Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2124, Bustling World


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation QC: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The elderly man asked a question, but the disciples of Azure Sun Temple did not know how to answer.


The fat Junior Brother and the blue-faced Senior Brother had already passed out before they could see the master’s projection, while Deacon Tao was still mumbling in a dazed manner and the two First-Order Dao Source Realms were dumbstruck.


“Bunch of mutes,” the elderly man could not help but coldly snort after seeing this, looking displeased.


“Tao Ming, what are you doing?” shouted a middle-aged man, First-Order Emperor Realm in the corner. He looked at Deacon Tao and frowned.


When Deacon Tao heard it, he felt as if a sledgehammer was pounding his heart, a mysterious power flowing out of him in a jolt, causing Tao Ming to spit out a mouthful of blood. With that, Tao Ming finally calmed down, his eyes regaining focus.


He looked around in confusion, and when he saw the elderly man, his body shook and shouted, “Greetings to the Deputy Temple Master and all Elders!”


“Cut to the chase!” The middle-aged man who used the Soul Secret Technique to awaken Tao Ming bellowed, “Tell me, what exactly happened here? Did anyone trespass?”


“Did anyone…” Tao Ming muttered. He recalled the horrifying scene of the token turning into dust flowing through his fingertips. He panicked and fell to his knees on the ground: “Spare my life Sirs, it was not my intention!”


The elderly man shook his head slowly at this sight.


“Let me try!” In the other corner, a young girl in her late teens suddenly spoke up.


Despite her appearance and age, she was an Emperor Realm master. With a mysterious power, her body hovered in mid-air weirdly. While speaking, she gradually floated towards Tao Ming.


She stretched out her jade white hand, gentle as water, and patted Tao Ming’s head. “Do not be afraid, speak the truth about what you have seen and heard!” She spoke.


As soon as she finished, Tao Ming stopped trembling and his fears soothed.


He looked at the void with a slightly dull gaze and said, “Sir, here’s what happened…”


He did not slander and embellish, nor did add fuel to the fire, but told the truth about everything that had happened before, in unparalleled detail.


Yang Kai was alarmed. He realised that the young Emperor Realm Master must have performed some kind of Soul Secret Technique, which led Tao Ming to tell the truth without damaging his soul.


When Tao Ming described the strange figure who descended from the sky, the elderly man bellowed, “Describe this person in detail!”


Tao Ming said, “I did not see clearly. The person was wearing a broad bamboo hat that covered his face. His attire was extremely odd. He was obviously a man, but he was wearing a garish gown…”


After hearing this, the expression on the elderly man changed, and asked in surprise: “What about that token? What did it look like?”


Tao Ming described it truthfully.


The old man was silent for a long time.


The middle-aged man looked at the elderly man with an odd expression and asked, “Vice Temple Master Qiu, do you know who this man is?”


Everyone stared at the old man curiously, waiting for an answer.


The old man did not have the intention to answer. He simply looked at Yang Kai and Qin Zhao Yang.


It was also the first time anyone paid attention to Yang Kai and Qin Zhao Yang.


They hurriedly cupped fists to salute.


The old man nodded lightly and asked, “Did you bring that token?”


Qin Zhao Yang said, “Sir, the token was brought by me.”


“Good!” The old man said, and said lightly, “Come with me. This is not the place to talk!”


The next moment, Yang Kai and Qin Zhao Yang were wrapped in a gentle force that carried them forward, following behind the old man.


The other Emperor Realms looked at each other and followed the old man.


Only after the crowd had left for a while did Tao Ming regain his thoughts. He trembled, his face paling in fear.


“Deacon Tao!” The other two Dao Source Realm rushed forward, watching him nervously.


“I’m fine!” Tao Ming waved his hand with lingering fear and said, “Thank goodness for Chen Qian’s subordinate, otherwise… I would have gone insane!”


Tao Ming was nervous when he thought of the vital token that was destroyed in his own hands, in fear that the Sect executives would blame him for his mistake!




Azure Sun Temple Main Peak, on Myriad Saints Peak.


In front of the temple, Yang Kai and Qin Zhao Yang were standing there, looking at each other.


There was no guard at the entrance of the temple, the elderly man left both of them there, unattended. The others entered the temple together.


The temple had many barriers and doors that were tightly closed. They were not able to pry into anything even with Yang Kai and Qin Zhao Yang’s strength.


Although they were not bound by anything, they did not dare to act rashly and could only stand there obediently.


“Young Brother Yang, do you think…” Qin Zhao Yang spoke up somewhat apprehensively.


“It won’t happen!” Yang Kai didn’t wait for him to finish because he knew what Qin Zhao Yang was worried about. He smiled lightly and said, “If they wanted to, they would have done something already and we would not have a chance to resist. The reason they left us here… Looks like they want to have discussions before making a decision about us! I overheard those people talking earlier, it seems that many people do not know who the token master is!”


