Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2058, It’s Him


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


A cry suddenly spread across the wild from the top of the barren hill.


Everyone could make out the joy and excitement from this cry.


The middle-aged man of the Qin Family stood rooted on the spot for a long time, confused and shocked. Finally, he murmured with difficulty, “He actually succeeded!?”


He simply couldn’t believe his eyes.


After all, the turmoil caused by the person who was advancing was simply too much. It wasn’t something a Third-Order Origin King Realm cultivation could bear. But at this moment, that person really succeeded and broke through to the Dao Source Realm.


The shock the middle-aged man experienced was far greater than he would feel if he suddenly broke through to the Dao Source Realm.


The nearby Qin Yu was also shocked. Although she faintly felt that the person would not fail that easily, when the other party’s advancement really went smoothly, she found it a little hard to accept. Her pretty eyes narrowed slightly as if she wanted to pierce through the barriers of space and see the appearance of the person advancing.


In the distance, Yang Kai quickly suppressed the joy he was feeling after having successfully advanced and continued to receive the World Energy baptism.


The baptism a cultivator would go through when he or she broke through by a Great Realm was very rare. Besides cleansing a cultivator’s body and Soul, it could also help the cultivator’s body and Soul reach a higher level. What’s more, the energy had the charm of Heavenly Way Martial Dao in it. If the cultivator could glimpse one or two things from it, he or she would have gained a lifetime of benefits.


Furthermore, the realm Yang Kai broke through to was the Dao Source Realm. He might have the opportunity to catch a glimpse at the Principles from the baptism.


Naturally, Yang Kai wanted to glimpse at Space Principles.


He had already mastered it. What he needed was to comprehend these Principles even more thoroughly.


As Yang Kai stopped howling, the World Energy continued to madly pour into him. Yang Kai continued sitting cross-legged in his place. His face was as tranquil as a dried-up ancient well.


Unimaginable amounts of World Energy poured into his body, solidifying the foundation of his Dao Source Realm while also tempering his body and Source Qi. Taking advantage of the sliver of mystique Martial Dao attached to the energy, Yang Kai was soon immersed in comprehending the Space Principles.


Time slowly trickled down…


After half a day, the black funnel in the sky finally disappeared and the dark, hazy sky was clear again.


Even so, many cultivators spectating from the distance still couldn’t catch a glimpse of Yang Kai’s face as the Space within a range of a couple thousand metres of him was extremely distorted. It seemed to have been disturbed by some force.


Those cultivators believed it to be because of the huge movements caused by his breakthrough. All of them were tongue-tied.


However, after realizing that there was nothing more to watch, and nothing to gain, they left one after another.


But the Qin Family group remained as they continued to watch from a distance.


In a flash, more than ten days had passed. Yang Kai, who had been sitting cross-legged all the while, finally opened his eyes, which flickered with an electric glow from the huge harvest he gained.


Immediately after, he flicked his hand as his eyes regained their clarity.


Suddenly, the chaotic space within several thousand metres of him calmed down; nothing strange could be found.


Yang Kai pursed his lips into a smile at the sight of this.


At the same time, the face of Qin Yu, who had been paying rapt attention to this side all the while, suddenly grew solemn. She opened and closed her pretty eyes as her pupils instantly turned purple. Incomprehensible purple rhymes flowed in her eyes as if she was casting some Secret Technique.


Her purple pupils added a touch of coquettishness to her slender figure.


As she stared into the distance, faint purple beams suddenly shot out from her eyes, shuttling through the void.


Yang Kai, in the distance, seemed to have sensed something. He turned his head and looked in Qin Yu’s direction. Suddenly, the Demon Eye of Annihilation appeared in his left eye and a golden beam filled with endless majesty shot out.


The two gazes clashed with each other in the air and Yang Kai couldn’t help but let out a soft exclamation. He instantly retracted the Demon Eye of Annihilation as his eyes became peaceful again.


On the other side, Qin Yu screamed in shock. Her tender body uncontrollably retreated several steps back as her face suddenly grew pale.


“Young Lady!” The Qin Family’s middle-aged man was struck with panic. He immediately flashed to Qin Yu’s side and reached out to support her. He then asked, concerned, “Young Lady, are you okay?”


