Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2215, Soul Devouring Demon Insects


Translator: Silavin & Imperfectluck

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


These four had greatly contributed to the establishment of the Divine Ascension Country. They had followed Zhou Dian to conquer the world since early on, and had rarely met any opponents throughout the land.


Even in all of the Divine Ascension Mirror World, they were considered famous Masters.


However, their strength was overwhelmed by Zhou Dian’s sharpness when they were in front of him.


“Go in four separate directions and search the mountains. You must find the Star of Calamity as quickly as possible, capture them alive, and bring them before the Lord King!” Zhou Dian pointed while announcing in a low voice.


“Yes!” The four of them accepted in unison as they immediately split the soldiers into four groups and swiftly disappeared into the Heavenly Monster Mountains.


Zhou Dian remained where he was by himself.


A cold wind blew past and caused Zhou Dian’s hair to flow in the wind. A long time later, he finally urged the Nine Horned Dragon Beast under him to go forward.


The Monster Beast he rode was Twelfth-Order. Even though it was in its early stages, it was still the equivalent of a First-Order Emperor in terms of strength. Even so, this beast could only obediently let Zhou Dian ride it.


Back in the day, Zhou Dian had spent a significant amount of effort and time in order to finally tame this Monster Beast.


Zhou Dian’s eyes mysteriously flashed with the desire to do battle as he looked deep into the Heavenly Monster Mountains. It was as if there was an opponent he was highly interested in who was waiting for him within the forested mountain.




Yang Kai and the others naturally had no idea of what was happening outside as they trained in the mountains. None of them expected that a simple training session would cause such a massive commotion.


At this moment, Yang Kai was fighting against a Thunder Cyan Wolf in the Heavenly Monster Mountains.


This Monster Beast was only peak Tenth-Order, equivalent to the first Monster Beast that everyone met when they first entered the Divine Ascension Mirror World, but Yang Kai still wore a serious expression.


This couldn’t be helped, as it seemed this Monster Beast was somewhat different from others. It actually possessed the ability to control thunder.


The arcs of lightning flashing on its body had tremendous power that worried Yang Kai somewhat.


He was currently here in his Soul Avatar, rather than his physical body, so he wouldn’t heal that quickly if he received any injuries. Even though he had the Soul Warming Lotus, Yang Kai still didn’t dare to simply come into contact with such powerful lightning.


Luckily, he didn’t have any intentions of fighting personally.


When acting together with Xia Sheng and the others, there were many techniques that he couldn’t show, so he was quite limited in battle and felt quite awkward as he fought.


But now he was by himself, so he naturally had nothing else to worry about.


The Thunder Cyan Wolf also noticed that Yang Kai wasn’t easy to deal with. Still, due to its concern about the difference in power level, it only stayed a distance from Yang Kai while constantly baring its fangs and roaring in an effort to scare Yang Kai away.


Of course, Yang Kai wouldn’t do as it wished…


“Come out!” Yang Kai suddenly shouted.


As he shouted, his body shook slightly as he waved his sleeve. A patch of dense black dots suddenly emerged mysteriously.


The black dots weren’t numerous at first, but then they became uncountable in the blink of an eye. They gathered into a black cloud with astonishing speed.


The black cloud was the size of a table. Upon closer look, one could see quite clearly that this black cloud consisted of tiny insects that were almost impossible to see with the naked eye.


Soul Devouring Insects…


No, they should be renamed Soul Devouring Demon Insects.


Ever since they devoured a large amount of pure Demon Qi in Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea last time, the Soul Devouring Insects had all become pitch-black. If the insects were individually magnified, they would all have terrifying appearances with threatening malevolent auras.


The insect cloud arrived with the sound of buzzing.


The Thunder Cyan Wolf obviously didn’t know what this black cloud was, but its natural instinct made it feel something was amiss. The wolf actually opened its mouth when it saw the insect cloud charging at it and shot out a bolt of lightning into the swarm.


The insect cloud was instantly shattered…


But soon, it reformed itself.


Meanwhile, the Thunder Cyan Wolf actually turned and ran after releasing that one attack. It had no intention of staying here.


“Go!” Yang Kai uttered a single word. In fact, there was no need for him to issue such a command, as the Soul Devouring Demon Insects’ instinct would already make them chase after their prey.


The insect cloud acted like maggots on rotting bones as it enveloped the Thunder Cyan Wolf. Even though the wolf wasn’t slow at all, the insect cloud caught up in an extremely short time. The insect cloud simply descended upon and completely enveloped the Monster Beast.


Pitiful howls instantly arose as sounds of pain kept echoing. The sounds were rather frightening to behold.


The insect cloud roiled and wriggled like a living being…


Yang Kai silently stood where he was and observed everything.


The Thunder Cyan Wolf’s aura was weakening at a rate that wasn’t fast or slow.


“The power is still a bit lacking…” Yang Kai mulled things over.


Although the Soul Devouring Insects had a special trait that countless living beings would be afraid of, Yang Kai’s Soul Devouring Insects had been raised from a very low level, and over the years he hadn’t invested a lot of effort into them. All he did was to place them in the Soul Warming Lotus’s illusionary treasure island and let them freely live and evolve by themselves.


Even though quite some time had passed and they had grown significantly, they still didn’t live up to Yang Kai’s requirements for the current level of battle.


A Tenth-Order Monster Beast was only at the level of an Origin King.


