Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2061, Investigating the Jiang Family at Night


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai hadn’t had any dealings with the Jiang Family of Maplewood City. But he had heard of them many times. He knew that they were quite powerful in Maplewood City. Apparently, the Jiang Family had a Dao Source Realm Old Ancestor.


There were many families in Maplewood City. However, there were only a few families with Dao Source Realm masters. The Jiang Family had one, the Qin Family also had one…


Yang Kai had seen Jiang Chue He at the Soaring Dragon Altar on the first floor of the Five Colored Treasure Pagoda. He was the leader of the new generation of the Jiang Family and was a Third-Order Origin King. As long as he encountered an adequate opportunity, he could advance to the Dao Source Realm.


The Jiang Family had been in Maplewood City for hundreds of thousands of years, so their relationship with the various families, and even the City Lord’s Mansion, was very complicated.


Yang Kai might not have an idea why Jiang Family’s men took Zhou Ruo Xi away but a Saint King Realm girl was definitely little to no use to the Jiang Family. [I’m afraid some playboy of the Jiang Family may have taken a liking to Zhang Ruo Xi’s beauty and wanted to do something indecent to her. If that’s the case, I’m afraid it will be too late.]


After all, it had already been a month since the Jiang Family men took Zhang Ruo Xi away. Anything could happen during this one month.


But Yang Kai was more concerned about why Zhang Ruo Xi left with the Jiang Family members on her own, without any resistance. However, upon giving it a second thought, he realized that Zhang Ruo Xi was young and had never left the Zhang Family. She had a simple mind and might have been deceived.


Just a few coaxing words might be sufficient to deal with a little girl like her. It was quite easy to make her obey.


While feeling secretly anxious, Yang Kai was also a little frustrated with himself for not even being able to take care of a little girl.


[Since I am going to the Jiang Family to find Zhang Ruo Xi, I can’t go in an open and aboveboard manner. If I touched any nerve of the Jiang Family and they decided to silence Zhang Ruo Xi, it would be too late to regret.]


So, Yang Kai decided to scout the Jiang Family first.


If Zhang Ruo Xi was really at the Jiang Family, he should somehow be able to find her with his powerful Divine Sense.


After having come to a decision, Yang Kai didn’t have the time to wait until dark. He rushed straight toward the Jiang Family’s location.


To the east of Maplewood City was a huge residential area covering an area of about several dozen acres. It was surrounded by tall red walls with blue tiles. People who had been in Maplewood City all year round knew that this was the base of the Jiang Family in Maplewood City.


Generally, important members of the Jiang Family lived here.


Yang Kai arrived next to the outer walls and spread his Divine Sense. He sensed for a moment and was surprised to find that the outer walls were full of restrictions and traps.


However, these kinds of restrictions were nothing for him. Since they had been discovered by him, naturally, he won’t trigger them.


Just as Yang Kai was preparing to jump over the wall to sneak in, his expression slightly changed all of sudden. He promptly turned around and used the Nihility Secret Technique to hide at one side.


After a while, a graceful figure suddenly rushed over from not too far away and landed right where Yang Kai was standing before. She looked around for a while before she scratched her head and muttered to herself, confused, “It should be here, where did it go? That’s strange!”


Yang Kai was dumbstruck after hearing this. He couldn’t help but take a closer look at the figure. Immediately, he blurted out in surprise, “Xiao Qi!?”


To his surprise, the person who discovered him was the mysterious Mo Xiao Qi!


The two had not seen each other for over a year since they parted in the Five Colored Treasure Pagoda. Now, just when Yang Kai had returned to Maplewood City, he was discovered by her.


Since it was an acquaintance, Yang Kat naturally didn’t need to hide. He dispersed the Nihility Secret Technique and reappeared. Mo Xiao Qi immediately spotted him. She walked over with a smile and happily said, “Brother Yang, it’s really you. I thought I was mistaken! Where have you been over these six months? Why were you not in Maplewood City?”


She showered him with a lot of questions, not even giving Yang Kai a chance to answer.


Yang Kai gave a wry smile and replied, “I went out for something a little while ago. I just returned today.”


“Oh!” Mo Xiao Qi nodded upon hearing this. A smile immediately appeared on her lips as she stated, “I thought that Big Brother Yang left without saying goodbye. I felt hurt for a long time.”


Yang Kai smiled and said, “I will tell you if I’m going to leave. By the way, how did you find me?”


Mo Xiao Qi stuck her fragrant tongue out as she answered, a little embarrassed, “Do you remember that Sound Bead I gave you… I had put a tracking Brand on it. As long as it’s not too far away, I can find it.”


Realization suddenly dawned upon Yang Kai. He took out that bead from the Space Ring, checked it. And after having failed to find anything important, he put it back.


Suddenly, Mo Xiao Qi looked around and lowered her voice, “This is the Jiang Family’s base. Big Brother Yang, are you planning to sneak in?”


Yang Kai nodded his agreement.


Mo Xiao Qi’s pretty eyes lit up as she asked in a suppressed voice, “Why do you want to sneak in? Has someone in the Jiang Family offended you? Would you like me to help?”


She looked pretty excited as if she had found something extremely interesting.


Yang Kai heaved a sigh and briefly explained to her about Zhang Ruo Xi. Mo Xiao Qi was filled with righteous indignation after hearing this. She immediately proclaimed, “Jiang Family members’ reputation has never been good. And this time, they actually laid their hands on Sister Ruo Xi. How disgusting!”


“Currently, I’m not sure why the Jiang Family took Ruo Xi away.” Yang Kai tightly frowned. “Therefore, I have to secretly check them out.”


