Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2317, What Hatred Or Resentment


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Luo Jin grew excited upon seeing Ke Tian agreeing to his deal, “With Sir Ke’s help, this Luo can feel assured.”


Yang Kai sneered, “I really don’t know where you two are getting your confidence from. Since there was a path to Heaven but you two refused to take it and stubbornly chose to knock on the gates of Hell, this Young Master will grant you two your wishes!”


As his words rang out, Yang Kai flickered as he shot straight towards Ke Tian.


Ke Tian’s expression changed drastically. Appearing to not have considered how fast Yang Kai’s speed was, he hastily pulled back in retreat.


Showing no intention to stop him, Yang Kai proceeded to shoot him a cold glare, “Look into my eyes!”


Hearing his words, Ke Tian subconsciously looked towards Yang Kai’s eyes.


However, he quickly realized that he had fallen into Yang Kai’s trap. The instant he looked over, Yang Kai’s left eye suddenly erupted in a sparkling golden glow, and a vertical pupil brimming with awe imposing might appeared, sending chills through his entire being.


He attempted to avert the incoming gaze but found himself utterly incapable of doing so. The mysterious power erupting from that golden pupil had locked up his own gaze, leaving him no choice but to stare right into it. Not only that, he could even feel his Soul trembling, while his Knowledge Sea churned.


“Blossoming Lotus!” With a cold snort, a pure white lotus bud flashed out from within Yang Kai’s Demon Eye of Annihilation.


As though he was struck by lightning, intense trembling instantly racked through Ke Tian’s body. Clutching his head while letting out miserable cries as if he was experiencing some kind of tremendous torture.


The surrounding guests turned silent in fear, the gazes they sent towards Yang Kai brimming with dread and terror.


Being utterly confused as to what had happened, the only thing they saw was Yang Kai and Ke Tian exchanging glances, before Ke Tian ended up in his current situation.


However, in that instant, Luo Jin had sensed a concealed burst of Spiritual Energy and immediately realized that Yang Kai had used some kind of Soul-type Secret Technique, he shouted out in panic, “Sir Ke, protect your mind!”


As he shouted, the jade sceptre in his hand instantly grew large, before smashing down on Yang Kai like a gigantic boulder.


Yang Kai couldn’t help sneering in response as he grabbed Ke Tian, who was still struggling in pain against the Blossom Lotus Secret Technique, and tossed him straight over.


“Ah!” Luo Jin’s expression changed drastically as he immediately proceeded to form hands seals in an attempt to pull his artifact back. Unfortunately, with him unleashing the strike at full power, how could he recall it in an instant? This left him with no choice but to watch as Ke Tian faced the full brunt of his own artifact’s attack.




As the bang rang out, Ke Tian turned into a clump of blood mist, not a single bone or piece of flesh remaining. The blood and bits of flesh shot in all directions, drenching the entire area with a crimson shade.


Luo Jin turned dumb like a wooden chicken, completely incapable of believing his own eyes.


Astonished cries rang out from the surrounding guests, as not a single one of them had expected Ke Tian, a Third-Order Dao Source Realm Master, to die in such a clear cut manner.


Just now, he had joined hands with Luo Jin once again in preparation to strike Yang Kai. At that time, everyone still believed that Yang Kai would be hard-pressed to escape the calamity that had befallen him; however, who would have thought that Ke Tian was the first one to die, in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, he had perished to Luo Jin’s jade sceptre.


Not a single person could accept the utterly odd series of developments that had just occurred.


“Ho ho…” Yang Kai let out an eccentric laugh before looking at Luo Jin, “Sir Luo really is ruthless to not even let his own ally go. Elder Ke left this world in such misery. So this is the ‘destroy the bridge after crossing the river’ metaphor that people always use.”


He portrayed a grieving appearance, which appeared amusing yet horrifying to the spectating guests.