In the outside world, if Yang Kai personally attacked, he could win against such an opponent with a wave of his hand; however, when using the Soul Devouring Demon Insects, it actually required some time and effort to win.


However… this Divine Ascension Mirror World seemed to be a paradise for the Soul Devouring Insects to grow stronger in. If Yang Kai used this place well, perhaps the Soul Devouring Demon Insects would change massively in this one month.


At that time, Yang Kai would then possess another trump card, one that would be almost impossible to be on guard against!


Thus, Yang Kai made up his mind to use the special composition of this world and his remaining time here to properly raise the Soul Devouring Demon Insects!


While he was thinking so, the insect cloud started moving about at an even faster speed, while the Thunder Cyan Wolf’s howls gradually weakened and died down. Some time later, the wolf finally stopped moving.


Yang Kai saw things quite clearly. He discovered that the Soul Devouring Demon Insects were rapidly devouring the Thunder Cyan Wolf’s body…


All living beings here were Soul Avatars, after all, so they did not possess physical bodies. This meant they were the Soul Devouring Demon Insects’ favourite food.


If Yang Kai personally killed the wolf, then the wolf would lose most of its Spiritual Energy after its death, and that energy would return to this world, leaving only the Soul Source behind.


However, things were different if the Soul Devouring Demon Insects devoured the wolf instead. The energy that should have originally dissipated instead entered the Soul Devouring Demon Insects’ bodies and became a resource for them to become stronger.


The only thing that Yang Kai worried about was that he couldn’t afford to let the Soul Devouring Demon Insects also devour the Monster Beast’s Soul Source.


If that happened, then he really wouldn’t gain anything at all…


That wasn’t what he wanted. Strengthening himself was the most important thing on this training opportunity while having the Soul Devouring Demon Insects become stronger was only a secondary concern. Yang Kai knew quite clearly what was more important.


Thus, Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to issue a command to the insect cloud after some time.


The insect cloud was quite obedient. Perhaps it was due to staying in Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea for many years that they now carried out his orders obediently.


Once the insect cloud received the message, it immediately left the Thunder Cyan Wolf’s corpse and flew back into Yang Kai’s sleeve.


When he looked over, the Thunder Cyan Wolf had been almost completely devoured, leaving only a pea-sized faint yellow ball of light behind.


Yang Kai nodded in satisfaction as he walked over and absorbed the ball of light into his body.


Not long after, he set out again and proceeded forward.


As he travelled, he didn’t meet any Monster Beasts that were too strong. Every single Monster Beast became food for his insect cloud. Yang Kai simply needed to stand quietly by the side and obtain the Soul Sources left from the deaths of the Monster Beasts.


This was unimaginably easy!


This was another benefit of him acting alone. He didn’t need to spend too much effort in order to make gains. If he was instead together with Xia Sheng and the others, he never would have released these Soul Devouring Demon Insects.


And as time passed, Yang Kai gradually discovered something that he was interested in.


Basically, the Soul Devouring Demon Insects seemed capable of absorbing the strange energy of this world while staying in his sleeve in order to constantly strengthen themselves.


When he thought about it more carefully, this seemed natural.


The World Energy of this world was completely different from the World Energy of the outside world.


The outside world’s World Energy could be absorbed by a cultivator’s physical body so their cultivator could gradually become stronger.


However, the World Energy here could be absorbed by all living beings’ Soul Avatars in order to strengthen their Souls.


The Soul Devouring Demon Insects were naturally no exception. The World Energy that was present everywhere here was the most delicious food that they desired.


[This place is an absolute treasure!] Yang Kai was filled with excitement.


He gained tremendous benefits as he travelled.


In just two days’ time, Yang Kai managed to use the Soul Devouring Demon Insects to kill at least seventy to eighty Monster Beasts, which were all completely devoured by his insects. Of course, Yang Kai picked up all the remnant Soul Sources for free.


This helped his Divine Sense to become ever stronger and more solid, when he was already near Third-Order Dao Source Realm Divine Sense level. In fact, it even faintly seemed like it was reaching Emperor Realm Divine Sense level.


Not only was Yang Kai’s Divine Sense gradually improving, even the Soul Devouring Demon Insects’ growth was rather evident.


At first, the Soul Devouring Insects needed a cup of tea’s time to kill a Tenth-Order Thunder Cyan Wolf, but now the time required had been shortened by more than half.


The insects’ growth was even more obvious than Yang Kai’s.


Yang Kai was absolutely delighted by such a tremendous harvest. He felt more certain that it had been a wise decision for him to act separately from Xia Sheng and the others.


According to what Gao Xue Ting said, absorbing a single Tenth-Order Monster Beast’s Soul Source was the equivalent of cultivating hard for seven to eight days outside. Meanwhile, absorbing an Eleventh-Order Monster Beast’s Soul Source was the equivalent of cultivating hard for twenty days.


In just two short days, Yang Kai had benefited so much that it was the equivalent of him cultivating for three to four years.


Not to mention, he would have needed to use special Soul cultivation Secret Arts in order to obtain such results.


If he had stayed with Xia Sheng and the others, he never would have gained so much.


Still, he was the only one who could accomplish this.


This was because he had the Soul Devouring Demon Insects. He only needed to watch from the sidelines for every battle, and then he would scoop up the victory loot…


He didn’t need to use any energy at all, which meant he didn’t need to rest.



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