Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2067, Shocking Changes


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Zhang Ruo Xi’s horrendous experience made Yang Kai really angry out of shame.


He was a Dao Source Realm master, but because of momentary negligence, he had failed to take care of a little girl, which in turn led to her capture, where she was forced to mine here.


When he had gone to the Jiang Family to inquire about her, the upper echelons of the Jiang Family lied right to his face.


And if things ended just there, everything would have been fine, but the Jiang Family actually tried to silence the witness.


How could Yang Kai tolerate this? He had already made a decision to go to the Jiang Family and flip their whole estate after leaving this place. He would not even let their fowls and dogs be in peace!


“What about the Jiang Family members guarding the entrance?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice as a cold gleam flickered in his eyes.


“They are still over there,” replied Mo Xiao Qi. “Furthermore, there aren’t just two. I ran across a few more Jiang Family members along the way. I knocked them all out. As for the people caught by them, they have already been sent out through the Space Array.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly. “After they escaped, the Jiang Family would not be able to keep this matter under wraps. It would be just perfect for me to go to the Jiang Family and raise a fuss. This way, even City Lord’s Mansion would not easily be able to intervene.”


“Then, shall we go back?” asked Mo Xiao Qi.


Yang Kai nodded his agreement.


After properly deliberating over the matter, the two were ready to return to Maplewood City, but right then, things suddenly changed.


They suddenly felt a tremor from the ground underneath their feet, causing Mo Xiao Qi and Yang Kai’s expression to change.


At the same time, a cracking sound came not too far away from them.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow, gazing along in the direction of the source of the sound. Suddenly, he noticed that the wall in front was covered in red lines. These lines looked extremely complicated and mysterious. They gave the impression of some kind of a seal.


The lines kept squirming. And along with their squirms, more and more bloody red was being sucked in.


Only now did Yang Kai notice that this red was actually the colour of blood, and the source of it was the corpse of the white-robed Jiang Family man lying on the ground!


At this moment, the seal pattern on the wall was madly sucking the blood flowing out of the man in white. And as the blood continued to pour in, the bloody red seal pattern squirmed faster and faster.


“What’s this!?” Yang Kai’s expression drastically changed as he doubtfully gazed at the front.


Mo Xiao Qi’s expression too grew solemn. She tightly furrowed her black brow, staring straight at that seal. She was unable to recognize what kind of seal it was for a while.


But at this moment, the seal seemed as if it had swallowed enough blood. In a flash, the lines converged at the centre of the wall into a hideous and terrifying human face.


The face’s mouth was wide open as a jet black aura suddenly spurted out from inside the wall.


Yang Kai’s pupil immediately constricted. His instincts were ringing warning signs. He hurriedly pulled Mo Xiao Qi, backing away with her.


The pitch-black aura kept pouring out of the seal, and very soon, it had flooded the mine tunnel. Yang Kai could clearly feel the violent and bloody aura in that black Qi.


More importantly, the black Qi also gave him a familiar feeling.


The next moment, the black Qi divided into untold wisps of black Qi, continuously wandering around like a swarm of pitch-black snakes.


One of the wisps of black Qi drilled into the mouth and nose of the long-dead man in white lying on the ground, disappearing soon after.


But the next moment, something happened that left Yang Kai dumbfounded.


The man in white, whose upper body was riddled with holes, suddenly opened his eyes. But at this moment, his eyes weren’t black and white but showed a peculiar pitch-black colour. It looked extremely terrifying.


At the same time, dark lines suddenly appeared on the man in white’s face, arms, and on the exposed part of his body.


“Demon Crests!?” Yang Kai blurted out in surprise.


He was way too familiar with these lines. Back on Tong Xuan Realm, he had saved the clansmen of the Ancient Demon Clan. He had also once cultivated this kind of Secret Technique; it could brand Demon Crests of all kinds of shapes and sizes on its user body.


When he had used the Demon Transformation Secret Technique back in the past, his own transformation was remarkably similar to the one before his eyes.


“Demon Qi!?” Mo Xiao Qi also seemed to have felt it the same time Yang Kai said it.


Just as the two spoke, the man in white abruptly stood up. His dark eyes swept around before finally locking on to Yang Kai. Immediately, it let out a fierce scream as it lunged at Yang Kai with a ferocious look on his face; he didn’t appear to be afraid of death.


Yang Kai let out a cold snort. Immediately after, while holding Zhang Ruo Xi with one arm, he flicked his fingers of the other at the oncoming man in white, shooting Golden Blood Threads at him.


The sharp Golden Blood Threads immediately pierced through the man in white. And with another wave of Yang Kai’s hand, they cut his body into several pieces, leaving gory pieces of flesh lying on the ground. But strangely, no blood flowed out of these pieces.


However, Yang Kai didn’t look the slightest bit happy after having done this. On the contrary, there was a deep frown on his brow.


Because he sensed that after the man in white had been demonized, he had actually grown a lot stronger. He might have been able to easily deal with him, it remained true that he was much stronger than when he was alive.


