Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2229, Discovered


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“Why!?” Yi Quan was suddenly furious, “Those Alchemists can’t all be useless, can they?”


Yang Kai said helplessly, “As they say, even the cleverest woman cannot cook a meal without rice… The primary ingredient, Flesh Incarnation Fruit, for the Flesh Incarnation Pill has already gone extinct, so how could Alchemists refine the Flesh Incarnation Pill?”


“How could that be?” Yi Quan found it hard to accept Yang Kai’s explanation, “Isn’t the outside world vast and rich?!”


Yang Kai laughed, “That is what they say, but some things are left to fate.”


Yi Quan looked disappointed and was out of it for a while, but soon, as if he thought of something, he looked spiritedly at Yang Kai and said, “Since you know so much about the Flesh Incarnation Pill, you wouldn’t happen to be one of those Alchemists, would you?”


“Well… Sort of,” Yang Kai nodded and also understood what Yi Quan was trying to hint at, so he continued without needing him to say anything, “But Senior should know that Alchemists are divided into different levels as well, just like cultivators. Different grades of Alchemists can refine different grades of pills, and the Flesh Incarnation Pill is an Emperor Grade Pill, so it will require an Emperor Grade Alchemist to refine. Right now, Junior is… just a Dao Source Grade Alchemist!”


“So?” Yi Quan raised his voice, “This King can see that your cultivation is already extraordinary at such a young age. With time, it’s not impossible for you to reach the Emperor Realm. Hm… Why don’t you refine a Flesh Incarnation Pill for this King when that time comes?”


Yang Kai laughed bitterly and said, “I would still need the materials!”


“Then go find them!” Yi Quan said matter-of-factly, “This King is not afraid to wait, and I can afford to do so! You can refine the Flesh Incarnation Pill whenever you find the Flesh Incarnation Fruit. This King only needs you to agree to do this for now.”


Seeing him like this, Yang Kai’s face could not help but turn serious. After a moment of silence, he said, “Since Senior has said so, then Junior will do his best, but Senior may have to wait for a long time, and it may turn out impossible in the end.”


“No problem!” Yi Quan waved his hand and said, “It’s fine as long as you have the intention.”


As he spoke, he seemed to already be able to see a glimmer of hope and called out, “Good! I’ll gift you another bottle of wine!”


With those words, he placed another jar of Monkey God Wine in front of Yang Kai.


Yang Kai grinned and did not hesitate to down it.


Three bottles of Monkey God Wine went into his belly in just a short amount of time, so even though Yang Kai had the Seven-Coloured Soul Warming Lotus to pad his stomach, he still could not avoid feeling a little drunk.


Yi Quan looked at him with a gaze that had become more cordial and he was just about to wave his hand to call someone over to bring Yang Kai down to rest when suddenly his expression turned cold and he gazed towards a certain direction.


Yang Kai noticed the change in Yi Quan’s expression and could not help but look at him in confusion.


Yi Quan did not move and only watched quietly for a while before he shouted in a cold voice, “How dare he!”


“Senior, what happened?” Yang Kai asked.


But before Yi Quan answered, he saw a Monster Race Master suddenly fly in from outside, cupping his fists and quickly reporting, “Sir, a human Master has invaded! The Blood Wolf Guard are currently obstructing him, but the invader is strong. He seems to be…”


“This King knows,” Yi Quan nodded coldly and ordered. “Tell the Blood Wolves to withdraw, they… won’t be able to stop him. Let him in.”


The Monster Race Master did not hesitate to accept his order and immediately retreated.


Yang Kai also came back to his senses at this moment and said with an ugly expression, “Could it be… Zhou Dian came here personally?”


Yi Quan’s cultivation was amazing, so a human Master who could warrant his attention couldn’t be anyone but Zhou Dian.


And his guess was correct. Yi Quan nodded at his words, “That’s right, it’s him. I can’t believe he insists on breaking into my Heavenly Monster Valley even if it means going against the Heavenly Monster Accord… Could it be that he’s coming for you?”


“Me?” Yang Kai pointed at his own nose. Having mostly sobered up, he laughed nervously, “I don’t think that’s likely… Junior only arrived here ten days ago and I didn’t even know Zhou Dian existed before that. Why would he come for me?”


“This King does not know either, but…” While speaking, Yi Quan’s figure suddenly shook and he appeared before Yang Kai, patting him on the shoulder.


Yang Kai was slightly taken aback but he knew that Yi Quan would not do anything to harm himself, so he did not show any intention to resist.


A gentle force came in through his shoulder and travelled through his limbs.


A short while later, Yi Quan said with an ugly look on his face, “As expected, you were marked. It was this King’s negligence.”


At that moment, Yi Quan’s hand suddenly shook.


At the same time, Yang Kai grunted; however, he could clearly hear a strange noise coming from inside of him. Following that, his whole body inexplicably relaxed as if breaking free from some shackle.


“My son told me that you had an encounter with Ban Qing but managed to kill him somehow. Ban Qing is not only proficient in concealment and assassination but also tracking. During your encounter, he seems to have left a mark on you, and Zhou Dian has been following that mark…”


Hearing this, Yang Kai’s face sank.


