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Martial Peak – Chapter 2217, Purple Squirrel


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This was only natural. Soul Devouring Insects were the bane of all Spiritual Energy. Apart from being afraid of certain types of energy like Yang Kai’s Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, it was rare to find something that could kill them.


Although Yang Kai’s Soul Devouring Insects originally had some weaknesses, those weaknesses had long since disappeared as the insects grew.


If someone wanted to kill these Soul Devouring Insects, they would need to have a Conflagrated Knowledge Sea to counter them like Yang Kai did. Apart from this, other methods weren’t very useful.


In fact, Yang Kai didn’t know if even his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea would still be effective against them or not.


He was still able to control the Soul Devouring Insects mostly because of the Soul Warming Lotus.

Of course, the python and the Purple Squirrel would be afraid of something as abnormal as these insects.


When the black cloud descended, the python actually panicked and opened its mouth to spit out a verdant coloured mist that engulfed the swarm. At the same time, a terrible stench instantly spread everywhere.


“Poison Spiritual Energy!” Yang Kai was truly surprised as he watched this.


Whether the python obtained some sort of opportunity or was born like this, it was actually capable of turning its own Spiritual Energy into a powerful venomous mist. The python obviously wanted to use its special Spiritual Energy to deal with the Soul Devouring Demon Insects.


Not only that, the python had no intentions of staying here. After it spat out that venom cloud, it actually turned and ran while ignoring Yang Kai and the Purple Squirrel!


However, the python had obviously underestimated how abnormal the Soul Devouring Demon Insects were.


The pitch-black insect cloud came into contact and clashed against the verdant mist and actually began devouring it at a speed visible to the naked eye! In just three breaths of time, only the pitch-black insect cloud remained.


It seemed as if the entire venomous cloud had been swallowed by the Soul Devouring Demon Insects. 


The poison mist was also made from Spiritual Energy, so it was delicious food to the Soul Devouring Demon Insects.


After the Soul Devouring Demon Insects had this snack, they didn’t linger and instead headed directly for the python. In just the blink of an eye, the insects swarmed the python’s head.


The python’s vision was completely blocked by the insect cloud and it began thrashing about violently like a headless flea.


Yang Kai silently watched for a while and couldn’t help but furrow his brow.


This was because he discovered that the always victorious Soul Devouring Demon Insects were rather ineffective against this python.


The python was covered all over in dense scales, and even beings as tiny as the Soul Devouring Demon Insects were unable to break through the scales to devour the python’s body.


At this rate, it seemed that the Soul Devouring Demon Insects really wouldn’t be able to win unless they were able to break through the python’s defences.


Yang Kai suddenly had a flash of inspiration as he immediately issued a command to the Soul Devouring Demon Insects.


Controlling the Soul Devouring Demon Insects wasn’t as simple as controlling Stone Puppet Xiao Xiao, since the insects didn’t even have any sentience. Although Xiao Xiao’s sentience wasn’t very high, at least he could understand Yang Kai’s orders.


In comparison, it would obviously take a lot more energy and concentration to control these insects.


Still, at least the insect cloud was rather obedient, so Yang Kai only had to spend a little bit of effort to have them enter the python’s body through its nose and mouth.


Several dozen breaths later, the pitch-black insect cloud had completely disappeared. All that remained was the sound of buzzing that came from the python’s stomach.


The python seemed to be suffering unbearable torment and pain as it kept rolling around and thrashing on the ground, knocking over countless trees in the process.


However, there was no way for the python to deal with such an attack that came from within its own body, all it could do was wait for its own death!


As the python struggled, it seemed unwilling to simply accept its own death so it sent out Soul attacks into the nearby ground indiscriminately. Yang Kai had no choice but to withdraw slightly so as to not get caught up in this violent storm.


As time passed, the python’s body flickered between light and dark and its struggles gradually weakened.


Finally, the python raised its head straight up before collapsing listlessly, the light from its body also going completely dim.


Yang Kai calmly stood where he was and waited quietly.


A moment later, a hole suddenly appeared in the python’s body out of which countless Soul Devouring Demon Insects swarmed and flew back towards Yang Kai to return to his sleeve.


Only then did Yang Kai walk up and crouch over to look at the remaining python skin. This layer of python skin was as thin as a cicada’s wings, and the scales upon the snakeskin were composed of some unknown substance. Not only were the scales incomparably sturdy, even the Soul Devouring Demon Insects had no interest in them.


That was why the Soul Devouring insects flew out after they devoured the entire essence of the python.


If Yang Kai could take these scales with him, perhaps he would be able to craft some amazing Soul defensive artifact…


Yang Kai thought this as he reached out to collect the python skin; however, what he never expected was that the python skin actually broke apart like withered wood and completely shattered.


Yang Kai was truly surprised by this result.


After a moment, he reasoned that the python’s defensive power had been so amazing because of some special power of its own rather than its scales.


