Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2211, Belongings


Translator: Silavin & Imperfectluck

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


As everyone scanned with their Divine Sense, the Monster Beast, which appeared like a wild pig, also noticed them and instantly turned around to glare at them with its scarlet eyes.


The pig then immediately used its four hooves to propel its gigantic body so swiftly that a wild gust was whipped up. Filled with killing intent, the beast charged at the group.


“Xia Sheng, I’ll leave this Scarlet-Eyed Evil Pig to you,” Gao Xue Ting announced in a calm tone.


“Then… this disciple shall go!” Xia Sheng also adopted a serious expression upon hearing this, kicking off the ground and charging towards the Scarlet-Eyed Evil Pig.


He understood that Gao Xue Ting wanted him to have a fight against this Monster Beast so that she could explain in more detail, so he didn’t refuse.


The human and beast instantly drew within a hundred metres of each other.


However, Xia Sheng suddenly stopped and lowered his waist slightly as he stood where he was in a solid stance. With one hand in front of his chest, he palmed forward and shouted, “Chaos Origin Palm!”

Xia Sheng didn’t know if the Monster Beasts in this world had the same combat strength as those in the outside world, which was why he used a Secret Technique right from the start. He didn’t underestimate the Scarlet-Eyed Evil Pig one bit just because it was only peak Tenth-Order.


“En, because we entered this world with only our Soul Avatars, a majority of the Secret Techniques and Secret Arts that we usually cultivate have no effect here!” Gao Xue Ting’s words suddenly rang in everyone’s ears.


Everyone nodded lightly in understanding.


Meanwhile, Xia Sheng’s expression changed slightly because when he used his Secret Technique, nothing happened at all apart from him making a pose for nothing.


When he heard Gao Xue Ting’s words, he instantly realized that he had made a major mistake. In just the blink of an eye, the Scarlet-Eyed Evil Pig had closed to within ten metres of Xia Sheng.


Still, Xia Sheng didn’t panic from the danger and instead stretched out his hand to summon his artifact while shouting, “Don’t be so arrogant, you beast! Die!”


Gao Xue Ting once again spoke up at this moment, “Artifacts are also unusable because normal artifacts require Source Qi and a physical body to utilize.”

Right as she finished saying this, Xia Sheng shouted, “Oh crap…”

As he shouted, he instantly started running towards Gao Xue Ting while shouting in a panic, “Elder Gao, save me!”


Gao Xue Ting glanced at him coldly and chuckled in a cold tone, “You’re going too far with your acting. Although this Queen knows that you’re doing this because you want the others to better understand the wonders of this world… are you trying to insult your own intelligence or your Junior Brothers and Junior Sister’s intelligence? Hurry and kill it already!”


“As you command!” When Xia Sheng heard this he immediately turned around, waving his hand as he summoned a longsword artifact into it. This artifact emanated a strong Spiritual Energy fluctuation and was clearly a Soul-type artifact!


Xia Sheng poured his Spiritual Energy into the artifact before slicing at the Scarlet-Eyed Evil Pig.


He didn’t use any extravagant technique or assume some elegant posture, he simply used his strength for a simple and direct hit.


His sword flashed as a howl of pain arose.


Energy furiously shot in all directions.


The Scarlet-Eyed Evil Pig was directly sliced in half by the sword. Due to the momentum, the pig’s gigantic body still charged forward for a short distance before it suddenly collapsed on the ground.


Xia Sheng put away his sword and stood straight with an icy and cool expression upon his face.


There was no blood, nor was there any smell or gore. The Scarlet-Eyed Evil Pig simply laid there quietly on the ground as its body gradually vanished in front of everyone’s eyes. It seemed that it was transforming into energy that was vanishing into this land.


Meanwhile, at the location where half of its corpse had already vanished was a slightly yellow ball of light that was about the size of a pea.


Everyone couldn’t help but stare with astonishment. When they scanned with their Divine Senses, Yang Kai and the others’ expressions all couldn’t help but flicker.


That was because they discovered that this pea-sized yellow ball of light actually contained extremely pure Spiritual Energy which didn’t seem to possess any taint at all. It was almost unimaginably pure.


“This is a Soul Source!” Gao Xue Ting explained, “In this world, every living being has its own Soul Source, and if they are killed, their Soul Source will remain, allowing us to easily absorb it and strengthen our Souls.”

As she spoke, Xia Sheng was already dashing over as fast as he could towards the Soul Source as he then reached out for it.


It seemed rather strange, but when he held the Soul Source, it actually melded into his hand and merged with his body.


Xia Sheng immediately closed his eyes and showed an expression of great comfort. Sometime later, he opened his eyes again and shouted, “That was great!”


Gao Xue Ting calmly continued, “According to my calculations, a Soul Source like that is probably worth seven to eight days of cultivation in the outside world for all of you.”

Yang Kai and the others’ eyes all lit up upon hearing this!


A peak of Tenth-Order Monster Beast’s Soul Source dropped from its death was already so beneficial for them, so if it was an Eleventh-Order Monster Beast’s Soul Source… wouldn’t that be equivalent to a month or two worth of dedicated cultivation?

If one Soul Source helped so much, then ten would be equal to a year’s worth of effort, and one hundred Soul Sources would be equal to a hundred years’ worth!


One hundred years’ worth of hard work cultivating and increasing the strength of one’s Soul only required the Soul Sources of one hundred Eleventh-Order Monster Beasts? This seemed almost unimaginable.


