Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2319, Maintaining One’s Purity


Translator: Silavin & frozenfire

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A glimmer of sadness flashed across Chai Hu’s face after hearing Yang Kai’s questions, while looks of guilt appeared on the faces of Gui Zu and the others.


“Eh…” All of a sudden, Yang Kai made a weird noise, as though he had discovered something. Extending his hand out to the latter, he said, “Pardon me!”


As he said that, he extended his hand towards Chai Hu’s arm, before sending Source Qi out to investigate.


After a moment, he raised his head to look towards Chai Hu, “Senior Chai’s cultivation has dropped?”


He could sense the presence of pure Source Qi within Chai Hu’s body! It was at a level that was simply impossible to occur. After all, with his Third-Order Origin King cultivation, this level of purity in Source Qi should have forced him to break through by now.


However, that was not the case. There was only one explanation for this, Chai Hu was once in the Dao Source Realm, therefore his Source Qi purity was still retained. The only mystery was the reason that resulted in his dropped cultivation realm.


Chai Hu gave a bitter laugh, “You’re right.”


Gui Zu gave a deep sigh, “Half a year ago, while we were training, we bumped into a horde of Eleventh-Order Monster Beasts. Unable to deal with them, we proceeded to flee. For the sake of buying time, Fourth Brother had stayed behind, and while that happened, suffered a serious injury to his dantian. He became like that after recuperating for a while. Fourth Brother’s eye was also lost during that fight.”


A look of self rebuke appeared on Chi Yue’s face, “If we had stayed behind, this might not have happened at all.”


Although Gu Cang Yuan and Ai Ou didn’t say anything, their faces were filled with guilt and remorse. Clearly, they were also unable to forget about this matter, as they felt that they were the ones responsible for Chai Hu’s mishap.


A drop in cultivation was not a small matter, as there was a possibility of never being able to recover one’s cultivation once that happened, halting one’s path on the Martial Dao at that point. For cultivators in pursuit of a higher realm, that was equivalent to a death sentence, and might even be worse than that.


Seeing their depressed expressions, Chai Hu prompted, “Why are you guys bringing out such expressions? It’s not like I’ve died, right? It’s just a drop in cultivation, and it’s not like I’m unable to regain my cultivation at all.”


Although he appeared open-minded and optimistic about it, how could anyone present here not know the bleak chance of ever regaining his former cultivation realm?


In an instant, the atmosphere within the room turned exceedingly stifling.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai opened his mouth, “Senior Chai, did your dantian hurt during this past half-year whenever you exerted your strength?”


Chai Hui gawked, as he did not know why Yang Kai had asked such a question. Nevertheless, he answered truthfully, “Occasionally; after all, I indeed suffered a serious injury to my dantian during that fight half a year ago, so there’s definitely some lasting effects from that.”


Yang Kai continued to ask, “When you use your strength, do you also have the feeling as though something is obstructed?”


“That’s right. There are times when my meridians will feel swollen and sore, and the circulation of my Source Qi will become sluggish,” Chai Hu replied in a respectful tone. Although Yang Kai was higher in cultivation compared to him, being able to understand his condition with just a slight investigation, showing how strong and powerful his Divine Sense was.


Chi Yue’s expression changed as she turned and set a hopeful gaze towards Yang Kai, “Did you discover something?”


Yang Kai continued to remain silent for a while, replying after pulling his hand back, “It’s possible that Senior Chai’s current situation isn’t due to an injury he sustained to his dantian.”


“Then what can it possibly be?” Chai Hu’s eyes snapped wide open, while the others sent curious looks at Yang Kai, all of them wanting to know exactly what he meant.


“Senior Chai, would you take off your shirt to let me take a look at your abdomen?” Yang Kai replied with a question.


Chai Hu nodded his head and proceeded to lift his top up. However, he quickly seemed to realise something as he raised his head to look towards Chi Yue, “Turn around, Fifth Sister.”


Chi Yue curled her lip in disdain, “What’s the matter with me seeing? Are you that embarrassed?”