Since the python skin was now useless, Yang Kai naturally no longer needed to worry about how to take it out with him. Besides, he had no idea how he could take items from this world back to the outside world, unless it was a special item that he could absorb into his own Soul Avatar, such as a Soul-type artifact.


However, it wasn’t even known if there were Soul-type artifacts in this world, since everything here was created from a type of special Spiritual Energy. Even the mountains, land, and trees were made of this Spiritual Energy, so there were none of the precious ores that were required to refine artifacts.


Yang Kai turned back and returned to the Purple Squirrel’s location.


He was astonished to find that the supposedly unconscious Purple Squirrel had vanished at some unknown point.


This really surprised him.


It seemed that this Ninth-Order Purple Squirrel was alive because of more than luck.


However… Yang Kai scanned with his Divine Sense and immediately locked onto the Purple Squirrel’s current location.


The Purple Squirrel was hiding on the branch of a large tree, its small eyes shining with a kind of spirituality as it vigilantly glanced down below.


Just as it was focused on observing though, Yang Kai suddenly disappeared from its sight.


The Purple Squirrel’s hairs all instinctually stood on end at that moment.


“Heh heh, you thought that I wouldn’t be able to find you because you were hiding?” Yang Kai’s cold chuckle came from behind it, and before the Purple Squirrel could react, Yang Kai already reached out and pinched its neck to bring it before him.


The Purple Squirrel instantly began to tremble as its eyes were filled with fear and fright, timidly gaze up at Yang Kai.


“It seems that you don’t have any abilities apart from some speed and sentience,” Yang Kai said contemplatively while examining the squirrel. The squirrel should have used its other abilities if it had any already; however, it didn’t react even when being held so pitifully by the neck, so it obviously had nothing it could do.


But as Yang Kai was speaking, the Purple Squirrel seemed to suddenly think of something as it hurriedly stretched out with its paw to its stomach.


Yang Kai looked where it was pointing and saw something that really surprised him.


He discovered that this Purple Squirrel’s stomach had a pouch that seemed like it was formed naturally.


He was surprised yet again.


At this moment, the Purple Squirrel brought something out from this pouch. It was a spirit fruit that resembled a grape, one that was a deep purple and gave off a wondrous scent.


Yang Kai inhaled the scent and instantly felt refreshed. In fact, the discomfort that he felt from absorbing too many Soul Sources even seemed to lessen slightly.


His eyes lit up as he focused on the purple spirit fruit.


After the Purple Squirrel brought out this spirit fruit, it raised the fruit with both paws and extended its paws right in front of Yang Kai. Its expression seemed like it was saying ‘Sir, please accept this spirit fruit and spare my life…’ as it pitifully looked at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai could tell that this squirrel had even more intelligence than he had expected.


It was quite obvious that the squirrel wanted to use this spirit fruit to obtain his favour so that he wouldn’t attack it.


Yang Kai was instantly amused by this and smiled at the Purple Squirrel, no longer giving it a difficult time as he set it down.


The Purple Squirrel heaved a sigh of relief as it landed back on the branch. Still, it continued to hold the spirit fruit as it stood up and brought it before Yang Kai.


“Since you insist, I’ll accept this.” Yang Kai lightly coughed as he took the spirit fruit from the squirrel.


To be honest, he was quite curious about the spirit fruit. Although Gao Xue Ting mentioned previously that this world had many miraculous products with a lot of wondrous effects, Yang Kai had never thought before that this place would actually be capable of giving birth to spirit fruits.


This spirit fruit was something obviously greatly beneficial to the Soul.


Since he couldn’t take it out with him anyways, Yang Kai naturally gave up on that idea and simply tossed it into his mouth after a brief examination.


A few chews later, Yang Kai swallowed the fruit, instantly causing his spirit to perk up.


He could sense quite clearly that when this spirit fruit entered his stomach, it released a mellow energy that not only strengthened his Soul but also greatly eased the sense of discomfort he was feeling.


Yang Kai estimated that if he had another three or four of these spirit fruits, he could completely get rid of his body’s sensation of discomfort.


“This thing… do you have any more?” Yang Kai looked at the Purple Squirrel and used hand gestures to try and communicate with the little Monster Beast.


He didn’t expect that the Purple Squirrel actually understood him and quickly pointed one of its small paws towards where the dead python once was. It then pointed deep into the Heavenly Monster Mountains as it made chattering sounds.


Yang Kai furrowed his brow and thought for a moment before asking, “What you mean to say is… this python was guarding the spirit fruit, and it chased you all the way here because you stole one? On top of that, there are even more spirit fruits where the python used to live?


The Purple Squirrel nodded energetically upon hearing this.


“Then what are you waiting for? Lead the way!” Yang Kai waved his hand as he called out in a low voice with excitement.


The discomfort in his Soul not only prevented him from continuing to absorb Soul Sources, but it also affected his personal condition. It would obviously be a great help if he could get rid of this condition as soon as possible.


That was why Yang Kai was in such a hurry to find more of the purple spirit fruits.



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