a coincidence that Yang Kai’s choice of location for his advancement wasn’t too far from Shen Tu and his men’s turf. So, just as Yang Kai’s advancement caused the commotion, they immediately came to check.


So after figuring out that Yang Kai was a cultivator with no backing and was on the verge of breaking through, how could this group sit still? Naturally, they immediately moved out, preparing for a big fight.


But here, they ran into a group of people from the Qin Family.


Hearing the shocked cry of that middle-aged man, the bald old man sneered. “So, you know all about this old master, and yet you dare to come here. Are you looking to die?”


Just as he said this, the Origin King Realm cultivators by his side stared at the Qin Family’s group with a malicious gaze. By the looks of their stances, it looked as if they would promptly attack them with just an order from Ghost Hand Shen Tu.


The middle-aged man’s expression changed slightly. He gulped loud in terror. He had no idea how to answer for a while.


The girl in purple seemed to have regained her energy after catching her breath for a while. She smiled and spoke in a gentle voice, “So, it is the famous Senior Shen Tu. Junior had eyes but failed to see and rushed to Senior. I hope that Senior will not blame us!”


“Oh!?” Shen Tu narrowed his triangular eyes, glancing at the girl in purple. He let out a burst of weird laughter as he said, “Wow, you can still remain so calm in front of this old master, I have to hand it to your courage. Which family are you from?”


Shen Tu had been wandering around Maplewood City all year round. Naturally, he could tell at a glance that the girl in purple was someone with a background, otherwise, she would not have such etiquette. Had it not for this reason, why would he talk to the girl in purple? With his personality, he would have already killed her.


“Junior’s surname is Qin!” the purple-robed girl gently replied.

“Qin!” Shen Tu curled his lips as he indifferently continued, “This old master had heard that there is a little girl in Maplewood City’s Qin Family who is young and ill, but is very clever and quick-witted. Even Qin Zhao Yang, that old fart dotes upon her. For this reason, he even went to the depths of the Black Blood Swamp to find a Pure Yang Fruit to extend her life. Could that be you?”


The girl in purple coughed a little before nodding. “Senior is quite knowledgeable and experienced. This Junior is indeed Qin Yu, who could only survive thanks to Old Ancestor’s pity.”


“Haha…” Shen Tu broke into a peal of weird laughter, “Little Girl, you are really outstanding. You can face this old master with no change in your expression. No wonder that old fart, Qin Zhao Yang dotes upon you. But little girl, what can this old master do for you?”


Qin Yu furrowed her black brow and pondered for a moment before replying, “Senior, since you have asked, this Junior will be honest with you. Senior, are you going to bother that person?”


Shen Tu narrowed his eyes and said in neither rude nor polite manner, “So what?”


Qin Yu asked, “Senior, can you let that person go?”


Shen Tu pursed his lips and said, “Give me a reason.”


“That person is my Qin Family’s Honored Guest. So…” Qin Yu replied in a low voice, “So, I hope that Senior can show mercy. My Qin Family will definitely thank you for this someday.”


“Your Qin Family’s Honored Guest!?” Shen Tu pursed his lips into a playful smile as he said, “Little girl, you might be smart but don’t treat others as fools! If this person was really the Honored Guest of your Qin Family, why would he choose to break through here? If he really is your Qin Family Honored Guest, wouldn’t that old fart, Qin Zhao Yang, be personally protecting him? Do you really think this old master is such a fool?”


Even after having been exposed to her face, Qin Yu still didn’t look even the slightest bit embarrassed. Rather, she smiled and said, “Senior’s eyes are as bright as a torch. Junior’s little trick can’t fool you. However… Although that person isn’t my Qin Family’s Honored Guest now, it doesn’t mean that he will not be in the future. Can I beg Senior to raise his high hand in mercy…”


Before Qin Yu could finish herself, Shen Tu interrupted her by raising his hand.


Shen Tu looked at her coldly. His triangular eyes radiated a chilling aura as he said, “Little Girl, this old master will not haggle over this because of Qin Zhao Yang’s face. But if you dare to pester again, don’t blame this old master for not showing mercy.”


While speaking, he reached out as he shot a large amount of energy straight at Qin Yu.


Qin Yu’s expression changed as she hurriedly retreated.


Seeing this, the vigilant Origin King Realm masters gathered around her and rushed forward to block the wave of energy for her. They immediately let out muffled groans as several people backed away a fair distance before they could regain their footing.