Chai Hu snapped back, “Men and women that aren’t married shouldn’t show skin to one another.”


Chi Yue’s face turned blank as she snorted, “Are you going to take off or not? If you’re not going to, I’ll do it.”


“Okay okay okay! I’ll do it myself!” Chai Hu was truly afraid of her fiery temper. Knowing that she might really take action to strip him if he continued to be this indecisive, he no longer hesitated and took off his top.


After an instant, a few pairs of eyes shot towards his abdomen.


“Eh? What’s that?” Chi Yue cried out as her beautiful eyes were locked on the location of Chai Hu’s dantian.


“What?” Chai Hu gawked in response and proceeded to lower his head to take a look. In the next instant, he couldn’t refrain from snapping his eyes wide open as he gasped, “What the hell is this?”


Present on his abdomen were a few dark red intersecting strips that seemed to conceal some kind of profound mystery. These stripes were clearly formed from an unnatural source.


“You don’t know about these, Fourth Brother?” Gui Zu looked at Chai Hu in astonishment.


Chai Hu shook his head, a blank look present on his face.


Chi Yue instantly shot a disdainful look at him, “How long has it been since you’ve taken a bath? You aren’t even clear if there’s something on your body. No wonder there’s a smell coming from you.”


Chai Hu gave an embarrassed laugh, “I’ll take a bath in a bit, in a bit!”


A thoughtful look appeared on Yang Kai’s face, “Ah, so it’s like that.”


Hearing his words, Ai Ou immediately looked towards him and said in an enthusiastic tone, “Do you know something, Yang Boy? Hurry up and spit it out.”


The others also proceeded to send the same looks over towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai replied, ‘Senior Chai’s drop in cultivation is most likely not due to the injury he sustained to his dantian.”


“Then what could it be?” A few voices rang out at the same time.


“He’s been poisoned!” Yang Kai replied.


Chai Hu was stunned, before gawking out, “Poisoned? How did I get poisoned?”


A look of utter confusion appeared on his face, as he clearly did not dare to believe what Yang Kai had just said. As he thought back in detail, he also wasn’t able to identify any moment when he had come across any poisonous substance, nor did he ever feel the sensation of being poisoned.


Yang Kai replied, “Were the Monster Beasts that you all encountered previously Profound Heavenly Wolf Spiders?”


The group’s eyes snapped wide open as they exclaimed in surprise, “How did you know?”


Yang Kai looked at Chai Hu, “Senior Chai, did you drink the blood of a Profound Heavenly Wolf Spider?”


Chai Hu nodded and replied, “I bit one to death.”


Upon hearing this, the corners of everyone’s mouth twitched as they all shot an incredulous look at Chai Hu.


Chai Hu continued, “There were quite a few of those damn things. I had no choice but to bite one to death.”


“It makes sense then. The blood of the Profound Heavenly Wolf Spider is poisonous, and should not be ingested!”


A look of shock flashed across Gu Cang Yun’s face as he said, “Sect Master Yang, what you mean is that Fourth Brother’s cultivation drop is due to him drinking the blood of the Profound Heavenly Wolf Spider?”


“That’s right. The blood of the Profound Heavenly Wolf Spider has the effect of suppressing one’s cultivation. It is an ingredient for Alchemy and can be combined with certain herbs to refine the Profound Wolf Pill. A single pill is enough to completely wipe away the cultivation of a Dao Source Realm cultivator and shatter their foundation, leaving them unable to cultivate ever again.”


As those words rang out, everyone’s expression changed drastically as the colour drained from their faces.


If what Yang Kai had said was the truth, Chai Hu’s fate…


The group did not dare to continue this line of thinking. Originally, they had only assumed that he had dropped down to a Third-Order Origin King, with the possibility of him regaining his cultivation in the future; however, never in their wildest dream did they expect for this matter to be this serious. If this was really the case, it would be impossible for Chai Hu to regain his former cultivation realm. Furthermore, as time passed, his cultivation would continue to regress until he became a complete cripple.