*Chi Chi Chi…*


At this moment, the pitch-black Qi flooding the mine tunnels had been completely divided into black snakes. And were now madly shooting straight at Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi, like a cat that had smelled the fish.


“Dammit, let’s quickly get out of here!” Yang Kai’s expression worsened as he promptly shouted. At the same time, he stretched his hand toward the front and shouted, “Exile!”


Under the influence of the Space Principles, a black hole about the size of a round table suddenly emerged out of thin air. There was only chaos and Nihility inside the black hole. The pitch-black snakes rushed straight inside before disappearing into nothing.


But many more black snakes continued to take their places.


Not to mention, more pitch-black Qi continued to gush out of the mouth on the wall.


The Space Secret Technique only lasted for three breaths before it shattered into pieces. The pitch-black, snake-like things broke through Yang Kai’s blockade and quickly chased after him at an astonishing speed.


Yang Kai didn’t need to look back to know that the situation was far from good. He didn’t even have the time to deal with these weird things. He pushed his Source Qi before wrapping it around Mo Xiao Qi and desperately rushing toward the exit.


After backtracking, the two quickly arrived at the location where they were previously teleported to.


The two pale Jiang Family Origin King Realm cultivators, who were lying on the ground, helplessly watched Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi step on the Space Array. One of them opened his mouth as if he had something to say, but he couldn’t speak a single word.


Heaven knows what method Mo Xiao Qi had used to keep them in their places.


“Big Brother Yang, it’s almost here!” Mo Xiao Qi looked back and saw that the countless jet-black snake-like things were less than three hundred metres from them. Her pretty face immediately turned pale.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, kept a straight face as he quickly poured his Space Force into the Array.


The next moment, the Array hummed and flashed with a bright light. And when the light finally dissipated, the two had already disappeared.


The jet-black snake-like things arrived at the Array but only hit the air!


But the two Origin King Realm cultivators of the Jiang Family were wrapped in those weird things as they swept by.


Immediately, extremely tragic wails came from inside the black Qi. They sounded beyond tragic, as if they were suffering inhumane torture inside.


After a while, the screams abruptly stopped as the two stood back up together. Although there had been no change in their appearances, their auras were completely different from before. They were exuding an extremely dark and violent aura. After having been wrapped by the black energy, Demon Crests appeared on their cheeks and arms in succession as their eyeballs turned pitch black…


The two looked at each other before pursing their lips into hideous smiles. One of them raised his head and let out a howl toward the sky. His howl was filled with endless joy and excitement, as if he had gotten free after tens of thousands of years of imprisonment.


These two were not the only cultivators who encountered this incident.


Many Jiang Family cultivators in the mine, who had been knocked out by Mo Xiao Qi, had also encountered the same thing. Also, there were some miners who hadn’t had the time to escape. Everyone’s aura completely changed in a very short time after being wrapped in the black Qi. All of them seemed to have lost their original sentience.


Soon, the entire mine was flooded with that pitch-black aura…


A bright flash of light lit up the cave of the barren mountain as Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi appeared on the Space Array; fear was clearly visible on their faces.


However, the Jiang Family cultivator, who was knocked out by Yang Kai and should have been lying by the Array, was strangely nowhere to be found.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but furrow his brow after noticing this. He promptly scanned with his Divine Sense as a look of surprise appeared on his face.


“Big Brother Yang, what’s wrong?” Mo Xiao Qi doubtfully looked at him.


“Many people are waiting outside to welcome us.” Yang Kai coldly smiled.


Mo Xiao Qi furrowed her black brow and released her Divine Sense after hearing this. She was immediately struck with a realization.


“Let’s go out and take a look.” Yang Kai beckoned her before flying out of the cave and hovering in the air without a trace of fear.


He gazed around and found himself surrounded with very familiar faces; all of them were the members of the Jiang Family he had met not too long ago.


He could only guess how word got out so soon. The Jiang Family had dispatched all its experts here.


Just ahead, Jiang Family Patriarch, Jiang Lin, and various other high-level members of the Jiang Family were coldly glaring at Yang Kai.


More importantly, there was an old man in black standing before Jiang Lin, carrying his hands behind his back. Not even a little bit of aura could be felt from him. He seemed like an ordinary man but he was surrounded by an inexplicable majesty.


Some of the Jiang Family cultivators kept looking at the old man. Their gazes were filled with awe and worship.


Even Jiang Lin, who was standing behind the old man, appeared extremely respectful.


Yang Kai’s expression immediately changed. He took a careful look at the old man. He immediately knew that he must be the Dao Source Realm master of the Jiang Family, the Old Ancestor of the Jiang Family, Jiang Tai Sheng.


After all, there were only that many Dao Source Realm masters in Maplewood City. All the cultivators of Maplewood City knew about every Dao Source Realm master living in the city.


At this moment, Jiang Tai Sheng indifferently looked at Yang Kai, then turned his gaze at Zhang Ruo Xi in Yang Kai’s arm before withdrawing his gaze the next moment.


As far as he was concerned, no one deserved his attention.


Seeing this, Yang Kai let out playful chuckles.



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