Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2062, Negotiations


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Jiang Family Patriarch, Jiang Lin and many Elders came to greet Yang Kai, giving Yang Kai enough face. Yang Kai cupped his fists and stated in neither humble or pushy manner, “I’m really sorry for visiting and disturbing Patriarch Jiang and everyone at this late hour. I hope that you won’t blame me.”


“What are you saying!? Alchemist Yang, you are more than welcome to my Jiang Family. It’s a blessing to my Jiang Family, You haven’t disturbed us!” Jiang Lin was so overly enthusiastic he broke into laughter while speaking. He then leaned closer to Yang Kai and proposed, gesturing, “Alchemist Yang, let’s talk inside.”


Yang Kai gently nodded. He then winked at Mo Xiao Qi before heading straight to the inner region of Jiang Family, led by Jiang Lin.


After a short while, everyone came to the Jiang Family’s guest hall, where the guests and the host took their seats. The servants had long been notified to prepare tea, which was presented to them.


Under Jiang Lin’s warm reception, Yang Kai took a few sips of tea and absent-mindedly gave a few praises.


Jiang Lin seemed unaware. He chuckled and stated, “I have long heard of renowned Spirit Pill Plaza’s Alchemist Yang, but never had the chance to meet. I never thought that Alchemist Yang would come to my Jiang Family in person. This Jiang is really taken aback and pleasantly surprised.”


A sliver of amazement appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he asked, “Patriarch Jiang has heard of me?”


He thought that Jiang Lin was doing lip service before. He had never expected for Jiang Lin to actually know him.


Jiang Lin smiled and explained, “Everyone with a little status in Maplewood City already knows about Alchemist Yang. Let me tell you, my Jiang Family had purchased a lot of Source Condensing Pill that you refined. Many of our disciples had benefited from this. And I have also heard about Alchemist Yang using his own power to save the Spirit Pill Plaza from closing down.”


Yang Kai was struck with realization after hearing this.


Even though Yang Kai hadn’t shown his face much during his time in the Spirit Pill Plaza, some things that happened in the Spirit Pill Plaza couldn’t be hidden from these local snakes. So, it wasn’t surprising for them to know about Yang Kai.


“Maplewood City doesn’t have many Alchemists, and the Alchemists who can refine the Source Condensing Pill are even fewer. Even if Alchemist Yang doesn’t want to be famous, someone has already spread your name,” Jiang Lin laughter. Suddenly, he changed the topic and inquired, “However, I heard that Alchemist Yang has now left the Spirit Pill Place, and is no longer refining pills for the Spirit Pill Plaza! I wonder if it’s true or false…”


Yang Kai had no intention of hiding it. He nodded, agreeing, “Yes! I had an agreement with Shopkeeper Kang, that I would only refine pills for the Spirit Pill Plaza for two months. Now, that agreement is already over.”


“Really!?” Jiang Lin was overjoyed.


Not only Jiang Lin was overjoyed, but even the Jiang Family elders sitting by the side also had a change in their expression. Each and every one of them looked at Yang Kai with an ardent gaze as if they were looking at some peerless beauty. They couldn’t wait to swallow him in one bite.


Seeing this, Yang Kai furrowed his brow and said, “Alchemy has never been my prime focus and I have no intention of pursuing it further.”


“So it’s like that…” How could someone as experienced as Jiang Lin not tell what Yang Kai was implying? He lamented, a little disappointed, “If that’s Alchemist Yang’s wish, it would really be a pity. Hmm, I wonder why Alchemist Yang has come to my Jiang Family? If my Jiang Family can help you in any way, I will definitely not refuse.”


Even though Yang Kai had proclaimed that, Yang Kai was still an Origin King Grade Alchemist, after all. It wasn’t bad for the Jiang Family to be in the good graces of someone like him, so how could Jiang Lin miss such a good opportunity? And he knew that since Yang Kai was here at Jiang Family, there had to be something he needed from Jiang Family.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment and answered, “Since Patriarch Jiang had mentioned this, I’ll get straight to the point. I have come to your noble family mainly because I’m looking for someone.”


“Looking for someone!?” Jiang Lin furrowed his brow. The other Elders looked confused as well. They could not help but wonder who Yang Kai was looking for in the Jiang Family.


Jiang Lin asked, “I wonder who Alchemist Yang is looking for?”


“A sixteen or seventeen-year-old girl. She should be at the peak of the Second-Order Saint King Realm…” Yang Kai briefly described Ruo Xi’s appearance and some distinguishing features.


When he was talking, a ruddy ole man sitting on the left side suddenly had his eyelids twitch before returning to normal the next moment.


Yang Kai’s Divine Sense had instantly caught this minute detail. His brow instantly twitched as he glanced at him thoughtfully. That Elder immediately lowered his eyes; his expression remained unchanged.


After hearing Yang Kai’s details, Jiang Lin inquisitively looked at Everyone and asked, “Is there someone like her in our Jiang Family?”


 An old man sitting under Jiang Lin immediately got up, cupped his fists, and answered, “Reporting to Patriarch, our Jiang Family may have a girl like her but I don’t know if it’s the same person Alchemist Yang is looking for.”


“Okay! Bring that girl here for Alchemist Yang to take a look. If it’s the girl Alchemist Yang is looking for, my Jiang Family naturally will not be able to keep her,” Jiang Lin happily spoke.