Seeing the ugly expressions on their faces, Yang Kai spoke out with a smile, “That’s only the efficacy of the Profound Wolf Pill. The blood of the Profound Heavenly Wolf Spider doesn’t have such a formidable effect by itself.”


Ai Ou hastily interjected, “Is there a way to dispel it?”


Yang Kai turned his head and shot a look at Chi Yue.


“Why are you looking at me?” Chi Yue asked with a blank look on her face.


Yang Kai replied, “Senior Chi Yue’s blood has the ability to suppress that poison.”


“Hm?” The confused looks on the other people grew deeper, as they did not know exactly what Yang Kai was talking about.


On the contrary, Chi Yue’s eyes lit up, “I see.”


Being the Monster King of Monster Emperor Star, she was the descendant of the Ancient Divine Spirit Heavenly Moon Demon Spider. Therefore, its bloodline flowed within her body. Despite both being Monster Beasts, the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider far, far outclassed the Profound Heavenly Wolf Spider in rank.


The aura of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider was sufficient to suppress the lower-ranked Profound Heavenly Wolf Spider.


As she said those words, Chi Yue did not hesitate one bit and used her finger as a knife to give a fierce slice at her own wrist. In the next instant, bright red blood flowed out from her fair wrist.


Extending her wrist to Chai Hu, she ordered, “Drink it, Fourth Brother.”


Dumbfounded by her actions, Chai Hu stared at her as his face turned flushed, “What are you doing?”


With a faint smile, Chi Yue replied, “Don’t be embarrassed and stop being troublesome! Hurry up and drink!”


As she said those words, she proceeded to shove her wrist towards Chai Hu’s mouth.


At this point, Yang Kai spoke out, “If Senior Chai wants to restore his cultivation, it’s best that you do not reject her.”


Hearing his words, a myriad of emotions flashed through Chai Hu’s face, before he clenched his teeth and started to suck her blood on his own accord.


Yang Kai said, “Although Senior Chi Yue’s blood has a slight suppressive effect, you would still need a Coagulation Pill if you want to completely remove the effects of the poison. I’ll refine the pill, but before it is finished, it would be best for Senior Chai to not exert any strength. If not, it’ll make the matter more troublesome to deal with.”


After Yang Kai had finished with his explanation, Chai Hu had already let Chi Yue’s hand go. Wiping the leftover blood from his mouth, he said, “Okay. Then I shall trouble you, Little Brother.”


Yang Kai grinned, “Senior and my Sect’s Elder, my father-in-law, and my mother-in-law are sworn siblings. That makes us all one family, so there’s no need for you to be this courteous.”


“Father-in-law? Mother-in-law?” A strange look appeared on Chai Hu’s face as he turned his head to Chi Yue, “Are you married, Fifth Sister?”


Chi Yue snapped back at him, “Stop your nonsense and don’t soil my good name.”


By the side, Ai Ou gave a cold snort, “I’m that brat’s father-in-law! This brat is so unscrupulous, only the Heavens know what despicable methods he used to get so many girls to fall for him! This one’s precious daughter wasn’t able to escape his treacherous hands! Ah, my heart!”


Yang Kai flung his head up and replied in a haughty manner, “It’s all because of my natural charm!”


Chi Yue gave a cold snort, “After coming to this Star Boundary, far away from any supervision, you should have plucked quite a few flowers, right? Come, tell mother-in-law how many innocent girls you’ve fooled around with over the last two years!”


An aggrieved look appeared on Yang Kai’s face, “How is that possible? After coming to the Star Boundary, I’ve always maintained my purity and chastity.”


Chi Yue shot a slanted look at him, before saying in a cold voice, “That would be best. If you let me find out you’ve been fooling around with girls here, this Queen will first chop that girl into a thousand bits, before dicing you up into meat sauce.”


Wiping the cold sweat forming on his forehead, Yang Kai said, “That absolutely won’t happen.”


Silavin, Author made some mistakes here. 


He mentioned that Source Qi is only converted after the cultivator breakthrough, but we know that is not the case. So, I took the liberty to change it.



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