“Don’t get too excited!” Gao Xue Ting poured some cold water on everyone at this moment. “Although these living beings will leave behind extremely pure Soul Sources after death, and these Soul Sources are easy for us to absorb, they’re still a type of foreign power rather than what you would gain from personal cultivation. This means that if you feel anything off in your own body, you must stop absorbing more, otherwise, your consciousness might become chaotic with unimaginable consequences!”


Everyone’s expressions calmed down as they realized that this type of absorption wasn’t limitless, it simply hadn’t been obvious.


“Of course, if you can find a Soul Jade, things will be different,” Gao Xue Ting spoke up once again.


“Soul Jade?” Yang Kai looked at her with an expression saying that he didn’t understand. The others all had similar expressions.


“That’s an object only produced in this world that is formed from the purest Spiritual Energy, and its appearance is similar to a type of jade. A Soul Jade can truly be absorbed without any worry! No problems will occur no matter how many of these you absorb!” Gao Xue Ting explained. “This Queen has entered this world a total of four times, but even up until now, I’ve only obtained one Mid-Rank Soul Jade. Even in this world, Soul Jades are extremely rare.”


After they heard this, everyone instantly understood that finding a Soul Jade depended more on luck than hard work.


“Apart from that, there’s also something called Soul Crystals in this world. Although Soul Crystals sound similar in name to Soul Jades, they’re completely different things.” Gao Xue Ting did her best to explain in as much detail as possible so that the newcomers to this world would have a better understanding. “You can think of Soul Crystals as the equivalent of Source Crystals on our side… Soul Crystals are the currency of this world and although they can also be used to cultivate, their efficiency isn’t very good!”


“Disciple understands,” Xia Sheng and the others nodded with serious expressions.


“This wondrous world has countless mysterious products, the majority of which are tremendously helpful for the Soul. You’ll naturally understand if you have the opportunity to encounter them,” Gao Xue Ting looked around and spoke in a calm tone, “Also, thanks to Xia Sheng’s fight just now, you should be able to tell that only Soul-type artifacts and Soul Secret Techniques can be used here! When entering the Divine Ascension Mirror, it is impossible to bring most of the items on our physical bodies; however, anything related to the Soul can pass through without a problem. All of you should check your belongings and ascertain what you have that you can use, so that you’re not caught unprepared by a powerful enemy!”


Everyone immediately started to check themselves after she spoke.


Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to scan himself and immediately found the Purple Sun Profound Light Shield that Gao Xue Ting had previously given him.


This was a Soul-type artifact, so it was only natural that it could enter the Divine Ascension Mirror World. Yang Kai only had to use a thought to activate it, causing a solid seeming layer of purple light to appear around his current body.


However, apart from this Soul-type artifact that could obviously be brought along with him, Yang Kai actually discovered some items that he never would have expected.


“The Soul Warming Lotus…” Yang Kai had a speechless expression as he looked over a certain part within his body where a seven coloured lotus bloomed. He thought to himself, [Although the Soul Warming Lotus isn’t an artifact, it’s related to the Soul, and it’s always been in my Knowledge Sea, so it’s natural that it was brought along, but…]


[Why did these guys also come along?]


Yang Kai was referring to the Soul Devouring Insects that he obtained long ago in Tong Xuan Realm.


He had obtained these Soul Devouring Insects many years ago, and due to his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea’s special attribute, he wasn’t afraid of these Exotic Ancient Insects and had even borrowed the Soul Warming Lotus’s effect to tame them and make them fight for him.


The Soul Devouring Insects had been kept in the Soul Warming Lotus’s illusionary seven-coloured island over all these years and they had become even stronger thanks to the Soul Warming Lotus’s nourishment.


Most critically, last time, outside Maplewood City, when Yang Kai underwent his Demon Transformation, the Soul Devouring Insects had rampaged once and at that time madly devoured the ancient demon’s Demon Qi in Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea. The insects’ appearance changed greatly back then, becoming pitch-black, all of them giving off a feeling of wickedness and violence. It was obvious that they wouldn’t be good to antagonize.


At this moment, these countless Soul Devouring Insects had also come here together with the Soul Warming Lotus and were residing atop the Soul Warming Lotus as they were nourished within Yang Kai’s Soul Avatar.


Yang Kai’s face couldn’t help but darken when he found the Soul Devouring Insects.


This couldn’t be helped…


If these guys were exposed, Gao Xue Ting would likely soon connect them to the ancient demon, because Yang Kai had fought against Gao Xue Ting while in his demon form outside of Maplewood City. An Emperor like Gao Xue Ting would of course remember such a unique power.


It might even be that Gao Xue Ting would recognize Yang Kai as the demon from that day! Yang Kai really wouldn’t be able to explain himself if that happened…


After thinking of this, Yang Kai secretly resolved that no matter what, he couldn’t allow these Soul Devouring Insects to appear in front of Gao Xue Ting. Otherwise, the consequences would be dire!


After he finished checking the Soul Warming Lotus and Soul Devouring Insects, Yang Kai then saw something else in his Soul Avatar – something that he never expected to see.


“This thing… is also a Soul-type artifact? I never knew!”



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  1. Liar! We all knew the dagger he got from the insects emperor was a soul type artifact and I was sure he would have it in the mirror world even before coming to the last part!

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  2. “then ten would be equal to a year’s worth of effort, and one hundred Soul Sources would be equal to a hundred years’ worth”

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