Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2318, Seeing Gui Zu Again


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“Fourth Brother, you idiot!” A frown appeared on the second old man’s face as he started to berate Chai Hu.


On the contrary, the fierce-looking middle-aged male at the back of the trio gave a hearty chuckle, “Since he’s already here, let us flip the Heavens upside down!”


As he said those words, he really prepared to take action.


Seeing that they had yet to understand the situation they were currently in, a speechless look appeared on Chi Yue’s face, “Slow down. You three, take a look at who’s here.”


The trio gawked in response. Only then did they proceed to look in the direction she was pointing.


Upon looking over, shocked expressions appeared on their faces, their eyes snapped wide open, before inconceivable expressions replaced the shocked ones, as though they had just seen a ghost.


“It has been a while, Seniors!” Yang Kai grinned as he cupped his hands.


“Sect Master?” Gui Zu cried out in shock. Despite being used to unexpected and drastic changes in his life, he couldn’t help but tremble from the emotions surging through his body.


“Sect Master Yang?”


“Yang Boy?”


Gu Cang Yun and President Ai Ou both cried out in shock, both of them feeling as though they had entered some kind of dream world.


Chi Yue smiled, “It’s all due to his actions today that you three are free.”


Hearing her words, the trio’s expression turned serious as they hastily sent their Divine Sense out to check Yang Kai’s cultivation. After discovering that Yang Kai had reached the Second-Order Dao Source Realm, all of them couldn’t help but suck in a mouthful of cold air.


All of them clearly remembered that Yang Kai was just a Second-Order Origin King when they had set off from the Star Field. Never in their wildest dreams would they expect that after being separated for just two or three years, his cultivation would already surpass theirs.


Such a rate of growth would simply make others blush in shame.


Ignoring his cultivation, from what Chi Yue had said, everything that had happened today had been started and completed by Yang Kai.


A thick bloody smell hung in the air, while the word ‘Death’, written using flesh and blood, was present on the wall, a sight that would shock anyone who saw it. Furthermore, Sky Crane City’s City Lord Luo Jin had a gigantic sword embedded in his chest, which caused him to not dare to make any random movements, while the surrounding guests had eyes brimming with shock and dread.


Being veterans of the world, the trio needed only a single look to gain an almost complete understanding of what had happened earlier, which in turn caused more shock to rise in their hearts.


How did a Second-Order Dao Source Realm accomplish such a magnificent feat in someone else’s territory? Gui Zu and the other two were utterly incapable of imagining how that was even possible.


“Are you Seniors in good health?” Yang Kai asked.


Gui Zu replied, “Many thanks, for your concern, Sect Master. We’re all right.”


Yang Kai’s investigation also revealed that they were in pretty good shape. Indeed, Luo Jin did not mistreat them, other than sealing their cultivation and locking them up in his prison. After removing the seals on their bodies, they would fully recover.


After all, with all three of them only at the First-Order Dao Source Realm, it was not something that Luo Jin, with the strength he controlled, the City Lord’s Mansion, would care about. So, there was no need for the latter to be overly vigilant with them.


“Let’s talk about the details later. We should leave here first,” Chi Yue interjected.


Gui Zu raised his brow before giving a sinister laugh as he looked towards Luo Jin, “This Third-Order Dao Source Realm’s Soul, this King will go ahead and take it.”


As he said those words, he summoned his Ten Thousand Soul Banner. In an instant, an evil wind started to whip up within the City Lord’s Mansion. As cries and howls rang out, slivers of a black aura visible to the naked eye started to perfuse out, transforming into blurry human figures that proceeded to move about in all directions.


The faces of the surrounding guests changed drastically as they sensed the sinister aura radiating from this artifact, which caused their hearts to sink in dread. Who knows exactly what sinister art this old fellow cultivated, for his artifact to be this malevolent.


“Don’t come over!” Although Luo Bing was so frightened that all colour had drained from her beautiful face, she still continued to stand protectively before Luo Jin while crying out loud.


Panicking from Gui Zu’s actions, Luo Jin looked towards Yang Kai, “Young Master Yang… I really did not harm them. Furthermore, I’ve already released them in accordance with your instructions. You can’t go back on your words.”


Yang Kai shot a cold glare at him, before lifting his hand to stop Gui Zu’s actions.


Although Gui Zu didn’t know what Yang Kai wanted to do, he did not continue. Instead, he started to chuckle evilly, causing spectators’ hairs to stand on their ends.


Chai Hu gulped, before speaking up, “Little Brother, Young Lady Luo has helped me quite a lot. She also helped me enter this place, so please don’t harm her.”


After hearing his words, Gui Zu and the others could not help but shoot a weird look towards Chai Hu.


Chai Hu added, “One has to make sure to distinguish gratitude and grudges, right?” 


Chi Yue smiled, “What Fourth Brother said is right.”


After muttering to himself for a moment, Yang Kai pulled his hand back slightly, removing the Myriads Sword from Luo Jin, causing a burst of blood to spew out from the latter’s mouth.


Luo Jin hastily said in relief, “Many thanks, Young Master Yang!”


However, right as his words rang out, Yang Kai suddenly sent a palm rumbling towards him, which smashed right into his chest. Caught totally off guard, Luo Jin did not react at all when the massive force knocked him through the air. Another mouthful of blood mist spurted out from his lips as he tumbled before smashing back down onto the ground, his aura waning drastically.


“Father!” With a shrill shriek, Luo Bing clawed and crawled as she hurtled towards her father.