“This Qin has not figured out who he is yet!” Qin Zhao Yang said, chagrined.


“It’s normal not to know,” Yang Kai smiled faintly. “But a normal Third-Order Emperor Realm may not have the ability to make Azure Sun Temple so afraid. That person…”


“What Young Brother Yang means is…” Qin Zhao Yang suddenly thought of a possibility and whispered. “Could it be one of the ten Sirs?”


“Most likely!” Yang Kai nodded.


*Si….* Qin Zhao Yang sucked in a breath of cold air, in disbelief that he had ever come into direct contact with such a legend.




Inside the temple was the Azure Sun Temple Master, the Master at the Third-Order Emperor Realm, Wen Zi Shan. He donned a purple shirt and sat on the throne with an intimidating expression and a profound aura. 


The elderly man and the other Emperor Realms whom Yang Kai previously greeted had gathered in the hall. Everyone listened intently to the Elder reporting the obtained information to Wen Zi Shan.


“Token, a man in a flowery outfit…” Wen Zi Shan smiled at his words. His smile was not attractive, but it seemed to have a strange charm that brightened up the whole temple in an instant.


“Temple Master, did you figure something out?” The elderly man asked.


“Dear old Qiu,” Wen Zi Shan did not have the appearance that befit a Temple Master. The veins on Deputy Temple Master Qiu Ran were jumping when the Temple Master addressed him casually in front of the audience, making everyone else unable to resist laughing. 


Even the corners Gao Xue Ting’s mouth, who was usually as cold as ice, curved slightly.


“Why did you ask me when you’ve already figured it out…” Wen Zi Shan said. He reached out and picked up a bunch of spirit fruits next to him, held them high above his head and took one mouthful of them after another… with overflowing saliva in his mouth. 


“Sir Temple Master!” Qiu Ran could not help but shout.


“Well, well, well,” Wen Zi Shan said blurrily, putting down his unfinished spirit fruit. He clapped his hands, stood up, and said, “Who on Earth would carve an image of a beggar on one side, and a jade woman on the other side of a token that symbolizes one’s identity? And who would stroll around wearing such tasteless clothes? There is only one answer…”


Everyone in the temple held their breath and watched Wen Zi Shan intently.


At this moment, Wen Zi Shan’s aura changed abruptly, his gaze as sharp as a sword that could pierce through the void, and he quickly said, “Wandering Bustling World, playing on Earth…”


“Bustling World Great Emperor!” Gao Xue Ting suddenly lost her voice and shouted.


“Oh? Smart, Little Xue Ting got it right,” Wen Zi Shan took a glance at Gao Xue Ting, his majestic expression suddenly disappearing into a bright smile. He softly said, “What reward do you want? I can meet any of your requests.”


The corners of Gao Xue Ting’s mouth twitched slightly, and she said, “Sir Temple Master, please behave yourself! I am no longer the same little girl, I am long past the age for rewards! And… I am more than two hundred years old!”


“Two hundred years old… is still very young.” Wen Zi Shan smiled, with a slight sadness: “I preferred when you were still a child, you are so cold now that you grew up…”


“Humph!” Gao Xue Ting coldly snorted and turned her head aside, ignoring him.


“Sir Temple Master, let’s get down to business!” Qiu Ran said, the veins on forehead throbbing more violently, unable to tolerate more, his body stiff.


“Alright, alright,” Wen Zi Shan said after hearing this. His expression returned back to normal, “The Bustling World Great Emperor is the most mysterious out of Ten Great Emperors. That old thing always comes and goes like a shadow, like a hidden dragon who shows his tail but never his face.”


“Old thing…”


The Emperor Realms were shocked, each face twitched.


The Ten Great Emperors were such respectful figures, but they are just old things from the mouth of their Temple Master…


“Sir Temple Master, is it okay to call him that? What if that Sir finds out…” one of the middle-aged men interjected in shock.


Wen Zi Shan laughed, “That old thing may look intimidating, but he is a nice person and he will not be angry over a trivial matter…”


He casually explained, then said, “Only a few people have seen his Bustling World Token. Even in the Emperor Realm, rarely anyone knows what it looks like, but I just happened to know. One side of the token is the carving of a jade woman, the other side is a carving of a beggar, and the material that composed the token is quite common, not anything valuable.”



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  2. I know I also brought it up with the switch from “Dao Source” to “Principle Source,” and this is NOT a complaint by any means, but I’m curious about the translation choice for this Great Emperor title. Was it for a greater sense of formality, since the original Chinese is just his given name?

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      1. I didn’t read with Google translate, I read with deepldotcom. It was called Red Dust Great Emperor. I think that’s a much better translation than “Bustling World”. It also passes more meaning in the name. You might want to compare the translation with deepldotcom’s. I honestly think theirs is a lot better.

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