Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2068, It’s a Misunderstanding


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Alchemist Yang!” Jiang Lin suddenly stepped forward, coldly glaring at Yang Kai. His tone was awful. “This Jiang has to hand it to you, you actually found this place. I’ve underestimated you.”


Yang Kai let out a cold snort, “If you didn’t want anyone to know, then don’t do it in the first place.”


Jiang Lin’s eyes flickered with a cold gleam. He looked pretty angry. He took a look at Jiang Tai Sheng, and seeing him having the same stoic expression, he immediately took a deep breath and shouted, “Alchemist Yang, this Jiang still thinks of you as a genius and doesn’t want to ruthlessly kill you. If you sign this Soul Contract in front of my Jiang Family members here, we might not need to take your life!”


While speaking, he suddenly took out an ancient beast skin parchment.


As Yang Kai focused his gaze on it, he found that it was surprisingly similar to the one taken out by Kang Si Ran back in the past. Not just in shape and size, even the aura it was emanating was almost exactly the same.


Yang Kai immediately understood that this was the real Soul Contract. It came straight from the Serene Soul Palace.


A Soul Contract was something created by one of the Ten Great Emperors, Serene Soul Great Emperor. It had always been manufactured by the disciples of the Serene Soul Palace. Once a cultivator brands his or her Soul Imprint on the Soul Contract, the Soul Contract will impose a miraculous effect on the cultivator. It would force the cultivator to fulfill the agreement on the contract. If one violated it, he or she would suffer a Soul-crushing pain. It might be to the point that even their Soul might be destroyed.


In the past, Kang Si Ran was forced to use a Soul Contract to prevent Yang Kai from divulging the Soul Condensing Pill recipe, and it had left him in quite a bit of distress for many days. After all, this thing was extremely precious; each one was extremely valuable.


Yang Kai didn’t know where the Jiang Family got it from but they had actually taken such a treasure out now.


“Soul Contract!?” A shadow of a smile appeared on Yang Kai’s face. “Patriarch Jiang, I’ll have to hand it to you for this. But this is a very precious treasure, wouldn’t it be wasteful to use it on this Yang!?”


Jiang Lin answered, maintaining a straight face, “What’s a Soul Contract worth before Alchemist Yang!?”


Yang Kai looked at him in a calm and composed manner and asked, “But what I want to know is what’s written on this Soul Contract.”


“Wouldn’t Alchemist Yang be clear what’s written on it?” Jiang Lin slightly smiled. “I just hope that Alchemist Yang will become a part of my Jiang Family and refine pills for my Jiang Family, that’s all.”


“I’m afraid I can’t agree to this!” Yang Kai slowly shook his head.


Jiang Lin’s face sank as he shouted in a fierce voice, “Yang Kai, you wouldn’t want to drink a loss after refusing a toast, would you? Today, you have to sign this Soul Contract. You will have to agree even if you don’t want to, you have no say in it!”


An Origin King Grade Alchemist was extremely valuable to a family like the Jiang Family. If the Jiang Family didn’t want to capture Yang Kai alive, why would the Jiang Family disturb a Dao Source Realm master like Jiang Tai Sheng? Furthermore, almost all of the Jiang Family’s elites have been mobilized just to force Yang Kai to leave his Soul Imprint on the Soul Contract.


As long as Yang Kai was controlled, the Jiang Family would not only gain an Origin King Grade Alchemist but they would not have to worry about him revealing the secret of the mine.


Listening to Jiang Lin brag without any shame, Yang Kai couldn’t help but burst into laughter. “What a joke! It’s my body, I can do whatever I want to. Your Jiang Family can’t stop me!”


Jiang Lin was immediately infuriated!


Just as he was about to say something, the stoic and silent Jiang Tai Sheng suddenly opened his eyes, calmly looking at Yang Kai. The next moment, he raised his hand, stopping Jiang Lin’s attempt to speak.


Next, he calmly stated, “Young Man, you might be a little capable, but you have no idea how high the sky is and how deep the earth goes! Today, this old master has given you a lot of face by coming here personally. I heard that you are an Origin King Grade Alchemist and can even refine Source Condensing Pills of extraordinary quality. This old master loves geniuses, so don’t force this old master’s hand. Just obediently leave your Soul Imprint on this Soul Contract, and this old master will treat what happened today like it never happened. As for the little girl in your arms and the one next to you, this old master can spare them but the premise is that they have to marry into my Jiang Family as concubines!”


“What!? You want me to marry into your Jiang Family as concubines!?” Before Yang Kai could say anything, Mo Xiao Qi, who had been standing indifferently by his side all the while as if she was watching a good show, suddenly stepped forward. She angrily glared at Jiang Tai Sheng and tenderly shouted, “You dirty old thing, how can you speak such shameless words!”




“How bold!”


The group of Jiang Family cultivators yelled at Mo Xiao Qi, one after another. They looked enraged as if Mo Xiao Qi had said something that shouldn’t be said.


Yang Kai chuckled as he held Zhang Ruo Xi in his embrace with one arm while he put the other on his ear as if he was trying to hear something. He then tilted his head and asked Mo Xiao Qi, “Xiao Qi, why am I hearing some mad dogs barking?”


“Um…” Hearing this, Mo Xiao Qi glanced at him first before solemnly nodding her head and adding, “Yeah! And they’re barking is really loud.”


