Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2070, Poking the Hornet’s Nest


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Mo Xiao Qi, hearing this, was suddenly stunned. She contemptuously looked at the Jiang Family members and asked, “Do you want to bully with numbers?”


Jiang Lin’s old face was filled with embarrassment. He lightly coughed, “We have no other choice. Don’t blame us, Little Girl!”


“Patriarch, is there a point in talking with her, let’s just attack. If she dares to resist, she should not blame us,” a Jiang Family Elder fiercely shouted.


“You guys are too shameless. I am just a little girl,” Mo Xiao Qi tenderly shouted as a resentful look appeared on her face.


“There are no girls or women on the battlefield. If you want to blame someone, blame Yang Kai!” Jiang Chu He seemed to have a lot of resentments toward Yang Kai. So much so that his distorted thoughts had been transferred to Mo Xiao Qi, thereby leading to showing no trace of politeness to Mo Xiao Qi.


“Do you really want to make a move on me?” Mo Xiao Qi looked furious. She looked at Jiang Chu He, nibbling her lips.


“Ha, you think that this Young Master is joking with you?” Jiang Chu He coldly laughed.


Right then, he flipped his wrist as an Origin King Grade long sword appeared in his hand. The sword shook as he thrust it toward Mo Xiao Qi.


In an instant, as the sword swished through the air, Sword Qi shot out from the tip of the sword straight at Mo Xiao Qi, almost covering the entirety of her.


A playful expression appeared on Mo Xiao Qi’s pretty face. Surprisingly, she stood in her place with no intention of dodging. Instead, she glared at Jiang Chu He as she summoned something in neither a hurried nor slow manner and poured her Source Qi into it.


With a puff sound, the summoned artifact suddenly grew in size and directly enveloped Mo Xiao Qi inside, leaving not even the slightest gap.


This artifact was spherical in shape and was pale blue in colour. Its surface was shimmering like a water screen and was as transparent as a cicada’s wings.


From the outside, Mo Xiao Qi seemed to be inside a water ball.


This artifact was none other than the Weak Water Bead that Mo Xiao Qi had once used on the Clear Jade Mountain!


Just the fact that the Weak Water Body could even imprison a Luan Feng youngling was proof of its strength, and at this moment, Mo Xiao Qi was using it dynamically. The Weak Water Bead that was used to imprison had turned into a defensive artifact in her hand.


Obviously, it was quite effective as well.


Jiang Lin’s pupils shrank the moment this artifact appeared. He fiercely shouted, “a Dao Source Grade artifact!”


The moment he said this, the gazes of the Jiang Family Elders and Deacons turned hot.


“Clang…” The tip of Jiang Chu He’s long sword struck the water screen but to everyone’s surprise, this attack did not have the slightest effect. The water screen sunk bit by bit, giving the impression that the sword would pierce through any moment. But the next moment, it instantly bounced the sword back.


But that was not all. Even Jiang Chu He suffered from the recoil.


The leader of the Jiang Family’s next generation was caught off guard. To his and everyone’s surprise, he was completely unable to resolve it, and an involuntary cry of surprise escaped his mouth as he backed away a few steps. His face had gone a little pale before a look of shock appeared on it.


Fortunately, he hadn’t used his full strength. Otherwise, he would have been the one hurt instead.


“I’m afraid the origins of this little girl are extraordinary. Everyone, don’t hold back anymore and quickly end this!” Jiang Lin exhorted everyone with a low shout.


If she was an ordinary Origin King Realm master, how would she be able to summon a Dao Source Grade artifact at a moment’s notice? Furthermore, it was a defensive artifact. It should be brought to notice that of so many Origin King Realm masters of the Jiang Family, none of them had a Dao Source Grade artifact.


Only those with an extraordinary background and prospective futures could get one or two Dao Source Grade artifacts as a gift from their elders.


Before Jiang Chu He had made a move, Jiang Lin was still conscious about his status. He didn’t want to attack together, lest others say that he was bullying weak cultivators. But seeing that things weren’t looking good, how could he hesitate anymore?


Having said this, he formed hand seals with one hand and pointed the other forward.


Immediately, a streak of light shot out from the tip of his finger with a soft swish, striking the water screen of the Weak Water Bread in the blink of an eye.


At the same time, other Elder and Deacons of the Jiang Family also attacked, one after another.


In a flash, all kinds of Martial Skill and artifacts emerged, striking toward Mo Xiao Qi.




All the attacks failed and were bounced back. The Weak Water Bead enveloping Mo Xiao Qi continuously deformed, resolving those attacks one by one, and surprisingly bouncing them back.


The crowd of Jiang Family Origin King Realm cultivators immediately turned pale as they hurriedly dodged left and right.


Mo Xiao Qi’s pretty face, who was hiding inside the water screen of the Weak Water Bead, turned cold in anger as she tenderly shouted, “So you like to bully others with numbers, huh!? How shameless! I will take you all on!”


Sister Xiao Qi looked like a kid who had been bullied. As soon as she said this, she reached out and patted the small bags hanging around her waist.


No one had any idea about what was inside these bulging bags. Even when the Jiang Family members had noticed them before, they had not cared about it.


But at this moment, everyone’s eyes almost popped out in shock at the sight of what was happening.


Followed by Mo Xiao Qi’s actions, Monster Beasts of all shapes and sizes jumped out of the bags like gods descending from the Heavens. The first one to appear was a roughly seven-metre long, aloof Silver Maned Liger.


As soon as it appeared, it majestically roared at the sky before baring its fangs at the Jiang Family members. The horrified Jiang Family members immediately backed away.


At a glance, the sovereignty of a peak Tenth-Order Monster Beast was evident to everyone!


