Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2069, First Battle As a Dao Source Realm Cultivator


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Ha, if you can’t do it the hard way, you want to buy me!?” Yang Kai sneered. “Can you stoop any lower?”


Jiang Lin’s face turned stiff. He was extremely infuriated, but he didn’t dare to truly show his anger because of the gap in their cultivation.


Jiang Tai Sheng, on the other hand, blew his top. He immediately lashed out in anger, “Junior, my Jiang Family has already given you enough face, don’t go too far in bullying others!”


“What if I’m going too far!? Come and bite me then!” Yang Kai disdainfully looked at him.


“I’ll admit, you are really irritating me!” Jiang Tai Sheng felt the blood in his chest in turmoil. He almost coughed a mouthful of blood in anger. He viciously looked at Yang Kai and shouted, “Kid, even if you are First-Order Dao Source Realm, this old master would like to learn a bit from you!”


“If you want to fight, just say so, why do you need to beautify it!?” Yang Kai lashed out in anger as the Source Qi in his body started madly moving.


“This old master advanced to the Dao Source Realm more than a century ago, why would this old master be placed in the same category as an ignorant little brat like you!?” Jiang Tian Sheng self-complacently shouted.


“Old Thing, isn’t your aptitude horrendous? You haven’t been able to break through after a century!” Yang Kai was filled with disdain.


Jiang Tai Sheng blew his top. The Source Qi in his body also started rising. He didn’t want to reason with Yang Kai anymore, lest he was angered to death. In the next moment, he tapped the ground just a bit before he suddenly disappeared from his place as a soft puff rang from where he stood just before.


Obviously, the air exploded because of his extremely fast speed.


The next moment, he suddenly appeared before Yang Kai out of thin air and shouted with a dark and gloomy look on his face, “This old master will let you experience the strength of a master who has been in the Dao Source Realm for over a century!”


As he spoke, he pushed his palm toward Yang Kai in a very light and easy manner.


The palm was surrounded by Principles. Jiang Tai Sheng hadn’t even finished his move, yet Yang Kai was already surrounded by a violent storm.


Mo Xiao Qi, who was standing not far from Yang Kai, turned pale. Her chest heaved up and down; she was having trouble breathing.


Although Mo Xiao Qi’s origins were mysterious and extraordinary, and she was pretty strong, at the end of the day, she hadn’t reached the Dao Source Realm. She was having a difficult time bearing the pressure of Jiang Tai Sheng’s Principles.


However, she had also seen the world. She wasn’t someone whose hands and feet could be tied by simple Principles. She let out a tender cry as she pushed the energy in her body, forcefully breaking free from the oppression of the Principles and escaping into the distance with a flicker of her body.


And right at this moment, an enormous and transparent palm of energy suddenly appeared before Jiang Tai Sheng’s palm, pushing toward Yang Kai with an unstoppable momentum.


An intense gale blew on Yang Kai’s face, causing his clothes to continuously flap and Zhang Ruo Xi’s hair, who was in his arm, to dance in the air…


“You dare to show paltry tricks before me!” Yang Kai let out a cold snort. Before his opponent’s Principles could press down on him, he similarly mobilized the Space Principles, forming a strong invisible shield around his body and blocking the suppression of the opposite party’s Principles.


Then, he raised his hand as a similar enormous palm of energy formed before him, greeting Jiang Tai Sheng’s palm.


The two enormous palms of energy crashed into each other after a breath.


A deafening explosion echoed as the World Energy suddenly became chaotic and the fragments of Principles flew in every direction…


A faint mocking smile hung on Yang Kai’s face, whereas Jiang Tai Sheng’s pupils constricted and a look of horror appeared on his old face as he mumbled to himself, “How is this possible!?”


Just as his voice fell, his energy palm fell apart all of a sudden, while Yang Kai’s palm kept pressing on, with no reduction in its momentum.


Jiang Tai Sheng’s expression drastically changed. He knew that this could only be possible if the opposite party’s Source Qi was purer and more vigorous than his.


After all, this move was formed by directly mobilizing the Source Qi in one’s body. It was a pure confrontation of quality and quantity of the Source Qi!


Judging by Yang Kai’s young age and thinking that Yang Kai had advanced to the Dao Source Realm not too long ago, he thought that Yang Kai’s realm could not be as stable as his own. Yang Kai could never be his opponent, a veteran master who had been in Dao Source Realm for over a century. However, he found that he was wrong after this confrontation.


Seeing the oncoming giant palm, how could Jiang Tai Sheng dare to stand still in his position. He hurriedly twisted his body and dodged, escaping several dozen metres away. There was an unsightly look on his face as he looked at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, didn’t take this opportunity to chase after him. Rather, he stood in place, looking at Jiang Tai Sheng with mockery. That mocking sneer pierced straight into Jiang Tai Sheng’s heart like a sharp knife, making him feel uncomfortable.


“Dammit!” Jiang Tai Sheng shouted. Having shown such unsightly performance under the gazes of so many members of the Jiang Family, his old face couldn’t take it. He grit his teeth and stretched his hand out, grasping in the void. Suddenly, a broadsword with a tiger head on the hilt suddenly appeared in his hand.


Impressively, that broadsword was a Dao Source Grade artifact. Its blade was thick and had many complicated patterns engraved on it. The tiger head on the hilt was extremely vivid and lifelike. It appeared extraordinary.


Obviously, since he couldn’t beat Yang Kai in Source Qi, his next hope was to rely on the artifact.


This artifact was the founding treasure of the Jiang Family, a Dao Source Grade artifact that only he could use, and has always been by his side.


