Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2123, Projection


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation QC: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Jade Beauty Beggar Token, which was unscathed by Yang Kai’s brute strength and could not be damaged by Qin Zhao Yang by any means, was casually crushed into four or five pieces in Deacon Tao’s hands!




Yang Kai was transfixed, with his eyes staring ahead blankly while his mind was full of chaos.


Qin Zhao Yang was beside himself, staring ahead with his jaw dropped and eyes wide opened.


“Heh…” Deacon Tao sneered and tossed the fragments. “This Deacon can easily carve a few hundred pieces of this rubbish. How can such rubbish be used as a token? It must be the biggest joke in the world! You two scums, what else can you say?”


“Brother Qin…” Yang Kai spoke in a low voice, turned to look at him, and said, “What’s going on?”


He expected Qin Zhao Yang to give him a reasonable explanation.


Qin Zhao Yang, however, did not respond, as if he had lost his soul, standing there ludicrously.


“We were tricked…” Yang Kai wailed and scolded the so-called ‘senior expert’ deep inside his heart!


Of all times, the token just had to be broken when it was in the hands of Deacon Tao. Obviously, the power inside of the token had disappeared. Otherwise, with the strength of Deacon Tao, it would be impossible to destroy the Jade Beauty Beggar Token!


Now that the token has been broken, the pledge was gone, and the both of them were speechless.


Yang Kai was already considering whether he should leave the Southern Territory after escaping from the Azure Sun Mountain Range, otherwise being targeted by a huge Sect, given his strength, he would be in trouble.


“Listen to my order, fellow disciples. Follow this Deacon and kill these two treacherous scumbags on the spot, show them the might of our temple!” Deacon Tao commanded eagerly.


The two First-Order Dao Source Realm responded and pounced forward aggressively. The fat Junior Brother and the green-faced Senior Brother seemed to have found a good opportunity for revenge, they followed the attack closely despite the difference in their realm cultivation!


“Brother Qin, run!” Yang Kai shouted.


But Qin Zhao Yang was rooted to the ground, with his lips moving slowly and muttering to himself, as if he had lost his mind: “It’s broken, it’s broken…”


It seemed that this recent incident had hit him quite hard.


What was broken in front of him was not only a piece of token, but also the only hope to save Qin Yu’s life!


In the nick of time, an inexplicable force suddenly appeared out of nowhere.


Time seemed to be frozen at this moment.


In the sky, clouds rose and wind surged, lightning flashed and thunder roared.


A rhythm of energy waved leisurely from the layers of clouds in the sky……


In that instant, Yang Kai Qin Zhao Yang, Deacon Tao and others felt a terrifying pressure.


Not only them, but even all the cultivators within the Azure Sun Mountain Range could feel it. All of them trembled in horror due to the pressure…



“This is…” At the Azure Sun Mountain Range’s Main Peak, inside of a palace, a middle-aged man wearing a purple shirt, who seemed to be around forty years old and was originally in retreat to cultivate some secret technique, opened his eyes immediately at the moment that the pressure fell. His eyes were full of brilliance and he fiercely looked in one direction as if his eyes could penetrate the void, and he saw the scene that took place a few thousand kilometres away. His face turned solemn. After a moment, he was a little startled and said: “How is this possible?!”


While at the same time, in another mountain peak, which was beautiful and refreshing like a spring day, quiet and free from disturbance, as if it were from Heaven.


On that peak, a dignified and beautiful woman abruptly stood up. Her dazzling eyes gazed into the distance with a slight change of expression on her pretty face. Without a thought, she swayed her tender body and then disappeared from this place.


On the other side, an elderly man sat down cross-legged. There were many elite disciples of the temple in front of him, listening to this old man’s explanation of Martial Dao Heavenly Way, feeling elated but rather dazed.


All of a sudden, the old man’s voice ceased. He looked up in one direction, and after a moment, he gradually got up and disappeared in a flash, leaving a crowd of disciples in doubt and in shock.


A similar scene happened in all parts of Azure Sun Temple, and those Emperor Realm masters, whether they were in retreat or not, sensed the assembly of this terrifying power and rushed from their residences to the place where the incident occurred, hoping to find out what was going on.



At the edge of Azure Sun Mountain Range, seven people were trembling, regardless of their cultivation level.


This had nothing to do with courage or will, it was simply a complete suppression of power!


Both the fat Junior Brother and the Green-faced Senior Brother, whose cultivation was weak, had their bones rattling all over their bodies and fainted after holding on for a few seconds.


While the four First-Order Dao Source Realms there urged the strength in their inner body to resist the inexplicable pressure, Deacon Tao did the same. He showed a tortured expression and hunched his back due to the overwhelming pressure, as if a huge mountain pinning down his tiny body. 


“What is this? What kind of power is this!?” Deacon Tao screamed in horror.


The other two Dao Source Realms from Azure Sun Temple and Qin Zhao Yang were also full of awe and fear.


