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Martial Peak – Chapter 2200, Is This The Law Of The Land

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Translator: Silavin & Imperfectluck

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The scene in the nameless mountain valley remained desolate as the oval light door hung midair. Cultivators continued exiting from the light door, some with big smiles, making it obvious that they had gained a great harvest in the Four Seasons Realm, while others had their heads lowered in depression, seeming like they weren’t very satisfied with their gains.


No matter what their expressions were previously like, their expressions all instantly changed when they exited the door of light as chills shot up their spines and they broke out into a cold sweat.


This couldn’t be helped, because at this moment, six Emperor Realm Masters were standing together in a line, watching the exit with fierce gazes. Whenever someone walked out of the door, six Emperor Realm Divine Senses would simultaneously cover that person.


Who would be able to withstand such pressure?


Luckily, the six Emperors had no malicious intent and were simply probing, so the pressure would disappear as fast as it came.


Most didn’t know what these six Masters were trying to do here, so they would hurriedly flee after leaving the exit, but some intelligent people had already guessed why these Emperors were guarding the exit in such a manner.


Just like this, the six Emperor Realm Masters kept a vigilant watch over the exit for half a day.


Suddenly, a certain figure appeared from the door of light that had remained silent for quite a while.


The six Emperors immediately focused their attention on this figure.


The figure didn’t expect this, but his reaction was incredibly quick, immediately circulating his Source Qi and Spiritual Energy to resist the tremendous pressure he faced. However, he then started furrowing his brow in confusion because he discovered that the pressure coming from his front actually came from the various major Sects’ Elders…


“Good, good, good!” Chen Wen Hao kept muttering the word ‘good’ with a smile as he watched Wu Chang emerge from the Four Seasons Realm before stating, “Wu Chang, you can go over to the side.”


Wu Chang had a contemplative expression flash through his eyes when he heard this before he obediently walked over to the side and stood there.


Three figures immediately followed after Wu Chang. They were Xia Sheng’s group of three from Azure Sun Temple.


Xia Sheng immediately started sweating when he appeared, “Seniors… what’s going on? Could it be… you’re here to welcome me? How could this Junior possibly deserve such…”


“This King will toss you back in if you keep blabbering!” Xiao Yu Yang coldly snorted.


Xia Sheng shrank his neck and didn’t dare to make a sound, hurriedly taking Xiao Bai Yi and Murong Xiao Xiao over to the side.


After these three came out, Yang Kai finally appeared from the exit.


Gao Xue Ting couldn’t help but lightly sigh as she muttered in a low voice, “He finally came out.”

“This little brat is the one?” Xiao Yu Yang turned to ask Gao Xue Ting.


Gao Xue Ting gently nodded.


“Very good!” Xiao Yu Yang laughed loudly, “Making this King wait for so long, I really want to see if this boy has three heads and six arms!”


As he spoke, he opened his hand and immediately opened his palm towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai hadn’t even gotten his bearings after exiting the portal before he felt a tremendous pressure descending from above. The force was so powerful that it was impossible for him to even think of resisting and right after, he was actually pulled over in front of Xiao Yu Yang.


“What’s going on?” Yang Kai exclaimed loudly with an expression of astonishment. 


His first thought was that someone had ambushed him!


But when he looked around, he saw the six Emperor Realm Masters all staring at him with heated expressions, almost like six perverts feasting their eyes on a naked beauty.


Even Gao Xue Ting had the same expression.


Yang Kai surprisingly recognized all six. Naturally, there was no need to mention Gao Xue Ting and Xiao Yu Yang, but even the other four were familiar to him as he had seen them in Maplewood City before.


After some slight contemplation, Yang Kai basically understood what was currently going on.


Although he had mentally prepared himself before, he still felt rather helpless now that it actually happened …


“What’s the meaning of this! What are you doing!?” Yang Kai began to shout and struggle.


“Don’t be afraid. We won’t hurt you.” Gao Xue Ting tried to console him.


“Let’s talk things out if you have something to say! Gentlemen should use words, not fists, it’s always better to make friends than enemies! Who knows who will rise up to become strong in the future? You shouldn’t bully someone while they’re young and weak!” Yang Kai kept chattering endlessly!


“Little brat, you talk too much!” Xiao Yu Yang coldly snorted as he grabbed Yang Kai.


Yang Kai wasn’t even able to react as Xiao Yu Yang snatched the Space Ring from his hand.


“You’re robbing me?” Yang Kai was astonished as he glared at Xiao Yu Yang and exclaimed, “Bullying the weak when you’re strong, bullying a Junior as a Senior, is this the law of this land?”

“Hm?” Xiao Yu Yang’s Divine Sense was currently sweeping Yang Kai’s Space Ring, but that didn’t interfere with his ability to think, so hearing this, he snorted condescendingly and coldly chuckled, “The law of this land? This King is the law here! Do you have any objections?”

“If that is what Senior thinks…” Yang Kai shrugged helplessly and said, “Then I can’t do anything.”


“As long as you understand!” Xiao Yu Yang then ignored Yang Kai and instead focused on investigating the ring.


Moments later, he furrowed his brow and tossed the ring over to Chen Wen Hao who was next to him.


Chen Wen Hao took the ring and also started investigating it …


At this moment, Xiao Yu Yang focused on Yang Kai again with an inscrutable gaze that seemed as deep as an abyss. This was a gaze that made chills run down the spine and would cause one to lack the courage to face him. It seemed as if he wanted to see deep inside Yang Kai’s heart and unearth the secrets hidden within.


