Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2057, Breaking Through to the Dao Source Realm


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Shen Tu stood there in a daze. His lips moved as if he wanted to say something but couldn’t.


Right then, a piece of snowflake fell on the top of his head.


Next, Shen Tu’s body, with the point where the snowflake fell as the centre, suddenly split into two with a soft pop. Red blood immediately gushed out from his split body as his internal organs fell on the ground.


Ghost Hand Shen Tu, who had been terrorizing Maplewood City for so many years, had died in such a mysterious way.


And in the next moment, Queen Monster Insect’s disappeared into thin air with a slight jolt of its figure. No one knew where it went or where it was hidden!


All the snow falling from the sky melted away as the ice-cold Domain covering the surroundings disappeared into a puff of smoke.


The crowd of onlookers in the distance broke into an uproar at the sight of this.


Everyone’s eyes were bulging wide with shock after witnessing everything from the distance.


Even though they were unable to make out the details clearly and couldn’t tell what exactly happened, they had clearly seen the death of dozens of Origin King Realm cultivators and Shen Tu’s fall.


Such a strong visual impact gave them the feeling of seeing a ghost in broad daylight. No one could believe what they had seen. Some people kept rubbing their eyes as if they wanted to see more clearly.


“Shen Tu… is dead!?”


After a long time, someone murmured this sentence. It sounded like he wasn’t sure.


“Shen Tu really died, killed by that man.”


“No no no, Shen Tu wasn’t killed by that man but by another master.”


“That’s right. A strong Master seems to be protecting him.”


“Fortunately, I didn’t go attack that man, or else…”


Many onlooking cultivators secretly rejoiced. They felt like they had escaped a disaster.


After realizing that Yang Kai wasn’t advancing here alone but was secretly guarded by a master, how could these onlooking cultivators dare to stay there? After discussing for a while, they all retreated by several dozen kilometres, watching everything from a farther distance, fearing that they would annoy the master who was secretly guarding.


On the other side, the Qin Family group was also dumbfounded.


When Shen Tu and the others passed by with an aggressive momentum, no one had ever thought that their entire team would be wiped out at the end.


“Did you see who killed Shen Tu?” Qin Yu asked, a little excited. Her beautiful eyes bloomed with a strange glow as she focused her gaze in the direction where Queen Monster Insect disappeared.


Shen Tu was a First-Order Dao Source Realm master. Anyone who could kill him after just one encounter should at least be a Second-Order Dao Source Realm.


If she could draw this person into the Qin Family, the Qin Family’s strength could instantly rise to the level of the City Lord’s Mansion. In the future, the Qin Family would have a powerful protector.


But unfortunately, Queen Monster Insect was too fast in her attack and even faster in her disappearance. Qin Yu didn’t get the time to see it clearly.


Hearing her question, the Qin Family cultivators looked at each other before they all shook their heads.


The middle-aged man said, “Young Lady, although I didn’t see it clearly, that person seemed to be using twin sword artifacts. Is there a master in the vicinity of Maplewood City using this kind of artifact?”


“Twin swords!” Qin Yu appeared to be immersed in her thoughts before she shook her head and said, “I have never heard of anyone using twin swords. It’s extremely difficult to use them, and if there is a master proficient in twin swords near Maplewood City, I would have definitely heard of him. It seems that this person should be from outside.”


After hearing this, the Qin Family cultivators secretly nodded in agreement.


“It’s not just the protector who is powerful, but the person advancing is definitely extraordinary,” Qin Yu pursed her red lips. Her pretty eyes shone with brilliance as she gazed in Yang Kai’s direction; she seemed to want to see it clearly. Unfortunately, she couldn’t see Yang Kai’s appearance clearly owing to the dense World Energy surrounding him.


The middle-aged man nodded and said after hearing this, “Yeah! This person was able to kill more than a dozen Origin King Realms at a critical juncture of his breakthrough. Obviously, he is quite extraordinary. Moreover… the thing that’s puzzling me the most is why Shen Tu suddenly ran away.”


Qin Yu’s expression changed as she said, “Shen Tu is cruel and ruthless. He would only escape if he had suffered a great loss at that person’s hand!”


“Young Lady, that’s not possible, right? This person is only a Third-Order Origin King, he still hasn’t advanced to the Dao Source Realm, while Shen Tu is a Dao Source Realm master!” The middle-aged man looked shocked.


“Then have you seen any Third-Order Origin King cause such a big commotion while breaking through by a Great Realm? Look there, even space looks like it’s collapsing a little.” Qin Yu pointed in a direction.


The middle-aged man laughed in embarrassment. “I am only a Third-Order Origin King, how would I get the chance to see anyone break through to the Dao Source Realm? But, even without seeing, I don’t think anyone would be able to cause such a huge scene.”


“That’s right. The stronger one is, the greater the baptism created!” Qin Yu’s eyes rolled as she chuckled and said, “I am getting more and more interested in this person. If I can recruit him..”


The middle-aged man, seeing his Young Lady excited, knew that she was really interested in soliciting him. He then reminded, “Then we will have to wait for him to be finished with his breakthrough..”


