Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2326, Sealed World


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“Is this a Void Corridor?” Ye Jing Han cried out softly, her hand covering her mouth.


Although she had used Space Arrays quite a few times to traverse between places, and knew that Void Corridors were the connecting structures between Space Arrays, she had never witnessed one with her own eyes before.


This was a genuine first for her. 


Although Ye Hen was also exceedingly shocked by what he was seeing, he continued to lock his gaze on the Void Corridor, seemingly wanting to comprehend something from it.


It was not an easy opportunity to personally see a Void Corridor, especially one that was forced open by a person, as the formation lesions were conspicuous. It would benefit him immeasurably if he was able to comprehend anything from it.


However, regardless of how he tried, he was still unable to understand anything from those fluctuating Space Principles, causing him to feel exceedingly frustrated.


At this point in time, Yang Kai had already stood up, and with a flicker, moved right into the middle of the Void Corridor. Right as he disappeared, the Void Corridor seemed to have lost the power that was supporting it and immediately started to close.


Worried looks were present on the father and daughter, as they did not know whether Yang Kai would be able to traverse smoothly to the other side, or whether he would become lost in the Void, never to find his way out again.


Within the Void Corridor, Yang Kai continued to walk forward.


The chaotic space rushed towards him from all directions but it was repelled by a mysterious power radiating from his body, rendering it incapable of hurting him.


Yang Kai’s mastery of the Dao of Space had long surpassed his accomplishments during his earlier years. It had already seeped into the depths of his bones. Therefore, this trivial chaotic turbulence was utterly incapable of doing anything to him.


At this moment, the only thing that he had some trouble with was finding the exit to the Sealed World.


Although the two arrays were faintly connected, the array in the Sealed World had been damaged for an unknown amount of time. Therefore, Yang Kai could only somewhat make out the direction of this Void Corridor but was unable to confirm it with absolute certainty.


Within the Void Corridor, he could only follow along the faint connection to lead the way as he hurried along.


Fortunately, as time went by, the connection grew increasingly clear, allowing Yang Kai to confirm that he was heading the right way.


After travelling for who knows how long, Yang Kai suddenly stopped at a certain spot. Sending his Divine Sense out, he mumbled, “This should be it.”


Saying those words, he moved the Space Principles around him once again. Slowly extending his hands out, he reached into the chaotic Void before him. Ripples formed as his hands travelled forward, before the chaotic Void seemed to turn tranquil, like a crumpled sheet of paper being pulled straight from all directions.


As Yang Kai pulled his hands apart, a sliver of light suddenly appeared before him.


Yang Kai’s brow rose up. Knowing that his senses were right, he proceeded to greatly increase the strength he was exerting.


After a short while, a crack was pulled apart by Yang Kai once again. Yang Kai was able to faintly make out a myriad of landscapes from the Void Crack, leaving him feeling ecstatic. Not hesitating any longer, he proceeded to jump straight into the Void Crack.


After a faint feeling of weightlessness, Yang Kai quickly stabilised himself. When his field of view was restored, he discovered that he had already entered another world.


The World Energy here was exceedingly dense, to the point that it was not any inferior to his Sealed World Bead. In fact, the World Energy here was actually showing signs of forming into mist. Anyone who saw it would sigh in admiration. Due to the density of World Energy, the vegetation here grew extremely well, with dense and luscious plants covering the entire landscape.


The place where Yang Kai appeared just so happened to be above an array base platform.


This array base platform was identical to the one Yang Kai had seen in the mountain valley situated within Thousand Leaves Sect’s Illusion Array. Clearly, it had been constructed by the same person and was the connecting piece to the other array base platform.


However, due to countless years of neglect, the whole array base platform was now covered with vegetation, which had caused some obvious damage to it.


Looking at this array base platform, Yang Kai knew that he had arrived at the right place. This should be the Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sealed World, and was the foundation behind the flourishing grandeur the Thousand Leaves Sect had managed to reach thousands of years ago. At the same time, it was also the reason behind the decline of the current Thousand Leaves Sect.


Yang Kai extended his hand to touch the array base platform. A scorching power started to perfuse out, quickly burning all of the vegetation into a crisp, revealing the platform in its entirety.


Extending his Divine Sense, Yang Kai examined the platform to determine the underlying problem that had resulted in the broken connection between the two arrays.


Not long after, he seemed to have made some discoveries that left him sighing as a result.


Although the reason wasn’t far off from his expectations, it still somewhat exceeded it.


Yang Kai discovered that there was a sword scar that had cleaved through the entire array base platform, including the array diagrams carved into it. It was precisely due to the damage suffered by those few array diagrams that the entire array base platform stopped working.


[What happened?] Yang Kai could not help but become suspicious.


According to what Ye Jing Han had said before, the reason behind the Thousand Leaves Sect’s gradual decline was due to the sudden closure of this Sealed World. However, merely the closure of a Sealed World would not have caused the Thousand Leaves Sect to fall to their current state. The critical point to note was that when the Sealed World’s entrance was lost, the Thousand Leaves Sect Master was in the Sealed World, and had brought along the majority of the Sect’s Secret Arts and Techniques. This resulted in the severance of the Thousand Leaves Sect’s inheritance, hence leading to their gradual decline.


Currently, the Thousand Leaves Sect was unable to even control the Earth Grade puppets in their possession, leaving them no choice but to let the puppets weather the elements in the open space before the main palace.


Originally Yang Kai had assumed that it was just an unlucky coincidence that the Thousand Leaves Sect Master of that generation happened to be in the Sealed World when its entrance was lost.


He had never expected the actual events to differ so much from his conjectures.


