Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2056, Monster Insect With Twin Swords


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Shen Tu and the others barged in with an aggressive bearing. They believed that Yang Kai would be powerless to fight back, owing to his advancement, but how could they have known that more than half of the Origin King Realm cultivators would die when they finally went against the opposite party? This kind of accident had naturally made the remaining people lose their wits.


But Yang Kai wasn’t done yet. Immediately after the Moon Blades, a large number of five-coloured lights shot over. Just the fearsome Qi emanating from the oncoming attacks had already sent chills down the spine of the surviving cultivators as they broke into a cold sweat.


“Sword Qi!” Shen Tu’s expression changed. At a glance, he could immediately tell that these colourful streaking glows were hiding extremely sharp Sword Qi inside them. Furthermore, they were actually filled with the five elements. Under the mutual restraint and promotion of five elements, metal, wood, water, fire, and earth, they seemed to be harmonizing with each other, strengthening each other’s might.


His expression suddenly became solemn. He promptly let out a war cry as his short and fat figure grew bigger all of a sudden. Immediately after, a dark aura suddenly started to spread from his fat body, enveloping him inside.


Countless black tentacles grew out of his body, waving around him. He was counterattacking the oncoming Sword Qis with his own attacks.


A series of shock waves spread into the surrounding area as the tentacles extending from Shen Tu’s body were torn apart by countless Sword Qis. At the same time, those fierce Sword Qis were also blocked by him and couldn’t kill anyone.

All the Origin King Realm masters who had been saved gratefully looked at him. One of them even tried to kiss Shen Tu’s ass even when his heart was pounding in fear.


“Kid, you actually dare to attack this old master when you are advancing. I think you have grown tired of living. If that’s the case, let me take your life,” Shen Tu screamed as a small shield with a ghost head suddenly appeared in his hand. The small shield didn’t look that big but the ghost head on it was quite vivid and lifelike. It had fangs and its face was blue. It was extremely hideous and terrifying.


He then poured his Source Qi into the ghastly shield. Suddenly, the small shield transformed into a real ghost head and grew into the size of a house all of a sudden, flying straight at Yang Kai.


While rushing at Yang Kai, the ghost head opened and closed its mouth, shooting balls of silver ghost fire, one after another. The balls of fire shot straight at Yang Kai like arrows. They seemed extremely powerful.


Yang Kai’s pupils involuntarily shrank at the sight of this but he still remained cross-legged.


In the blink of an eye, the silver balls of ghost fire were already upon Yang Kai. In the next moment, they landed right on Yang Kai’s body, wreaking havoc at Yang Kai’s position.


“Hm!?” Shen Tu was taken aback. His eyes were filled with surprise. He hadn’t expected Yang Kai to be killed this easily. He had a pretty good idea of how powerful his artifact was. From the get-go, its attacks were very strong and mysterious, and coupled with the Secret Technique he was cultivating, not to mention an Origin King Realm master, even a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator would be burned by the ghost fire, and would have a layer of his or her skin and flesh burn if not end up dead.


However, Yang Kai was just a Third-Order Origin King and was just on the cusp of breaking through. How could he still be alive after having suffered so many ghost fire attacks?


Having thought like this, Shen Tu lightly nodded, believing that he had succeeded.

And seeing Yang Kai swallowed by the ghost fire, the surviving Origin King Realm experts let out a series of sneers, seemingly mocking Yang Kai’s overconfidence.


But their laughter hadn’t even stopped before a figure appeared out of thin air right where Yang Kai was.


It was none other than Yang Kai!


By the looks of his appearance and state, he didn’t seem to have been burnt by the Ghost Fire at all, and he hadn’t even moved an inch from his position.


No one knew how he avoided those Ghost Fire attacks.


Everyone’s laughter abruptly stopped.


Shen Tu’s eyes bulged in shock as a look of incredulity took over his face.


Right then, Yang Kai’s left eye suddenly flickered with a golden speck of light as the Demon Eye of Annihilation slowly emerged. The golden speck of light seemed tangible. It quickly took the shape of a lotus flower in Yang Kai’s left eye.


