Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2327, Emperor Heaven Valley


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The Emperor Heaven Valley did not live up to its name at all, and it was utterly useless to Yang Kai.


It was impossible for Ye Jing Han to have lied to him though, Yang Kai was confident about that. Ever since they had become acquainted, he knew that she was always careful and respectful towards him. Therefore, how would it be possible for her to deceive him about something so important?


The only plausible explanation would be that the Emperor Heaven Valley truly had Emperor Intent present in it, but for some unknown reason, it had vanished.


With ten thousand years of time, seas can change into lands and vice versa, so anything could happen.


Yang Kai stood still and pondered over it for a while. Nevertheless, thinking about the many spirit grasses and medicines he had harvested, he did not suffer any losses from this trip. In fact, it was still a net benefit. As he thought about this, he no longer felt as annoyed as before.


This mountain valley was perfused with strange fragrances, a clear indication of the many spirit grasses and medicines present. 


Since he had already arrived at this place, Yang Kai did not plan to suffer a loss, and started to scour the mountain valley.


It did not take long for Yang Kai to obtain a great harvest.


When he was plucking a dark red fruit from a tree half the height of a human, and was planning to shove it into his Space Ring, Yang Kai suddenly discovered something. Sending his Divine Sense out, he proceeded to investigate the fruit in detail.


After an instant, he could not help but feel slightly surprised.


This was a fruit that he recognized, a Dao Source Grade High-Rank Spirit Fruit, the Vermillion Bird Fruit. It was the main ingredient in the refining of the Meridian Cleansing Pill. After consuming this pill, a cultivator would be able to cleanse their meridians, allowing their Qi to become purer than before.


Yang Kai would not have been surprised just from this discovery, rather, it was precisely due to him sensing a clear sliver of the Principle Strength in this fruit that caught him by surprise.


Despite how high ranking a Dao Source Grade Spirit Fruit was, it couldn’t contain any trace of Principle Strength. This left him in deep shock.


After another round of detailed investigations, Yang Kai discovered the Principle Strength present within this Vermillion Bird Fruit had already coalesced and was giving off a faint Emperor Intent.


Yang Kai’s eyebrows suddenly shot up as his eyes sparkled, mumbling, “Could it be…”


Appearing to have thought of something, he hastily retrieved all of the spirit grasses and medicines he had harvested from his Space Ring and proceeded to inspect them in detail.


After an incense’s worth of time, Yang Kai revealed a look of understanding, as he finally realized exactly what had happened to this place.


A long time ago, there was indeed a dense Emperor Intent present within this Emperor Heaven Valley, where cultivators could come here to cultivate and gain comprehension, thereby forging a foundation for their future breakthrough to the Emperor Realm.


However, after ten thousand years, the Emperor Intent present here had been completely absorbed by the spirit grasses and medicines that were growing here. All of the Emperor Intent had fused together with them, no longer being able to be separated!


All of the spirit grasses and medicines he had harvested in this mountain valley were just like the Vermillion Bird Fruit earlier, containing Emperor Intent within them!


Contrary to this, the few herbs he had harvested before coming here did not possess this unique trait. One glance gave Yang Kai the confirmation he needed.


After understanding this, Yang Kai could not help but feel excited.


Spirit grasses and medicines that contained Emperor Intent. He hadn’t even heard of such a thing, not to mention the possibility of such a phenomenon occurring. If these herbs were refined into Spirit Pills, those pills would definitely contain the Emperor Intent within them. When consumed, they would allow a cultivator an opportunity to comprehend the power of Principle Strength.


This method was much more effective than trying to comprehend Emperor Intent while cultivating in the Emperor Heaven Valley because that method of comprehension was classified as external comprehension, while internal comprehension was a method where one would comprehend Emperor Intent through the ingestion of Spirit Pills. With every single cell and meridian absorbing Emperor Intent from the inside, a cultivator’s sensitivity and comprehension efficiency would increase dramatically.


Only a unique place like this Emperor Heaven Valley could give birth to such unique spirit grasses and medicines.


