Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2127, The Strongest Wins


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation QC: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Two beams of light came in a flash, falling nearby in front of Yang Kai, and two figures came out of it.


The one on the left was in clothes as white as snow, his eyes glowed with vigour and his eyebrows were sharp. He had an extraordinary sharp aura exuding all over his body, like a sharp sword pulled out of its sheath.


This man had impressive cultivation at the Third-Order Dao Source Realm that captured Yang Kai’s eyes.


The aura of this man made him feel pressured, as if that ferocious aura could cut his skin through thin air, which frightened him a bit.


Yang Kai thought to himself that an elite disciple of a big Sect was no joke. Just by looking at the aura that he emitted, whether it was intentional or not, it was not what an ordinary Third-Order Dao Source Realm could have done.


On the right was a man with a wide mouth and nose, a burly figure, and was wearing a short shirt and shorts. Dark hair could be visibly seen on his thick calf, as well as on his arms.


At first glance, this man looked like a standing gorilla, giving out a strong visual impact! 


He possessed a cultivation of Second-Order Dao Source Realm.


When they landed, they set their sights on Yang Kai.


“Greetings. I am Yang Kai from Maplewood City!” Yang Kang cupped his fist, “How should I address the both of you?”

The man in white was cold as ice, looking indifferent, as if he was not listening. On the contrary, the burly gorilla-man suddenly bellowed, “Hey, are you the Yang Kai we are looking for?”


Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat, but still nodded solemnly, “If no one else shares the same name, it would be me.” 


“Very well!” After seeing him, the burly man grinned and scanned Yang Kai thoroughly as though he was prey. He yelled, “You little brat! You stole my slot to the Sealed World! It seems like you can’t wait to go to hell!?”


From his words, Yang Kai realized that these two men were not messengers to inform him of his departure to Sealed Word. They were probably here to cause trouble.


Yang Kai frowned and explained, “My friend, there must be some misunderstanding. It’s complicated for me to explain. Why don’t you ask Elder Gao? I believe she will give you a satisfying answer.”


“Humph. There’s no need for that,” The burly man snorted coldly, “Elder Gao has already told me that she revoked my slot because of you. Bullshit! I earned it through a bloody battle in the Sect’s martial arts challenge. How could you just take it away like this?”


“Sect’s martial arts challenge?” Yang Kai frowned.


The quiet man in white had suddenly spoke, “Three months ago, a Sect’s internal competition was held for the disciples of our temple. Only the top twenty disciples in the competition were qualified to enter Four Seasons Realm. Xue Yi was… ranked fifteenth!”


“Oh, it’s Brother Xue!” Yang Kai just learnt the burly man’s name, then curiously looked at the man in white, “How do I address Your Excellency?


“This is Xiao Bai Yi, Senior Brother Xiao!” Xue Yi coldly snorted.


“I’m a little curious, I believe Brother Xiao’s ranking in that Sect’s martial art practice was…” Yang Kai tempted him for an answer.


“Senior Brother Xiao was ranked second!” Xue Yi replied with a smug face. He was stunned for a second after speaking and immediately regained his consciousness again, yelling, “Don’t try to change the topic, you little brat! Today, I came with Senior Brother Xiao to warn you. Don’t you dare to take the slot away from me without my permission! Do you really think that you can do whatever you want because Elder Gao has your back? Don’t be stupid, or I will crush your head!”


He opened his large hand while speaking, clenched his fist and moved it towards Yang Kai to threaten him.


Yang Kai smiled, “Then what should I do to persuade Brother Xue to give up his slot?”


“Very simple!” Xiao Bai Yi said lightly, “Our slots were all obtained through Sect’s martial arts challenge. In other words, the strongest wins. If you can kill Junior Brother Xue, then your slot will be well deserved, and none will complain about it.”


“Indeed!” Xue Yi nodded with excitement, “Kill… or be killed, the one who remains alive wins the spot!”


“Well, that isn’t something I can do….” Yang Kai hesitated.


This bloody ‘killed or be killed’ suggestion made him feel uneasy. It was just death after all if he got killed, but he was worried that he might get into trouble if he really killed Xue Yi.


“There’s nothing wrong with it,” Xiao Bai Yi cold as usual. “Unless… you’re scared?”


“Why does Brother Xiao have to provoke me?” Yang Kai expressed a wry smile.


“Heh heh, if you are scared, it’s better for you to leave Azure Sun Mountain Range now. Given your weak cultivation of First-Order Dao Source Realm, I’m worried that I would accidentally kill you!” Xue Yi laughed arrogantly.


“Haiz!” Yang Kai sighed, “I understand your intention.”


He did not expect that a slot in the Four Seasons Realm could cause such drama. If he had a choice, he would prefer not to fight with the cultivator of Azure Sun Temple.


But since Xue Yi was being so aggressive, he realized that forbearance was not the way out of this.


After all, getting into the Four Seasons Realm was a must, since he had promised Qin Zhao Yang and he had also used the Jade Beauty Beggar Token from the Senior Expert.


“Since you two are so enthusiastic… then it would be impolite if this Yang refused. Brother Xiao, please be our witness!”


“Of course,” Xiao Bai Yi was surprised that Yang Kai accepted their challenge. He was expecting Yang Kai to be scared shitless and run for his life when he appeared along with Xue Yi. However, it did not go as he expected.