The next moment, he madly poured the Source Qi into the broadsword. He stared at Yang Kai with a hideous look on his face like he wanted to kill Yang Kai as soon as possible.


With an earth-shattering roar, a phantom of a tiger suddenly flew out of the sword. And as Jiang Tai Sheng kept pouring his Source Qi, the phantom of the tiger grew more and more tangible. After a moment, it looked like a real Monster Beast.


Surprisingly, it was exuding the aura of an Eleventh-Order Monster Beast!


The giant tiger was 5-6 metre tall. It raised its head and roared at the sky. It was exuding an extraordinary momentum. Right then, Jiang Tai Sheng raised the artifact in his hand high and fiercely swung it down as he shouted, “Go!”


The giant tiger immediately pounced straight at Yang Kai as swiftly and fiercely as a bolt of lightning. Its scarlet pupils were staring straight at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai let out a cold snort at the sight of this. Surprisingly, he didn’t avoid or even think of taking out his artifact. He charged straight at the oncoming giant tiger head-on.


“Overconfident!” At the sight of this, Jiang Tai Sheng fiercely shouted as he closely followed behind the giant tiger with the broadsword. His body, wrapped in sabre aura, left a dazzling streak of light.


After a moment, the giant tiger arrived before Yang Kai and bit at him. Even its fangs and teeth were distinctly visible.


Yang Kai tightened his hold on Zhang Ruo Xi while he punched with his free hand. His hand left turned blurry as it left untold afterimages, raining punches on the giant tiger.


*Bang Bang Bang…*


A strong and rhythmic sound rang as the giant tiger whimpered and wailed like a living creature before its figure distorted. In just three breaths, its figure collapsed all of a sudden.


The faces of the Jiang Family members, who were paying close attention to this battle of Dao Source Realm masters, suddenly turned gloomy.


But the next moment, Jiang Tai Sheng, who was surrounded by saber aura, arrived before Yang Kai. Suddenly, the saber aura around Jiang Tai Sheng grew bigger as it transformed into a 20 metres long blade, slashing down on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai immediately avoided this terrifying blow with a twist of his body.


The sabre of light left a five-metre or so deep gully on the ground as sand and pieces of rock flew into the air.


Before Jiang Tai Sheng could make any other move, Yang Kai fiercely punched straight at the saber of light.


Immediately, a crisp clang and muffled grunt followed as Jiang Tai Sheng’s figure appeared several tens of metres away. However, Jiang Tai Sheng’s facial features were extremely distorted at this moment and he was holding the broadsword horizontally before him.


What’s more, a vague depression had appeared on the broadsword. Judging by its shape, it appeared as if it was left by a punch.


“Your physique…” Jiang Tai Sheng looked at Yang Kai with a look of incredulity. His eyeballs were violently shaking in horror.


To his surprise, the opposite party had left his Dao Source Grade artifact in such a shape with just a punch. Its spirituality appeared to have been a little damaged. [What a terrifying physical body!]


[Is this guy even human?]


Taking advantage of his momentary loss of wits, Yang Kai fiercely flicked his five fingers at him, raining jet-black Moon Blades at him, one after another.


Jiang Tai Sheng’s face turned pale as he shouted in horror, “Space Force!?”


After seeing the jet-black Moon Blades formed from pure Space Force shooting over, how could he dare to remain still? He hurriedly escaped using every means possible.


But those Moon Blades followed closely behind him like maggots on rotting bones. Furthermore, they were so fast that he felt a little tired and exhausted from running.


“Hahaha, Jiang Family old dog, where are you running? You think you can escape!? Today, I won’t rest until I have flipped your entire Jiang Family!” Yang Kai broke into laughter and shouted. He looked extremely at ease.


At the sight of this, the faces of the Jiang Family members on the sideline started to change.


The Old Ancestor, whom they had been relying on, was fleeing like a stray dog after just two bouts with Yang Kai. Worse yet, their Old Ancestor was left with no room to retaliate! They immediately realized that they were in really big trouble this time.


“Patriarch!” an Elder of the Jiang Family quickly said, “We have to attack as well and help Old Ancestor!”


“Yes!” the others also agreed, “The Old Ancestor doesn’t seem to be this guy’s opponent.”


Jiang Lin’s face sank. He scanned the battlefield before suddenly focusing his gaze on the other side. He then proposed in a cold voice, “Rather than risking our lives to help Old Ancestor, it’s better to deal with her!”


Everyone was stunned. They immediately followed Jiang Lin’s gaze and saw an idly standing Mo Xiao Qi. She was leisurely watching the battle as if she wasn’t worried about Yang Kai’s safety at all.


“Yes! Yang Kai came with that girl, so they must have a close relationship. As long as we catch her, we will have him in our grasp!” Jiang Chu He’s eyes lit up. His gaze traveled along Mo Xiao Qi’s beautiful figure. However, when his gaze fell on the crescent-shaped birthmark on Mo Xiao Qi’s face, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh filled with emotions.


The gazes of Jiang Family members gathered together as they suddenly rushed toward Mo Xiao Qi.


In the blink of an eye, more than a dozen Origin King Realm masters had surrounded Mo Xiao Qi, leaving no room for escape.


“What do you want!?” Mo Xiao Qi furrowed her brow and looked around unhappily.


“Heh heh heh!” Jiang Chu He let out a sinister laughter. “Girl, do you really have no idea what we want to do? Be wise and obediently cooperate. Don’t force us to make a move, or you might get injured.”



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