Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2072, Demon Qi Tide


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Jiang Family members immediately turned pale. They turned their heads, looking at Yang Kai, who was slowly approaching like the God of Death. Goosebumps exploded all over their bodies.


Everyone suddenly realized that they had made a wrong choice, causing them to be caught in a jar like a turtle.


“Great, great, since everyone is stuck here, it saves me the trouble of chasing you.” Yang Kai stood not too far away from the Jiang Family members, looking at everyone with a shadow of a smile on his face, completely calm and composed contrary to the situation at hand. He then said, “Your Old Ancestor doesn’t seem to be very kind.”


The moment he said this, Jiang Lin felt as if he was struck by an invisible hammer right in the chest. His face flushed red as he opened his mouth and spurted an arrow of blood. He immediately looked at the sky and cried out, “I hate…”


Other Jiang Family members’ faces turned ashen as well. A complex and embarrassed look blanketed everyone’s face.


At this point, how could everyone not understand that the reason that the Space Array wasn’t working was that their Old Ancestor had destroyed the Space Array on the other side?


The Array in the cave and the mine were connected with each other. It was only when both were intact that one could be transmitted to the other side.


But as soon as Jiang Tai Sheng teleported to the other side, a problem occurred with the Array on the other side. Obviously, he had done something.


It wasn’t difficult to understand why he would do this: It was because he wanted to hinder Yang Kai from pursuing him. But by doing this, he had ruined the rest of the Jiang Family members’ escape route.


How could everyone not be devastated when their Old Ancestor fled for his life, ignoring the lives of his clansmen?


Desperate, Jiang Lin looked at Yang Kai dispiritedly and said, “Alchemist Yang, since things have already reached this point, if you want to kill us, then do so. Do as you please!”


He still could be considered to have some backbone. He didn’t seem to have the intention of begging for mercy. On the contrary, he was requesting to be killed. It might be that his heart was already broken by his Old Ancestor’s conduct. He had already given up on continuing to live.


He might have such thoughts, but not the rest of the Jiang Family members.


After hearing Jiang Ling speak, the expression of a few Jiang Family Elders couldn’t help but momentarily change. The new generation leader of the Jiang Family, Jiang Chu He looked even more terrified. He hurriedly stepped forward and anxiously pleaded, gazing at Yang Kai with a flattering look on his face, “Alchemist Yang, this Jiang had eyes but failed to see and has offended Alchemist Yang. I ask Sir Alchemist Yang to be magnanimous and not care about someone like me. This Jiang has already seen his errors and repented. From now on, this Jiang will correct his ways. I would like to follow Alchemist Yang and serve him like a dog!”


“Oh!?” Yang Kai raised his brow, appearing to be a little interested.


“You filthy swine…” Jiang Lin, who had already suffered a mental blow, became dejected and dispirited again. After having been annoyed by Jiang Chu He again, his mood had grown even worse. He almost fainted. But he forcefully roused his spirit and angrily lashed out, tremblingly pointing at Jiang Chu He’s back, “You cowardly rat, you are a disgrace to Jiang Family!”


Jiang Chu He immediately turned back and lashed back, “Old fart, shut your trap! Even though the Old Ancestor has abandoned us, I don’t want to seek my own doom! I, Jiang Chu He, am still very young and have a prospective future. I don’t want to die without rhyme or reason! If you are still sensible, quickly offer yourself to Alchemist Yang. Alchemist Yang is kind and magnamious, he might just spare your lives.”


“Well said!” Yang Kai smiled lightly and, approvingly looking at Jiang Chu He, stated, “A wise man will submit to the circumstances, not bad!”


Jiang Chu He hurriedly turned around, and putting on a flattering look on his face, slightly bowed and responded with a flattering smile, “Alchemist Yang, you flatter me!”


“However, I really hate people who cling to life and fear death!” Yang Kai’s face grew colder all of a sudden.


Jiang Chu He’s smile immediately turned stiff.


“Okay, enough with this nonsense. I hadn’t planned on killing all of you, down to the last man. I just wanted to punish the culprit. But now that a blood feud has already been forged… all of you go in peace!” While speaking, Yang Kai’s face gradually grew colder as a killing intent swept everyone. He slowly stretched his hand out, pushing it toward the Jiang Family members.


The Jiang Family Origin Kings immediately turned pale. They instinctively wanted to resist but they suddenly realized they were completely unable to move no matter how hard they tried; the space around them seemed to have been frozen at some point. And not only that, but the energy in their meridians was also moving sluggishly. They were unable to circulate it.




Everyone’s face instantly turned ashen as they helplessly watched Yang Kai’s palm move ever closer to closing. An aura of death swept over everyone.


But right then, something strange happened!


The ground started violently rumbling and quaking all of a sudden. After a few moments, cracking sounds came from everywhere. They were extremely loud; it sounded as if the world was about to end.


