Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2347, Seeking Any Medicine at Death’s Door


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Inside his room, Yang Kai entered the Insect Enslavement Bracelet with his Divine Sense to check on his Soul Devouring Insects.


The Soul Devouring Insects performed exceptionally during today’s battle, and even exceeded his expectations.


These insects were definitely a strong weapon for group battles! Even Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters could not resist their siege. If he continued to nurture them and allowed them to evolve again, even an Emperor Realm Master may be helpless against them.


But it took a long time to nurture the Soul Devouring Insects, and the cost was definitely high. Yang Kai had to buy a lot of spirit grass, tossing it into the Insect Enslavement Bracelet and have the Emperor Artifact transform the medicinal efficacies into suitable nutrients for the Soul Devouring Insects.


Such a process could not be rushed.


Soul Devouring Insects were ranked very highly in the Exotic Insect Record, and was listed as high as number eleven on the Heaven List. There were also other Exotic Insects in his Insect Enslavement Bracelet. Even if they were not ranked as highly as the Soul Devouring Insects, they should still be of some significant use.


Yang Kai thought to himself that if he had spare time in the future, he should study the Exotic Insects sealed inside the Insect Enslavement Bracelet. Maybe, he would be able to make them work wonders at some point.


During today’s fight, the Soul Devouring Insects devoured the Spiritual Energy and Source Qi of many cultivators and seemed to have grown a little; however, this growth wasn’t obvious.


But the fact that the Soul Devouring Insects could devour even Source Qi now was a pleasant surprise to Yang Kai. Previously, the Soul Devouring Insects were only able to devour Spiritual Energy. It seemed they really had grown quite a lot.


Three days later, Ye Hen came to visit.


Yang Kai naturally greeted him with enthusiasm.


Things had now settled down in Thousand Leaves Sect and both the dead and wounded disciples had been taken care of. Even though Thousand Leaves Sect suffered heavy losses this time, it may not be all bad. The members of the progressive faction led by Shi Cang Ying had all been wiped out, and the Elders left behind were all extremely loyal to the Sect. With the Heaven-Grade Puppets also at their disposal, they would be able to restore their past glory in time.


Ye Hen had yet to recover from his wounds. That battle from a few days ago had taken a heavy toll on his body, so when Yang Kai saw him again, Ye Hen’s face was still pale and his aura was unstable, forcing Ye Jing Han to accompany him the whole time.


Yang Kai also knew what he had sought him out for, so after taking a seat, he cut straight to the chase and handed him the Space Ring that Ye Chong passed to him.


Ye Hen took it with trembling hands and looked expectantly at Yang Kai, hoping to hear the answer he wanted.


Yang Kai smiled, “This is the Space Ring that Senior Ye Chong passed to me. Most of the Secret Art and Secret Technique inheritances of your noble Sect are likely contained inside.”


Upon hearing this, Ye Hen’s body trembled and he burst into tears.


The wishes of his Ancestors from ten thousand years ago were finally realized in his generation. But very soon, he realized that something was wrong, “Young Master Yang, you said that Old Ancestor Ye Chong was the one who handed you this ring? Does that mean…”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Senior Ye Chong died long ago. I merely communicated with a small Remnant Soul he left behind, and he instructed me to pass this ring to you.”


After listening to Yang Kai’s account of what happened after entering the Sealed World, Ye Hen’s face was shocked, “To think Old Ancestor Ye Chong dabbled in Corpse Puppetry. This…”


If Yang Kai was not the one telling him this, then he simply would not have believed it. The Corpse Puppet arts was explicitly forbidden in Thousand Leaves Sect, so how could Ye Chong have studied it? And he actually tried to refine himself into a Corpse Puppet! But Yang Kai obviously had no reason to deceive him. The fact that he brought Ye Chong’s Space Ring to him had already explained everything.


