Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2063, Tracking


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After a long time, someone angrily shouted, “He is too arrogant. How dare he come to my Jiang Family and act wantonly!?” The speaker was none other than Jiang Chu He, the leader of the new generation.


When he met Yang Kai at the Soaring Dragon Altar on the first floor of the Five Colored Treasure Pagoda in the past, both of them were cultivators who had come in for experience and toughening. He had never expected that, when they met again today, the opposite party would have turned into an Alchemy Grandmaster whom even Patriarch and Elders dared not neglect.


He couldn’t partake in the discussion just now. The difference in their status made him very uncomfortable!


Furthermore, when the opposite party came to the Jiang Family, he had not even spared a glance at him from the beginning to the end. Clearly, the opposite party was despising him!


“That’s right! In the end, he even dared to threaten us. That was really hateful,” the Elder who had spoken earlier spoke with a gloomy look on his face.


Jiang Lin let out a cold snort and indifferently ordered, “This is not the right place to talk. All of you, follow me.”


After saying this, he stood up and left right away.


Others also hurriedly followed after him.


After a while, everyone was gathered in a secret room of the Jiang Family. Jiang Lin glanced at everyone and asked, “Elders, is the girl Alchemist Yang looking for is in that place?”


Hearing this, one of them sighed and said, “Since she is at the peak of Second-Order Saint King, she is most likely there. Patriarch, you should also know that the people we have been searching for recently are mainly at that level of cultivation. Alchemist Yang’s friend must have been taken there.”


Another Elder stood up and confirmed, cupping his fists, “I have some impressions of that little girl…”


“Huh!?” Hearing this, Jiang Lin glanced at that Elder and asked, “So she has really been sent there!?”


“Yes,” That Elder gently nodded. “Two of our disciples found that little girl all alone in the city. She had been standing somewhere for an entire month. So, it was concluded that she had no friends or relatives. After a little inquiry, we indeed confirmed that she had no background or backing in Maplewood City. She was then brought to the Jiang Family, and this old master sent her into the mine along with others.”


After a pause, the Elder continued, having a headache, “It never occurred to this old master that the girl would be an acquaintance of Alchemist Yang. Now, it seems that the person she had been waiting for all the while should be Alchemist Yang. If I had known this, I would have never sent her to the mine.”


“Since she is indeed with us, what should we do now?” Some people were very dissatisfied.


“It’s impossible for us to hand her over. The ore produced by that mine is very rare and unique. That mine is the only hope of our Jiang Family’s rise. Any word about the mine cannot be leaked. If you really brought her back, the news about the mine will no longer be hidden, and if the City Lord’s Mansion got the word of it… our Jiang Family will be in danger!”


“Since we can’t bring her back, we can only…” another person suggested in a cold voice.


Everyone turned their gaze toward Jiang Lin!


Jiang Lin was also having a terrible headache. After all, Yang Kai had proclaimed that if the Jiang Family could send Zhang Ruo Xi back safely, he would refine pills for the Jiang Family for an entire month!


Now that he had to give up on such a good deal, Jiang Lin was also feeling extremely distressed.


“Patriarch, don’t hesitate. Yang Kai himself has stated that he had placed a restriction on the girl. As long as the girl is not too far away from him, he can sense it. If Yang Kai came to sense that girl’s location, the mine’s secret would be exposed. Compared to the mine, a High-Rank Origin King Grade Alchemist refining pills for one month is nothing. Not to mention, this matter is related to the interests of the City Lord’s Mansion. If the City Lord’s Mansion really came to know about it, our Jiang Family have no place to stand in Maplewood City!”


“That’s right, Patriarch! You can’t hesitate anymore!”


Against everyone’s persuasion, Jiang Lin could only sigh in resignation. Obviously, he had made his decision. He turned his gaze to another Elder and ordered, “Fifth Elder, I will leave this matter to you. Finish it cleanly!”


Fifth Elder promptly cupped his fists and said, “When I do things, you don’t need to worry about anything!”


“All of you can go now,” Jiang Lin waved his hand. “No one can go anywhere near the mine for now, and tell everyone there to be careful too, lest they are noticed by Yang Kai!”


“Yes!” Everyone promptly agreed.



After leaving the Jiang Family, Yang Kai had a deep and profound look on his face.


Mo Xiao Qi said, “I think that there was something wrong with the Jiang Family members. Sister Ruo Xi might really be with them.”


“You might be right,” Yang Kai recalled the change in the expression of one of the Jiang Family Elders during the conversation. He had already come to a conclusion. “However, the problem is that she is not in the Jiang Family. Where is she? Why are the Jiang Family members hiding her?”


Yang Kai was really confused.


While he was thinking, Mo Xiao Qi suddenly clapped her hands as if she had thought of something. She suddenly asked, “By the way, Big Brother Yang, do you have anything that has been used by Sister Ruo Xi?”


“Something used by her?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow. “What do you want to do?”


“If you have something used by her, I may have a way to track her whereabouts.”


“Really!?” Yang Kai looked overjoyed.


“Yeah, but I need something with her aura. It would be best if it’s something used by her once, such as clothes or a piece of her hair.” Mo Xiao Qi tilted her head and said.


“I don’t have anything like that, but…”


“But what!?”


“I know a place which should have something,” Yang Kai raised the corner of his lips as beckoned to her. “Come with me!”


Just as he finished speaking, Source Qi wrapped around Mo Xiao Qi as they shot toward a certain direction as swiftly as wind.