As he struggled to get up, Luo Jin shot a look of pure shock at Yang Kai. 


After being struck by Yang Kai, he finally had a full understanding of how powerful the former was. The density and purity of Yang Kai’s Source Qi in that strike was at a level that he could not compete against.


[How is he just a Second-Order Dao Source Realm?]


[If he broke through to the Third-Order Dao Source Realm, just how powerful would he be? He might just be invincible beneath the Emperor Realm!] Such thoughts caused cold sweat to drip down Luo Jin’s back, as the terror of him offending such a monster struck his heart.


“You should rejoice you have such a good daughter!” Yang Kai snorted coldly, before shouting towards Gui Zu and the others, “Let’s go!”


As he said those words, he started to walk out. Not a single person dared to obstruct him, with everyone proceeding to give way as though they were fleeing from a devil, leaving a wide gulf between them and Yang Kai.


Gui Zu and the others followed suit behind him, with Ye Jing Han also shouting out, “We’re going as well!”


As she said that, she, Du Xian, and the others hastily followed.


Silence filled the City Lord’s Mansion and continued after Yang Kai and the others had left, as not a single person dared to open their mouths to say anything. Some people were shooting complicated looks at Luo Jin, with some taking pleasure in his misfortune. Some felt sympathy, while others frowned deeply, as though they were pondering something.


Regardless of anything else, Luo Jin’s face had taken a massive hit today. During his wedding ceremony, not only did his would-be-concubine escape, all of his scandals had been exposed to the public. Furthermore, he had been greatly injured in the process.


Who would submit to such a City Lord anymore?


Quite a few people started to feel that a great turmoil was about to take place in Sky Crane City.


Many of the cultivators present no longer had any interest in exchanging pleasantries with Luo Jin as they proceeded to leave. Such a well-planned ceremony had turned from bustling liveliness into a deserted place, leaving behind a tear-ridden Luo Bing to take care of her father.


Looking in the direction Yang Kai and the others had left, Luo Jin clenched his fists as hatred and anger filled his face, flames of fury bursting out from his eyes.



On a ship artifact, Du Xian arranged a room for Yang Kai and the others, letting them have a private place to chat after their reunion.


Having all come here from the Star Field, they naturally did not need to hide anything from each other.


Through their conversation, Yang Kai finally understood the various experiences his Seniors had after their separation.


According to them, when the Starlight Corridor shattered, they had been thrown out and landed in the vicinity of Sky Crane City. Although they were utterly unfamiliar with the Star Boundary, they had concealed themselves well, not letting anyone discover their identities or ignorance.


After two days of various encounters and experiences, they had managed to regroup and then began searching for Yang Kai.


However, regardless of how they searched, they were still unable to discover even any trace of Yang Kai, nor were they able to find Liu Yan or Xiao Xiao at all.


After trying for two months, they had no choice but to give up and start making plans for themselves.


The initial period of living in Sky Crane City was exceedingly difficult for them. Although they were peak-level Masters in their native Star Field, they had to start from the bottom in the Star Boundary. Their Third-Order Origin King cultivation wasn’t considered strong in Sky Crane City, and one could find any number of people stronger than them here.


They were now in a completely foreign environment without any relationships or experience, so they had to learn how to walk again just like newborn babies. Carefully concealing their identities as travellers from the Star Field, they worked hard to acquire Source Crystals to buy cultivation materials.


Fortunately, they managed to find a spot roughly ten thousand kilometres from Sky Crane City where they could hunt Monster Beasts for parts to sell.


Through steady efforts, they slowly accumulated Source Crystals, while buying cultivation materials bit by bit, not daring to waste a single bit of money.


It was at that time they bumped into Chai Hu. 


Although Chai Hu was rather crude and rough, he was quite open-minded, so after cooperating a few times, they grew familiar with each other. Being a native Sky Crane City cultivator, Chai Hu’s understanding of the situation of the city was vastly superior, and with his guidance and planning, the few of them were able to obtain Source Crystals much faster than before.


After repeated life or death encounters in which they had to depend on each other to survive, they struck up a strong friendship with Chai Hu.


After a big fight, Wu Dao suddenly managed to gain a bout of enlightenment, and with that, a chance to break through. 


However, none of them had imagined that Wu Dao would actually fail at the most critical moment of his breakthrough! His fall brought immense pain to the group.


This incident strengthened the already strong ties between them, however, and they decided to take the oath to become sworn siblings. After two or three years of hard work, all of them managed to break through to the First-Order Dao Source Realm.


As they were already Third-Order Origin Kings while in the Star Field, Gui Zu and the others would not have gone through so much trouble to head into the Star Boundary to seek a greater Martial Dao realm if not for the lack of World Principles in the Star Field.


Therefore, their breakthrough was more or less guaranteed, with not many twists and turns in between.


“Wait!” All of sudden, Yang Kai interjected, “What do you mean? Senior Chai is also a Dao Source Realm Master?”


After becoming sworn siblings with Gui Zu and the others, Chai Hu would be considered Yang Kai’s Elder. Therefore, he naturally had to use ‘Senior’ to address the former.


As he said those words, his Divine Sense continued to scan Chai Hu’s body, as he had clearly sensed that the latter’s cultivation was only at the Third-Order Origin King Realm. Why did this differ from what Gui Zu and the others were saying?


This was something that confused him.


However, regardless of how Yang Kai scanned with his Divine Sense, he still sensed that Chai Hu was just a Third-Order Origin King, and not a Dao Source Realm cultivator.



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