After that, a Heaven Escaping Bat appeared, followed by a Fire Qilin. Very soon, another several tens of metres long figure with two horns on its forehead appeared. It was a giant, pitch-black flood dragon that somewhat resembled a real Dragon.


The giant flood dragon coiled around Mo Xiao Qi with its head and chest raised straight. It then opened its mouth and hissed its red tongue. The colour of this black flood dragon’s pupils happened to be light blue. It was extremely weird.


“Blue Eyes Black Scale Flood Dragon!?” Immediately, some knowledgeable Jiang Family Elder cried in panic.


*Deng Deng Deng Deng…* The crowd of Jiang Family cultivators immediately backed away. Everyone looked at each other in shock before staring at the incomparably powerful and rare Monster Beasts before their eyes with incredulity!


Not to mention the small Heaven Escaping Bat, even the Silver Maned Liger, Red Fire Qilin and Blue Eyes Black Scale Flood Dragon had appeared before them. All of these Monster Beasts were almost extinct! It was basically impossible for an ordinary cultivator to see them outside.


The reason why these Monster Beasts were about to go extinct was that they all carried the bloodline of some Ancient Variant Beast! These bloodlines were extremely difficult to inherit, and with the passage of time, these Monster Beast with the Ancient Variant Beast bloodlines became rarer and rarer with every generation. Finally, they were on the verge of extinction.


And the reason why the Jiang Family Elder recognized the Blue Eyes Black Scale Flood Dragon was because he wanted to cultivate a Secret Technique that required the Blood Essence of a Black Flood Dragon in the past. Therefore, he had inquired about them many times. Unfortunately, he couldn’t find the trace of the Black Flood Dragon even after spending over a decade searching. Finally, he had to give up on cultivating that Secret Technique.


He had never expected that a Blue Eyes Black Scale Flood Dragon would suddenly appear before him after so many years!


And each of these Monster Beasts was extremely difficult to provoke because of the bloodlines of the Ancient Variant Beasts. More often than not, they were able to display strength beyond their realm, and if they resorted to the natural Divine Ability they inherited, fighting someone more than one realm stronger than them was a piece of cake for them.


In other words, the true strength of these Monster Beasts should be taken as a level higher to judge it accurately.




“The peak of Tenth-Order!? All of them are peak Tenth-Order Monster Beasts!?”


“What Monster Beasts are these!?”


“Where did they pop out from?”


“Who the hell is this little girl?”


The Jiang Family cultivators cried in shock. The soles of their feet were almost cramped.


Originally, they thought that Mo Xiao Qi was alone and they believed her to be an easy target because of her Origin King Realm Cultivation. They were planning on taking her down to restrict Yang Kai, but how could they have known that they would poke a hornet’s nest!


Jiang Lin’s face had gone even paler. As the current Patriarch of the Jiang Family, he clearly knew that he had provoked someone he shouldn’t have this time.


Originally, he knew that Mo Xiao Qi had some background, but when he saw her summon four peak Tenth-Order Monster Beasts with a wave of her hand, he immediately understood that Mo Xiao Qi didn’t have just some background, but an extremely strong one! And it wasn’t something that a small family like the Jiang Family could provoke.


As the Patriarch, he was naturally more worried than the others.


Furthermore, looking at the small bags hanging on Mo Xiao Qi’s waist, he vaguely recalled something but he couldn’t put his finger on it.


While the Jiang Family cultivators were still in shock, Mo Xiao Qi harrumphed and ground her teeth in anger as she ordered, “Xiao Yin, Xiao Hong, Xiao Hei, teach these shameless people a good lesson. They actually dared to bully me!”


[Xiao Yin, Xiao Hong, Xiao Hei…]


All the Jiang Family members were shocked after hearing this. Beads of cold sweat immediately trickled down their foreheads.


Much to their shock and dismay, three peak Tenth-Order Monster Beasts carrying the Ancient Variant Beasts’ bloodline were actually given such simple and ridiculous names…






*Si Si…*


The three Monster Beasts appeared to have understood Mo Xiao Qi’s instructions and thereby responded with strange noises.


The Silver Maner Liger roared as it leapt into the crowd of Jiang Family cultivators; its several tens of metres long humongous body showed extraordinary agility. It then lifted its front paws and made a powerful horizontal sweep.


This sweep immediately gave rise to a powerful gale, almost causing Heaven and Earth to lose their colour.


How dare the Jiang Family members take it head-on!? They cried in shock and promptly dodged, one after another.


Meanwhile, the Red Fire Qilin opened its mouth and shot red-hot balls of fire toward them like a storm. Every fireball was the size of a plate and carried extremely heat.


When these fireballs hit the ground, they caused it to melt.


The Jiang Family members were struck with terror at the sight of this. They immediately backed away into the distance, extremely afraid of letting the flames make the slightest bit of contact with their bodies.


Next, the Blue Eyes Black Scale Flood Dragon also attacked. A pitch-black aura spread over the surface of its body before it transformed into a mass of black clouds and shot straight toward the battlefield, covering three Jiang Family Origin King Realm cultivators in it.


The next moment, sounds of fighting and strange hisses came from inside the black cloud.


Mo Xiao Qi, on the other hand, calmly stood inside the water screen of the Weak Water Bead, holding the little bat in her arms and slowly caressing its hair. Looking at the chaotic battlefield, she murmured to herself, “It seems we don’t have the upper hand… Should I summon Xiao Bai, Xiao Huang, Xiao Qing, Xiao Lu, and the others?”


Jiang Family cultivators, “…”


Silavin: Why not? XD I’d love to see all them creatures.



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  5. I belive the darkness will prove to be a blessing. To those that survive it. I am surprised that no usefully item to yk has shown in battle yet. (Except for the contract).

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