Yang Kai’s expression immediately changed. He promptly spread his Divine Sense and when he noticed the changes around him, his figure instantly disappeared from where he stood, appearing by Mo Xiao Qi’s side the next moment. He didn’t even have the time to deal with the Jiang Family members.


Xiao Qi had already taken her Monster Beasts back in the Spirit Beast Pouches and happened to be floating in the air with a serious look on her face.


After seeing Yang Kai appear, she anxiously cried, “Big Brother Yang, it seems that…”


“I know, let’s go!” Yang Kai cut her off, pushed his Source Qi, wrapping her in and quickly fleeing into the distance.


Meanwhile, the Jiang Family members inside the cave were a little taken aback after having barely escaped with their lives.


Someone shouted something was wrong and everyone fled from the cave, one after another.


And when they arrived outside, each and everyone was dumbstruck by the sight before them.


The ground within a thousand kilometres of them was violently rising and falling like waves, as if something was erupting from underground. And along with the violent ups and downs of the ground, a series of sharp ravines suddenly appeared before everyone, spanning endlessly.


More importantly, pitch-black auras were slowly rising from these ravines.


Soon after, these further branched into black snakes-like things, wafting in every direction.


The world was quickly flooded by these.


In their momentary loss of wits, the Jiang Family members were surrounded by this pitch-black aura.


“What is this!?” a Jiang Family Elder cried in shock. He was getting a disturbing feeling from this black aura. That feeling seemed to provoke all kinds of negative emotions buried deep in his heart. In the blink of an eye, his eyes turned red as his breathing became short.


“Demon Qi!”






The Jiang Family members screamed. They promptly circulated their energy, trying to cast every escaping technique in their arsenal. However, it was already too late! Those black snake-like things immediately swarmed toward them, like they were alive, tightly surrounding everyone at once.


The defensive Source Qi of the Jiang Family cultivators couldn’t stop the erosion of these black auras. In just a short while, it was riddled with holes as black auras made their way in, seeping into their bodies through their mouths, noses, eyes, and ears.


In just a short while, heart-rending screams drowned every sound. The Jiang Family members seemed to be suffering unimaginable torture and pain.


But after a while, these screams abruptly stopped.


In the world shrouded in black Qi, the Jiang Family cultivators stood back up. But at this moment, their aura was completely different from before. Everyone was surrounded by black mist and had an inexplicable evil smile hanging on their faces, their eyes reddish black. It looked extremely horrifying.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


At a certain place, the ground suddenly blew up by a violent force as a huge hole appeared on the ground. The next moment, a vigorous figure jumped out of that hole.


The figure landed on the ground and exercised its hands and feet a little as crisp, popping noises rang from it. The figure cracked its neck again as it broke into a peal of evil laughter.


If Yang Kai was still here, he would have surely recognized this figure as it was none other than the Jiang Family Old Ancestor, Jiang Tai Sheng, who had just fled like a stray dog.


However, in this short period, Jiang Tai Sheng’s injuries seemed to have healed. Not only that, the aura radiating from him was stronger than before, as if he had made huge advancement.


And this wasn’t just limited to him. It was the same for all the Jiang Family members.


After everyone had been infected by the black Qi, they had changed. Their aura and strength had made tremendous progress.


Jiang Tai Sheng stood for a while before swooshing sounds suddenly came from behind him. One after another, figures jumped out of the hole and neatly stood behind him. They didn’t utter a single word. It was extremely strange and eerie.


All of these figures were Jiang Family cultivators and mine slaves who had been demonized in the mine earlier.


Jiang Tai Sheng looked around as an extremely satisfied look appeared on his face. The next moment, he looked up and howled.


His howl went straight to the sky. Meanwhile, the pitch-black Demon Qi appeared to be summoned in some way as it gathered and formed a black tornado, rising toward the sky as if it would pierce through the sky.


In the distance, Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi, who were fleeing at full speed, looked back after hearing this howl. Their expressions couldn’t help but change.


“Dammit!” Yang Kai cried in shock. “Who knows what the Jiang Family has done this time. I’m afraid Maplewood City is going to be destroyed!”


“If my guess is right, it should be the Demon Qi of an Ancient Great Demon!” Mo Xiao Qi replied.


“Ancient Great Demon!?” Yang Kai furrowed his brow.


“Mhmm. In Ancient Times, humans, monsters, demons, and other races were all prosperous. They all ruled the Star Boundary, but with the change of times, races were replaced, one after another. Finally, our human race became the ruler of the Star Boundary and has ruled it to this day because of our huge population and many masters, suppressing other races. However, that doesn’t mean that the other races have been destroyed. They have been living in some hidden places in the Star Boundary, thriving in their own territory, but they rarely show up. Today’s Demon Race is one of them, but they are completely different from the Ancient Great Demons. Only the pure Demon Qi of an Ancient Great Demon can demonize other living beings and transform them into members of the Demon Race!”



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