Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2129, None of Your Business


Translator: Silavin & Danny

Translation QC: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Meanwhile, the momentum of Xue Yi’s body was rising steadily. He was only a Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, but was able to unleash a domineering aura, comparable to one with Third-Order Dao Source Realm!


Yang Kai examined the transformed Xue Yi with his eyes squinted, and smiled faintly, “Body Tempering Technique!”


While speaking, he flicked two beams of Source Qi towards Xue Yi.


It was just a probing, Xue Yi clearly noticed it too, and he did not bother to dodge it.


*Dong Dong…*


Two sounds popped from the attack that hit on Xue Yi’s body, resulting in crisp sounds like stones striking steel, and also causing some sparks.


“It’s useless. Your attack is nothing against my Golden Monarch Body!” Xue Yi proudly said with his head held high, looking downwards at Yang Kai.


“You will know soon if it’s useless or not!” Yang Kai did not try to argue with him and disappeared in a flash.


Xue Yi narrowed his eyes and frowned.


At that moment, he lost sight of Yang Kai. The speed of his opponent was beyond his imagination.


But as an elite disciple of Azure Sun Temple, he did not fluster and panic. He stretched his large fan-like hand and reached behind him.


As he had predicted, Yang Kai appeared right behind him and into Xue Yi’s large hand, as if walking right into a trap.


Xue Yi smirked and stomped his big foot.


In an instant, the Earth quaked and the mountains trembled.


Followed by a dull roar, an Earth Dragon suddenly surfaced from the ground, then performed a killing charge towards Yang Kai in a serpentine motion.


There was the might of Principles lingering above the Earth Dragon. It was obviously a certain kind of Secret Technique cultivated by Xue Yi.


The Earth Dragon moved like lightning and rushed at Yang Kai’s face in the blink of an eye. At this moment, it was too late for Yang Kai, who was in the air and attempted to backstab Xue Yi earlier, to escape. The Earth Dragon opened its mouth and bit Yang Kai. Followed by a munch, Yang Kai’s body was broken in two. 


“Huh?” Xue Yi did not feel glad or relieved when he got him, but looked startled instead.


In that instance, he did not receive the sensation of triumph. He looked at, unsurprisingly, the broken body disappearing into blue smoke. It was actually just an afterimage.


“Shit!” Xue Yi bellowed and immediately looked forward.


Yang Kai had emerged in front of him. He lowered his body, aimed closely to his abdomen, and swung both of his fists, which then turned into countless afterimages…


*Peng peng peng…*


Xue Yi’s burly physique kept retreating while receiving such heavy blows. Haloes of forces consistently erupted from the blows on his stomach, resulting in blasting noises.


“Golden… Barrier!” Xue Yi abruptly roared. A layer of earthy yellow halo emerged around him, like a cylinder enveloping him in it. After performing this defensive Secret Technique, he held his fists together and smashed down fiercely.




Dust was everywhere. An enormous deep pit was formed on the ground, but Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen.


Yang Kai was standing still several tens of metres away, with a deeply thoughtful face.


“After I refined the blood, bones and bead of an actual Dragon, my strength and reflexes seem to have grown a lot. Perhaps, it might also be due to the effect of continuous refining and absorption of the Ten Thousand Medicinal Treasures Soup. When I drank it that time, it hadn’t been fully refined yet, only stored inside my physique,” He secretly pondered.


Some time ago, he would not be able to deal damage to an enemy like Xue Yi with this move. But now…


Opposite of him, Xue Yi seemed to be unscathed, but his aura was a little disordered, and there was even a trace of blood on the corner of his mouth.


“How can this be?” Xiao Bai Yi’s insides were in a stormy state of shock. In the Sect’s martial arts challenge three months ago, he fought Xue Yi head-on once, and he learnt how powerful his Golden Monarch Body was.


The defence was solid as a rock, it was not easy to break through even for him. That battle was still fresh in his memory, which had taken a full hour for him to defeat Xue Yi, even with his best effort.


But now, he witnessed that Yang Kai had injured Xue Yi with only his physical strength.


[Now that I notice, did he actually keep his true potential hidden during the last battle?]


This thought flowed out of Xiao Bai Yi’s mind, making him a mess.


[This man must not be as simple as he looked! He either concealed his real cultivation, or he was born extraordinary!] Xiao Bai Yi secretly guessed.


“Not bad, Brother Xue! You have trained yourself well to put up a fight!” Yang Kai stood not far away, smiling at Xue Yi.


Xue Yi had long lost the arrogance he had before. Since his injury, he had sensed that something was wrong. His Golden Monarch Body had been cultivated to the Sixth Stage, and even the Emperor Realms in the Sect had praised him for his physical strength. Still, he was now being wounded by an anonymous First-Order Dao Source Realm.


If someone told him about this earlier, he would probably just laugh.


However, the truth was right in front of him.


“But…” Yang Kai said with the look of an eagle in his eyes, “You will only be beaten… because there is no way for you to beat me!”


“Keep all your shameless boasting to yourself!” Xue Yi became angry out of shame. The corner of his eyes twitched furiously. He got triggered and turned ferocious, yelling, “Don’t blame me for killing you later!”


After speaking, he fiercely performed a mudra with both hands.