Jiang Tai Sheng immediately narrowed his eyes after hearing this. His eyes flickered with a cold gleam as he quickly said, “Very well, you two juniors are really courageous. This old master hasn’t heard anyone talk to me like this in many years. You were given a path to the Heavens but you refused to take it…”


“What’s the point of putting on airs and playing cheap tricks!” Yang Kai impatiently interrupted him before he could finish, “Is being a Dao Source Realm master something to be proud of?”


As he said this, Yang Kai’s figure suddenly became blurry.


Before Jiang Family members could react to it, Yang Kai had mysteriously appeared not too far away from Jiang Lin.


“Ah!?” Jiang Lin was horrified. His body involuntarily retreated, but before he could do anything else, Yang Kai had already stretched out his hand towards him.


Jiang Lin was struck with panic. He instinctively circulated his Source Qi and fiercely punched forward.


The energy in the void immediately gathered around as a tiger roar rang out. In the next moment, an enormous tiger phantom emerged out of nowhere, opening its bloody mouth and biting toward the front.


However, this attack only struck the air. Yang Kai, who should have been in the front, had already disappeared from where he stood.


A surprised Jiang Lin looked around before he finally realized that Yang Kai had already returned to his previous position as if he had never moved.


In a flash, drops of cold sweat trickled down Jiang Lin’s forehead. The other members of the Jiang Family had also turned pale.


“Xiao Qi, check if this is real or not!?” Yang Kai handed something to Mo Xiao Qi, who took it and started carefully inspecting it.


“Ah!? My Soul Contract!” Only now did Jiang Lin finally realize that the Soul Contract in his hand had been snatched by Yang Kai at some point. He stared at his empty hands in amazement. He then looked up ahead not far away from him and his heart immediately hit rock bottom…


“Dao Source Realm!?” Jiang Tai Sheng’s pupils immediately shrank as he shouted.


Yang Kai hadn’t used any energy, and Jiang Tai Sheng hadn’t bothered to investigate Yang Kai’s exact strength. He thought that Yang Kai was just in the Origin King Realm, but when Yang Kai just made a move, Jiang Tai Sheng finally realized.


After discovering this, Jiang Tai Sheng’s face couldn’t help but turn ugly.


After all, he was just a First-Order Dao Source Realm master. If Yang Kai’s cultivation was equal to his, he would not have any advantage at all.


This was completely different from what he had thought. He thought that he would be going to easily capture two juniors, and he had never placed any importance on Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi.


Only now did he finally realize that he couldn’t be farther from the truth!


As another First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, Yang Kai had every right to talk with him on equal terms.


Furthermore, judging by Yang Kai’s speed, if he wanted to kill the other members of the Jiang Family, he could have done it with ease.


“Yeah, this is indeed the Soul Contract from the Serene Soul Place, Big Brother Yang. This is a treasure that you should keep it safe. It might come in handy in the future,” Mo Xiao Qi returned the Soul Contract to Yang Kai after having checked it.


Yang Kai took it back and stuffed it into his Space Ring, maintaining a straight face.


“This old master was disrespectful. So Your Excellency is also a Dao Source Realm cultivator. No wonder you have so much confidence!” Jiang Tai Sheng no longer looked as at ease as he was before. Rather he had a slightly serious look on his face and the corner of his lips were twitching.


Yang Kai immediately sneered and rebuked, “Wow, you’re changing your tune pretty fast.”


“How shameless!” Mo Xiao Qi also spat in disgust.


Jiang Tai Sheng’s previous and current behaviour was completely different. It really made Mo Xiao Qi look down on him.


Jiang Tai Sheng let out a cold snort and stated, “But Your Excellency, even if you are a Dao Source Realm master, you will have to give this old master an explanation for today, otherwise Your Excellency can forget leaving this place unscathed.”


“Explanation!?” Yang Kai’s face and voice turned colder as he rebuked, “It should be your Jiang Family that should give me an explanation, not the other way around! This Yang’s friend was caught by your Jiang Family to mine here for no reason, and was tortured as well. This Yang even went to your Jiang Family to inquire about her. If your Jiang Family had just tried to keep it under wraps, it would have been alright, but you actually tried to silence her. If I had not arrived on time, my friend would not have survived! And you still want an explanation!?”


“This…” Jiang Tai Sheng was rendered speechless after hearing this. He hadn’t expected Yang Kai’s words to be so sharp; he didn’t know how to respond to this for a while.


“Alchemist Yang!” As the Patriarch of the Jiang Family, Jiang Lin couldn’t stand back. He cupped his fist and tried to justify himself, “Alchemist Yang, please calm down. It… it was just a misunderstanding!”


He was already pressured to this extent by Yang Kai alone. How could he dare to belittle Yang Kai anymore? He didn’t dare to talk disrespectfully as he had before. Rather he wryly spoke bearing smiles, “It’s really a misunderstanding!”


“Misunderstanding!?” Yang Kai glared at him as a smile appeared on his lips. He might look like he was smiling but his smile carried no smiling intention. On the contrary, it gave everyone the chills. “You captured my friend and now you say that it was just a misunderstanding!? Patriarch Jiang, do you think I am a three-year-old kid?”


Jiang Lin looked troubled as he quickly justified himself, “Alchemist Yang, we had no idea that this little girl was your friend. If we had known this, we would have treated her as our most revered guest. We would have never taken her to the mine. But she could be considered to be safe now. Can’t we let the matter rest in light of this? That Soul Contract can be regarded as my Jiang Family’s apology… Hmm, besides this, my Jiang Family will send another gift to Alchemist Yang’s mansion after a few days.”



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