Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2074, Endlessly Pestering


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Brother Kang, we are in big trouble,” Yang Kai stated in a low voice and with a grim look on his face.


“What’s happened?” Kang Si Ran’s face immediately changed. He had caught a clue from Yang Kai’s grim look and asked anxiously.


“It’s like this…” Yang Kai quickly explained what happened in the mine, and added, “Brother Kang, quickly pack your things and leave Maplewood City with me!”


“How is this possible? How can there be an Ancient Great Demon’s pure Demon Qi in the vicinity of Maplewood City?” Kang Si Ran lost his wits. He simply couldn’t believe what he was hearing.


Had it not been Yang Kai, he would have taken it as nothing more than a joke and laughed it off. But this news came straight from Yang Kai. He couldn’t help but give it a thought.


“We don’t have the time to think.” Yang Kai worriedly looked back, gazing at the sky outside the city. As if he sensed it, his expression slightly changed as he hurriedly shouted, “Brother Kan, I’ll take a trip to the City Lord’s Mansion. I will be back soon, and we will leave at once!”


Immediately after, he utilized his Space Force and teleported inside the city.


As Kang Si Ran was beside himself, he didn’t think much about it. He immediately turned around and rushed straight into the Spirit Pill Plaza.


The next moment, the entire Spirit Pill Plaza broke into hysteria.


The City Lord’s Mansion was located right at the centre of Maplewood City. Yang Kai had gone in there with Kang Si Ran to participate in the auction last time, so he was familiar with the path.


He was going to the City Lord’s Mansion not to inform anyone, but to find Mo Xiao Qi.


Judging by the amount of time that passed, Mo Xiao Qi should have already explained the situation to the people of City Lord’s Mansion. But she was still nowhere to be found.


Yang Kai had no choice but to go there himself and bring Mo Xiao Qi with him.


Along the way, he took out the Sound Bead given to him by Mo Xiao Qi before, and pouring his Divine Sense into it, sent a message.


Unfortunately, Mo Xiao Qi wasn’t responding.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow. He put away the Sound Bead and increased his speed.


After a short while, he arrived at the City Lord’s Mansion. He unscrupulously swept the entire compound with his Divine Sense and found Mo Xiao Qi’s whereabouts at once.


Mo Xiao Qi happened to be in a side hall of the City Lord’s Mansion. There seemed to be a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator with her. However, Yang Kai was not familiar with his aura. He had no idea who it was.


The Space Force fluctuated around Yang Kai and he appeared in the side hall straight away.


Yang Kai looked around and immediately noticed an old man with grey-white skin standing before Mo Xiao Qi. She was reporting something in an agitated manner. But the old man just stood there with his hands behind his back. He appeared indifferent to it.


The old man instantly noticed Yang Kai as soon as he appeared and quickly looked at him. Two beams suddenly shot out from his dull eyes and fell on Yang Kai. The next moment, he looked surprised.


Because the old man realized that Yang Kai was actually a Dao Source Realm master completely unfamiliar to him!


This was rare in Maplewood City.


“Big Brother Yang!” Mo Xiao Qi, on the other hand, was overjoyed and immediately greeted as if she had found a saviour.


“Are you done?” Yang Kai hurriedly asked.


Mo Xiao Qi looked infuriated after hearing this. She pointed at the grey-skinned old man and stated, stamping her feet, “Vice City Lord Zhuang didn’t believe what I said at all. I’m arguing with him.”


“He doesn’t believe you!?” Yang Kai frowned.


But hearing what Mo Xiao Qi said, Yang Kai also came to know who this grey-skinned old man was.


Maplewood City Vice Lord, Zhuang Pan! He too was in the First-Order Dao Source Realm.


Maplewood City had a City Lord and two Vice City Lords. The City Lord was naturally Duan Yuan Shan, who was in the Second-Order Dao Source Realm. And of the two Vice City Lords, one of them hosted the auction, the Drunkard. He was unreasonable and had a strange temper. And the other one was Zhuang Pan before him.


Even though he and Drunkard were only in the First-Order Dao Source Realm, he had been immersed in the same realm for many years. And it was very possible that he would make a breakthrough anytime.


Today, he might’ve been on duty in the City Lord’s Mansion. So, after Mo Xiao Qi came here, she didn’t have to spend much effort to meet him. Unfortunately, Zhuang Pan didn’t believe Mo Xiao Qi. No matter what Mo Xiao Qi said and how severe the situation she described it to be, he remained completely indifferent! Instead, he looked askance at Mo Xiao Qi, suspecting if she was planning something.


This was really making Mo Xiao Qi worried.


She voluntarily came to the City Lord’s Mansion to inform about the leaking Demon Qi out of kindness. She couldn’t bear to see so many cultivators in Maplewood City to be infected by the Demon Qi. She didn’t have any selfish intentions but Zhuang Pan’s attitude had made her cheek a little hot. She felt wronged.


“Friend, how should I call you? I haven’t seen you before!” Against Yang Kai, Zhuang Pan’s expression finally became more solemn. After all, Yang Kai’s cultivation wasn’t something he could ignore.


“Yang Kai, greetings Vice City Lord Zhuang!” Yang Kai cupped his fist at him. And before he could say anything, Yang Kai continued, “What my friend just said wasn’t a lie, she is speaking the truth. I have seen it with my own eyes. The City Lord’s Mansion needs to make preparations. I ask Vice City Lord Zhuang to quickly discuss it with Sir City Lord about countermeasures. If you delay, I’m afraid it will be too late. I have already said everything. Let’s go!”


