Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2073, Forcing His Way In


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“There is something like this in the world!?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.


“An Ancient Great Demon’s Demon Qi or an Ancient Great Demon’s body was sealed in that mine… Ahh! How did the Jiang Family discover this place? And even broke the seal!?” Mo Xiao Qi’s pretty face distorted in anger.


“I guess that the Pure Heart Jade in the mine didn’t naturally come into being, but was there because of the seal!” Yang Kai was absorbed in his thoughts.


The greatest effect of the Pure Heart Jade was to purify the heart, so it was a natural bane to the evil Demon Qi. Perhaps… a long, long time ago, some ancient master might have used a huge amount of Pure Heart Jade to lay a seal underground. Unfortunately, years of mining by the people sent by the Jiang Family must have broken this seal, finally liberating the Demon Qi.


“I hope it’s the former. If it’s the latter…” Mo Xiao Qi stopped talking.


“What will happen?” asked Yang Kai.


Mo Xiao Qi looked at him with a grave look in her eyes and replied, “It would mean that the Ancient Great Demon has a good chance of resurrecting. If that’s the case, I’m afraid that the Ten Great Emperors would have to personally make a move. Only they would be able to eradicate it.”


Yang Kai’s face suddenly turned gloomy after hearing this.


“The Demon Qi has dispersed!” Mo Xiao Qi seemed to have noticed something at the moment and tenderly shouted.


Yang Kai calmly took a look back and noticed that it was indeed as Mo Xiao Qi had said. The vast Demon Qi covering thousands of kilometres of area disappeared in all directions as if it was controlled by someone. The billowing Demon Qi scattered away with unstoppable momentum, scattered about in a mess.


There was a village at the foot of the barren mountain near the mine.


But as the Demon Qi swept by it, painful screams were heard coming from the village, one after another.


And when the Demon Qi disappeared, figures wrapped in black aura stood up from every corner of the village, one after another.


Immediately after, all of them stared at the fleeing Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi before pursuing after them.


These ordinary people, who had never cultivated, sported physical strength that wasn’t in any way inferior to wild beasts. Although they might not be able to catch up with Yang Kai, they still showed no signs of letting up.


“Sir…” Right then, a weak cry came from Zhang Ruo Xi, who was in Yang Kai’s arms.


“Are you awake!?” Yang Kai looked down and saw Zhang Ruo Xi looking right at him. After her rest, her pretty face that was previously pale seemed to have regained a little of its complexion. Yang Kai hurriedly pushed his Source Qi, coursing it through her body. After confirming that she was in no serious trouble, he was finally relieved.


“Sir, please save my Zhang Family,” begged Zhang Ruo Xi. “They don’t know anything about the situation here, and if they aren’t informed…”


Yang Kai furrowed his brow after hearing this. But soon, he agreed with a nod, “Alright, I will take a trip to the Zhang Family!”


“Thank you, Sir!” Zhang Ruo Xi gratefully thanked Yang Kai.


“Big Brother Zhang, I think it will be better if we move separately!” Mo Xiao Qi suddenly proposed. “You go to that Zhang Family, while I go to Maplewood City to inform Sir City Lord to take precautions. Otherwise, when the Demon Qi invades Maplewood City, it will be too late.”


“I guess you are right.” Yang Kai nodded his agreement. He was thinking the same. And now that Mo Xiao Qi herself had proposed it, it couldn’t be any better. “You better be careful. I will rush back to Maplewood City as soon as possible. Then, we will get far away from here!”


“Mhmm,” Mo Xiao Qi repeatedly nodded before she circulated her energy as she shot straight toward Maplewood City, leaving a long trail behind her.


Yang Kai immediately sped up after she left.


After the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, Yang Kai had arrived at the Zhang Family manor.


At this moment, the sun had just started rising. However, the orphans and widows of the Zhang Family were already up. Signs of activity could be seen in the manor.


When Yank Kai arrived, the only two men of the Zhang Family, the fat and thin cultivators, happened to be sparring in an open space. Both of them had similar cultivation, they were on par with each other. While they were locked in a heated battle, a flash of light blinded their eyes as a figure suddenly appeared.


The fat and thin cultivators were greatly taken aback. They immediately stepped back and shouted, “Who are you?”


But the next moment, a happy look appeared on the fat cultivator’s face. He looked pleasantly surprised as he stated, “Well, it’s our saviour!”


“And Ruo Xi too!” The thin cultivator seeing Zhang Ruo Xi, who was being gently put down by Yang Kai, greeted with enthusiasm.


Since Yang Kai saved the Zhang Family from extermination, the Zhang Family had been grateful to Yang Kai. And seeing him here, they were naturally filled with joy.


“Second Brother, Third Brother…” Zhang Ruo Xi’s pretty face flushed red. She seemed a little apologetic and hurriedly greeted them.


“You can chat with each other first, I will go talk to your grandmother!” After dropping this sentence, his figure flickered before he disappeared all of sudden.


“He seems to be in a hurry. What’s up?” The fat cultivator instinctively noticed something wrong. He worriedly looked at Zhang Ruo Xi and asked, “Is there something wrong?”


“It’s like this.” Zhang Ruo Xi also knew that it wasn’t time to reminisce. So, she quickly recounted the things about the mine.


The fat and thin cultivator turned pale after hearing this.


At this moment, they heard the Zhang Family’s Matriarch’s voice and their expression turned grave. After excusing themselves, they hurried toward the manor.


After the time it takes to enjoy half the cup of tea, a beautiful boat suddenly rose from the Zhang Family manor and shot toward Maplewood City.


The Zhang Family was few in number. They only had a dozen or so people, that’s all. Except for the fat and thin cultivators, everyone else was a woman. Moreover, their cultivation realms were completely different. In order to speed things up, Yang Kai could only summon the boat artifact and flew them toward Maplewood City together.


