Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2230, Emperor Battle


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“Honoured guest?” Zhou Dian raised his brow at those words and looked derisively at Yi Quan, saying, “Are you joking?”


He thought that Yi Quan was just spouting nonsense; after all, he could clearly see Yang Kai from fifty kilometres away and measure his cultivation. How could a human brat like him be worthy of becoming Yi Quan’s honoured guest?


“This King is in no mood to joke with you,” Yi Quan coldly snorted, “Hurry and get out of my Heavenly Monster Valley, or don’t blame this King for not being polite with you.”


“It seems like… you won’t be handing him over!” Zhou Dian’s eyes deepened slightly and he stared at Yi Quan coldly.


Yi Quan scoffed and did not say anything more. Spiritual Energy was slowly releasing from his body.


At this point, both Masters knew that it was useless to rely on words. The only way they could settle this was with their strength.


Everything in the world seemed to freeze in that instant as Third-Order Emperor Realm pressure and peak Twelfth-Order pressure clashed, invisible sparks flashing across both Masters’ eyes.


Many Monster Race Masters could see that things were turning for the worst and used their Movement Skills to scatter in different directions without even looking back.


Lian Yan did the same as well. His entire body turned into a red flash that retreated several dozen kilometres away.


Endless fighting intent and incredible pressure filled the air, causing space to tremble and the earth to crack…


Even from fifty kilometres away, Yang Kai could still feel chills all over his body. If not for the fact that he did not have a physical body right now, it might have been hard for him to even breathe.


Two figures flashed over. Yuan Fei and Bai Lu, the two Monster Race Masters, appearing on his right side and nodding lightly.


The two were not as hostile or disdainful to him as before. Their only purpose here was to protect Yang Kai.


“What about Purple Squirrel?” Yang Kai asked.


“Young Master has already been taken to somewhere safe,” Bai Lu answered in a gentle voice. “Please do not worry, Young Master Yang.”


She even changed the way she addressed Yang Kai, quite clearly due to how Yi Quan had called him his honoured guest earlier.


Yang Kai nodded lightly and turned to look towards the distance.


This was a battle between Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters, so just observing it would be of great benefit to him. That is why he did not want to miss the slightest thing.


And, at that moment, Zhou Dian moved.


Leaping up from his mount, he rushed high into the air before releasing a burst of light from his body. When this light dissipated, a double-crescent halberd appeared in his hands. The halberd was more than ten metres long and was as thick as a man’s arm, extremely powerful and heavy while the aura it released was enough to shake the world around it.


Once the halberd came out, the aura around Zhou Dian’s body increased dramatically. The energy surrounding his body rippled incessantly like boiling water.


This was not a Soul-type artifact, but a weapon coalesced from Zhou Dian’s own Spiritual Energy. This halberd had followed Zhou Dian for many years, during which he had nourished it with his own essence, as well as that of others. Even though it was not a Soul-type artifact, it had many wonderful uses and was in no way inferior to an ordinary Soul-type Artifact.


Holding the halberd in his hand, Zhou Dian laughed maniacally as his entire body turned into a stream of light and he swooped down towards Yi Quan, the sound of wind roaring as he descended.


“Yi Quan, let this General see whether you’ve improved over the years!”


This attack was like a meteor, causing every cultivator who witnessed it to feel a stabbing pain in their eyes, regardless of their cultivation, as if its radiance would blind them if they continued to stare. At the same time, coldness spread through their whole bodies.


Yang Kai was astonished.


Even though he had seen a few Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters during his time, he had never witnessed a full-blown fight between such Masters. At this moment, he finally understood how powerful Third-Order Emperor Realm cultivators truly were.


Naturally, they were almost invincible existences in this world.


And, in the face of this amazing attack, Yi Quan stood his ground, not moving at all. Gazing forward, his eyes filled with contempt, as if Zhou Dian wasn’t even worth his care.


*Chi chi…*


A thick column of energy visible to the naked eye gushed out from the point of the double-crescent halberd, transforming into the shape of a dragon and letting out a dragon roar, brandishing its teeth and claws towards Yi Quan.


“Seems like…” Yi Quan said indifferently, “You’ve forgotten the pain of your wounds after the scars have healed… Have you forgotten that battle from two thousand years ago?”


As he said this, Yi Quan flicked his wrist.


A simple strike was Yi Quan’s response to the approaching dragon.


The difference between the two attacks was obvious, giving one the impression of an ant trying to shake a tree.




When the simple slash greeted the dragon, it exploded into a dazzling light that covered everything in the world, swallowing up the latter.


The dragon howled and hissed while Zhou Dian’s face took a sudden turn.


Yi Quan’s body flashed and disappeared.




A light noise rang out, and when the crowd regained their vision, they were shocked to find that Yi Quan was already in front of Zhou Dian, a longsword in his hands stabbed through the pole of Zhou Dian’s double-crescent halberd, creating a spark.


Zhou Dian looked confused at the sight of the longsword.


Two thousand years ago, he fought with Yi Quan, but at that time his opponent did not use such a weapon. What’s more, this longsword did not look like it was made of condensed Spiritual Energy at all. Zhou Dian was at a loss about what sort of treasure this was supposed to be.


