Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2315, Your Tongue Shouldn’t Be So Vicious


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“A promising young lad!” Yang Kai let out a hearty chuckle and patted Yuan Mo on the head a few times.


However, Yuan Mo thought that Yang Kai was about to take lethal action against him, and was so frightened that his entire body shook, his eyeballs flipping as he fainted.


“Waste!” Luo Jin cursed out between his clenched teeth.


Yang Kai turned around to look at the few others, his eyes gleaming with a chilling glow.


Before he could say anything, they started to blurt out, “Young Master Yang, this one already knows how to write the word ‘death’!”


“It’s this one’s extreme honor to be able to witness Young Master Yang’s calligraphy.”


“Young Master Yang is a true genius! Being able to use blood as a substitute for ink to write such a wonderful character! You have my utmost respect!”


These few people gave their all in their attempts at flattery. Although they tossed various kinds of praises from their mouths, the smiles present on their face were uglier than if they were crying. Clearly, extreme fear had overtaken their hearts, all of them terrified that Yang Kai would kill them off from any displeasure he felt.


The surrounding guests shot looks of contempt at these people, their hearts hurting from the shamelessness shown by them.


However, thinking about it, would they have put up a better reaction when faced with such a situation? When a knife was placed at their neck, neither shame nor loyalty mattered, as the most important thing was to continue living! Considering all these factors, many people proceeded to sigh, as they knew that those few people weren’t cowardly, but just faced with a dire circumstance.


“Since you all know how to write the word death, then hurry up and scram! Don’t continue staying here, fouling this Young Master’s eyes!” Yang Kai retracted his smile and gave an impatient shout.


Like eunuchs that had just been granted pardon, the few men ran back into the crowd, no longer daring to reveal themselves.


Only after this happened did Yang Kai turn around and sneer coldly towards Luo Jin, “Hand them over, if not, you’ll know the consequences!”


Remaining unmoved, Luo Jin replied with a cold snort, “Is that how your family’s Elders taught you to treat your Seniors?”


Yang Kai replied, “I’ve always respected the old and cherished the young. However, you, Sir City Lord, can’t appreciate kindness, so don’t blame me for beating you till your mother can’t recognise you.”


As he said those words, he started walking towards Luo Jin at a steady pace. Clearly, he did not wish to drag this matter out and wanted to end this fight quickly and decisively.


Luo Jin could not help but let a sliver of anxiety flash across his face. Although his cultivation was a Minor Realm higher than Yang Kai’s, Yang Kai’s earlier display made him realize that this youth was not someone he could easily offend. Seeing him continue to move closer, Luo Jin immediately looked towards a certain location, “Sir Ke, please assist me! This Luo will be grateful for your help!”


He knew that it was already totally meaningless to call those in the First or Second-Order Dao Source Realms for aid. Therefore, he immediately requested help from a Third-Order Dao Source Realm Master that he knew and had a close relationship with. In this current situation, only a Third-Order Source Realm Master would be able to suppress Yang Kai.


As Luo Jin said those words, an old man proceeded to step out from the crowd. The old man had a beard full of white hair, a restrained aura, an exceedingly bright gaze, and a rosy expression, giving off the impression of a wise sage.


With a faint smile, he gave a nod, “Since Sir Luo has invited me, this Old Master will naturally comply.”


A sliver of delight flashed across Luo Jin’s eyes as he nodded, “Many thanks!”


At this point, Yang Kai came to a stop, raised his head to look at the old man, and grinned, “Old man, you want to interfere in this matter?”


With a smile, the old man surnamed Ke replied, “Parties in conflict should resolve the problem through talk instead of inflaming tensions. If Little Brother is okay with it, how about everyone sit down and have a nice conversation? This old man’s bones are already creaking and can’t be compared to you youngsters. If possible, this Old Master doesn’t wish to take action against you, Little Brother.”


“Very good!” Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Then how about you sit down and watch from the side, drinking some wine and eating some food?”