Yang Kai could imagine that, if the pills refined from these herbs were to circulate around the Star Boundary, they would incite a blood-frenzied competition among Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivators. With the pill’s medicinal efficacies relegated to being a secondary concern, just the Emperor Intent and the Principle Strength would be considered. Naturally, it would be sought after by Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivators incapable of breaking through their realm, as the Principle Strength was the most important thing they would need to comprehend to enhance their strength.


Great excitement filled Yang Kai’s heart as he quietly felt that the greatest reward he had gained in this trip was the herbs harvested within the Emperor Heaven Valley. Without any further hesitation, he immediately started his intense harvesting.


He decided to not let a single Spirit Grass go. Anything that had reached maturity would be harvested whole.


Although the mountain valley was not large, the lack of human contact for ten thousand years, coupled with the nourishment from the dense World Energy, led to the growth of numerous spirit grasses and medicines. Searching thoroughly, Yang Kai toiled for a day’s worth of time before finally managing to clean out the entire mountain valley.


All of the spirit grasses and medicines had been harvested by him.


For the sake of distinguishing these herbs from those that he had harvested earlier, Yang Kai made special note of the locations he had kept them, all in preparation to refine them into pills as quickly as possible once this matter was over.


With all those Emperor Intent-infused spirit grasses and medicines already harvested, Yang Kai was now worried that the Emperor Intent within them would gradually dissipate away if he did not refine them as quickly as possible.


Sister Hua would be very interested in those Spirit Pills. With their aid, her breakthrough to the Emperor Realm would definitely speed up substantially.


A day later, Yang Kai stood before a mountain cave, a serious expression present on his face.


While harvesting the spirit grasses and medicines growing within the Emperor Heaven Valley, he had discovered this mountain cave. Nevertheless, he did not do a detailed inspection of it, waiting till he had harvested all of the herbs before once again focusing on it.


This mountain cave seemed to be naturally formed; however, with his acute senses, Yang Kai discovered that it showed traces of having been artificially remodelled, though the person who did so was exceedingly proficient. Coupled with the passing of time, it was not easy for anyone to spot these traces.


This mountain cave could have been remodelled by the Thousand Leaves Sect disciples who had come here to cultivate ten thousand years ago. In any case, Yang Kai could sense a dangerous aura radiating from within a mountain cave.


He could instinctually sense that something incredible was hidden within this mountain cave.


However, he did not even discover the existence of a single Monster Beast while travelling around this place. Therefore, he wasn’t too worried. This Sealed World wasn’t too large; furthermore, being the place for the Thousand Leaves Sect disciples to cultivate, there definitely wouldn’t be any life-threatening dangers present.


Therefore, after just a slight moment of hesitation, he headed into the mountain cave.


The interior of the mountain cave was perfused with a dusky glow. Luminous stones were inlaid along the two walls, though they had lost their effectiveness throughout the years. The surrounding air did not appear turbid, and in fact, was extremely dry and hot.


Not long after entering the mountain cave, Yang Kai’s nose suddenly wrinkled as he smelt something strange coming from up ahead. This was not a pleasant fragrance, but rather something putrid and rotting, like dead fish.


This caused a wrinkle to form on his forehead.


According to normal reasoning, with the density of World Energy in this place, any living creature present here would be able to grow exceedingly well, making it impossible for such a smell to develop.


As this thought appeared in his mind, Yang Kai suddenly felt that something wasn’t right. In the next instant, his vision turned blurry while he seemed to be floating as he walked forwards, which led to him stumbling about.


“Poison?” Gasping in shock, Yang Kai hastily pushed his Source Qi to protect his body while simultaneously removing a fruit from his Space Ring and shoving it down his throat.


This fruit was an Emperor Grade spirit fruit that had exorbitant value, and it was harvested by him in this place; however, at this instant, Yang Kai could not care that much. This mountain cave had greatly piqued his interest, so if he wanted to continue investigating it, he had no choice but to devour this spirit fruit to resist the poison.


With the spirit fruit entering his body, reinforced by the protection of his Source Qi, Yang Kai felt much better, allowing him to continue walking forward.


