Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2309, So You’re The One


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Everyone’s eyes snapped wide open as they looked towards where the various energies were surging out from, wanting to know how Yang Kai would deal with this danger. Nevertheless, they were greatly disappointed that Yang Kai actually didn’t escape, and not a single trace of movement could be seen within.


“Young Master Yang!” Ye Jing Han’s expression changed drastically as she shouted out in shock.


Faced with such ferocious attacks, it was utterly impossible for Yang Kai, with his Second-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, to block all of them. Therefore, she believed that Yang Kai would definitely be in a disastrous situation.


On the other side, Luo Jin gave a sneer, while a ridiculing look appeared on his face.


After a short while, the energy storm dissipated, revealing a gigantic hole where Yang Kai once stood. However, not a single trace of Yang Kai was present.


“Where is he? Where did he go?”


“Is he dead? Could he have been turned into dust?”


“It’s possible. That little brat was a walking joke, all bark and no bite!”


“With so many cultivators from the City Lord’s Mansion taking action, even a Third-Order Dao Source Realm would be killed without a doubt. How could that inexperienced little brat defend against those attacks? He has definitely died without the chance of being buried.”


With such a sight before them, everyone couldn’t help themselves from discussing the current situation, with some feeling pity for Yang Kai dying before reaching his prime, and others mocking him for overestimating his own strength. The greater majority of the people immediately proceeded to flatter and laud Luo Jin to the best of their abilities.


A faint smile hung on Luo Jin’s face, though a faint feeling that something was amiss started to grow within his heart, causing unease to radiate through his entire being.


Chai Hu’s face had turned ashen, and it took him quite a while to recover from the shock he had experienced.


On the other table, Du Xian’s face had turned deathly pale as he continued to gulp down his saliva, also taking quite a while to recover from his shock. After a long while, he finally snapped awake from his absent-mindedness before whispering, “We should hurry up and leave; if not, it’ll be too late for us.”


Now that Yang Kai had died, although there weren’t any connections between Yang Kai and their Thousand Leave Sect, he had been sitting together with them around the same table earlier. Therefore, it was unavoidable for people to have some misunderstandings about their relationship, especially Luo Jin. No one could tell whether he would take this chance to make things difficult for Thousand Leaves Sects by forcing them to stay behind.


If Luo Jin really chose to do so, with what just transpired, he wouldn’t suffer any repercussions.


Considering all of this, Du Xian started to get flustered, causing him to grab Ye Jing Han in haste, wanting to sneak away while everyone was still distracted by the earlier events.


How could he have thought that Ye Jing Han wouldn’t budge an inch though as she continued to sweep her beautiful eyes around the nearby void.


“What are you doing, Ye’er?” Du Xian was filled with anxiousness.


Ye Jing Han replied, “Young Master Yang hasn’t died. It’s impossible for him to have died that easily.”


Not knowing where she was getting this confidence from, Du Xian clenched his teeth and whispered, “His body has already turned into nothingness! What are you still looking for!”


Ye Jing Han replied, “I’m well aware of Young Master Yang’s abilities, so I know, how could he possibly die just like that?” 


Yang Kai had agreed to follow her back to Thousand Leaves Sect to repair their World-Crossing Space Array. This involved the very future of Thousand Leaves Sect, so how could Ye Jing Han not care about him? Before she had personally seen Yang Kai’s corpse, she absolutely refused to believe Yang Kai had died.


“So what if he’s formidable? Two fists can’t block four strikes, Ye’er!” Du Xian attempted to persuade her.


“I believe in him!” Ye Jing Han said as she bit her lip, continuing to search among the void. All of a sudden, she seemed to have discovered something, as she stared firmly in a certain direction, gasping in shock as she quickly covered her mouth with her hands.


A stunned look appeared on Du Xian’s face, before he looked towards the direction she was staring at, only to see a cultivator from the City Lord’s Mansion. This person was one of the two Second-Order Dao Source Realm Masters that had participated in the bombardment of attacks against Yang Kai.