Shen Tu’s heart was suddenly gripped with a chill at the sight of this lotus flower. He instinctively knew that something was wrong, but somehow or other, he was unable to look away. The lotus flower seemed to have a mysterious allure, which drew in his complete attention.

The lotus slightly trembled before it disappeared from Yang Kai’s left eye. Instead, a budding lotus was slowly blooming in Shen Tu’s Knowledge Sea. The nutrient for this bloom was his Soul energy.


Shen Tu let out a miserable scream. He felt like his mind was being pierced by tens of thousands of needles. This pain went deep into the soul, and he was almost unable to stand it.


When Shen Tu started screaming, the remaining Origin King Realm masters jumped back in fright. They immediately focused their gazes at Shen Tu to see what was going on.


And right then, sounds of something ripping through space rang as untold Moon Blades, thicker than before, shot straight at them.


They might have learned the lesson from the actions of those people before, but how could they still not be clear about how fearsome the Moon Blades were. Immediately, a series of miserable screams rang. But just as they were about to scatter…


“Solidify!” Yang Kai shouted aloud. Immediately after, the power of Principles suddenly started undulating as the space within a thousand metres of him seemed to have heard some kind of order, it instantly surrendered to him and turned extremely solid in the next moment.


Those Origin King Realm masters became as slow as turtles all of a sudden.


*Pu Pu Pu…*


The Moon Blades easily went through their bodies, dividing them into halves. Everyone had a crescent-shaped gap in their bodies, and the parts they were missing were exiled into the endless void.


The mutilated corpses slid down on the ground. Everyone’s eyes were bulging as they died dissatisfied.


“So these are Space Principles?” After everything went smoothly, Yang Kai seemed to be immersed in thoughts. He forgot that there was still a powerful enemy he had not dealt with and fell straight into a kind of mystical epiphany. His mind was filled with inspiration as the true meaning of Space Principles poured into his mind in a flash.


His figure jolted. He was momentarily stunned. His eyes were gleaming brightly. Various ideas flashed in his mind at lightning-fast speed as he comprehended the Space Principles.




One after another, the spatial cracks started to appear and disappear around him as they continued to improve under the supplement of World Principles…


Where he was sitting, the space seemed no longer stable and vision had already started to distort…


“Ahhh~!” A wailing scream suddenly rang nearby. It was Shen Tu, whose tossing and turning after having been struck by the Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique started to slow down.


As expected from a Dao Source Realm master. Although he was struck by Yang Kai’s Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique and his Soul’s energy was mostly drained, he woke up at the last minute, avoiding a tragic death.


Even so, his foundation was severely damaged.


So much of his Soul energy had been drained that his Soul was damaged. Such an injury could not be restored with ordinary elixirs. Shen Tu would need to find some top-grade pill that could repair the Soul, or cultivate some special Secret Art. Even then, it would take him several dozen to over a hundred years before he could finally recover from the damage to his Soul.


Somehow enduring the pain in his mind, he immediately looked around, but his heart involuntarily started pounding in the next moment.


He found that all the Origin King Realm cultivators he had brought were completely dead. Not a single cultivator was alive.


And the murderer was still sitting cross-legged in his original place. His eyes were gleaming with a radiant glow as if he had caught in some epiphany. Some incredible changes were taking place in the space around him. Spatial cracks were slithering around like snakes, covering an area of several dozen feet around Yang Kai.


“Dao of Space!” Shen Tu’s pupils shrank as he cried out in horror.


This might probably be the best moment for him to make a sneak attack because Yang Kai was already immersed in his epiphany. He couldn’t react! But Shen Tu wasn’t sure that he could rush through that strange space. Each of those space cracks was sharper than the best blade in the world. They weren’t something he could block with his physique, so if he really launched a sneak attack, he might be cut into pieces by the countless space cracks around Yang Kai.


“It’s actually the Dao of Space! This kid…” At this moment, Shen Tu finally understood what kind of enemy he had provoked. Beads of cold sweat trickled down his forehead. He cast a final glare of hatred at Yang Kai before he turned around and flew toward the outside, wanting to escape from here.