As he headed deeper, the awful smell grew increasingly conspicuous. Not only that, the poison present in the air grew increasingly potent. Yang Kai knew that he would not be able to endure much longer. He couldn’t tell just what this poison was, as even he was somewhat helpless against it. Furthermore, this was just its gaseous form. Wouldn’t he be killed if he came into contact with its concentrated liquid form?


Therefore, he silently decided that he would immediately retreat if he did not discover anything within a short while.


However, just as he made that decision, he noticed a sliver of light glimmering not far away. This caused a shock to ripple through his face as he instinctively increased his speed.


After a short while, Yang Kai abruptly arrived at an even bigger mountain cave.


A sparkling luminous stone was inlaid on the interior of this mountain cave and despite the years, it still gave off light, illuminating the interior of the cave.


Looking around, Yang Kai quickly focused on a certain location, before subconsciously drawing a sharp breath.


Up ahead, he discovered an emancipated corpse in a seated position. Clearly, this person had been dead for an extremely long time as there was not a single trace of life present on the corpse. Even the flesh had withered to an incredible state, causing the corpse to appear to be merely skin and bone. The eye sockets had sunken in, the hair was messy and dulled, appearing just like dried grass.


Nevertheless, the clothing on the corpse was somewhat familiar to Yang Kai’s eyes.


After a while, Yang Kai realized that it seemed to be similar to the robes that Ye Hen was wearing.


This caused him to raise his brow as he came to a sudden realisation about the identity of the dead person before him.


This fellow was obviously the previous Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect that had entered the Sealed World that year. It was precisely this person that had taken the majority of Thousand Leaves Sect’s Secret Arts and Techniques and entered this place, resulting in the severing of Thousand Leaves Sect’s inheritance. It was definitely also this man who destroyed the array base platform within the Sealed World, causing the entrance to close.


This person was the main perpetrator behind the decline of the Thousand Leaves Sect!


Yang Kai didn’t know exactly why this person had done such things; however, since he had already died, there was no point in pursuing his reasons. Furthermore, Yang Kai was not a member of the Thousand Leaves Sect, so he simply had no need to do such a thing.


He had made this trip into this Sealed World for the sole purpose of repairing the array base platform. Being able to discover the Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect from ten thousand years ago was just a coincidence.


Considering all of this, Yang Kai cupped his fists, “Forgive this Junior for accidentally intruding on Senior’s resting place.” 


After saying that, he took a step forward.


No one knew what this Thousand Leaves Sect Senior was doing before his death; however, Yang Kai discovered a gigantic and exceedingly mysterious Spirit Array outline beneath his corpse. On top of that, there was a substantial pile of ores and other strange and peculiar Artifact Refining materials laying by his side.


These materials were extremely rare and valuable, of Dao Source Grade at the very least, with quite a few actually being of Emperor Grade.


Any Artifact Refiner would go crazy in delight if they were to witness this.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai didn’t react much to this discovery. Regardless of how valuable those materials were, they would be devoured and refined by his Embodiment, so quantity was the only thing he was concerned about.


Without any courtesy, he walked up and quickly gathered all of the materials on the ground before tossing them into his Small Sealed World for his Embodiment to consume at leisure.


After doing so, Yang Kai turned his gaze to the Space Ring present on the corpse’s finger.


This person was definitely an Emperor Realm Master before his death, and was extremely likely to be a Third-Order Emperor. Furthermore, he was also the Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sect Master. Therefore, how could there not be anything valuable in that Space Ring? If Yang Kai’s guess was right, the Thousand Leaves Sect’s Secret Arts and Techniques would definitely be stored within this ring.



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  1. that’s the one thing I don’t like about yang kai character, he basically robbed that entire sect of things that would help them restore their former glory, and now he is going as far as copying their secret arts as per that woman’s request. don’t know if he’ll succeed as there’s a high chance something will happen. this sect did nothing to harm him in any way and he would be rewarded nicely after, so it’s wrong of him to do that.

    1. What nice reward can they provide YK? If it wasn’t for him they wouldn’t see their inheritance ever again. Even though it is disrespectful, he’s basically saving Ye Hen and his entire sect.

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