He hadn’t noticed Qin Yu’s movements just now, all he thought was that her old illness had relapsed.


Qin Yu’s forehead was drenched in a cold sweat. Meanwhile, her purple pupils slowly disappeared. She shook her head and replied, “I’m alright.”


She continued to gaze in Yang Kai’s direction, but she was surprised to find that no one was there.


Heaven knows when Yang Kai had disappeared.


“It’s him!?” Qin Yu murmured to herself. Apparently, when she had just used the Secret Technique, she had caught sight of Yang Kai’s appearance.


Suddenly, she recalled that she had met with this man on the first floor of the Five Colored Treasure Pagoda. Furthermore, she had also told him how to find the entrance to the second floor.


“Who!?” the middle-aged man asked, astounded.


Qin Yu, on the other hand, smiled before she shook her head and said, “It’s nothing.”


After a pause, she said again, “Let’s go back.”


The middle-aged man furrowed his brow. He vaguely found his Young Lady’s behaviour a little weird, but he couldn’t ask too many questions. All he could do was escort Qin Yu back to Maplewood City with the others.


A hundred kilometres away from the barren hill where Yang Kai had advanced, Yang Kai’s figure blurred into existence.


He stood there quietly, waiting for a while. Soon, the Queen Monster Insect and the Blue Flame Thunder Wolf caught up to him from behind. Yang Kai glanced at them before he put them away. Then, he determined his bearing and disappeared from this place.


Only a sliver of faint Space Force fluctuation remained where he stood.


After two days, Yang Kai returned to the Yuan Furnace Mountain.


The current Yuan Furnace Mountain was in ruins. The mountain had collapsed and its rubble was lying everywhere. Furthermore, there were signs of someone digging.


[This should be the handiwork of Raging Fire Temple disciples.] Yang Kai didn’t care about this. He hovered in the sky and silently sensed for a moment.


He could sense that Liu Yan was still lying in a peculiar slumber somewhere underground, Heaven knows how deep. She seemed to be absorbing the scorching power in the underground magma pool


Compared to before, Liu Yan’s current aura was a lot stronger. She was even showing faint signs of being on the verge of breaking through to the Dao Source Realm.


Yang Kai looked happy after sensing this and immediately withdrew his Divine Sense, lest he disturbed Liu Yan.


He then looked around for a while before he found a secluded location and sat down cross-legged.


He was waiting for Liu Yan. After all, Liu Yan had been in the magma pool for a long time. She might return anytime.


After pondering for a bit, he summoned the Sealed World Bead and entered it with a flash.


Just as he stepped into the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai felt a little out of place.


This out of place feeling wasn’t from a change in the Small Sealed World but in himself.


Before he wasn’t strong enough and was unable to touch the Principles, so he didn’t notice it. But now that he had advanced to the Dao Source Realm and could mobilize the World Principles for his own use, Yang Kai immediately noticed that the Small Sealed World’s Principles were short of something.


He sensed it for a long time but was unable to find any clue and could only give up in light of this.


With a flash, he arrived next to his Embodiment.


Since coming to Maplewood City and teaching his Embodiment the Heaven Devouring Battle Law, Yang Kai had not paid attention to it anymore.


When he checked it out now, Yang Kai couldn’t help but be taken aback.


Because the original behemoth had shrunk several dozen times. The place where the Embodiment sat was filled with broken pieces of rocks and dust. Obviously, its enormous body had been significantly tempered through cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law.


Although it had grown smaller, it was more solid and firm.


The Heaven Devouring Battle Law could devour the World Energy from everything in Heaven and Earth and use it to strengthen one’s own body, which perfectly complemented the inherent Divine Ability of the Stone Puppet Family.


The current Embodiment was only a few stories tall. And even then, it was still pretty big.


The various ores that Yang Kai had given it before had been devoured clean by it, eliminating all the waste and transforming the rest into a part of its strength.


Because it wasn’t a body of flesh and blood, Yang Kai was unable to sense the vitality of the Embodiment. He had no idea how much strength it could bring out. However… Yang Kai could tell that it would not be too weak.


While he was thinking this, the Embodiment seemed to have sensed it. It opened his eyes as a smile appeared on its silly face. It then asked in a muffled voice, “Want to give it a try?”


