Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2310, Not A Secret Technique


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Yang Kai faintly smiled as he looked at Chai Hu in pity. Instead of replying, he asked, “Are you feeling hurt and filled with despair? The person that you’ve risked your life to save actually attacked you instead. Doesn’t feel good, does it?”


Chai Hu’s face turned ashen as he locked his eyes firmly on Yang Kai.


Yang Kai continued, “She didn’t attack you of her own free will.”


Chai Hu gasped in shock, before speaking through clenched teeth, “Are you saying… that she’s being controlled by someone?” As he spoke those words, he shot a hate-filled glare at the middle-aged man grasped by Yang Kai, murderous intent surging without restraint on his face as he growled, “Is it him?”


With a hearty laugh, Yang Kai replied, “You finally understand.”


The hatred-filled look on Chai Hu’s face worsened, “I should have understood earlier! I should have understood all along! How could it be possible for Fifth Sister to sneak attack me!? Dammit! I should have understood! Why am I so stupid!? Chai Hu, you’re the dumbest person alive!”


He shouted out loudly, filled with guilt and self-blame.


“Big Brother Chai…” Luo Bing’s face was streaked with tears, and seemed to be in shock as she rushed up and pushed away the City Lord Mansion guards who were restraining Chai Hu. She proceeded to extend her hands and stood protectively before him like a mother hen and shouted, “Hurry up and go, Big Brother Chai! I’ll hold them back!”


She didn’t know exactly why she did such a thing. Before the incident yesterday that resulted in her meeting Chai Hu, she was the princess of the City Lord’s Mansion and had experienced the privilege of being protected and being free of worry as she lived in happiness. However, after yesterday’s experience, she seemed to feel that she had grown much more mature. After seeing the self-rebuke, sadness and despair that Chai Hu had shown earlier, she felt her heart inexplicably starting to hurt. This resulted in her body moving on its own, and not thinking about the smaller details.


“Bing’er!” Luo Jin erupted in fury, his eyes shooting out flames of anger as he stared viciously at his daughter. Never in his wildest dreams did he expect his ever-so obedient daughter to go against him time and time again while under public scrutiny, to the point of defending the perpetrator that had caused a disturbance at his own marriage ceremony! He felt as though the sky had started to revolve around the earth, as intense flames of anger roared furiously in the depths of his heart.


“Father, please let Big Brother Chai go! I’m begging you! He’s my saviour! You can’t hurt him!” Luo Bing knelt down on the ground, tears spilling out from her eyes as she pleaded earnestly.


A complicated expression surfaced within Chai Hu’s sole eye as he stared blankly at the frail and delicate figure kneeling before him, a swirl of confusing emotions churning in his heart.


A range of expressions also appeared on the faces of the surrounding guests, as a deep veneration and respect surfaced in their hearts as they concentrated their gazes on the crying Luo Bing.


“You’re a good person, Junior Sister Bing,” Yang Kai gave a hearty chuckle as he gave a big thumbs up towards Luo Bing. He had a totally new respect for her, “Rest assured, your Big Brother Chai definitely won’t be injured further today! This Yang guarantees that with his life!”


Hearing his words, Luo Bing’s eyes lit up as she turned to look at Yang Kai, “Really? Can you really guarantee it?”


Yang Kai replied in a solemn voice, “I give you my word!”


Rubbing the tears from the corners of her eyes, Luo Bing exclaimed in elation, “Thank you. Thank you! Hurry up and take him away. Big Brother Chai’s cultivation has been sealed by them, so he can’t leave on his own. You’re so formidable, so you definitely can bring him and leave.”


Yang Kai shook his head slowly, “I can’t do that. I’ve yet to complete my matters here. I’ll naturally bring him away from here after I’m done.” After a slight pause, he gave a faint smile, “Naturally, if Junior Sister Bing wishes to leave together, you can come along with us.”


“Me?” Luo Bing gawked at his words before she turned to look at her father, then back at Chai Hu behind her. Giving a melancholic smile, she replied, “I cannot do that, I must stay by my father’s side.”


Luo Jin closed his eyes and replied in a deep tone, one that was filled with pain, “Bing’er, if you don’t return to your room right now, and continue spouting nonsense here, your father will no longer consider you his daughter!”


He had enough of this! He felt that he had spoiled Luo Bing too much in the past, which resulted in her damaging his dignity in such a manner today. The pain he felt from her actions had far eclipsed the fury he felt towards Yang Kai and Chai Hu for disrupting his marriage ceremony.


Luo Bing’s tender body shook, tears pooling in her eyes as she looked pitifully at her father before the tears splashed onto the ground like broken strings of pearls. Luo Jin had never treated her this strictly and had never said such ruthless words to her before. This led to her reaching an unbearable point as she collapsed onto the ground.


“As for you two…” Although Luo Jin was frustrated with the nonsense his daughter had done, he didn’t have the heart to continue looking at her after noticing the sorry figure she was cutting right now. Instead, he tossed all of his anger towards Yang Kai. Turning his head to look at him, he roared out in vicious anger, “None of you will be leaving today! Start the array!”


As his voice rang out, a humming noise suddenly rang out from the City Lord’s Mansion, before a powerful surge of energy erupted from within. In the next instant, the entire exterior of the City Lord’s Mansion was surrounded by a light barrier. Clearly, a Spirit Array had been activated, sealing the entire City Lord’s Mansion.


“Just how I like it!” Yang Kai replied with a hearty laugh, “Before the matter has been settled, no one is allowed to leave this place.”


“This little brat’s mad! He’s really gone mad!”


“He actually dares to defy the City Lord’s Mansion by himself! Where is he finding the courage to do so? From the looks of it, he wants to settle this right here and right now.”