He didn’t want to stay here any longer. He just wanted to escape as far as possible.


But before he could even reach thirty metres away, crystal snowflakes suddenly appeared in the sky. The snowflakes strangely appeared beautiful. They were completely white and flawless.


The surrounding temperature started to plummet.


Shen Tu started shivering for no reason as an aura of death blew on his face.


As a veteran in battle, Shen Tun instantly realized that things were far from good. He promptly let out a war cry as thick black Qi gushed out of his body again, wrapping him and resisting the chill invading his body.


After doing all this, Shen Tu finally got a clear sight of the initiator of all this. It was a huge Monster Insect that was two feet tall and whose entire body was white and crystal clear.


Shen Tu had no idea when this Monster Insect appeared in front of him. It seemed to have been here all the while, but he somehow failed to notice it.


The Monster Insect was exuding a daunting ice-cold aura.


The strangest thing about this beast was that there were actually two long swords on the two pincers on the front of this Monster Insect, one blue and one purple. They were crossed horizontally in front of the Monster Insect, posing an extremely strange posture. It gave the appearance of a mighty human swordsman, the bearing of a master.


“What the heck is this?” Shen Tu couldn’t help but cry in shock. His eyes were bulging wide.


What he had seen today had gone beyond everything he had seen and known his entire life.


First, he encountered an Origin King Realm who was proficient in Dao of Space. Well, that was still fine and okay. Although it was difficult to cultivate the Dao of Space, some people in the Star Boundary had succeeded in doing so. Only, they weren’t as horrifying as that kid.


And now, a powerful insect had appeared in front of his eyes. What Shen Tu found it harder to accept was that the Monster Insect also knew how to use artifacts. And it was a twin-sword-type artifact!


[That artifact should be of High-Rank Origin King Grade!?]


Shen Tu was completely shocked.


While he was reeling from the shock, the Monster Insect in front of him suddenly started rotating the two long swords on its pliers.


Purple and blue lights flickered as the surrounding temperature started to drop. The snowflakes in the sky grew even larger.


With a flash of white light, an icy-cold Domain suddenly spread through the surroundings.


At this moment, Queen Monster Insect disappeared in front of Shen Tu and appeared directly behind him, still maintaining that weird posture as if it had never moved.



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  1. The Insect Queen is only 2 feet tall? That doesn’t seem right.

    Also, people just go around killing others trying to advance? That makes absolutely no sense. I feel like this Shen Tu was literally just written in to show off Yang Kai’s power.

    1. for him to power up and this shen tu wanted to kill and rob him as said in the earlier chapters
      about the 2 feet insect queen I imagined her bigger but as her name says she is an insect (queen) and dual swords are mostly small so they would fit a 2 feet tall insect

    2. It is quite apparent that the author is not some literary genius that even tries to remember what he’s written before. The author does not care about integrity of it’s world and has absolute power over it’s many ever-changing rules. Remember Yang Kai’s black flames? He just suddenly stopped using them, forever, even though they are very powerful. The world Yang Kai inhabits is full of stupid people and the average-intellect Yang Kai one of the few “smart” ones. The reader is also perceived as one of low intellect, because everything gets explained over and over, even the most simplest and clear ideas. This is just an ultimate power fantasy, that disregards any and every logical aspect and world-building in favor of keeping Yang Kai a godly superpower. And for me, it sort of works, for the most time. But I also think if you only read this and nothing else, you might eventually get more stupid…

      1. The black flames are Saint Qi Power, it is inferior to Domain Space Force and inferior to Source QI. His Golden Skeleton haven’t the same strength of his tempering body. These skills are left behind

  2. Can anyone tell me why everyone goes behind the enemy to atack when he is in front of him. The queen is already powerful than him but it went behind to attack. Almost everyone does this.
    Even though they go outside the sight of the enemy but their divine sense have a 360 vison around them. Also when enemy tries to go behind everytime the enemy can block it easily since he know atk will come from behind.

  3. Clearly this Shen Tu was made just to hand YK a dozen space rings to help recover some of the lost source crystals so he isn’t totally broke after reaching Dao Source realm.

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