Right at this instant, an illusionary phantom-like form appeared behind this person’s back, gradually solidifying into the appearance of Yang Kai.


“This….” Du Xian’s eyeballs were practically popping out of their sockets as he said in a trembling voice, “He’s really… not dead?”


A wave of palpitations rocked the depths of his heart; just how strong would one have to be to be able to escape from that bombardment of attacks without anyone noticing? Not only was Yang Kai still alive, but he was also completely uninjured! In fact, there wasn’t even any damage to his robes.


A large number of Divine Senses intersected within the inner hall, as the few Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters hadn’t lowered their vigilance at all from the start. As such, the moment Yang Kai reappeared, he had been detected by them and their gazes all shot over towards him.


Upon seeing Yang Kai’s figure, Luo Jin’s expression drastically changed as he roared out, “Boy, what do you think you’re doing!?”


Standing behind the Second-Order Dao Source Realm Master, Yang Kai sent a malevolent smile towards Luo Jin. Extending his hand out in front of himself, he palmed, causing faintly visible Space Principle fluctuations to ripple, before they disappeared quietly.


As he acted, he finally replied, “As I said earlier, don’t blame me for being impolite towards anyone who dares take action against me!”


As his words rang out, an inexplicable shiver racked through Luo Jin’s body as an extreme feeling of unease surfaced within his heart.


Right at this moment, the Second-Order Dao Source Realm Master who stood in front of Yang Kai suddenly collapsed forward. Before his body made contact with the ground, blood spurted out from his neck as his head flew high into the air.


Astonished cries rang out from all directions, as countless people looked at Yang Kai with extreme dread while they retreated back to increase the distance between them and him.


The person who had just died was a well-known master in Sky Crane City, serving as one of Luo Jin’s arms, helping him in the management of Sky Crane City, one of the Vice City Lords.


However, such a Master had actually been killed by Yang Kai just like that! From the blank look in his eyes, that person seemed to be fully unaware of what had happened, even at the point of death!


Shock filled everyone’s hearts and minds. Exactly how strong was this youth to be able to kill a Second-Order Dao Source Realm without any sign of attacking at all? To the point that the person killed didn’t even sense his impending death!


Looking towards Luo Jin, Yang Kai said in an emotionless tone, “I truly apologise for letting blood be spilt at Sir City Lord’s wedding. I hope that there will be no one else that wants to obstruct me!”


After saying those words, he continued to make his way towards the new bride, who had remained at her original location since the beginning.


As he walked by, everyone subconsciously moved aside and gave way, letting him pass. Despite the extremely ugly looks on their faces, even those cultivators from the City Lord’s Mansion proceeded to retreat, not a single one of them daring to stand up and bar Yang Kai’s way.


With a deeply profound look on his face, Luo Jin stared Yang Kai’s figure while thick murderous intent flashed within his eyes.


The disturbance caused by this youth named Yang Kai during his wedding ceremony was bound to cause serious damage to his reputation and dignity. If he wasn’t able to regain his face, how would he be able to raise his head high in Sky Crane City in the future?


However, even with the few Second-Order Dao Source Realm Masters taking action together, it was still insufficient to deal with Yang Kai, so there was no choice left but to take action personally to deal with him.


As that thought settled in his mind, Luo Jin shot an inconspicuous glance towards a certain location within the crowd of guests.


On the other hand, Yang Kai had already walked all the way before the new bride. With a slightly complicated and nervous look on his face, he extended his hand towards the red veil covering the new bride’s face while apologising, “Forgive me!”


The eyes of all of the surrounding guests snapped wide open. On one hand, they wished to know how this situation would develop, and on the other hand, they felt curious about the actual appearance of this new bride.


Yang Kai had caused this entire debacle for the sake of seeing what this new bride looked like. In fact, he didn’t care about offending the City Lord’s Mansion and killing a Vice City Lord to do so. This development of events caused interest to grow even in the people who were originally uninterested in the appearance of the new bride.


