Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2122, Broken


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


This time, Yang Kai and Qin Zhao Yang didn’t go far before they realized that a Dao Source Realm level master was coming.


It should be the helper invited by the two Azure Sun Temple disciples before.


They arrived extremely quickly, and there were more than one. There were four or five people, and the leader was at the Second-Order Dao Source Realm level.


Yang Kai waited quietly and didn’t move forward. Qin Zhao Yang also looked down and looked uneasy.


After a while, a bright light flashed, and a group of cultivators appeared in front of the two of them.


“Deacon Tao, these two guys trespassed into our Azure Sun Mountain Range, and they also ranted loudly. Senior Brother and I lost and retreated. Look, that guy still has the Senior Brother’s sword in his hand!”


The fat junior brother and the blue-faced senior brother who had appeared before were also among these people. As soon as they appeared, the fat junior brother started to dance about in front of an elderly man to explain, while pointing to Yang Kai.


The elderly man looked like he was about fifty years old. His hair was half white, and his figure was not tall, but his eyes were gleaming with capability.


This person should be the Deacon Tao that the fat junior brother talked about.


A Second-Order Dao Source Realm level cultivator only played the role of Deacon in the Azure Sun Temple. Therefore, those that are Elders of the Sect must be much more powerful cultivators.


Yang Kai deduced.


After the fat junior brother finished speaking, the blue-faced senior brother yelled, “Hey, country bumpkin, return my Senior Brother’s artifact, or you will know what happens to you…”


Yang Kai’s mouth twitched.


He didn’t have the intention to take the opponent’s artifact as his own. This long sword was just an Origin King Grade High-Rank artifact. The reason he held it in his hand was to wait to see this blue-faced man again, then give it back to him when he saw him.


However, the manner in which the other party spoke left him in a dilemma. Even if he returned it, he would still be in the wrong.


Returning it seemed too cowardly, but not returning it was an obvious provocation… This made Yang Kai’s head ache, and he couldn’t wait to go forward and tear the blue-faced man’s mouth off.


“Don’t be rude!” Fortunately, Deacon Tao seemed to be a sensible person. He did not blindly believe in his own sect disciple. It was estimated that he also knew about how the fat junior brother and the blue senior brother were a bit different from ordinary people.


While speaking, he glanced lightly at Yang Kai and Qin Zhao Yang. He suddenly had a thought.


Although the cultivation of the two being First-Order Dao Source Realm and not high, it was not very low either compared with outside cultivators.


“About what happened, this Deacon already knows. I don’t know what the two of you have to say?” Deacon Tao said.


Qin Zhao Yang hurriedly cupped his fists and said, “The master of Maplewood City Qin Family, Qin Zhao Yang, greets Deacon Tao. Brother Yang and I took the liberty to come to Azure Sun Temple, not to provoke trouble, but to ask for help. The two disciples suddenly took the initiative, so Brother Yang and I were forced to be helpless and could only defend. Deacon Tao, please understand!”


“Maplewood City…” Deacon Tao, upon hearing this, suddenly furrowed his brows and frowned. He said lightly, “Recently, this Deacon seems to often hear the words ‘Maplewood City’…”


The other two Dao Source Realm cultivators standing next to him also gently nodded.


First, Divine Spirit Luan Feng appeared in Clear Jade Mountain near Maplewood City, and then, the seal of the ancient demon was broken, and Demon Qi was released. Also…


These things were not secrets, and those who were interested could naturally find out.


“What happened to Maplewood City?” Deacon Tao was surprised and asked. He thought Yang Kai and Qin Zhao Yang were messengers from Maplewood City asking for help.


Hearing what he said, Qin Zhao Yang immediately understood. The other party didn’t know why he came, obviously because the fat Junior Brother and the blue-faced Senior Brother didn’t explain it.


Qin Zhao Yang said, “It’s not that Maplewood City had an accident. I am here for a private matter.”


“Private matter?” Deacon Tao heard the words. Slightly frowned, and asked, “Do you know someone in the Azure Sun Temple?”


“No.” Qin Zhao Yang shook his head.


“Then are you here to join my Azure Sun Temple?” Deacon Tao asked again.




Deacon Tao suddenly became impatient. At this moment, the fat junior brother leaned over, attached to Deacon Tao’s ear, and whispered.


A cold light flashed in Deacon Tao’s eyes, staring at the two opposite people, and nodding. “So, that’s how it is. Shameless boasting! No wonder they would attack you.”


After a pause, he continued, “It’s not easy for you to cultivate to the Dao Source Realm, and it’s the first offence. Leave one arm each and we’ll let you go!”


Qin Zhao Yang’s body shook, his eyes widened, and he looked at him incredulously.


Yang Kai frowned and secretly felt that things were a little difficult to handle. Although Deacon Tao’s thinking was more normal, and the way he acted was also straightforward, he didn’t give them a chance to explain at all.


Seeing the look of the two of them, Deacon Tao chuckled lightly. “What’s wrong? Reluctant? If you are reluctant, this Deacon doesn’t mind helping you!”


“Deacon Tao!” Yang Kai shouted abruptly.


“What else do you want to say?” Deacon Tao cast his gaze on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai chuckled and said, “Could it be that Deacon Tao knew we asked to see your noble Temple’s Temple Master Wen, so he wanted us to cut our arms? What kind of order is this? To think Azure Sun Temple shows this level of hospitality? The top sect in the Southern Territory, we’ve really never seen anything like it!”