“No need,” Before Yang Kai could say anything, Mo Xiao Qi, who had been quietly sitting all the while, waved off her hand and stated. “The girl we are looking for isn’t here.”


Jiang Lin couldn’t help but furrow his brow. He looked at Mo Xiao Qi and then at Yang Kai before suspiciously asking, “Alchemist Yang, what’s the meaning of this? Since you have come to my Jiang Family to find someone, and yet now, you are saying she isn’t in my Jiang Family? This Jiang is really confused.”


A Jiang Family Elder’s expression changed as if he seemed to have thought of something. The next moment, he shouted in a deep voice. “Could it be that you are so sure because you have secretly investigated my Jiang Family?”


Everyone’s face darkened after hearing this. They looked at Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi, looking a little displeased.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, remained calm and at peace as he justified, “Everyone, please don’t misunderstand. I have placed a restriction on that girl. As long as she isn’t too far away from me, I can sense that restriction. That’s why we are so sure.”


“So that’s how it is!” Jiang Lin nodded as realization dawned upon him. He immediately asked again, “Since that’s that case, why has Alchemist Yang come to my Jiang Family to look for her.”


“It’s like this…” Yang Kai took a deep breath as he straightened his words. “Someone has seen that girl enter your Jiang Family’s compound, enter the Jiang Family Manor. Therefore, this Yang had taken the liberty to come and disturb everyone, but I don’t know why she isn’t here. If anyone knows about her whereabouts, please tell me if possible. This Yang will be grateful!”


“Someone saw her? Who was it?” The Jiang Family Elder, who had spoken before, furiously asked back.


“I really can’t answer this!” Yang Kai shook his head. He was unable to tell them about the young woman. [And if I’m right, she might have already left Maplewood City.]


“That’s pure slander!” That Jiang Family Elder angrily flung his sleeve, “If my Jiang Family really had her, why would we hide her? My Jiang Family won’t do anything shameful.”


“No one said that you want to do something shameful,” Mo Xiao Qi curled her lips upon hearing this.


“You…” that Jiang Family immediately blew his top.


“Alright!” Jiang Lin too furrowed his brow. He waved off his hand and glared at that Elder. Then, he turned to Yang Kai and asked, “Alchemist Yang, why are you taking it seriously when you haven’t seen that girl enter my Jiang Family without your own eyes? Isn’t that just hearsay? Besides, you even have the restriction on that girl. So, you should know better than anyone whether she is in Jiang Family Manor or not.”


Yang Kai nodded, “I know. This matter might have offended everyone a little but that little girl is very important to me.”


“So be it, Alchemist Yang! Anyway, since this matter has already involved my Jiang Family, this Jiang can’t sit idly by. My Jiang Family has some power in Maplewood City. We can investigate a little for you. It would naturally be best if we can find that little girl and clear our name. What does Alchemist Yang think?”


Having said this, Jiang Lin gazed at Yang Kai with shine in his eyes.


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes for a while before lightly nodding and agreed, “Then I shall trouble Patriarch Jiang. If Jiang Family can bring that little girl to this Yang safe and sound, this Yang promises to refine pills for Jiang Family for an entire month! Hmm, I forgot to tell Patriarch Jiang that this Yang is now a High-Rank Origin King Grade Alchemist. If I’m lucky, it won’t be difficult to refine a Dao Source Grade pill.”


After having refined the Dao Source Pill that day, Yang Kai became a Dao Source Grade Alchemist.


However, even in the Star Boundary, Dao Source Grade Alchemists were extremely rare. Of course, Yang Kai won’t tell just anyone about being a High-Rank Origin King Grade Alchemist.


As expected, all the Jiang Family members looked at him with excitement just as he reported this.


“High-Rank Origin King Grade Alchemist!?”


“Refine pills for one month!?”


Even Jiang Lin’s gaze started to grow hotter. Even though he knew that all the Alchemists working for Spirit Pill Plaza were at least an Origin King Grade Alchemist, he had never imagined Yang Kai to actually be a High-Rank Origin King Grade Alchemist!


Such an Alchemist was extremely attractive to any family. And if he could enter his good graces and tie a friendship, it would be greatly beneficial to the future development of any family.


And if he advanced to Dao Source Grade, Jiang Family wouldn’t be able to afford him.


In a flash, Jiang Ling and many of the Jiang Family Elder’s breathing became rapid.


“But if that girl is harmed in any way, heh heh heh… Whoever has laid hands on her, I will make it so difficult for his family that even fowls and dogs would not be at peace!”


When these words fell, the expression of all the Jiang Family members suddenly turned cold and stern.


Jiang Lin’s face twitched a few times before he finally smiled and assured, “If the person who took that little girl came to know that she has such a relationship with Alchemist Yang, he will definitely not dare to be impolite to her and would treat her as his guest of honour.”


“I hope so!” Yang Kai nodded lightly. After having said this, he stood up, cupped his fists, and took his leave, “This Yang apologizes for disturbing everyone. This Yang will take his leave, everyone doesn’t need to send me off!”


After bidding his goodbye, he signalled Mo Xiao Qi before the two quickly left under the watchful eyes of the Jiang Family group.


The next moment, the atmosphere inside the guest hall became a bit solemn. No one uttered a single word for a long time after Yang Kai left. All the high-level figures of the Jiang Family were hesitatingly looking at each other. As their eyes met, some unknown messages were exchanged through the air.



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