The array base platform in the Sealed World had been destroyed by someone, and from the precision of the scar left on it, it was definitely a conscious decision by the attacker. They did not cause wanton destruction, only leaving a scar on the array base platform that severed its connection with the other array.


Paired with the information he had obtained from Ye Jing Han, Yang Kai was certain this sword mark was the result of that generation’s Thousand Leaves Sect Master. Furthermore, he did not become trapped here due to the sudden closure of the Space Array. Instead, with the intent of staying here and not getting disturbed by anyone, he had gone so far as to destroy the World-Crossing Space Array.


[Why did he bring the majority of the Thousand Leaves Sects’ Secret Arts and Techniques here with him? Could it be that he was comprehending some kind of Secret Technique and did not want to be disturbed by others?] A look of confusion covered Yang Kai’s face.


If that was the case, everything would make sense! The sword scar on this array base platform was not deep; however, it just so happened to be able to sever the connection between the two worlds. With the adequate materials, anyone with sufficient ability should be able to repair it.


If it was the Sect Master of the Thousand Leaves Sect at the time, he would be at least in the Emperor Realm. In fact, it might even be possible that he was a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master. Even if he had damaged this array base platform, he definitely wouldn’t be worried about being unable to repair it back to working condition.


[But… What kind of Secret Technique was he cultivating, to go to the extent of cutting off all methods to access a place like this?] Even after pondering about it for a great deal of time, Yang Kai was unable to come up with a plausible explanation, leaving him no choice but to shake his head and sigh.


Not rushing to repair the sword scar on the array base platform, Yang Kai retrieved the map Ye Hen had given him earlier and took a look at it.


As this Sealed World wasn’t large, approximately the same size as his Small Sealed World, the map didn’t appear complicated. Nevertheless, the World Energy present here was exceedingly outstanding, a clear indication of the existence of an outstanding Earth Vein.


If he were able to repair the array and reconnect the Thousand Leaves Sect with this Sealed World, the World Energy here would be free for the Thousand Leaves Sect to use. When that happened, there would be a gargantuan change in the cultivation environment for the Thousand Leaves Sect disciples!


With clear indications present on the map, Yang Kai quickly found where the Emperor Heaven Valley was located.


After a short while, Yang Kai kept the map, summoned his flying boat, and started heading in that direction.


As he travelled, Yang Kai could not contain his excitement, stopping time after time to fly down to the ground.


That was because there were plenty of precious herbs present in this Sealed World.


The fact that this place had been undisturbed for ten thousand years, coupled with the exceedingly dense World Energy, it meant that the Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sealed World had naturally become an absolutely outstanding place for Spirit Grasses and Medicines to grow and flourish. Many precious Spirit Grasses had grown into large patches, perfusing the air with their medicinal fragrance. Yang Kai didn’t even need to spend any time searching and only needed to fly down and harvest them.


Furthermore, the Spirit Grasses and Medicines here had already reached sufficient maturity!


All of the herbs that Yang Kai had harvested were at least a few thousand years old in medicinal age, with some even reaching ten thousand years. Every single Spirit Grass or Medicine was filled with rich medicinal properties, making them the best materials to use for Alchemy.


Yang Kai was all too happy to harvest them!


Ye Hen might not have expected his Sect’s Sealed World to contain so many precious herbs. If he had, he might have gone along with Yang Kai and not allowed Yang Kai to simply collect so many.


Just these herbs alone were enough to double the wealth of the Thousand Leaves Sect.


All of the herbs along Yang Kai’s path of travel ended up in his pockets.


Moreover, this was just the tip of the iceberg that was this Sealed World. If he did a detailed search, Yang Kai reckoned that he would no longer need to worry about lacking materials for Alchemy in the future.


Within the span of two days, Yang Kai had already filled the medicine garden in his Sealed World Bead to the brim. He even had no choice but to harvest some of the lesser-valued herbs from his Small Sealed World and store them in his Space Ring.


The Thousand Leaves Sect was sitting on a treasure trove but were incapable of unlocking it. If not, they wouldn’t have fallen to their current state. Although they might not be able to rival the top few Sects in the Southern Territory right away, as long as they had just one Emperor Realm Master assuming command, they would be able to deter all the other second-class forces from bullying them.


Currently, the greatest weakness of Thousand Leaves Sect was the lack of any Emperor Realm Masters among their ranks. This was also the greatest hurdle faced by the majority of the second-class forces in the Star Boundary.


After all, there were too few Emperors!


After another day of travel, a gigantic mountain valley suddenly appeared in Yang Kai’s field of vision. The mountain valley was beautiful and scenic, with strange and peculiar fragrances saturating the air. Before arriving, Yang Kai could already smell the fragrances of many different Spirit Grasses and Medicines. After comparing the shape of this mountain valley to that of the Emperor Heaven Valley indicated on the map, Yang Kai gave a happy smile. Knowing that he had found the right location, he proceeded to increase his speed.


A short while later, Yang Kai descended. Standing within the Emperor Heaven Valley, he started to focus his senses. Unfortunately, he could not help but feel awkward a moment later, “Were they lying? Where is the Emperor Aura?”


The reason he had accepted Ye Jing Han’s request to take the trip to the Thousand Leaves Sect and repair their World-Crossing Space Array was due to his interest in this Emperor Heaven Valley.


He wished to cast a solid foundation for his future breakthrough to the Emperor Realm.


After all, based on Ye Jing Han’s description, this Emperor Heaven Valley was perfused with Emperor Pressure and Emperor Intent, making it the best location to comprehend the Heavenly Ways and Martial Dao, as well as being the most important place in the Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sealed World.


Yang Kai had originally planned to remain here for a while to properly comprehend and reap the benefits that this place offered. However, upon arriving here, other than the dense medicinal fragrance in the air, there was not a single trace of Emperor Intent!



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