Yang Kai felt uncomfortable all over from Xiao Yu Yang’s stare, as if millions of ants had entered his body and were nipping at his flesh…


Still, Yang Kai had been lucky enough to have previously experienced the aura of a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master and had even fought against three First-Order Emperor Realm Masters before, so Xiao Yu Yang was actually a bit overconfident to think that he could suppress Yang Kai’s will with just a sharp gaze.


Of course, this wasn’t Xiao Yu Yang’s fault, as no ordinary First-Order Dao Source Realm Junior would possibly be able to think about anything when being stared at by him. Such an individual’s consciousness would be thrown into chaos already and they would answer anything that they were asked; however, it just so happened that Yang Kai had been through even greater storms before.


“Little brat, this King can see that you’re a smart person, so you should already know why we are waiting here?” Xiao Yu Yang took the direct approach with his words.


“I can guess…” Yang Kai couldn’t act like a fool in this situation, so he could only say this, turning a frightened look towards Xiao Yu Yang as he asked, “Is it for the Extraordinary Treasure Pills?”


“It’s good that you already know!” Xiao Yu Yang spoke solemnly.


Naturally, the Masters were waiting here because of the Extraordinary Treasure Pills.


The cultivators who first emerged from the Four Seasons Realm had spread the news of how an Extraordinary Treasure Lotus appeared in the Four Seasons Realm, along with how Yang Kai had successfully refined it into pills.


Xiao Yu Yang and the others were naturally incredibly astonished to learn of this news.


The Extraordinary Treasure Pill was a Heaven defying spirit pill that if used well, could create a new Emperor Realm Master.


The Emperors present would of course pay close attention to this with how important it was. If it wasn’t for being afraid that they would cause the entrance to collapse, they would have long ago rushed into the Four Seasons Realm instead of giving Yang Kai time to trade away such precious pills.


They had waited here all this time just to meet Yang Kai in person, so of course, they were going to demand a detailed explanation.


“Where are the extra Extraordinary Treasure Pills? Hand them over!” Xiao Yu Yang immediately reached his hand out towards Yang Kai.


“What extras? They’re all gone.” Yang Kai shouted with an innocent expression on his face.


“Hm?” Xiao Yu Yang once again adopted an authoritative posture as he spoke in a cold tone, “You should know that with your strength, this King can easily discern if you’re lying or not, yes?”

“I’m telling the truth, if you don’t believe me, you can ask Brother Wu Chang and Brother Xia!” Yang Kai pointed in their direction.


Wu Chang and Xia Sheng’s faces couldn’t help but twitch slightly.


Although they were rising stars in the Dao Source Realm, and they were both confident they would become Emperors in the future, there was still a huge gap between them and a veteran Emperor Realm Master like Xiao Yu Yang. It was obvious that the two of them would feel severely pressured by Yang Kai drawing troublesome attention to them.


“Good,” Xiao Yu Yang quickly said. “This King will ask you once more, and you will answer honestly. If you dare try to deceive this King, he will send you back into the Four Seasons Realm and make you stay there for all eternity!”


As he spoke, he pointed at the light door which had yet to close.


After that, he changed his tone and showed a pleasant and friendly expression as he smiled, “Of course, if you’re honest and cooperative, you’ll receive a rich reward…”


Yang Kai wiped away some cold sweat on his forehead and commented, “Is this a carrot and stick? … haha, please ask anything that you like, Senior Xiao. This Junior will tell you everything he knows.”


“En.” Xiao Yu Yang had a satisfied expression as he asked, “In that case, the Extraordinary Treasure Pills… you really managed to refine them?”


“How could I possibly fake something that everyone witnessed?” Yang Kai stated proudly, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask Princess Lan Xun and she can testify on my behalf.”

“I already asked her, but this King still doesn’t dare to believe that you’re actually a Dao Source Grade Alchemist…” Xiao Yu Yang stated with some disbelief as he paused for a moment before saying, “Forget it, I won’t think about this matter for the time being. How many Extraordinary Treasure Pills were you able to refine?”




“Where have they gone?”


“Princess Lan Xun ate one, a female disciple from the Eight Paths Sect ate one, I ate one… and I gave the final pill to Wu Chang.”


“Oh?” Chen Wen Hao arched his eyebrow with an expression of surprise and turned to look at Wu Chang when he heard this.


Wu Chang nodded lightly towards him.


Chen Wen Hao immediately smiled so much that it was difficult to make out his eyes or nose. He chucked and exclaimed, “Senior Xiao, it was Wu Chang’s opportunity to receive an Extraordinary Treasure Pill. Senior Xiao, please spare him, heh heh heh…”


Xiao Yu Yang glanced over at Chen Wen Hao before ignoring him and asking Yang Kai, “According to what you say, there’s not a single Extraordinary Treasure Pill left?”

Yang Kai sweated as he answered, “Senior Xiao, it was incredibly difficult for me to craft that one furnace of Extraordinary Treasure Pills and I almost failed in the process. It was already Heaven’s blessings that I was able to refine four in the end, what more do you want?” He fell silent for a moment before continuing, “After I refined them, the Spirit Pills remained in my Alchemy Furnace and all of them were traded away in front of everyone’s eyes. All of the Spirit Pills were definitely used up. Senior Xiao has also inspected my Space Ring, and you obviously didn’t find anything, right?”

Xiao Yu Yang gently nodded, “Indeed, it is an impressive feat to refine four pills at your current level. When it comes to Extraordinary Treasure Pills, even an Emperor Grade Alchemist would not guarantee how many they could refine. Since the Spirit Pills’ whereabouts are already accounted for, then… this matter will end here.”


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    1. It’s just one pill he has left. And as you’ve guessed, he will give it to someone and not attempt to trade it. But it’s someone in the Star boundary. He’s not going back to the Star Field until he becomes a First Order Emperor.

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