After all, everyone had seen that Ke Tian had died partially due to Luo Jin being unable to pull back his jade sceptre in time. However, the main reason was due to Ke Tian getting struck by an unknown Secret Technique that Yang Kai had unleashed, resulting in him being unable to evade after being thrown into the path of Luo Jin’s attack.


Therefore, the one truly responsible for Ke Tian’s death was still Yang Kai. Now though, Yang Kai was pushing all the blame onto Luo Jin, and added words that made it seem as though it did not involve him at all.


Luo Jin was dumbfounded by everything, as he had originally assumed that Yang Kai was only lucky to be able to drive off two Sky Illumination Palace Elders away because he had wounded Qiu Yu. If not for this, those two Elders would not have retreated so easily and Ke Tian would not have died like this.


However, it was only at this moment that Luo Jin realized that Yang Kai’s strength could not be comprehended through ordinary means. Being able to render Ke Tian incapable of mustering any resistance in an instant was already proof of his astonishing strength.


After hearing Yang Kai’s words, Luo Jin shouted back hastily, “Bullshit! It was clearly due to you that Sir Ke…”


Yang Kai gave a heavy snort in response, “Old Sir Ke was clearly killed by Sir Luo’s artifact. Everyone here witnessed that, and all of the guests present can testify to that, so how does it concern me? I really don’t know what hatred or resentment Sir Luo had with Sir Ke to actually be so ruthless.”


Luo Jin was angered so much by Yang Kai’s words that his Source Qi churned violently while his face turned flushed. Despite wanting to refute, he didn’t know where to start. As feelings of vexation within him reached his limit, he exploded with anger, “This King and you cannot exist under the same sky!”


As he shouted, Luo Jin spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence onto his jade sceptre. In the next instant, rays of light blossomed from the jade sceptre, accompanied by energy fluctuations that surged out in all directions, as an extremely powerful and dangerous aura started to radiate from it.


Revealing a sneer, Yang Kai shifted his body and, with a surge of Space Principles, appeared right before Luo Jin’s face. Under the latter’s dumbfounded expression, Yang Kai unleashed a stab with his sword.


With his mind shaken by Ke Tian’s death, coupled with the incriminating words from Yang Kai that made his anger blow through the roof and Source Qi churn unstably, Luo Jin was incapable of maintaining his usual state of mind. 


Therefore, he was unable to react when Yang Kai’s sword stabbed towards him.


With a soft piercing sound, Luo Jin’s body turned stiff, and all of the hot blood coursing through his body turned cold as he looked blankly before him.


With a demonic smile hanging on his face, Yang Kai sneered, “It’s best for Sir Luo to not move. I’m actually quite timid, so if you make any sudden movements, my hand may shake and I might accidentally pierce through your heart. That won’t be any good for you.”


Beads of cold sweat dripped down from Luo Jin’s head as he felt the Myriads Sword had pierced through his body, stopping only a finger width from his heart. How would he dare to make any sudden movements? The only thing he could do was to continue gulping his saliva down in anxiety.


“No!” All of a sudden, Luo Bing rushed forward in a crazed fashion, standing between Yang Kai and Luo Jin, spreading her hands out to shield her father while sobbing fiercely, “Senior Brother, please don’t kill my father! Bing’er begs of you! Please don’t kill my father!”


She continued to shout while sobbing, drenching her exquisite looking face with tears.


Looking at her, Chai Hu wanted to say something, but stopped and gave a great sigh.


Solemn expressions appeared on the surrounding guests’ faces as they felt sorrow for Luo Bing.


Through the many twists and turns that have happened today, Chai Hu, who had started this whole storm, Yang Kai who had carried it to a new height, and even the seriously injured Luo Jin were not the ones who suffered the most.


Instead, it was Luo Bing!


When Chai Hu was injured, she had given her all to beg her father to let him go. Being her saviour, she did not wish for her father to hurt Chai Hu.


When Luo Jin was injured, she came before Yang Kai and begged him to let her father go. After all, ‘blood is thicker than water’, and Luo Jin’s blood flowed within her.