Yang Kai rolled his eyes around, searching and trying to release his Divine Sense to sense the source of this power and pressure, but found that his Divine Sense could not leave his body. This space seemed to be completely confined!




A strong beam of light was cast down from the sky and a man appeared in a bizarre way.


The light faded, and that man became the focus in everyone’s eyes.


He wore a broad bamboo hat. The hat was slightly slanted, covering the upper half of his face. It was not clear what his face looked like. He had an unevenly trimmed beard and a lazy gaze, seemingly void of energy, which strangely gave off a mysterious charm.


His dressing was extravagant. He was obviously a tall man with wide shoulders and long torso, yet, he wore a garish gown and a pair of buckskin boots, which made him look like neither fish nor fowl!


As soon as he showed up, Qin Zhao Yang widened his eyes and shouted out with pleasant surprise: “Senior Expert! “


When Yang Kai heard him shout, he immediately realized that this man should be the master of the token.


As expected, the strength of this man had achieved the highest level, definitely a master of Third-Order Emperor Realm level! The aura that came out from him seemed to be even stronger than the Aunty Feng before!


More importantly…


This man standing in front of them did not possess a physical form, he was just a projection!


“Who, who is this?” Deacon Tao freaked out. If he had not been in his own territory, he would have fled long ago, but even so, he trembled in fear. He dared not to make eye contact as he was afraid of upsetting that man.


“Azure Sun Temple…” the mysterious man looked up slightly and spoke to himself. He ignored Deacon Tao, and turned around to look at the place where Qin Zhao Yang stood, and said: “It’s only been over ten years since we have seen each other, yet you already got so old… looks like you have worked your heart out for all these years.”


“Sir!” Qin Zhao Yang could not speak another word, his eyes full of tears. 


“Since I’m here… feel free to relax.” The man smiled and looked around until he set his sight on Yang Kai and spoke in surprise, “You are here too…”


 Yang Kai was shocked. He swallowed hard and asked, “Sir, do I know you?”


“Heh…” the man laughed without saying a word and gave out a pretentious look that maddened everyone. His projection only lasted for a few breaths and the signs of disappearing showed up, “Too bad, it seems like time is up…”


With that said, the projection disappeared in front of everyone’s eyes, and no one had any idea of what he meant.


As soon as the projection disappeared, all kinds of Heavenly Manifestation disappeared at the same time. Naturally, the sensational pressure before was gone too.


Everyone was gasping for breath in the jungle.


*Pa pa pa… *


There was a sound of something falling on the ground.


Those who heard the sound turned to look, and found that what fell on the ground was actually the four to five pieces of the token fragments that were crushed by Deacon Tao previously. The fragments landed on the place where the mysterious master had disappeared from moments ago.


Seeing this scene, Deacon Tao’s face turned pale, realising he had made a huge mistake!


The token that he crushed obviously had a great background, otherwise, it would not have been able to act as a medium to project the figure of that master.


Perhaps, the master had infused his power into the token when it was made, and once the token was destroyed, his projection would appear!


“I didn’t mean to… I didn’t mean to…” Deacon Tao was terrified like a stray dog and tried to get near to the fragments of the token by rolling and crawling. He even fell down in the middle of the process. After putting up some great effort, he finally reached the fragments and picked them up.


Just as the token was in his hand, it turned into dust and slipped away from his fingertips, and flowed with the wind…


“It’s over, it’s over…” Seeing this, Deacon Tao stiffened.


 Xiu xiu xiu…


The sound of something fast flying through the sky came in succession, and a group of figures suddenly emerged around the crowd.


These figures included the old and the young, the male and the female. Each of them came from a different direction with a solemn expression, as if they were facing a great enemy, but when they scanned the place with their Divine Senses, they all had a puzzled expression.


Because of the fluctuation of the energy and the pressure they had sensed before, was completely gone!


“Ah!” The other two Dao Source Realms of Azure Sun Temple hastily bowed as soon as they saw these people.


“Greetings to Deputy Temple Master and all Elders!”


These people were all Emperor Realm masters, who were the top combat force of Azure Sun Temple!


 Yang Kai scanned through these people, and once he saw a dignified and glamorous woman, he withdrew his gaze and secretly cursed in his heart.


That woman was none other than Gao Xue Ting, who had fought against him before!


Yang Kai had foreseen that there might come a time when he would bump into this beautiful woman again when he came to Azure Sun Temple, but he never thought this day would come so soon!


During their last fight, Yang Kai was possessed by Demon Qi and his face was unrecognizable, but if Gao Xue Ting noticed him now, it was over.


She was the last person that Yang Kai wanted to see…


“Who was he!?” asked an elderly man, about seventy or eighty years old, after his majestic gaze swept across the whole place.


The aura of this elderly man was profound. It was noticeably greater than Gao Xue Ting’s, but kind of on the same level with Xiao Yu Yang, whom Yang Kai greeted before. He was most likely a Second-Order Emperor Realm master!


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Well, we are trying to translate more chapters but we are still working out how to translate with multiple people. There will be more translators in the future.

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