“What’s the point of caring so much? Just watch and enjoy the show.”


A flurry of discussion rang out, with the surrounding guests already retreating far away following the series of unusual events playing out. This resulted in a large empty space within the inner hall, with Yang Kai and the middle-aged man grasped in his hand left within.


“Speak! What method did you use to control the new bride? I’m not patient at all. If you aren’t able to give me a satisfactory answer, I’ll kill you immediately…” Source Qi gushed out from Yang Kai’s palm as he shot a cold and emotionless look at the middle-aged man.


The middle-aged man was only a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator, which was lower than Yang Kai by a Minor Realm. Upon Yang Kai’s declaration, this man’s expression changed drastically as sweat poured out from his forehead, speaking in a trembling voice, “Little Brother, you… you’re misunderstanding something…”


Before he could finish his reply, Yang Kai suddenly raised his hand, before making a slight chopping action.




A soft sound rang out as the man witnessed his arm flying out from his body before exploding in a cloud of blood mist in the air. In the next instant, a fountain of blood gushed out from the stump.


“Ahh! My arm!” The middle-aged man shrieked in misery as the intense pain set in, his face warping madly.


“This is just a small warning to you. If you don’t give me a satisfactory answer to my next question, it’ll be your head that flies off!” Yang Kai’s eyes gleamed with a chilling glint as he said in an exceedingly cold voice. “I don’t really care what method you used to control the new bride. After all, if you die… the new bride should be released, right?”


A shiver ran down the middle-aged man’s body as terror and dread filled his face. As he cried out in pain, he shot multiple looks towards Luo Jin, only to see the latter shake his head.


Clenching his teeth, he shouted out, “It’s… it’s useless to kill me! If I die, the new bride will die without a doubt!”


As his words rang out, the surrounding guests instantly clamoured in shock, while Luo Jin’s face sank and turned incomparably ashen.


Although the middle-aged man did not directly reveal any information with his reply, his words were already enough to answer some questions. If the new bride did not agree to this marriage, why would Luo Jin need to let this man control her? If she was truly willing, there was simply no need for any of this.


In other words, the new bride was truly being forced to get married to Luo Jin against her will.


Upon hearing the middle-aged man’s words, Chai Hu’s sole eye erupted with an astonishing splendour, before laughing foolishly, as though he had managed to clear the knot in his heart.


Seeing the happiness Chai Hu exuded, Luo Bing could not help but smile, which painted a desolately beautiful image when paired with her tear-stricken face.


“You’re trying to deceive me?” Yang Kai snorted coldly before speaking in a sinister tone, “Do you know the price you’ll pay for lying?”


“I’m not lying to you!” The middle-aged man shouted loudly, “Everything I say is the truth.”


Yang Kai stared coldly at him, though he was not able to sense the slightest sign of a lie in the man’s eyes. Nodding his head, he said, “Good, since that’s the case, dispel that Secret Technique of yours.”


Upon hearing that, a look of difficulty surfaced on the man’s face as he shook his head continuously.


“Do you wish to die?” Yang Kai roared.


The middle-aged man replied, “As long as I don’t dispel it, you won’t dare to kill me! If I do dispel it, I’ll definitely die!”


The crowd immediately realised what he meant as soon as he said those words.


If he did not dispel the Secret Technique, Yang Kai would act cautiously lest the new bride gets injured, and thus naturally wouldn’t take his life. However, if the man were to dispel the Secret Technique, regardless of whether Yang Kai backed out of his promise or not, Luo Jin would absolutely not let him go.


With Luo Jin already losing all of his face today, how could he be willing to take things lying down if the middle-aged man did something that he didn’t want? Although he could pardon Luo Bing, and could not do anything to Yang Kai, he would definitely grind the middle-aged man into a paste. 


Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “You’re quite sharp!”


The middle-aged man gave a miserable smile, “I’m being forced by circumstances, so I hope little brother won’t feel offended!”


“Then tell me exactly what Secret Technique you used?” Yang Kai asked once again.


The middle-aged man looked sheepishly at Luo Jin, only to spot the latter’s cold and gloomy expression, causing him to turn his gaze away in haste.


“Looks like you’ve steeled your heart to not cooperate with me, huh? That’s alright. I won’t take your life, but I can cut off your four limbs!” Yang Kai gave a deep, cold smile, raising his hand.


“Wait!” The middle-aged man’s face turned pale in fright. Maybe due to his loss of blood, he replied with a loud shout.


“Do you have anything else to say?” Yang Kai asked in a stern voice.


The middle-aged man hesitated for quite a while before speaking between his clenched teeth, “It’s not a Secret Technique…”


“Not a Secret Technique?” Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “Then what method did you use to control the new bride?”


The middle-aged man wailed, “I can’t say! Please let me go, Little Brother! That’s all I can tell you! This one still has Elders and descendants to take care of in my family, and they all live in Sky Crane City. Please be magnanimous, Little Brother…”


Yang Kai stared coldly at him, though he knew that nothing good would result in him forcing the middle-aged man again. Therefore, he threw this man hatefully towards the Thousand Leaves Sect’s people and shouted, “Sister Ye, help me look after him. If he dares to pull any stunts, kill him!”


“Good!” Upon hearing his words, Ye Jing Han snapped out of her daze and hastily caught the flying middle-aged man, before keeping him suppressed by her side.


After this, Yang Kai turned around and returned to the side of the new bride.


This time around, the new bride did not take action against him, simply standing still like a statue. As Yang Kai drew close, her breathing started to quicken, as if she was getting excited, to the point where her tender body started to tremble.



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