After being lost in thought for a long time, Ye Hen finally stood up and bowed, “Ye Hen will never forget this great virtue of Young Master Yang. Please, accept Ye Hen’s bow!”


Ye Jing Han also quickly bowed down.


Yang Kai helped him up and said, “You give me too much credit, Sect Master Ye. It was just a simple matter.”


But Ye Hen knew it wasn’t actually that simple. Yang Kai entered the Sealed World, encountered Ye Chong’s Corpse Puppet, and surely experienced an Earth-shaking battle. However, Yang Kai did not describe it in detail, so Ye Hen didn’t know how dangerous it truly was.


“From this day forward, Young Master Yang will always be our Thousand Leaves Sect’s closest friend. If Young Master Yang ever needs anything from us, the Thousand Leaves Sect will never decline!” Ye Hen announced seriously.


Yang Kai smiled, “Sect Master Ye, you’d best check the ring first to see if it is what you’re expecting.”


“Yes!” Ye Hen was also feeling impatient to find out whether the lost Secret Arts and Secret Techniques were really in the Space Ring, so he began to crack open the seal right away without hiding anything.


Ye Jing Han was standing beside her father, watching both with anticipation and apprehension.


The Space Ring required the Blood Essence of the Ye Family to open, and if it were to be forced open any other way, it would immediately be destroyed.


In less than ten breaths, a stream of light passed over the archaic Space Ring. Yang Kai immediately knew that the seal had been unlocked.


Ye Hen swept the ring with his Divine Sense, his expression fluctuating constantly.


Ye Hen only withdrew his Divine Sense after a long time and sighed heavily.


“Father…” Seeing his reaction, Ye Jing Yan thought that the contents of the Space Ring disappointed him, and her pretty face paled in an instant.


But Ye Hen waved his hand, “All of our lost inheritance is inside.”


“Then why did father sigh?” Ye Jing Han looked at Ye Hen with a confused look on her face. It should be a good thing that the lost Secret Arts and Secret Techniques were found. It meant that the Thousand Leaves Sect now had the power to become stronger and would no longer be helpless when attacked by others in the future.


Ye Hen smiled bitterly, “It’s nothing. Jing Han, you should go first. I have something to speak to Young Master Yang about in private.”


Ye Jing Han hesitated for a moment, but she still nodded, “Alright…”


Then, she nodded to Yang Kai and slowly left.


Only once Ye Jing Han left did Ye Hen show a troubled look to Yang Kai, as if he had some difficulty expressing himself.


“Sect Master Ye, if there is anything you wish to say, please speak freely,” Yang Kai smiled.


Ye Hen said, “Please forgive this Ye for this offence… dare this Ye ask what Young Master Yang thinks of his daughter, Jing Han?”


When he heard this, Yang Kai immediately had a bad feeling,but he still replied honestly, “Sister Ye is a strong woman with a kind heart.”


After getting to know Ye Jing Han for some time, even though Yang Kai did not understand her too deeply, the impression he had of her was good.


“What does Young Master Yang think of her appearance then?” Ye Hen then asked.


Yang Kai thought to himself, [Is this old man serious?] After some thought, he answered, “Naturally, those who love her will think her as beautiful as a goddess. I’m afraid Sect Master Ye will not be able to get an answer from me. Why not ask Brother Du Xian?”


Hearing Yang Kai’s answer, Ye Hen also did not bother beating around the bush anymore, directly cupping his fists and declaring, “Young Master Yang, this Ye implores you to please marry his daughter and lead Thousand Leaves Sect forward! This Ye has heard that Young Master Yang belongs to no Sect, so this Old Master is willing to…”


But before he could finish, Yang Kai raised a hand to interrupt him, “Sect Master Ye, I am unable to become the cane that breaks a couple’s relationship, and I have no intention of joining Thousand Leaves Sect.”


Ye Hen smiled bitterly, “Young Master Yang must think that this Ye is a selfish person willing to sacrifice his daughter’s happiness for his own desires… But this Old Master does not have much longer to live, and right now, no one can take over the position of Sect Master for Thousand Leaves Sect. If this Old Master passes away, then what will become of the Sect?”