The old man shook his head, “I’m afraid that isn’t possible. Since Sir Luo has spoken, this Old Master can’t sit by the side and watch.”


Yang Kai sighed, “It’s not easy to live up to your age, old man. The king of hell is still unwilling to receive you, so why do you insist on knocking on his door?”


The old man narrowed his eyes, “Youngsters are indeed full of vitality and are always very arrogant in their speech. If this Old Master’s guess is right, this Little Brother should be the rumoured Grandmaster Yang that recently refined the Extraordinary Treasure Pill, yes?”


It wasn’t strange that the old man surnamed Ke was able to guess the identity of Yang Kai, as Yang Kai’s name had already spread widely across the entire Southern Territory. Earlier, he had revealed his name in front of everyone, causing suspicion to rise in quite a few people. Coupled with his sudden use of Space Principles to escape from the bindings of the City Lord’s Formation, this old man was naturally able to confirm Yang Kai’s identity.


The old man wasn’t the only one who had guessed Yang Kai’s origins; it was just that others did not say it out loud.


On the contrary, a few cultivators who did not know about it exclaimed in astonishment upon hearing this, their eyes filling with shock and fiery greed as they looked at Yang Kai.


The Extraordinary Treasure Pill wasn’t widely known to the public; however, after news of what happened in the Four Seasons Realm started to spread, this pill’s efficacy was already known by everyone. It was a long-lost divine Spirit Pill that was able to aid people in reaching the Emperor Realm! Other than the few pills that Yang Kai had refined previously, it was utterly impossible for it to appear anywhere else.


“What? He’s the one who had refined the Extraordinary Treasure Pill?” Luo Jin’s face changed slightly as he gasped in astonishment.


The old man replied, “They have the same name, same cultivation, and are both proficient in the Alchemic Dao. Other than that Grandmaster, this Old Master can’t think of anyone with such capabilities.”


Yang Kai raised his eyebrows, “There’s no need to mention my trivial name!”


“You really are him!” Luo Jin’s eyes suddenly erupted with dazzling brilliance, as he suddenly started to burn with enthusiasm, as though Yang Kai had turned into a delicious piece of meat before his very eyes.


The old man added, “This Old Master is well aware of the reputation of Grandmaster Yang, and I have the utmost admiration for you. Furthermore, today is the day the City Lord is hosting his wedding ceremony, so it really is not appropriate for me to take any action. Grandmaster Yang, would you be so kind as to give this Old Master some face and leave this matter as it is?”


Yang Kai smiled and replied, “Give you face? Then who will give me face? If the City Lord insisted on forcefully marrying your mother-in-law, what would you do?”


The old man retracted his smile and said with a mildly angry tone, “This Old Master is already old in years, and my mother-in-law has already returned to Earth. Your tongue shouldn’t be so vicious, Little Brother.”


“Sorry!” Yang Kai gave an apologetic look, as though he acknowledged his mistake with sincerity, before continuing, “Then, what if the City Lord wanted to marry your wife?”


The tremor shook through the old man’s entire body as his aura surged, accompanied by a furious roar, “Impudence!”


Yang Kai sneered in response, “He didn’t even want to marry your wife, and yet just the talk about it has left you with such anger to the point that you look like you’re about to kill someone. With him trying to do such a despicable thing to my mother-in-law, do you think I’ll let him off leniently?”


Luo Jin interjected with an angry voice, “Sir Ke, there’s no need to listen to his nonsense! Let’s take action together to take him!”


The old man replied, “Good!”


Exchanging glances, the two men were no longer willing to listen to any of the nonsense Yang Kai was spouting. Luo Jin summoned his Jade Sceptre artifact once again, and with the flip of his wrist, the old man summoned a token-like artifact. This token was the size of his palm; however, lightning arcs were dancing across its surface, causing everyone to feel a sense of danger upon seeing it.


“Be careful, Young Master Yang. Ke Tian is the Great Elder of Sky Peak Temple! That Sky Thunder Command seals Nine Heavens Divine Thunder within it! You must not face it head-on!” Ye Jing Han shouted a word of caution from the side.