Qin Yu gently nodded, muttering to herself, “He should succeed.”


At this moment, a clap of thunder suddenly resounded in the sky. It was extremely loud and deafening as if the entire world was about to split apart.


The next moment, the black funnel spinning in the sky suddenly started to come down as if it was attracted by some power.


And the centre of the black funnel happened to be pointed at the place where Yang Kai was.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


The sky shook and the earth quaked as the huge black hole quickly connected with Yang Kai. The next moment, an unimaginable amount of energy of Heaven and Earth flowed down the funnel, crazily pouring into Yang Kai’s body.


“Impossible!” Qin Yu’s pretty face turned pale at the sight of this.


The expressions of the Origin King Realm cultivators gathered around her also changed.


The middle-aged man shook his head with disappointment as he stated, “How Heaven-defying is this guy to make the Heavenly Way do this much to stop him? It seems that he won’t survive.”


When cultivators break through a Great Realm, they would trigger the World Energy baptism. However, every cultivator’s baptism had a regular pattern, which gave the cultivator room to breathe and restore. Never had there been anyone like Yang Kai, who would have the World Energy directly connected to their bodies when he or she advanced.


This way, the funnel-shaped Heaven and Earth energy would be continuously poured into Yang Kai’s body. It would be impossible for him to have a chance to breathe!


How could a Third-Order Origin King take this?


This was not baptism but pure destruction!


Even if a Dao Source Realm tried this, he too might be crushed into nothing in face of this.


The earth seemed to quake more and more severely. Even the cultivators, who were watching from afar, could feel how violent World Energy was. It was not something a human could resist. Each and everyone’s face turned pale.


Suddenly, fierce gales started to blow over from a distance. In an instant, the area within a hundred kilometres had dust and pieces of rocks flying everywhere, covering the entire sky.


Qin Family cultivators surrounded Qin Yu and mobilized their defensive skills to protect against the oncoming pieces of rocks and wood.


Suddenly, someone’s roar resounded amidst the howling winds in the distance. It sounded much like the howl of a wounded beast. Everyone was startled by this.


Naturally, this howl belonged to Yang Kai who was in the middle of that berserk energy.


The moment Heaven and Earth energy baptism fell on his body, Yang Kai realized that he was in big trouble this time.


His clothes were destroyed in the blink of an eye as untold amounts of energy poured on the top of his head, into his body from the acupuncture points,  and flowed into every nook and cranny of his body.


His firm and strong body only persisted for less than ten breaths before his skin cracked. His meridians swelled and started aching. He felt as if his entire body would blow up any moment.


The Golden Blood spread around his body, making his entire body shine.


It immediately displayed its strong restorative properties. The cracked skin and torn muscles started to repair themselves but they would often crack again just as they were repaired.


Just when he wanted to burn his pure Golden Blood to maintain his blood and vitality, he suddenly felt a gentle energy emerging from his flesh, blood, and meridians. As soon as this energy appeared, it quickly started repairing his broken body as well. At the same time, his unstable vitality suddenly started rising.


The pressure was greatly reduced!


Yang Kai smiled happily. He hurriedly held on to the slightest bit of clarity he had regained as he opened his mind and body to accept the berserk World Energy while also checking the condition of his body.


The situation of his body was much better than he had imagined. All this was due to the gentle energy that had appeared out of nowhere.


Soon, Yang Kai figured out what this energy was.


Surprisingly, it was the leftover efficacy of the Ten Thousand Medicinal Treasures Soup that he had taken before!


He might have entered a retreat for half a year in the stone cavern after taking the Ten Thousand Medicinal Treasures Soul and focused all his time and effort on absorbing the medicinal efficacy, making his physique have a qualitative change, but the medicinal efficacy of the Ten Thousand Medicinal Treasures Soup was just too much for him, so he was not able to absorb it completely. The remaining medicinal efficacy was stored in his flesh and bones.


Only now did it emerge autonomously, becoming one of Yang Kai’s assets to help him in advancement.


After getting the gist of the matter, Yang Kai finally calmed down.


When the medicinal efficacy of the Ten Thousand Medicinal Treasures Soup continuously emerged from his flesh and bones, Yang Kai didn’t find the pressure that big anymore. His body was no longer hurting, his meridians were no longer aching, and his bones were no longer creaking. Now, filled with joy, he carefully circulated his own strength as he attacked the Dao Source Realm bottleneck.


Over time, under the World Energy baptism, whether it was his physical body or the energy in his body, it seemed to have gone through a peculiar sublimation, becoming stronger and purer.


Especially the Source Qi in his body, it had grown a lot purer. It would have taken him a fair number of years in bitter cultivation to achieve this.


This pleasant surprise made him ecstatic!


Half a day later, there was a cracking sound from the depths of his Soul, as if some barrier in his body had collapsed. Yang Kai suddenly opened his mouth and let out a long cry. The roar was loud and reverberating as thunder; immediately resounding throughout the sky.


And during this roar, the bottleneck that had been stopping Yang Kai from advancing seemed to have been broken through, allowing Yang Kai’s already strong aura to suddenly rise to another level!


He had smoothly broken through to the Dao Source Realm!



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