When they finally turned their gazes ahead, Shen Tu had already flown away with his group of men.

Fear could still be seen lingering on the middle-aged man’s and others’ faces. The middle-aged man looked back at Qin Yu and said, “Young Lady, you didn’t get hurt, did you?”


Qin Yu shook his head and said, “Thanks to everyone’s protection, I am alright. But unfortunately, that person…”


She gazed into the distance with a gloomy look on her face.


The middle-aged man immediately tried to comfort her, “In fact, you don’t need to feel sorry for him. That person might not be able to survive the World Energy baptism. There is no difference between dying a bit earlier or dying a bit later. Young Lady has tried her best. Next time, it would be best if you don’t try to provoke the Ghost Hand Shen Tu. He let us go because of our Old Ancestor, but we might not be lucky next time.”


“I see! I have caused everyone trouble,” Qin Yu gently nodded.


In the distance, Yang Kai appeared to be completely oblivious to this. He was still immersed in comprehending his own Martial Dao Heavenly Way, immersed in his attempt to break through the barrier of the Dao Source Realm.


*Swish Swish Swish…*


A series of swishing sounds rang as Shen Tun, leading a dozen or so Origin King Realm, appeared next to Yang Kai.


When he sensed the violent energy fluctuations and looked up at the huge black funnel in the sky, Shen Tu’s expression couldn’t help but slightly change.


He too had gone through this before. But back when he was advancing to the Dao Source Realm, even if he had caused such a big commotion, it couldn’t even be compared to one-tenth of this! Even if he was asked to go through this level of World Energy baptism now, he wasn’t that sure that he would be able to safely go through with it.


“Honored Master, it’s very terrifying here. Let’s just do it and get out of here.” A nearby Origin King Realm cultivator seemed to have been overwhelmed by the mighty pressure of Heaven and Earth. He was trembling and his forehead was drenched in a cold sweat.


The others also didn’t look relaxed. When they stepped in here, they felt that something was wrong here. The Principles lingering around here were so dense and chaotic that they were finding it difficult to circulate their energy.


Shen Tu nodded his agreement and immediately rushed to the cross-legged Yang Kai on the ground and said, “Kid, if you want to assign blame, blame your bad luck, why do you have to choose this kind of place for your advancement? Be careful in your next life.”


After having said his piece, he raised his hand and fiercely smacked it down.


Seeing him making a move, the other Origin King Realm cultivation immediately displayed their Martial Skills one after another, launching their attacks at Yang Kai.


But before their aura from their attacks could even touch Yang Kai, a dazzling light suddenly appeared about ten metres away from Yang Kai’s body. The light seemed to be oval-shaped and enveloped Yang Kai’s entire figure.


*Bang Bang Bang…’


All the attacks fell on this light screen, creating ripples after ripples. But all of these attacks couldn’t crack this shield.


Everyone was stunned at the sight of this.


Right then, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes and indifferently gazed at everyone before saying, “Why do some people always think that they have lived too long and are eager to die? Why?”


Every Origin King Realm cultivator, who was being stared at by him, had their hearts gripped with a chill. They felt as if something bad was about to happen.


Just as everyone was in a daze, Yang Kai raised his hand.


Suddenly, Moon Blades flew out in succession, swishing through the air.


“Dammit, quickly hide!” someone shouted.


But the Moon Blades were so fast that they didn’t give these people the time to react and struck them.


Although some cultivators instinctively activated their defensive skills, these defensive skills couldn’t even stand the power of the paper-thin Moon Blade.


The pitch-black Moon Blades instantly cut through the cultivators as they let out muffled groans.


Surprisingly, no blood splattered, but when the cultivators looked around, their faces turned pale in horror.


Because they saw crescent-shaped holes in different places of the bodies of the companion next to them. The wounds were completely flat. Heaven knows where the parts of their bodies that should have been there went. They couldn’t find any pieces of flesh or broken bones anywhere. It seemed as if everything had been exiled into the void.


And through these wounds, the squirming internal organs left a horrifying image in their eyes.


The intense visual impact caused the several cultivators to scream in horror.


*Squish Squish Squish…*


Finally, the blood squished out of their wounds. In an instant, several cultivators around Yang Kai fell down on the ground with a look of incredulity on their faces. The gushing blood was mixed in with broken internal organs. The sight was too ghastly and bloody to look at.



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