But his bewilderment lasted only an instant. Any hint of hesitation in a battle between Masters of this level could cost one their life, so Zhou Dian quickly composed himself and flicked his halberd to open some distance from Yi Quan.


At the same time, a blast of pure Spiritual Energy shot towards Yi Quan, clearly some kind of Soul Secret Technique.


Yi Quan’s face turned serious as he pushed the Spiritual Energy inside his own body to condense his own Soul Secret Technique.


Both were Third-Order Emperor level Masters, and even though there was a slight difference in their strengths, it wasn’t big, so everyone watching couldn’t tell who had the upper hand right now, only that these two were risking their lives facing one another.


An unfinished rivalry spanning two thousand years finally erupted in the clash today, leading to this dazzling sight.


When their Souls clashed, the halo around the bodies of the two people flickered, but their hands never idled. When the longsword and halberd clashed, loud metallic bangs rang out.


Thrusting, slashing, chopping, and parrying met with sweeping, cleaving, and hacking. The long sword and halberd of the two Masters clashed with such ferocity it seemed the entire world was shaking from the blows.


In a flash, they clashed hundreds of times.


Figures flickered back and forth as metal meeting metal produced a series of incessant rings.


The sword was quick and flexible, like a shooting star that could appear from all directions, overwhelming a person.


The halberd was fierce and domineering, releasing great waves that threatened to drown its opponent.


The two figures met in battle and intertwined to create a dazzling and brilliant scene.


All the cultivators watching this battle were mesmerized.


Outside the battlefield, everything fell silent. Sometimes, the clash seemed slow and methodical, at others it was as quick as lightning. The visual contrast seemed to have an invisible impact that shook the heart and soul of each viewer.




Eventually, some Monster Race Masters couldn’t stand watching anymore, turning their faces away as they staggered backwards, holding their chests as if they had suffered some kind of injury before slowly closing their eyes, not daring to observe any longer.


And, as time passed, more and more people entered such a state.


At first, it was only the early Eleventh-Order Masters, then it was the mid-level, finally the high level…


After a stick worth of incense, even Twelfth-Order Masters like Yuan Fei and Bai Lu had to push their internal strength to ease the discomfort they were feeling so that they could continue spectating this match.


They would naturally not miss this amazing battle for anything.


Suddenly, Yuan Fei seemed to catch something from the corner of his eye and hurriedly turned to look at Yang Kai.


The next moment, Yuan Fei’s jaw suddenly dropped.


Because he realized that Yang Kai had his eyes wide open and was still watching the scene without so much as a blink, his clear eyes reflecting the battling figures of the two Masters several dozen kilometres away as if he was completely unaffected by everything.


Not only that, there were times when Yang Kai would reveal a thoughtful expression on his face.


This stunned Yuan Fei and he could not help but give Bai Lu a quiet jab.


“What?” Bai Lu was paying close attention to the battle when Yuan Fei interrupted her, so she shot him a look of displeasure.


Yuan Fei nudged his head to the side.


Bai Lu looked over and also revealed a look of astonishment.


“This little brat… he’s a bit strange,” Yuan Fei whispered to Bai Lu.


Even at their level, they more or less felt some discomfort watching such a battle for longer than a few moments, so how could someone like Yang Kai, who was weaker than them, watch in such a relaxed fashion?


“As expected of someone Sir had his eyes on. He really is something special!” Bai Lu gently nodded.


As the two of them talked, a pure Spiritual Energy diffused from Yang Kai’s body, enveloping him completely. From that Spiritual Energy, an indescribable flavour gradually came out of it.


Mysterious changes seemed to be happening quietly inside of Yang Kai’s body.


“Emperor Intent!” Yuan Fei exclaimed, “He can actually use Emperor Intent?”


In that instant, Yuan Fei seemed to have discovered something shocking and shouted in surprise.


Bai Lu’s beautiful eyes also lit up as she stared at Yang Kai and nodded after a good while. “Indeed! Even though it is still very shallow, it is without a doubt Emperor Intent. He isn’t going to advance to the Emperor Realm here, is he?”


The sudden thought gave Bai Lu a shock.


Breaking through in this Divine Ascension Mirror World was not easy, and each time one did, they had to cross a life-threatening ordeal. One mistake could lead to one’s soul being extinguished. Since the beings here did not have physical bodies and could not rely on a powerful flesh body to resist the World Energy Baptism, they had to depend entirely on the strength of their own Soul, a far more dangerous prospect than those from the outside


Yi Quan was still fighting at this moment, but if something happened to Yang Kai during his breakthrough, the two of them wouldn’t be able to explain themselves.


For a moment, Bai Lu couldn’t help but feel on edge.


She was obviously overthinking things, however.


Yang Kai was not a native of this world, so even though he entered this place using his Soul Avatar, he still had his own physical body. Even if he was influenced by the Emperor Intent from the battle of the two Masters, even if he could allow his Soul to forcefully break through to an existence comparable to Emperor Realm, it was impossible for him to actually reach that level before his physical strength had improved to a certain extent.



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