Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2212, Heavenly Monster Mountain


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Yang Kai was referring to a sword, a certain blade that he hadn’t finished refining, and in fact, hadn’t even used.


He never expected that it would enter the Divine Ascension Mirror and follow his Soul Avatar here!


This discovery shocked Yang Kai as well as gave him a pleasant surprise since he had possessed this blade for many years already. Now that he had this blade at his side, perhaps it would have some miraculous effect in a time of danger.


Although Yang Kai was thinking many things in his mind, his expression remained calm.


Gao Xue Ting glanced at him and inspected the defensive prowess of his Purple Sun Profound Light Shield, nodding slightly at what she saw.


She had given this artifact to Yang Kai not long ago, so it was already quite something that he had refined it to the point where he could control it as he pleased in such a short period of time.


After a while, Gao Xue Ting saw that everyone was just about finished with their self-inspections, so she mentioned, “Now I will be taking you all to a certain place. It’s the norm for the temple’s disciples to train at this place every time we enter this world. You all must obediently stay there and train. You absolutely cannot run around!”

“Yes!” Everyone responded in unison.


However, Xia Sheng acutely noticed something as he looked at Gao Xue Ting with suspicion, “Elder Gao, you’re not coming with us?”

Her words made it sound like Gao Xue Ting was only in charge of bringing everyone there, and that she wouldn’t actually stay with them.


Gao Xue Ting shook her head, “I have something else to do; however, you guys can rest assured that the training location isn’t too dangerous. As long as you guys behave, there won’t be any major problems.”

“Understood,” Xia Sheng nodded with a serious expression, “Elder Gao, please rest assured as well, as long as Disciple is here, he will ensure everyone’s safety.”

Gao Xue Ting glanced at him with a look of some praise and waved her pretty hand, “Let’s go!”


As she spoke, she flew off towards a certain direction.


Everyone hurried to follow her.


As they travelled, they would occasionally meet some Monster Beasts blocking the way. Whenever this happened, Gao Xue Ting would have one member of the disciples go down to fight and get accustomed to their own condition as well as the special traits of the living beings here.


The Dao Source Realm disciples were all elites among elites and could naturally adapt quite easily. One day later, everyone had almost completely lost their original sense of discomfort and were able to fight freely.


In general, their Soul Avatars could not display as much power as when they were in their physical bodies and they also had far fewer techniques they could use against their enemies.


This couldn’t be helped as they were currently lacking physical bodies and their normal artifacts. They were also unable to use most of their Secret Techniques when they fought and could only rely on Soul-type artifacts or pure Spiritual Energy attacks.


Thus, most fights in the Divine Ascension Mirror were simple and direct, without any overly fancy or complex techniques.


Yang Kai’s unusualness really showed itself here.


When outside, others would only pay attention to his cultivation, and to experts, a First-Order Dao Source Realm wasn’t even worth mentioning.


However, Yang Kai seemed to be rather different from everyone else in this world that Soul Avatars reigned over.


His Soul Avatar’s strength even faintly surpassed that of Xia Sheng’s, not to mention Xiao Bai Yi, Murong Xiao Xiao, and Chen Mu Ji.


Yang Kai was originally the one with the lowest cultivation level amongst them, but upon entering the Divine Ascension Mirror, he actually became the strongest and… it was impossible for him to conceal this fact.


This obvious contrast really astonished the others and they all became quite curious about just how he had cultivated his Spiritual Energy and how he managed to cultivate his own Soul to such a degree.


However, since they weren’t from the same Sect, they couldn’t really ask something like this as it was treading upon his personal secrets.


Even Gao Xue Ting couldn’t help but show some astonishment.


One day later, everyone saw a wide mountain range that extended beyond the horizon.


Gao Xue Ting had everyone stop at the foot of the mountains.


“These are the Heavenly Monster Mountains of the Divine Ascension Mirror World. There are countless Monster Beasts inside here, and you can feel free to hunt them once you enter and obtain Soul Sources to improve your Souls. However, this Queen must remind you all that there are some Monster Beasts within the Heavenly Monster Mountains that even this Queen cannot afford to antagonize. Thus, you shouldn’t enter too deeply into the mountains. As long as you remain in the outskirts… roughly 20,000 kilometres or so from here, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

Everyone’s expressions couldn’t help but become serious as they nodded to show that they understood what she meant.


“The Heavenly Monster Mountains doesn’t only have Monster Beasts, there are also some cultivators from the Divine Ascension Mirror within. If you see them… try not to interact with them; however, if you do come into contact, don’t reveal any information about the outside world. This is very important! Of course, apart from these, there are also the Soul Jades, Soul Crystals, and so on that I mentioned to you before… The Mid-Rank Soul Jade that this Queen obtained before was from the Heavenly Monster Mountains.”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s eyes lit up as they all began to roll up their sleeves.


“Also, our Soul Avatar cannot leave our physical bodies for too long, otherwise some unforeseeable consequences might occur. That is why you are limited to training here for only one month! One month from now, the stone room tokens will automatically activate the seal which will forcibly drag your Soul Avatar back to our world. That’s why you must properly make use of this time.”