Hearing her words, Ke Tian shot a furious gaze at Ye Jing Han and shouted, “Shut your mouth little girl! If not, this Old Master will make you!”


Hearing his threat, Ye Jing Han replied in a contemptuous tone, “Bullying others using superior numbers, oppressing the weak with superior cultivation. So, Great Elder Ke is such a vile and despicable man. It’s absurd that I used to hold you with high regard. I was truly blind!”


Ke Tian’s entire being tingled with discomfort after being stung by her words, causing him to become angry out of shame, “What the hell do you know!? Scram!”


After saying those words, he proceeded to collaborate with Luo Jin. An abundance of a mysterious power surged from Luo Jin’s jade sceptre as he gave a slight wave at Yang Kai. Immediately, Yang Kai felt as though he had been smashed by a giant mountain, the ferocious power appearing to crush the void as it came pressing down on him.


Not daring to resist head-on, Yang Kai had no choice but to shift his body to evade. However, it was right at this moment when Ke Tian took action. Holding up the Sky Thunder Command, a huge bolt of lightning surged out of it. Transforming into snakes of lightning, they enveloped Yang Kai, sending crackling sounds as they did so.


“Exile!” Right at the critical moment, Yang Kai let off a powerful roar. Extending his hand forward, he grasped the Void and caused a black hole to form mid-air. Chaotic power churned from this black hole, devouring all of the lightning that surged out from the Sky Thunder Command, leaving them unable to hurt him at all.


“What!?” Ke Tian cried out in shock. Sensing the waning power of his Sky Thunder Command, he hastily retrieved it, not daring to release the lightning anymore. The lightning contained within the Sky Thunder Command had been collected by him over many years and was actually a consumable resource. If he consumed all of it, he would need to spend time replenishing it. With the large amount of lightning being devoured by the void just now, the might of his Sky Thunder Command had weakened significantly, something that naturally caused incomparable pain in his heart.


This exchange had only lasted a blink of the eye, yet it had shaken the whole inner hall, causing it to teeter on the verge of collapse.


All of the surrounding cultivators fled in shock, terror filling their hearts.


Although Ke Tian’s attack had failed, Luo Jin used his jade sceptre to tap a few times against the void.


Waves of invisible power rushed towards Yang Kai. Floating in the air, Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed, as a chilling feeling gushed out from his heart. With a snap of his fingers, a few Moon Blades came slicing out.


The jet-black Moon Blades brought along an invincible might, scaring Luo Jin. Nevertheless, with a few bangs, they collided against the incoming invisible attacks launched by the jade sceptre, before mutually cancelling each other out.


“Formless Thunder, Invisible Thunder!” With an explosive roar, lightning arcs surfaced and danced furiously across Ke Tian’s body. Travelling across his body, they transformed into a lasso of lightning before wrapping around Yang Kai in an attempt to bind him.


Yang Kai flickered about evasively once again; however, right at the critical moment, a sly smile surfaced on Luo Jin’s face as he tapped his jade sceptre heavily against the air.


In the next instant, Yang Kai’s body suddenly sunk down, as he felt as though a giant mountain was pressing down on him, to the point of him seemingly becoming incapable of straightening up his body.


With that split second of immobilization, the lasso of lightning wrapped around and bound Yang Kai tightly. Crackling sounds rang out, accompanied by the smell of burnt flesh.


With a hearty chuckle, Luo Jin shouted, “You youngsters don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth! You all need to suffer some losses before being able to see your strength clearly.”


With a look of victory on his face, his words brimmed with incomparable haughtiness.


Ke Tian wiped away the sweat covering his forehead as he silently felt shocked by Yang Kai’s strength.


Both he and Luo Jin’s cultivation were a Minor Realm higher than Yang Kai’s, so taking a few dozen breaths to capture Yang Kai was already something inconceivable.


It should have been utterly impossible for a Second-Order Dao Source Realm Junior to last more than three moves against them.



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