He said lightly, “The purpose of me coming here with Junior Brother Xue is just to be a witness. No matter who wins or who is in danger, I will not interfere.”


“Brother Xiao seems like someone who can be trusted,” Yang Kai grinned. “Then I shall rely on you.”


“You better look out for yourself and not give up your life easily. Otherwise, it will give a bad reputation to our temple if this rumour spreads out.” Xiao Bai Yi narrowed his eyes.



In the void, two beautiful shadows were hiding aside, quietly looking downwards.


Chen Qian said, “This Yang Kai is quite courageous. He didn’t even flinch when facing a person who is one Order higher than him.”


“Courage has nothing to do with strength!” Gao Xue Ting said lightly.


She lifted her head and spotted something in the void while speaking. She got annoyed and said angrily, “How improper for you to be here for such a small thing! Go mind your own business!”


Chen Qian turned after hearing this and smiled, “Sir Temple Master, are you bored?”


At this moment, the voice of Wen Zi Shan reached their ears. “Two beautiful ladies, are you interested in having a drink with this Temple Master? This Temple Master has specially prepared…”


“Not interested!”


“Not joining!”


The two ladies did not wait for him to finish his sentence and ruthlessly rejected him, leaving no room for negotiation.


Wen Zi Shan was stunned for a while, then sighed with a heartbroken face, “Life is meaningless if there is wine without company…”


“Behave yourself, or I will flip your table!” Gao Xue Ting looked there coldly.


Wen Zi Shan slapped his face, and cried in despair, “How did I raise you into such a cold-hearted person… unlike me at all!”


Gao Xue Ting spoke furiously, “Are you my father or what? Why do I have to be like you?”


Wen Zi Shan was speechless.


The corner of Gao Xue Ting’s mouth curved, revealing a smile that she was trying to hide.



“Senior Brother Xiao, is he going to fight me?” Xue Yi asked.


“Yes!” Xiao Bai Yi nodded.


“Then, shall I start?” Xue Yi asked again.


He did not even wait for Xiao Bai Yi’s answer. Right after his words, he rushed at Yang Kai and swung a punch at him.


Even though Yang Kai had a fast reaction, he did not expect that this simple-minded gorilla-man to be so cunning. In the blink of an eye, his punch already reached in front of his face.


There was a raging wind following the punch, a strong destructive force surrounded at the top of his fist, gathered at one point and gleamed.


In shock, Yang Kai could only retreat a few steps with his unsteady feet. 


Despite having a huge body, Xue Yi was unimaginably agile. He kept an extremely close distance with Yang Kai, like maggots on rotting bones, and smiled with a smug face, “Little brat, if you can still survive after this, better be good to yourself!”


The punch landed straight on Yang Kai’s face.


A loud explosion and an unleashed raging power followed closely right after the hit. Yang Kai lost his ground and was thrown into the temple wall, smashing a big hole in the strong wall.


*Hong long long…*


A series of sounds came out from the temple. It seemed that several walls had been destroyed due to the impact. The breaking sounds gradually stopped after a long while.


“So boring!” Xue Yi shook his big pot fist and coldly snorted. Without even looking in Yang Kai’s direction, he said, “Senior Brother Xiao, let’s go!”


Xiao Bai Yi did not move. He looked forward with his squinted eyes, and his gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the void.


Suddenly, his expression changed. He bellowed, “It’s not over yet…”


“Huh?” Xue Yi turned around after hearing it.


A man slowly came out from the hole in the wall. He shook both his arms, and bared his teeth in a grimace, seeming to be telling everyone that he was in pain.


“Luckily he blocked it in the nick of time!” Wen Zi Shan was looking downwards with his squinted eyes, and praised, “Good reflexes!” 


In that instance, Wen Zi Shan clearly saw that Yang Kai crossed his arms hastily in front of him and blocked the punch.


The devastating blow from Xue Yi did not hit his head, but his arms. Otherwise, with his brutal force, Yang Kai would have passed out even if his head was not blown up.


“He is physically strong… This little brat!” Gao Xue Ting squinted her beautiful eyes too.


Chen Qian said, “I remember Xue Yi cultivated the Golden Monarch Body before, right?”


Gao Xue Ting nodded, “He started to cultivate it when he was at the Origin King Realm. If I’m not mistaken, he cultivated it to the Sixth stage. Talking about physical strength, among all of the Dao Source Realm disciples, except for that man, he is the best.”


“Seems like he was unscathed by taking a direct blow from Xue Yi. I suppose Yang Kai has cultivated the Body Tempering Secret Art!” Chen Qian thought deeply.



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  1. Why do I recently feel the chapters are getting short…..maybe because its finally getting way way way exciting for me after a long time

  2. Seriously? Beautiful eyes, beautiful mouth, beautiful figure, beautiful hands….and now we reached the point where even the shadow of a woman is described as beautiful? Smh it feels like the author is really having “issues” with women.

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        1. I was actually thinking that was a poor choice of words from the translation. I believe it was supposed to be “silhouettes” instead of “shadows”. A silhouette can be attractive, btw.

    1. He’s had problems since the beginning. how many times has he described the allure of a woman as so powerful that literally no man could withstand it. Um… Not every man is the type to give in to beauty. It’s clear that the author is that type and believes that all men are like him.

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