“Elder…” Murong Xiao Xiao suddenly spoke up, “If we meet some danger that’s difficult for us to deal with… what should we do?”


“Escape!” Gao Xue Ting’s words were simple and direct. “If you can’t escape, then stall for time, stall until the one-month time limit.” She then glanced over at everyone with her beautiful eyes, “This is a trial. If you can’t surpass it…”

She furrowed her delicate brow slightly and didn’t say any more, but everyone knew what she meant.


Cultivators would always encounter all kinds of danger on their path, so everyone was already accustomed to this type of situation and didn’t have anything to complain about.


“Very good. This Queen has led you all here, and now the rest is up to yourselves. Go in,” Gao Xue Ting waved her hand at everyone after she said this.


Xia Sheng and the others exchanged glances before nodding and entering the Heavenly Monster Mountains.


Gao Xue Ting stood where she was until everyone’s figures disappeared from her line of sight. Only then did she flash away and fly in a different direction.


When she entered the Divine Ascension Mirror this time, not only was she responsible for leading the way for Xia Sheng and the others and explaining some common knowledge about this world to them, she also had a personal matter to attend to: refining one of her own Soul-type artifacts.


This Soul-type artifact had been with her for many years as she warmed it with her Emperor Intent and nourished it with her Emperor Qi. As such, it was now close to evolving into an Emperor Artifact.


An Emperor grade Soul-type artifact was a very rare treasure, with few in existence throughout the entire Star Boundary.


An ordinary Emperor Realm Master might have one or two Emperor Artifacts that they spent a great deal of effort on refining, but as for Soul Emperor Artifacts… the vast majority of Emperors would not possess such a thing.


If things succeeded this time, then Gao Xue Ting would possess a Soul-type Emperor Artifact, allowing her to fully focus on offence when fighting an enemy as she would no longer need to defend the gaps in her Knowledge Sea.


This would be a great boon to her.


The last time that she entered the Divine Ascension Mirror World, she happened to save the life of a local cultivator who was also at the Emperor Realm. At the time, that cultivator had been severely injured and was being hunted by a vicious Monster Beast.


When Gao Xue Ting saw this, she went up to help without any hesitation, and the two of them together managed to kill that Monster Beast.


That cultivator was extremely grateful for Gao Xue Ting’s kindness and invited her back to his Sect. 


Gao Xue Ting also wanted to find out more about all sorts of information regarding the Divine Ascension Mirror World, so she agreed.


When Gao Xue Ting went to the Sect named Soul Grasping Sect, she learned then that the person she saved was actually the Sect Master.


The Sect Master of Soul Grasping Sect wasn’t a wicked person and treated Gao Xue Ting as an honoured guest since she had saved his life. Elder Gao was powerful and beautiful, so apart from having a cold aura, just about everything else about her was perfect.


This Sect Master thus treated Gao Xue Ting very politely and kept trying to flatter her in an attempt to win her heart.


Gao Xue Ting learned last time through idle chatter that there was a mystical place called Soul Gathering Lake within the Soul Grasping Sect and that this place was capable of helping her refine her Soul-type artifact.


Now, Gao Xue Ting was heading for the Soul Grasping Sect, because she wanted to ask the Sect Master to let her borrow the Soul Gathering Lake!


In Gao Xue Ting’s opinion, since she had saved that Sect Master’s life previously, there shouldn’t be any problems with this request.




At the same time, in a certain location within the Divine Ascension Mirror World, there was a giant city that stretched several tens of thousands of kilometres in every direction, an incomparably large area. The city walls were several tens of metres tall and encircled the city like a well-armed fortress.


From a distance, a majestic aura seemed to overflow from this place.


The city was filled with bustling people to the point where many walked shoulder-to-shoulder along the busy streets.


Although this was a city within the Divine Ascension Mirror, it looked identical to cities in the outside world. There were streetside vendors, forests, wide streets, intersections, and an assortment of buildings.


This was the capital of Divine Ascension Country, Divine Ascension City!


Unlike the outside world where there were countless Sects and families, with each force managing their own territory, in the Divine Ascension Mirror World, it was the Divine Ascension Country that was in charge of everything.


All Sects and families were under the management of the Divine Ascension Country. Here, the Divine Ascension Country had unlimited authority and power over everything!


It was said that long, long ago, there was no Divine Ascension Country here and that this world’s structure was identical to the outside world, with Sects and families each having their own territory and ruling like kings.


But ever since the current ruler of the Divine Ascension Country appeared, all forces were united by them and the Divine Ascension Country came to be. Now, no one dared go against their command.


The current ruler was an astonishing genius with the ability to split the Heavens and shatter the Earth. There were also a large number of experts who swore fealty to this ruler and their achievements had all become the stuff of legend, stories all mothers taught to their children.


Under their rule, the entire Divine Ascension Country’s power rose daily, leading to a bright future!


Although this entire world was basically under this one person’s rule now, the appearance of the Divine Ascension Country had indeed managed to help people avoid lots of unnecessary slaughter and conflict, which was a wonderful achievement already.



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