His tone of sarcasm made everyone on the other side glare at him.


Deacon Tao even sneered and said, “You trespass into my Azure Sun Mountain Range, this Deacon can take your life. I don’t even want your life. You should be grateful and leave. If you are any more verbose, you don’t have to go.”


He looked confident.


Not surprisingly, he was a Second-Order Dao Source Realm. With Yang Kai and Qin Zhao Yang’s First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, Deacon Tao did not think they were his opponents. What’s more, there were two more companions in the First-Order Dao Source Realm beside him.


Yang Kai said, “Just because of our request?”




“This is strange. Does the noble temple’s rules say that outsiders are not allowed to see Temple Master Wen?”


“Naturally not, but… What qualifications do you have to ask for Temple Master Wen?”


The Azure Sun Temple Temple Master, Wen Zi Shan, was a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master who deserved his title. As a figure standing at the top of the Martial Dao, he was not someone that could be met casually. If one wanted to see him, they had to at least be Emperor Realm. Yang Kai and Qin Zhao Yang, two First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivators… it was simply an insult to have them ask to see the Temple Master himself!


This was like a sloppy beggar who wanted to see the noble emperor of a country. Those guards would naturally rather kill the beggar than let them stain the eyes of the emperor.


“Since Brother Qin and I came here from a far off land, naturally there is a reason to speak with Temple Master Wen.” Yang Kai quickly said, “Why not, Deacon Tao, please report the matter to Temple Master Wen. As for seeing us… If he doesn’t want to see us, that is for Sir Temple Master to decide.”


“Impudence! Sir Temple Master has things to do. How can he meet little people like you!?” Deacon Tao snorted coldly.


Yang Kai looked at him with interest, and said, “What Deacon Tao said… Could it be because you can’t see Temple Master Wen either?”


After speaking, without waiting for him to deny it, Yang Kai looked enlightened. He muttered to himself, “Yes, with Deacon Tao’s status, I am afraid it is not so easy to meet Temple Master Wen. How about this Deacon Tao? You go and report to an elder or a guard stationed close to him, and have them report to Temple Master Wen.”


“The way this Deacon acts is not for you to dictate!” Deacon Tao was enraged out of shame. Obviously, Yang Kai was right.


Yang Kai was unmoved, and said lightly, “Deacon Tao, I came here with Brother Qin. Not only are there reasons to beg to see Temple Master Wen, but also things he needs to hear! Are you sure you want to drive us out of Azure Sun Mountain Range?”


Upon Deacon Tao hearing this, his eyes couldn’t help but shrink.


Yang Kai was too calm, which was definitely not something that a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator should be in such a situation. It seemed that Sir Temple Master would really meet them.


If they really brought any important information to Sir Temple Master, and they were stopped here by him… If he drove them out and waited until Sir Temple Master Sir knew about it… He could damage their relationship…


Considering all this, Deacon Tao suppressed the unhappiness in his heart. He opened his mouth and said, “What do you have for Sir Temple Master Sir to hear? Let’s hear it. If what you said is true and important enough, this Deacon will take you.”


Yang Kai, hearing this, took a look at Qin Zhao Yang.


Qin Zhao Yang knew that this was the deciding factor and that proof had to be taken out, otherwise they would not be allowed to enter the gate of Azure Sun Temple.


He stretched out his hand to take out the Jade Beauty Beggar Token from the Space Ring, used a little strength, and threw it towards Deacon Tao, saying, “Sir Deacon only needs to transfer this to Temple Master Wen, and he will understand. “


When he said this, although Qin Zhao Yang was still calm, he was praying in secret, praying that the Master he met back then was not joking with him. If the Jade Beauty Beggar Token did not work, then he was afraid that Yang Kai and himself were doomed.


“What is this?” Deacon Tao reached out his hand to take the token and looked at it carefully in the palm of his hand.


The other two Dao Source Realm cultivators also leaned in and took a look.


Soon, Deacon Tao’s face changed. From the initial surprise to the puzzlement, he was shocked, angry, and sternly shouted, “Bold! Thinking that if you just carve a nondescript token, you can deceive this Deacon? You must still be sleeping! Wake up!”


Deacon Tao’s reaction was completely unexpected by Yang Kai.


Anyone who saw this token would be suspicious. When Yang Kai first saw the Jade Beauty Beggar Token, he too didn’t take this token seriously. He only knew about its uniqueness after experimenting with it. He concluded that this was created in the hands of a Master, and a Master beyond his imagination.


Such an expert had no reason to play around with Qin Zhao Yang, a Dao Source Realm cultivator. So, Yang Kai concluded that this token must be real, it must be symbolizing some kind of identity or status!


So he smiled confidently. “Deacon Tao, although this token is a bit weird, it is not something I am capable of crafting. It is by a Great Master. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand it. But I strongly believe Temple Master Sir will understand it!”


“Good, good, good! You two bastards, you think that this Deacon is so easy to sweet talk to? I don’t know if you will think so after your limbs and scalp have been cut off!” Deacon Tao’s face suddenly became sullen. The hand holding the token shook fiercely.


Then, a shocking scene happened.





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