Having finished his piece, Yang Kai, without giving any face to Zhuang Pan, pulled Mo Xiao Qi to leave.


Seeing this, Zhuang Pan’s face immediately fell. He looked very displeased.


And right then, a First-Order Origin King suddenly ran in. He appeared to be in panic. He immediately shouted the moment he came in, “Reporting to Sir Vice City Lord, a ship just now ignored the city’s rule of no flying and forced their way in. A Dao Source Realm master was aboard, so we were unable to stop it. I ask Sir Vice City Lord to take charge!”


“Ship!? Dao Source Realm!?” Zhuang Pan’s pupils involuntarily shrank after hearing this. He immediately turned his gaze at the departing back of Yang Kai and fiercely shouted, “Friend, wait a moment!?”


Just as he said this, he vigorously circulated his Source Qi and arrived behind Yang Kai like a ghost with a flicker. Immediately after, he reached out to smack Yang Kai’s shoulder.


Sensing the movement behind him, Yang Kai promptly pushed away Mo Xiao Qi, and turning around, stretched his hand out to receive Zhuang Pan’s oncoming palm.


*BANG…* Followed by a deafening bang, the World Energy undulated as a violent gale of wind ravaged the hall.


Yang Kai stood still as a mountain but Zhuang Pan, on the other hand, was forced to take a step back. His face looked gloomier than before.


“What do you want to do?” Yang Kai straightened his body and angrily glared at Zhuang Pan. His eyes flickered with a cold gleam.


Zhuang Pan was agitated. Nonetheless, he was a Dao Source Realm master. He took a deep breath and calmed himself before he quickly replied, “Friend, as the Vice City Lord of Maplewood City, this Zhuang has the right to govern the affairs of the city. I think you have heard what this guard just reported. This Zhuang would like to know…”


“That ship indeed belongs to me,” Yang Kai didn’t wait for him to finish and promptly replied.


“Friend, you sure have guts!” Zhuang Pan blew his top after hearing this. “No flying is allowed inside Maplewood City, or any flight-type artifact, for that matter. Nobody can break this rule. Friend, since you have ignored the City Lord’s Mansion’s directive, this Zhuang Pan has no choice but to ask you to give me an explanation.”


Before Yang Kai could respond, the nearby Mo Xiao Qi angrily stamped her foot and rebuked, “You are really interesting. The leaking Demon Qi is about to reach Maplewood City but you want to look at Big Brother Yang’s ship? Do you really not care about millions of lives in Maplewood City?”


Zhuang Pan narrowed his eyes as he coldly snorted and countered, “Whether this matter is true or false remains to be seen. How can this Zhuang believe you just because you say so? But this friend has indeed broken the rules of Maplewood City. I’m afraid he can’t leave just like this? If you want to leave, you have to get this Zhuang’s permission first.”


“Who cares about the rules in the face of impending doom?” Yang Kai angrily laughed. “Xiao Qi, you don’t need to waste your words on him. We have already given them the news. It’s their choice to believe it or not. When the residents of Maplewood City are annihilated, he would be haunted by millions of ghosts day and night. Let’s go!”


Mo Xiao Qi nodded. She glared at Zhuang Pan before chasing after Yang Kai.


“This King said, if Your Excellency wants to leave, you will have to get this King’s permission first!” Zhuang Pan angrily shouted. Suddenly, a small pagoda-like artifact appeared in his hand. He immediately poured his Source Qi into it as the pagoda slowly started rotating and flew toward Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi.


While flying, the pagoda suddenly grew bigger, reaching the height of several hundred meters all of a sudden. Its bottom, which was completely dark and surrounded by Principles, instantly pressed down on Yang Kai and Mo Xiao Qi.


Judging by its momentum, it seemed that they were going to be completely suppressed by this pagoda.


“Dao Source Grade artifact!” Yang Kai’s pupils, sensing the powerful energy radiating from the pagoda, involuntarily shrunk. He immediately blew his top.


He grit his teeth and took out a light blue ball before pouring his Source Qi into it.


That light blue ball wasn’t that big, just the size of a longan. But as Yang Kai poured his Source Qi into it, a flickering electric arc suddenly appeared inside the ball, causing the hairs to stand at their roots’ end.


Mo Xiao Qi suddenly started at the ball in astonishment. A soft cry of surprise even escaped from her mouth. She seemed to have been extremely surprised.


At this time, that pulsating electric arc in the ball shot outside, swimming like a fish. It shot straight toward the pressing tall pagoda, leaving crackling noises.


Zhuang Pan couldn’t help but sneer at the sight of this. His eyes were filled with disdain and contempt. He immediately formed a few hand seals as that big and tall pagoda grew bigger the next moment.




The electric arc struck the tall pagoda and disappeared into it in the next moment. The tall pagoda didn’t launch any counters!


Zhuang Pan broke into laughter and teased, “Friend, your move has really… opened my eyes!”


However, Yang Kai stood calmly in his place, responding with just a sneer.


Seeing his weird reaction, Zhuang Pan’s heart suddenly started pounding. A bad feeling rose in his heart.


Before he could grasp what just Yang Kai did, crackling noises suddenly came from inside the pressing tall pagoda. The next moment, the tall pagoda was surrounded by dancing dense and dazzling lightning arcs. Meanwhile, the glow emanating from the pagoda had dimmed.


The moment that lightning arc flashed, Zhuang Pan looked as if he was struck by lightning. He instantly turned pale as he spurted a mouthful of blood and his aura took a huge dive while he blurted out in shock, “How is this possible?”



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