He had suspected that Ban Qing had done something to him, but he was unable to find out what he did with his ability. But now it seemed that it was no fluke that those cultivators were able to track him.


Only… From what Yi Quan said just now, he seems to have found out about the secret in his body a long time ago but never pointed it out.


“I’m sorry for the trouble I caused you, Senior,” Yang Kai said somewhat apologetically.


Yi Quan waved his hand and said, “No need to be. You are my son’s benefactor so this King will treat you well. As for Zhou Dian… hmph! He’s an arrogant man who cares nothing for rules in the first place!”


After saying that, he went on, “As for how you killed Ban Qing… this King can only say those insects you possess must never be left here no matter what. If you happen to enter this place again, then do not bring them here unless you can fully control them. This place was once nearly destroyed because of those insects…”


Yang Kai was shocked. “Soul Devouring Insects existed here?”


“You call them Soul Devouring Insects?” Yi Quan wore an apprehensive look, “No matter what they’re called, they are a scourge to this world. The insects you have right now are not that strong, so this King can help you suppress them a little, but that is as much as I can do. If they really grow to their full potential, then even this King will become nothing but food to them!”


“Junior understands,” Yang Kai nodded seriously.


“You’d best remember well!” Yi Quan warned.


“Yi Quan!”


At that moment, an earth-shaking voice suddenly came from outside. The voice was not very loud, but it contained a deafening pressure like muffled thunder. The sound set off a storm that swept through the surroundings and reached the ears of every Monster Race in Heavenly Monster Valley, even causing the ears of some weaker Monster Race to bleed.


“Hmph!” Yi Quan turned his head angrily towards the source of the noise. Sharpening his Spiritual Energy, he transformed it into a piercing strike as he shouted, “Zhou Dian! Who gave you the guts to raise your voice in my Heavenly Monster Valley?”


“Hahahaha, hahahaha!” The sound of Zhou Dian’s laughter flowed over. Initially, it was calm, but as Zhou Dian’s emotions fluctuated, it turned into maniacal laughter filled with madness.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


A loud blast came from outside, shaking the entire world.


Yang Kai stood in place with an ugly look on his face. His Soul Avatar felt extremely unstable and the light at the surface of his body was flickering, worrying him so much that he quickly moved his strength to protect himself.


Only then did he feel a little better.


When he came back to his senses, Yi Quan was no longer there.


Quickly rushing out of the hall, Yang Kai floated mid-air and scanned his surroundings.


Very quickly, he spotted Yi Quan and Zhou Dian.


At about fifty kilometres from where he was, Yi Quan, the supreme leader of the Monster Race stood there quietly, motionless, his aura restrained, making him seem as deep as the abyss.


Not far in front of Yi Quan was a stalwart figure riding an extremely powerful Monster Beast, looking down at Yi Quan from above.


[Zhou Dian!]


Even though Yang Kai had never met this person, he knew exactly who he was.


Moreover, Zhou Dian was the only person who would garner such caution from Yi Quan.


Behind Zhou Dian, an equally tall red-haired Emperor Realm Master stood behind him. His fiery red hair was so distinctive that Yang Kai understood immediately that he must be Lian Yan.


The two human masters were surrounded by countless Monster Race Masters, each of which was looking at the two men with fierce, unconcealed hostility.


But none of the Monster Race dared to make a move.


Zhou Dian was calm as can be and even Lian Yan did not appear the least bit nervous, just smiling disdainfully as he looked around, occasionally meeting the eyes of the Monster Race Masters and shooting provocations at them.


“Very good! Yi Quan, you’re still looking healthy after all these years. This General is very pleased!” Zhou Dian was the first to speak, smiling as if the one standing before him was not his life nemesis, but rather a friend whom he had not seen for a long time.


Yi Quan sneered, “This King has been quite well since the last time we met, but I wonder, Zhou Dian… has your injury healed?”


As soon as he said that, the smile on Zhou Dian’s face suddenly disappeared and a piercing icy coldness descended from the sky as if it wanted to freeze everything in this world.


He took a deep breath and slowly closed his eyes, and when opened them again, Zhou Dian had restored his calm.


Seeing this, Yi Quan could not help but raise a brow.


“Yi Quan, if it were possible, this General would not have come to your Heavenly Monster Mountain, but this time it was the Lord King’s order, so I had no choice but to come!” Zhou Dian said.


“The order of your Master is none of this King’s concern. The Heavenly Monster Accord states that no Human may enter more than thirty thousand kilometres into Heavenly Monster Mountain. This is what was agreed upon between our races, but today, you have personally broken that agreement. Is the word of you humans really worth nothing?” Yi Quan bellowed furiously.


Zhou Dian grinned and replied, “This General has only come for one person today. Hand him over and this General will leave immediately. This General will not make things hard for your Heavenly Monster Valley. You should have seen it as well. This General did not kill a single member of your Heavenly Monster Valley. This should be enough to show the sincerity of this General.”


“Is the Heavenly Monster Valley a place for you to come and go as you please?” Yi Quan raised a brow, “This King knows who you are really here for. However… he is an esteemed guest of this King. Want to take him away? First, ask this King if he agrees!”



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