Fortunately, there weren’t that many of them. Otherwise, things would have taken longer. Furthermore, it was great that the Zhang Family’s Matriarch did not doubt Yang Kai either. After learning about the seriousness of the matter, she decisively followed Yang Kai and left Zhang Family’s centuries-old home without a moment of hesitation.


The old woman already had one foot in the grave. Naturally, she knew that as long as her family could live, they would always have the chance to make a comeback, but if no one was left alive, their family would really be over.


As long as her family was safe and sound, who cared about a centuries-old home?


The distance of three hundred kilometres was covered in a moment.


At the city gate, the expression of the cultivators guarding the gate suddenly changed when they saw a ship flying over. One of the First-Order Origin Kings took a deep breath and shouted at the top of his voice, “Who is it? Any use of flight-type artifacts in Maplewood City is banned. Please disembark as soon as possible!”


But they didn’t get any response from the ship.


Seeing the ship coming closer and closer, a serious look appeared on all the guards’ faces. Just when they were preparing to attack the ship to defend Maplewood City, an overwhelming pressure suddenly came from the ship.


“Dao Source Realm!” The First-Order Origin King was shocked and his knees almost touched the ground. As for the others, their cultivation was far worse than his, so they fared even worse.


In their momentary lapse in concentration, the ship had rushed straight into Maplewood City at an extremely fast speed.


“Who is so bold that he actually dares to use a flight-type artifact in the city so imposingly!”


“Are they tired of living?”


“Where are the people of the City Lord’s Mansion? Why don’t they teach him a lesson?”


“What a joke!? There is a Dao Source Realm master on the ship. Apart from the two Vice City Lord and Sir City Lord, who can stop him?”


For a moment, the cultivators in the city began to whisper with each other, looking at the sky.


In normal times, Yang Kai would not be so ostentatious. But now they were pressed for time. And he had the orphans and widows of the Zhang Family with him. He had no choice.


Bad news travels fast. Soon, the news about someone ignoring the rules of Maplewood City and driving a flight-type artifact straight into the city reached the ears of every major family in the city. Everyone was amazed by this.


At this moment, Yang Kai had already flown the ship to the Spirit Pill Plaza.


Naturally, he came here to inform Kang Si Ran.


In the entire Maplewood City, he was only close to Kang Si Ran and Mo Xiao Qi. Now that Maplewood City was facing a disaster, it was natural to notify the other party.


“Just stay here and don’t move. I have already turned on the ship’s defences. I will be back in a second.” After having talked with the Zhang Family, he hurriedly got out of the ship.


Meanwhile, Kang Si Ran also happened to have noticed the movements outside and walked out of the Spirit Pill Plaza.


The moment he saw Yang Kai, Kang Si Ran’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets. He pointed at Yang Kai and cried in surprise, “Brother… Brother Yang, you…”


He thought that he was seeing a ghost!


After all, when the Yuan Furnace Mountain collapsed, there was no sign of Yang Kai. Later, he also inquired about Yang Kai’s whereabouts. He knew that the Raging Fire Temple had searched the collapsed Yuan Furnace Mountain for two months, but they found nothing.


And he still hadn’t heard of Yang Kai even after six months.


Kang Si Ran took it as Yang Kai having died at the Yuan Furnace Mountain.


But now, Yang Kai had magically appeared in front of him. How could Kang Si Ran not be surprised!


But soon, a relieved expression appeared on Kang Si Ran’s face as if his heart was free from some burden. He walked up to Yang Kai in hurried steps, tightly grabbed his arm with one hand and ruthlessly patted Yang Kai’s shoulder with the other. Meanwhile, he sized up Yang Kai from top to bottom as he spoke, “Good! Good! Heaven is really just. It helps the good. Brother Yang, now I can finally rest easy!”


Speaking of which, Kang Si Ran was feeling quite guilty these days because he took Yang Kai to the Yuan Furnace Mountain. But after the accident at the Yuan Furnace Mountain, he returned safe and sound while Yang Kai died there.


During these six months, Kang Si Ran was riddled with guilt whenever he recalled it. He felt that he had harmed Yang Kai and often couldn’t sleep and couldn’t cultivate in peace either.


But now, the source of his nightmares and guilt that had been troubling him all day had come back unscathed. He naturally felt lighter.


Yang Kai brow twitched. He immediately understood the change in Kang Si Ran’s psyche. But he couldn’t explain much either.


“Brother Yang, you…” Kang Si Ran looked askance at the exquisite ship floating above the Spirit Pill Plaza. He had no idea why Yang Kai was causing trouble like this.



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  1. I wonder if yk is going to turn disaster into opportunity again. I have a wild guess that he is going to gain a lot using his demon transformation.
    Any way i appreciate your hard work here guys. Keep it up. We are so addicted to mp so pls never ever stop the translation.

  2. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how Yang Kai messes up everything everywhere he goes? I like how the author puts the blame on the Jiang family for doing the mining, but Yang Kai’s act of killing is what actually unleashed the Grand Demon.
    In this universe, if you want to live, be nice to Yang Kai and then run far away afterwards.

  3. Silavin, or somelne else who knows it, could you pls make like a legend fo all the chinese time phrases (half a cup of tea’s time… Incense stick worth if time…the time it takes to make a cup of tea…and so on) and then write how long it is? Cuz everytime i read it, I’m just like “oh, ok some certain amount of time seems to have passed rn” xd
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    1. They’re common-enough phrases in wuxia & xianxia novels, but if I’m remembering correctly they’re supposed to be approximately five minutes (tea) and 15-30 minutes (incense).

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