Yang Kai frowned, “Du Xian is a good successor.”


Ye Hen sighed, “Du Xian is a good child, but his cultivation is not enough!”


Yang Kai smiled, “Du Xian is a Second-Order Dao Source Realm. Dare I ask how high Sect Master Ye’s cultivation was when he took over as Sect Master?”


Ye Hen was dumbfounded as he recalled only being a First-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator when he assumed the position of Sect Master back then. Du Xian’s cultivation now was already a Minor Realm higher than himself back then.


Yang Kai continued, “What’s more, your noble Sect’s Heaven-Grade Puppets can now be used again, and there are no longer any Masters within a hundred-thousand-kilometre radius from here who would dare challenge your Sect, so what is Sect Master Ye worried for?”


Ye Hen’s eyes gradually brightened up as he nodded, “Young Master Yang is right. The Heaven-Grade Puppets can be used once more, so what is there for this Old Master to be afraid of? The only pity is that this Old Master does not have much longer to live. If this Old Master could have just ten more years, then this Old Master has confidence he could reach the Emperor Realm. When that time came, the Thousand Leaves Sect would truly have nothing left to fear.”


Yang Kai’s expression changed as he asked, “Sect Master Ye believes that ten years is enough time to break through to the Emperor Realm?”


Ye Hen smiled, “This Old Master’s Secret Art was flawed to begin with, but now having Old Ancestor Ye Chong’s inheritance, would this Old Master not have wasted his life cultivating if he were unable to advance to the Emperor Realm within ten years?”


The fact that he could reach the Third-Order Dao Source Realm with a flawed Secret Art really put into perspective how high Ye Hen’s aptitude was. His only problem was his less than ideal background. Now that he had obtained the lost inheritance of the Sect, it was enough to make up for those flaws.


Ten years may really be enough for him to break through to the Emperor Realm.


“It truly is a pity… This Old Master does not have even that much time in life,” Ye Hen sighed heavily, feeling sad for his own miserable fate. It was because time was running out that he came up with this terrible idea of getting Yang Kai to take Ye Jing Han as his wife, but now that Yang Kai had enlightened him, his mind cleared up and he no longer dwelled on that thought.


After he finished speaking, Ye Hen got up, “This Old Master has disturbed Young Master Yang. This Old Master wishes to go to the Sealed World to take a look, so this Old Master will take his leave.”


Yang Kai responded, “In that case, then please take care, Sect Master Ye.”


After a pause, he seemed to have thought of something, “Sect Master Ye, I may have to trouble you with something in a few days.”


Ye Hen smiled, “It is the honour of this Old Master and Thousand Leaves Sect that Young Master Yang has something to ask of us. Whatever it is, please ask freely.”


“Then I will thank Sect Master Ye in advance.”


Ye Hen came here because he wanted to ask whether Yang Kai had obtained the lost Secret Arts and Secret Techniques, which he was already satisfied with. Secondly, it was to talk about Ye Jing Han’s future; however, he was unfortunately rejected by Yang Kai.


But after receiving his rejection, Ye Hen didn’t feel disappointed and was instead relieved.


He had always been watching over Ye Jing Han and Du Xian, knowing that the two were deeply in love. If Yang Kai had agreed to marry Ye Jing Han, then Ye Hen may no longer be able to face his daughter and disciple in the future. The two of them would surely carry a deep grievance with him for a lifetime.


It was just that Ye Hen believed he had no choice but to make that suggestion for the sake of the Sect.


Right now, he was clearly just seeking any medicine at death’s door. He never asked about Liu Yan from start to finish, as if he had not seen Liu Yan controlling the Heaven-Grade Puppets. Ye Hen also never asked about Liu Yan’s background or why she would come out of the Sealed World with Yang Kai.



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