“Alright!” Yang Kai tilted his head as he beckoned to Embodiment.


The Embodiment gave a strange smile before it slowly got up.


As it stood up, many pieces of rocks and dust accumulated over its body fell down.


Because the Embodiment was a product of Yang Kai integrating his Soul Clone into the Stone Puppet, Yang Kai could clearly understand its thoughts and control its actions.


The Embodiment wasn’t just an individual, but also Yang Kai’s Soul Clone.


With a flash of thought, Yang Kai let the Embodiment freely make its move.


The next moment, the Embodiment strode forward, creating deafening rumbles. It quickly arrived before Yang Kai, bent its waist and suddenly sent a left uppercut completely parallel to the ground.


The punch hadn’t even made contact, but the wind from it made Yang Kai’s robe flap continuously.


In addition, the Fist Energy shooting out from the fist actually left a deep arc-shaped gully on the ground.


Yang Kai’s pupils shrunk at the sight of this. At first, he was only planning to use about 60% of his strength. But he immediately raised his strength to 100% as he also threw a punch to greet the oncoming punch.




The enormous and the small fists clashed with each other with a Heaven-shaking explosion.


A burst of energy suddenly spread outward with the point of contact of the two fists as the centre, like a round sharp blade, cutting the space in half.


The Embodiment grinned as a strange smile appeared on its face.


Yang Kai’s face, on the other hand, sank. The next moment, he felt an unmatched power coming from his right side. He immediately let out a muffled groan as he was sent flying. His figure disappeared in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai completely lost in a competition of pure strength.


The Embodiment finally stood up, put his hand on his forehead as if he was looking into the distance, and frivolously whistled.


Suddenly, Yang Kai’s figure appeared with a flash.


He grimaced in pain, shaking his right fist. His right fist was completely mangled, even his bones were showing.


“How was it?” The Embodiment asked, laughing.


“Why are you asking when you already know the answer!?” Yang Kai couldn’t help but roll his eyes at it.



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      1. Toomuch profound, i can’t understand it…
        But i feel it very fierce, precise, like the head of a needle but also very important, like the end of something…

    1. Imagine, the 2 of them could merge, like yang yan has merge with the body of the emperor…
      Yank kai’s body would be unmatch with the entire universe, the pillar as a weapon, eating ores like profound sun essence

  1. “The next moment, the Embodiment strode forward, creating deafening rumbles. It quickly arrived before Yang Kai, bent its waist and suddenly sent a left uppercut completely parallel to the ground.”
    That sounds more like a hook than an uppercut.

    1. How can an uppercut be completely parallel to the ground when it is perpendicular to the ground going up the sky. I think the author means left straight?

  2. Why is everyone talking about how he gets beaten by his clone? Imagine a giant, that nearly only has physical moves would be defeated by someone that doesnt focus on his physical moves, So where is your point? YK could use his Space Force or other moves and then wipe the floor with his clone.

    1. Uhmm did you forget that a person’s physical strength rises with their cultivation (though not as much as compared to actually practising a physical enhancement art), YK also practised that art which required him to use 5 treasures of all attributes (he didn’t directly use its qi but that art still made his body stronger even without using it) and finally YK recently drank that soup in the Yuan Furnace Mountain that made his physical strength rise again?

      Although he is fighting a rock golem who is physically strong and all, if you remember Xiao Xiao was completely overwhelmed when facing that guy in the starlight corridor who wasn’t even a DS realm cultivator then and this embodiment of YK’s came much after Xiao Xiao (though it did absorb a whole continent).

  3. Remember Yang Kai can’t use it because it’s slow. I think it improve the speed and not really that fast but a heck lot stronger and tougher. Even Xiao Xiao can crash anyone in Origin King Realm if its strike can make contact.

    Imagine someone trapped in Yang Kai’s Solidify Technique then beaten by Yang Kai’s Embodiment. I don’t think any DS Realm can survive that horrible death.

  4. Oi what’s up with the sudden change to non standard units? Last time the embodiment was described they used meters and I could undersrand without going through unnecessary maths. Same thing with the monster insect queen a few chapters back, if she is roughly 60cm tall just say that

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