Just as Yang Kai used his Source Qi to move, Mo Xiao Qi was immediately able to sense it a little. She looked at Yang Kai in shock and asked, “Big Brother Yang, have you advanced to the Dao Source Realm?”


She hadn’t paid attention to Yang Kai’s change before. Besides, Yang Kai had deliberately hidden his aura, so Mo Xiao Qi didn’t realize that Yang Kai had advanced.


Yang Kai answered with a nod, “I encountered some opportunity when I went out a while ago and was lucky enough to break through.”


“Big Brother Yang, you are so damn cool!” Mo Xiao Qi exclaimed with sincere admiration.


Yang Kai shook his head and stated, “Dao Source Realm is nothing. You will be able to break through soon.”


Mo Xiao Qi chuckled upon hearing this. She seemed pretty confident.


After a short while, Yang Kai brought Mo Xiao Qi to a manor three hundred kilometres away from Maplewood City.


Surprisingly, it was the Zhang Family’s residence.


Yang Kai didn’t have anything used by Zhang Ruo Xi but the Zhang Family definitely had it.


He asked Mo Xiao Qi to wait outside as he sneaked into the Zhang Mansion alone.


He didn’t alarm the old woman and that beautiful woman of the Zhang Family. After all, it involved Zhang Ruo Xi. Yang Kai didn’t want them to worry.


He spread his Divine Sense and found that the Zhang Family was completely peaceful. Although there were many restrictions and Arrays laid in the manor, how could the means of a small family as the Zhang Family block Yang Kai? Besides, his Divine Sense was a lot stronger than before advancing to the Dao Source Realm.


He easily avoided many restrictions and arrived at Zhang Ruo Xi’s boudoir.


He looked around a bit and noticed that the boudoir was spotless. It was as clean as new. Obviously, it was because someone must have been cleaning it frequently.


And lying on the fragrant bed was a pile of neatly folded clothes.


[These should be worn by Zhang Ruo Xi before.]


Yang Kai didn’t take a closer look and just casually grabbed them and stuffed it into his Space Ring. Afterwards, he quickly left the Zhang Family residence.


After a short while, he went back outside, handed the clothes he had just taken to Mo Xiao Qi, and asked, “Is this okay?”


Mo Xiao Qi took them and picked up the one at the top, spreading it apart with a flick of her hand.


The next moment, Mo Xiao Qi’s pretty face couldn’t help but turn red all over as she glared at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai too had a dumbfounded look on his face. He immediately withdrew his gaze from that piece of cloth and explained himself, embarrassed, “I just took it without looking.”


Only now did he realize that it was a piece of tight-fitting corsage. It was pink, small, and exquisite. Looking at the other clothes in Mo Xiao Qi’s hands, they were all undergarments.


For a moment, Yang Kai’s face too couldn’t help but turn red, feeling awkward.


Mo Xiao Qi shyly stomped her feet and put away the rest of the clothes. She then turned around, facing her back at Yang Kai, and patted a cloth bag on her waist.


The next moment, the Heaven Escaping Bat, Xiao Fu, that Yang Kai had seen before suddenly appeared followed by strange squeaks.


The small bat circled around Mo Xiao Qi before standing stably on Mo Xiao Qi’s shoulder.


Mo Xiao Qi, on the other hand, had a serious look on her face. She formed a few hand seals and mumbled something. Heaven knows what she was mumbling.


After a while, she bit the tip of her finger, drew a weird Spirit Array on Zhang Ruo Xi’s corsage before she put the blood-stained finger on Xiao Fu’s forehead.


*Chi Chi!*


Suddenly, the Spirit Array on the corsage streaked across the air, flying straight into the Heaven Escaping Bat’s forehead, disappearing into nothing instantly.


The next moment, the Heaven Escaping Bat started sniffing. It then spread its wings and flew into the air, dexterously danced in the air before it flew straight toward a certain direction.


“Follow it!” Mo Xiao Qi tenderly shouted. She put away that little corsage and hurriedly chased after it.


Seeing this, Yang Kai hurriedly followed after them without a moment of hesitation.


There was a barren mountain about two thousand kilometres away from Maplewood City.


The barren mountain looked extremely desolate. Not even a single grass was growing on it. Furthermore, the World Energy here was extremely thin.


It wasn’t inhabited by any cultivator. There was only a small village here. All the people living in this small village were ordinary people who couldn’t cultivate.


However, because of the desolation of the barren mountain, there were no wild beasts or Monster Beasts here. Furthermore, it was close to Maplewood City. So, even ordinary people could live and work here.


In some hidden cave on the barren mountain, two First-Order King cultivators happened to be sitting in a meditative state.


Suddenly, one of the men in white robes appeared to have sensed something. He hurriedly opened his eyes as a communication artifact appeared in his palm with a flick of his hand. He promptly poured his Divine Sense into and couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise after reading the message.


“What are the orders from the family!?” the other person also opened his eyes and asked.


The man in the white robe answered as a weird look appeared on his face, “Fifth Elder has sent a message. He wants us to deal with the little girl who was brought a month ago.”


“Little girl!?” The other man frowned and doubtfully asked, “Why did the family transmit this kind of order? Was there anything weird about that little girl?”


“I have no idea, and the Fifth Elder didn’t say anything.” The man in white shook his head.


“Since it’s Fifth Elder’s command, then you should go and finish it as soon as possible. I will keep watch here for the time being,” the other man exhorted.



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