Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2213, Star of Calamity Appears


Translator: Silavin & Imperfectluck

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


At this moment, in the palace of Divine Ascension City, the Great General Zhou Dian, guardian of the Divine Ascension Kingdom, was busy fondling two beautiful women on his left and right as he enjoyed wine and a rowdy party.


Zhou Dian was someone who had a tough and sturdy build, a vicious appearance, and was nearly two metres tall, a full size larger than ordinary people.


He had followed the ruler of Divine Ascension Country in the early days and fought across the world, helping to establish the country with his blade. That was why Zhou Dian was rewarded as he deserved after the Divine Ascension Country was established and given the title of Guardian of the Country, meaning that he was beneath one person and above all others.


Currently, the Divine Ascension Mirror World had been at complete peace for the past hundred years and had no major wars for the past thousand years. As the guardian of the country, Zhou Dian was so bored that he was growing mold.


He was a master at the Third-Order Emperor Realm already, so he felt that continuing to cultivate didn’t have much meaning; as such, he started indulging himself in a life of debauchery.


Normally, he would stay in his palace and collect beautiful women from everywhere as he lived his life freely as he pleased.


Currently, a group of young women were singing and dancing beneath the throne, wearing revealing clothing as they danced, causing their beautiful figures to be faintly exposed. These women were really seductive as they sent flirtatious gazes and had expressions filled with desire. They all showed their most beautiful side to Zhou Dian in an effort to attract his attention.


Zhou Dian was holding various beauties of different types in his left and right hands as he drank delicious wine and ate spirit fruits… his expression was one of satisfaction and delight.


The Divine Ascension Mirror World had countless special products that couldn’t be found in the outside world. For instance, the spirit fruits laid out before Zhou Dian were a local specialty of the Divine Ascension Mirror World. Eating these would be greatly beneficial to the Soul so they were extremely precious and expensive, yet Zhou Dian was treating them as a regular fruit that he could feast on. It was quite a wasteful extravagance.


The sound of laughter, the sounds of seduction, the sounds of flirtation, and Zhou Dian’s loud laughter filled this palace.


Suddenly though, all the noise abruptly stopped.


All sounds seemed to suddenly be cut off by an invisible force.


An unimaginable pressure descended from the sky as a figure came in from outside.


Even without seeing that figure, the singing and dancing women beneath the throne could sense that a giant shadow had appeared behind them. This shadow seemed capable of devouring all of their light as they trembled in fear.


Zhou Dian also widened his mouth and stared at the figure with shock as it came in. A spirit fruit that resembled a grape fell out of his mouth, but he didn’t even notice.


The shadow seemed to be walking slowly, but it instantly entered the palace


Upon a glance, this figure was draped in a large pitch-black robe that enveloped it completely. It was also wearing a demon mask that looked vicious and terrifying!


It was impossible to tell if this person was male or female just from their physical appearance.


In fact, if this person walked around in the palace, at least ninety percent of people wouldn’t recognize them.


But Zhou Dian was different!


The moment that this person appeared, Zhou Dian immediately wiped his mouth as his body shook. Tossing away the two women that had been in his embrace, he hurried forward over ten metres to stand before this person. He then bowed with a serious expression and kneeled on one knee as he declared in a low voice, “The guardian of the country, Great General Zhou Dian, greets the Lord King!”

All of the dancing women wore expressions of astonishment upon hearing this.


Although they knew that the ruler was in this palace, not a single one of the women had ever seen him ever since they entered.


Normally, while messing around with Zhou Dian, they had also joked before to Zhou Dian that he should take them to meet the ruler so that they could see the astounding Master who almost single-handedly established the Divine Ascension Country.


But whenever this was mentioned, Zhou Dian would always change the topic and never agree.


But today, this legendary figure had suddenly appeared before them.


They were truly shocked and surprised by this.


Along with their shock and surprise, they also looked at this person with curiosity.


However, they couldn’t see any characteristics about their king at all. The ruler’s large black cape and demon mask obscured their face and figure completely. There wasn’t even a bit of skin exposed from this image.


It was also impossible to determine this person’s gender from their body shape.


In fact, looking for too long caused the women in the hall to feel dizziness and headaches, scaring them into hurriedly averting their gazes.


“Rise!” The person before Zhou Dian spoke in a light tone.


This was a raspy voice that sounded rather neutral, once again making it impossible to determine if they were male or female.


“Yes, Lord King!” Zhou Dian replied in a low voice as he stood up while continuing to bow slightly, looking at his Master with some wonder, “Lord King, what matter have you come to find this subordinate for?”

Ever since the ruler created the Divine Ascension Country, they had basically not asked Zhou Dian to do anything at all. Zhou Dian never expected that the Lord King would come to find him of their own volition and could faintly sense that something major was likely going to occur.


Zhou Dian quietly waited for the answer after he asked this.


However, the Lord King didn’t speak for a long time. Only much later did the raspy voice finally answer, “The Star of Calamity has appeared in the Heavenly Monster Mountains and has shaken the country’s fate. Great chaos is about to arrive!”


“What?” Zhou Dian’s expression changed as he called out in alarm, “Such a thing actually happened?”