A mysterious power exploded out of his body, and his already burly figure suddenly grew even larger. The metallic lustre from the stacked muscles in his body became more and more dazzling, shining in a bright white light.


He kicked his feet, and a light flashed across his fists. He summoned a brass knuckles artifact, exuding an extremely dangerous aura, and pounced at Yang Kai.


Suddenly, the white light on his body burst radiantly and lingered around the mountain peak, making the whole world misty white.


“This is not good! He is ready to fight to the death!” Wen Zi Shan looked down with his squinted eyes, secretly prepared to interfere if the situation turned bad. After all, Xue Yi was an elite disciple of Sect while Yang Kai was an important guest, so he did not wish for either of them to die.


“It’s unexpected that this little brat is capable of forcing Xue Yi into this situation!” Chen Qian was slightly surprised, “This man seems to have talent. I wonder if Sir Temple Master plans to invite him into Sect?”


“It’s fine to invite him into Sect, but…”


“But what?”


“But I feel like I have seen this little brat somewhere, and… it’s dangerous!”


Chen Qian looked at Gao Xue Ting in wonder. She did not understand what she was talking about.


At this moment, colourful skyglow burst out in the white world. The skyglow was so bright that it could hurt the eyes and cut out a path in the white world like a heavenly blade.


“The Power of Five Elements?” Gao Xue Ting raised her eyebrow. Her face was full of surprise.


She felt the Power of Five Elements from the colourful skyglow, which are mutually restraining, endless cycling, continuously flowing…


It seemed like the colourful skyglow and the white light were the only things left in the whole world, battling each other.


The path opened by the skyglow was widening, coming from there were Xue Yi’s roar with dissatisfaction and Yang Kai’s continuous low mumbles. They were clearly fighting in the heat of the battle.


Xiao Bai Yi, who was watching from below, had no choice but to perform a Secret Technique in order to withstand the impact of terrifying power.


“He got to this level in just three months?” Xiao Bai Yi was terrified, “It seems that Xue Yi has worked very hard too!”


He was sure that the Xue Yi today was so much more powerful than three months ago. If he had the strength at that time, he would have gotten into the top ten!


But even so… it was unbelievable that the little brat named Yang Kai could compete with him!


Suddenly, a low voice was heard, “Myriads Sword Light, Radiant Moon Swallows the Wolf!”


When the words fell, countless dazzling sword lights shot down from the sky. All of them showed colourful lights and were full of the Power of Five Elements, unstoppable!


At the same time, a wave of extraordinary energy slowly drifted away.


*Chi chi chi…*


The white world was instantly shattered, leaving a group of colourful lights, silently in the mid-air.


Xue Yi was full of wounds and fell from the sky with a look of unwillingness and helplessness. His face was extremely pale and his metallic body had lost its previous lustre.


The brass knuckles artifacts on both his fists lost their shine too.


Seeing that Xue Yi was about to fall heavily on the ground, Xiao Bai Yi moved swiftly under him with a sway of his body and caught him in his arms.


He examined Xue Yi’s injuries and felt relieved after finding that he was not in serious trouble, but had just overly consumed his energy.


Lifting his head again, Xiao Bai Yi coldly stared at Yang Kai, who was still in mid-air. He then fixed his sight on the long broadsword in Yang Kai’s hand and coldly snorted, “Emperor Artifact?”


Yang Kai grinned.


“Do you still call yourself a man for relying on the suppressive power of Emperor Artifact?” Xiao Bai Yi despised.


Yang Kai wondered, “If he can use artifacts, why can’t I?”


“If you have guts, you should fight fairly with Junior Brother Xue!” Xiao Bai Yi looked even more contemptuous.


To him, the reason why Yang Kai was able to win all of a sudden was only because of the power of Emperor Artifact. If he just depended solely on his own abilities, he may not be able to beat Xue Yi.


“If you can, find him an Emperor Artifact and have him fight me again!” Yang Kai did not feel ashamed of himself.


“Very well!” Xiao Bai Yi seemed to be annoyed and coldly stared at Yang Kai, “You have won this battle. I hope you can return from the Four Seasons Realm alive!”


After speaking, he ignored Yang Kai, carried Xue Yi on his back and flew away.


After they left, Yang Kai looked up at the void and asked, “Is this good enough?”


A shadow flashed in the void and Wen Zi Shan appeared. He gazed at the Myriads Sword in Yang Kai’s hand and asked, “Hey little boy, where did you get this Emperor Artifact? This is not something that you can simply find on the street.”


“None of your business!”


Wen Zi Shan was choked by his words, and could not help but to roll his eyes. Soon enough, He regained his expression and said solemnly, “I can see your good intentions. You knew that the longer Xue Yi continued his behaviour, the more dangerous it would be for him, and he might just end up losing his mind. That’s why you used Emperor Artifact to make a quick fight, but too bad… You have been misunderstood.”


“I was just having fun with the suppressive power of Emperor Artifact,” Yang Kai coldly snorted.


“Heh heh, Xiao Bai Yi is not as easy to deal with as Xue Yi. The words he left behind are very concerning. Perhaps, he is going to lay his hands on you in the Four Season Realm. Do you need this King to talk to him?”



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