At this moment, everyone’s eyes were wide open, with deathly silence filling the inner hall to the point that one could hear a pin drop if it was to occur. Seemingly everyone had held their breath, waiting to bear witness to that critical instant that was about to happen.


Just when Yang Kai’s hand was about to grab hold of that red veil, the new bride suddenly extended her jade white hand out and grabbed ahold of his arm. At the same time, Monster Qi surged out from her tender body and she sent her palm hurtling viciously towards Yang Kai’s chest. Energy fluctuations gushed out from her palm, a clear indication of the powerful force behind this attack.


“Careful!” Chai Hu suddenly shouted out, as he had suffered a huge loss precisely due to a sneak attack from the new bride. If he had not had a hostage in his hands, how could he be easily captured?


Ye Jing Han had also cried out in shock upon seeing this.


With ample power behind this palm strike, Yang Kai was apprehensive to block it for fear of injuring the new bride. Therefore, he allowed the jade white hand to smash against his chest. He was immediately sent flying backwards as though he was struck by lightning, with blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth, as his organs shifted from the shock.


Right at this instant, Luo Jin had somehow managed to appear behind Yang Kai. Summoning a jade sceptre-like artifact in his hand, he proceeded to smash it fiercely towards Yang Kai, all while laughing malevolently, “Let this King send you on your way!”


As his words rang out, the jade sceptre had already made contact with Yang Kai’s body. Blossoming with intense radiance, it let out an extremely strange power. In the next instant, a black hole appeared in the air that proceeded to devour Yang Kai’s body.


In the blink of an eye, Yang Kai’s entire body was torn into bits.


Achieving his goal with one strike, Luo Jin laughed heartily, “This is the end for anyone who dares to go against this King!”


The surrounding guests kept their mouths shut out of fear. Staring at the jade scepter in Luo Jin’s hand, looks of dread appeared on their faces, as though they were staring at an extremely powerful artifact.


However, in the next instant, Luo Jin’s smile froze as he suddenly discovered that there was not a single drop of blood flowing out from the pieces of Yang Kai’s body. On the contrary, they started to distort before his very eyes, before dissipating away like puffs of smoke.


“Just an afterimage!?” Luo Jin’s face changed drastically, as never in his wildest dreams did he expect to fail in his sneak attack.


“So, you’re the one behind all this!” All of sudden, Yang Kai’s voice rang out from within the crowd of people, causing the colour to drain from the faces of the nearby guests who retreated. Upon turning their heads around, they noticed Yang Kai extending his hand to grab the neck of a middle-aged man, a sneer present on his face.


The crowd seemed to not recognize this middle-aged man. Nevertheless, they could not help but reveal looks of pity on their faces upon seeing the misfortune that had befallen him, despite not knowing what he had done to be targeted by Yang Kai.


This middle-aged man had a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation, which was considered to be pretty good; however, after personally witnessing Yang Kai kill a Vice City Lord in front of everyone, how could he dare to resist? The only reaction he could make was to tremble as he looked at Yang Kai in terror and shout, “We can talk this over, Little Brother, right! What is this all about?”


Increasing his grip ever so slightly, Yang Kai squeezed the man’s neck till cracking sounds echoed before sneering, “Stop acting and tell me exactly what you are using to control the new bride!”


Right as those words rang out, the middle-aged man’s face changed drastically, though he tried his best to conceal it, “You… I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“You know very clearly what I’m talking about! I’ll give you ten breaths to obediently dispel whatever Secret Technique you’re using, or you’ll never dispel anything else ever again!”


The middle-aged man became flustered as he shot a pleading gaze at Luo Jin.


As the despair-filled Chai Hu heard Yang Kai’s remark, he seemed to have come to some sort of realisation. Struggling to climb up, he looked towards Yang Kai, “This friend, what do you mean…”



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