He fiercely viciously gnashed his teeth while the cruelty that he usually kept concealed suddenly exposed itself as he grinned viciously, “Lord King, rest assured. Subordinate shall send someone immediately…”

“You go. Personally!” The Lord King interrupted him.


Zhou Dian was astonished to hear this, but he soon nodded, “Subordinate understands. I will definitely live up to the Lord King’s expectations!”


“Good!” The Lord King said lightly before turning around and leaving.


A moment later, they were gone.


A sentence wafted over from the distance at the same time, “Capture them alive!”

Zhou Dian cupped his fists towards the voice’s direction, “Understood!”


After that, he actually began to laugh out loud as he muttered in a cold voice, “Finally… I have something to do. I hope that this trip won’t make this General too bored!”

“Could you take me with you? I’d also like to see Sir’s amazing countenance in battle.”

“I want to go as well.”

“Me too! Me too!”


The women gathered around and kept chattering endlessly.


Zhou Dian laughed viciously as he looked around him. Suddenly, he coldly snorted as an invisible force spread out and knocked all the women away.


The beauties all fell down and started screaming in pain. Unstable lights flashed on their bodies, indicating that their Souls had been damaged severely.


“When men are working, women should stay put!” Zhou Dian declared as he strode out of the palace with large steps.


He was playing around intimately with these women just earlier, yet he actually treated them like this and cast them aside in the next. It could be seen that he was subject to shifting moods and had a cruel personality.


Not long after, Zhou Dian gathered his army and left the palace with great force as he headed towards Heavenly Monster Mountains.




Currently in a valley of the Heavenly Monster Mountains, a peak Eleventh-Order Earth Tortoise was struggling in battle as several figures weaved around it.


Xia Sheng sliced with his sword, using it to send out blades of Spiritual Energy that cut into the weak spots of the Earth Tortoise’s neck. The Monster Beast instantly roared in pain from the strike and tried to withdraw.


Xiao Bai Yi’s Soul-Type artifact was similar to the artifacts that he used with his physical body, since they were all sword artifacts. Here, he was even using his Spiritual Energy to use the Secret Techniques that he normally used. Although it seemed a bit strange, the power was still significant.


The Spiritual Energy sword waves sliced over to block the Earth Tortoise’s path of retreat.


Murong Xiao Xiao had a serious expression as she skillfully wielded a long whip. The whip left many afterimages as all the attacks surrounded the Monster Beast and stopped it from moving. However, even though her whip seemed beautiful in its movements, it lacked murderous intent.


Meanwhile, Chen Mu Ji’s Soul-Type artifact was a flying sword. As he threw it with his Divine Sense injected in it, it stirred up astonishing winds as it kept whittling down the Monster Beast’s stamina.


Yang Kai wore the Purple Sun Profound Light Shield as he engaged in melee combat with the Earth Tortoise, his fists pounding as he unleashed a flurry of punches.


The five Dao Source Realm cultivators surrounded and attacked a Monster Beast at the peak of Dao Source Realm, yet they were actually unable to defeat it despite how long they’d been fighting.


This wasn’t Yang Kai and the others’ fault though, it was simply that the Monster Beast’s defences were too astonishing. The thick tortoiseshell seemed to be harder than metal and any time a truly threatening attack came, it would retract its four limbs and its head into its shell.


When the attacks slowed down, the tortoise would poke its head out and spit something that resembled a spray of energy balls. These energy balls formed a dense bombardment and were quite difficult for Yang Kai and the others to deal with.


Of the five people present, Yang Kai was the only one who possessed a defensive artifact that allowed him to engage the tortoise in melee combat. The other four didn’t dare to get too close, as they might die if they weren’t careful enough and got pelted by an attack.


If it wasn’t for the fact that the tortoise was extremely slow, Yang Kai and the others wouldn’t have bothered to fight it.


Still, such a Monster Beast helped everyone to soon understand their limits and weaknesses.


After a long fight, the Earth Tortoise’s surface flickered, seeming to indicate that it was reaching its limits. Xia Sheng shouted loudly as he and his sword attacked together from the sky, descending with the force of a meteor.


Xiao Bai Yi and the others also used their techniques on the Monster Beast together.


Upon seeing this, Yang Kai feinted and then retreated so that he wouldn’t get caught in friendly fire from everyone’s attacks.


“Hong hong hong…”

There was the sound of energy explosions that wouldn’t stop for quite a long time.


When the dust finally settled, the Earth Tortoise collapsed quietly on the ground and wasn’t moving anymore. In front of everyone’s eyes, its body gradually vanished and dissipated into this land, leaving only a small bean-sized ball of light.


The ball of light’s colour, brightness, and size were all incomparable to the one everyone saw from the previous Monster Beast.


This one was at the peak of the Eleventh-Order, after all!


However, even though the victory loot was right before them, nobody was in a hurry to take it. Instead, everyone stood where they were with furrowed eyebrows and contemplative expressions. Everyone seemed to gain something as their expressions flickered.


“In this place, our past combat experience… doesn’t seem to be very useful.” Xia Sheng was the first to speak.


“En.” Xiao Bai Yi nodded. “I think everyone’s noticed now that it’s difficult to fight because it feels like you’re being restrained!”



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