Just yesterday, she was the carefree and happy-go-lucky princess of Sky Crane City.


However, in a single day, she had seen so much blood, so much violence, and so many terrifying circumstances. Between familial relationships and life-saving kindness, she was at a loss about just what to do.


Her weak figure seemed to be incapable of handling such successive impacts.


Yang Kai frowned as he stared at her, a cold emotionless expression blanketing his face.


Truthfully speaking, he did not have a good first impression of Luo Bing at all, as he felt that this princess was overly spoiled and overly willful.


However, today’s matter had changed his impression of her by quite a bit.


The scene of her risking her own life to protect Chai Hu was still vivid in his mind.


Although she was ignorant of how the world worked, she at least knew the meaning of gratitude.


“Please, I beg of you! Don’t hurt my father! Let him go, and I’ll bear everything in his place!” Sobbing as she cried out, Luo Bing knelt on the ground, hugging Yang Kai’s foot like a dog, refusing to let go.


How could the guests present not be touched by her actions? All of them proceeded to shoot complicated looks at Luo Bing, as this was the first time they had seen her like this.


Unable to bear what he saw, Chai Hu’s throat shook as a hoarse voice rang out from him, “Little Brother Yang…”


“Ha…” Yang Kai gave a sigh, before speaking in an indifferent tone, “Don’t worry, your father isn’t dead yet.”


With the attitude he had shown and the various atrocities Luo Jin had committed, Yang Kai felt that it wasn’t enough to kill him once and be done with. However, Luo Bing’s pleas had touched his heart, making him somewhat unable to proceed with what he had originally planned for Luo Jin.


Dragging his injured body towards Luo Bing, Chai Hu extended his hand to help her up, “Stand up before we talk.”


Raising her head, Luo Bing revealed her tear-stricken face towards Yang Kai and cried, “Please don’t kill my father…”


Yang Kai replied, “That would depend on how he treated my friends. If I see a single hair on them harmed…”


Luo Jin hastily interjected, “I’ve only sealed their cultivation and locked them in the prison. I didn’t harm them.”


Yang Kai shot a look at him, “Then, you should know what to do.”


Luo Jin trembled upon hearing his words, before hurriedly shouting, “Escort those few Sirs out!”


With his life in the hands of another, he could no longer keep up his obstinance. All he could do now was conform to live another day.


Hearing Luo Jin’s command, how would the City Lord Mansion guards hesitate? They immediately sprang into action. 


The surrounding guests looked in a certain direction in curiosity, wishing to see what kind of people Yang Kai would risk kicking up such a big fuss for.


After a short while, under the guidance of the City Lord Mansion’s cultivators, a group of three walked out.


The lead of the trio radiated an exceedingly gloomy aura, as though he had cultivated some kind of sinister art, causing discomfort for anyone who felt it. This person was not young; in fact, he had the appearance of an old man, but the wicked grin that hung at the corners of his mouth caused chills to people who saw him.


Following closely behind the evil-looking old man was another old man of similar age. However, this person stood ramrod straight, just like a sharp sword. Invisible Sword Intent lingered around his entire body. A single look was enough to tell that this person was an expert of the Sword Dao.


The last person was tall and sturdily built, with a face that was imposing and dignified. A fierce gleam was present in his eyes as he scanned his surroundings.


All of these three people were in the First-Order Dao Source Realm.


The three clearly did not know what had happened here as they scanned their surroundings in vigilance and curiosity. Their Divine Senses continued to intersect each other, a clear indication of a secret conversation that was ongoing between them.


“Big Brother, Second Brother, Third Brother!” After seeing the trio, Chai Hu immediately let out an emotional shout.


The trio’s eyes lit up upon looking over. Hurrying over, the evil-looking old man at the front asked, “Why are you here, Fourth Brother?”


As he posed his question, he continued to shoot a look at Chai Hu, as though wanting the latter to hurry up and flee.


With a smile, Chi Yue interjected, “Fourth Brother is here to save you.”



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