“I’ll help you! But Big Brother Yang, you should have told me that there was still someone in your cave mansion. If you had told me earlier, I would have taken Sister Ruo Xi with me.” Mo Xiao Qi glared at Yang Kai. She was blaming him a little.


Yang Kai forced a cough and explained himself, embarrassed, “I didn’t know that I would be away for so long! Hai, let’s not talk about this. Let me tell you what Ruo Xi looks like. After going in, you should pay attention to it.”


Mo Xiao Qi nodded repeatedly. She listened with rapt attention, memorizing Zhang Ruo Xi’s appearance.


A sixteen, seventeen-year-old girl at the peak of Second-Order Saint King Realm were pretty obvious features. If Zhang Ruo Xi was really in the Jiang Family, it should not be that hard to find her.


“Be careful, the Jiang Family has a Dao Source Realm master presiding over the base. You can’t let yourself be discovered by him,” exhorted Yang Kai.


Mo Xiao Qi immediately smiled and said, “Don’t worry. The Old Ancestor of the Jiang Family doesn’t live in Maplewood City. He retreats in a manor outside year-round.”


Yang Kai was assured after hearing this.


As long as the Jiang Family didn’t have their Dao Source Realm master, it should be impossible for anyone to find him and Mo Xiao Qi. Even though Mo Xiao Qi was just a Third-Order Origin King, she acted very secretly and her concealing Secret Technique was also outstanding. So, he wasn’t worried about her getting discovered.


Afterwards, they agreed on a meeting time before splitting up.


Since it was confirmed by Mo Xiao Qi that the Jiang Family Old Ancestor wasn’t here, Yang Kai acted more boldly. After sneaking into the Jiang Family, he let his Divine Sense lose, scanning every nook and corner of the Jiang Family’s base.


However, Yang Kai’s expression became more solemn with the passage of time.


He had failed to find any sign of Zhang Ruo Xi.


After two hours, when the sky turned dark, Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi met again in a small alley not far away from the Jiang Family’s wall.


When he glanced at Mo Xiao Qi, Mo Xiao Qi slowly shook her head.


Yang Kai’s face darkened as a deep furrow appeared on his brow.


“Big Brother Yang, what should we do now? Sister Ruo Xi will be alright, right?” Mo Xiao Qi also started to worry. Now, they had neither seen Ruo Xi alive nor her corpse. This was the worst situation. Although she had never met Zhang Ruo Xi, he was worried because of her natural kindness.


“I sure hope so.” The gloomy look on Yang Kai’s face was a little scary. Next, he pondered for a moment before proposing, “Since this didn’t work out, we can only do a frontal investigation. I hope that the Jiang Family will not do anything to bring their own destruction!”


Mo Xiao Qi deeply glanced at Yang Kai after hearing this. She then nodded and said, “I will come with you.”


Yang Kai had no objection.


After a while, the two came to the front gate of the Jiang Family together.


The two Jiang Family guards at the entrance were about to stop them when one of them noticed Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi’s deep cultivation. He didn’t dare to be neglectful. He politely cupped his fist and asked, “May I ask the two why you have come to our Jiang Family at such late hours?”


Yang Kai returned the courtesy and answered, “May I trouble you to report to Patriarch Jiang that Spirit Pill Plaza Alchemist Yang Kai is asking to meet him.”


“An Alchemist from the Spirit Pill Plaza!?” That guard was surprised after hearing this. He swept his eyes over at Yang Kai and finally said with a serious look on his face, “Please wait a minute, I will go and inform the Patriarch!”


The Spirit Pill Plaza was well-known in Maplewood City. After all, it was set up here by the Violet Source Chamber of Commerce, and the Alchemists who could work for the Spirit Pill Plaza and refine pill were at least of Origin King Grade.


How could a gate guard be neglectful when such a figure had suddenly visited the Jiang Family? He immediately rushed in. Obviously, to report the Jiang Family Patriarch.


Yang Kai had no choice but to borrow the fame of Spirig Pill Plaza Alchemist.


After all, his name was worth nothing in Maplewood City. Only by using Alchemist identity could he make the Jiang Family take him seriously and be a little afraid of him. Which in turn would allow him to inquire about Rou Xi’s whereabouts safely and easily.


Mo Xiao Qi and he only had to wait outside for half the time it takes to drink a cup of tea. Suddenly, a burst of laughter resounded from the Jiang Family Manor. His voice could be heard even before he had arrived, “Spirit Pill Plaza’s Alchemist Yang has graced my Jiang Family with his presence. You have brought light to my Jiang Family. This old master, Jiang Lin welcomes Alchemist Yang!”


Just as the last word fell, a fifty-year-old or so elderly man with a ruddy complexion walked out and cupped his fists, greeting with an amiable look on his face.


Naturally, this man was the current patriarch of the Jiang Family, Jiang Lin. Jiang Lin was wearing a cyan robe and had an air of majesty around him. The gleam in his eyes converged, making him less conspicuous.


But the Source Qi in his body was extremely pure. Yang Kai secretly nodded in acknowledgement and realized that the rumours about Jiang Family Patriarch being on the verge of advancing to the Dao Source Realm were true.


There were some other Third-Order Origin King cultivators following behind Jiang Lin. All of them were old. Obviously, they should be the elder-level figures of the Jiang Family. Surprisingly, Jiang Chu He’s figure was also among the crowd.


When Jiang Chu He noticed Yang Kai, he couldn’t help but freeze for a moment as a look of astonishment took over his face.


Obviously, he had never expected that Yang Kai would be the

Spirit Pill Plaza Alchemist.


After all, he had met Yang Kai at the Soaring Dragon Altar in the past.



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