Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2348, Emperor Grade Alchemist


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After sending off Ye Hen, Yang Kai informed Chi Yue and the others before going into retreat.


The cultivation of Chi Yue and the others was still too low. If they wished to cultivate, then pills would be indispensable. Yang Kai was going into retreat this time so he could refine some Spirit Pills for them. The number of spirit grasses and spirit medicines he obtained this time was quite high and was enough to refine Spirit Pills for Chi Yue and the others up to the Emperor Realm.


The room was quiet and silent, with only the flickering of the flames in the furnace emerging from time to time. Yang Kai was fully immersed in his Alchemy.


Yang Kai’s attainments in the Alchemic Dao had always kept up with his cultivation, so cultivating up to this point, he rarely had to buy Spirit Pills for his own use as he could refine whatever he needed himself.


This trip to Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sealed World allowed him to reach the Third-Order Dao Source Realm, which improved his strength considerably. Even his Alchemy skills improved noticeably.


After going into retreat for a month, Yang Kai still needed to pay attention to his control while he was refining pills, the Spirit Array engraving, and also the timing to add specific herbs. But as time passed, refining Dao Source Grade Spirit Pills became as easy as eating and drinking for him. It had become a completely subconscious action that did not require much thought, and during the moments he was free while refining pills, he even had time to cultivate.


Furnace after furnace of Spirit Pills came out, and Yang Kai’s Alchemy level shot straight up. At the same time, his newly attained Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivation was gradually being consolidated.


With the passing of the second month, he had already used up all of his Dao Source spirit grass and herbs, refining a mountain of Dao Source Grade Spirit Pills.


By the third month, he was already refining Emperor Grade herbs.


After testing over a dozen furnaces of herbs, he finally managed to refine a furnace of Emperor Grade Low-Rank Spirit Pills. The success of this furnace of Spirit Pills represented the fact that Yang Kai’s Alchemy level had reached the Emperor Grade!


However, he wasn’t too skilled at this level of Alchemy and still required a lot of spirit grass in order to practice.


Even so, an Emperor Grade Alchemist was still a rare and valuable existence even considering the entire Star Boundary. If Yang Kai were to release news of this, then there would be no Sect out there that would not be in a rush to recruit him to their side.


Naturally, Yang Kai would not reveal the secret that he was an Emperor Grade Alchemist. From the very beginning, he learned Alchemy in order to supplement his own cultivation and had never thought of going far in the Alchemic Dao. Being able to grow to this level was only a coincidence of opportunities.


If he was really pulled in by those great forces, then he wouldn’t have the time to cultivate in the future. He would have to deal with herbs all day and refine Spirit Pills for those Sects.


But thinking back now, the incident back on Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s Home Star was the fundamental reason for him being able to become an Emperor Grade Alchemist. Without the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone, he would never have been able to grow to this level.


That Grand Alchemic Dao Tone was a manifestation of the Heavenly Way and had taught him the ultimate mysteries of the Alchemic Dao directly from the World itself. His current Pill Condensing Technique — the Nine Heavens Profound Pill Method, was derived precisely because of that opportunity.


After advancing to the Emperor Grade Alchemist level, Yang Kai began refining a special batch of herbs into Spirit Pills.


This special batch of herbs was the very same batch he obtained in the Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sealed World’s Emperor Heaven Valley. The amount was great, but since these herbs grew in Emperor Heaven Valley, each one had absorbed the Emperor Intent and Emperor Aura from Emperor Heaven Valley.


The Spirit Pills refined from this batch of spirit grasses and spirit fruits would definitely inherit this Emperor Intent and Emperor Aura perfectly.


In other words, if one were to take one of these Spirit Pills, they would be able to completely absorb the mysteries of Emperor Intent and the secrets of Emperor Aura within them, a benefit any Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivator would dream of as they attempted to comprehend the mysteries of the Emperor Realm. The efficacies of the pills themselves had become a secondary concern.


Both he and Hua Qing Si were Third-Order Dao Source Realm cultivators, so they were both very much eager for such special Spirit Pills.


Yang Kai spent half a month in order to completely refine the batch of spirit grass and spirit fruit into Spirit Pills, then he separated them into several portions, leaving some to himself and apportioning the rest for Hua Qing Si and the others.


For him to retreat for four months to refine Spirit Pills was a first for Yang Kai. He had always gone into retreat in order to cultivate, with simple pill refining never taking this long.


After exiting, Yang Kai swept his Divine Sense out and quickly discovered that Hua Qing Si and the others were nowhere to be found, leaving him with no idea where they had gone.


But the rich World Energy in the air lifted his spirits.


Compared to four months ago, the concentration of World Energy in the Thousand Leaves Sect had definitely risen considerably. Even though it was not comparable to his Sealed World Bead or Thousand Leaves Sect’s Sealed World, it was certainly much better than before.


Yang Kai guessed that this was because the entrance to the Sealed World was completely opened.


Ye Jing Han told him that the Sealed World was the source of Thousand Leaves Sect’s World Energy, so the reason why the World Energy in the Sect was lacking was because of the sealed Space Array, causing the cultivation speed of the disciples to suffer before. Now that Yang Kai had repaired the Space Array though, Ye Hen naturally opened it as soon as he could, allowing the rich World Energy to flow into the Sect.


And this was the change after just a few months. If the Thousand Leaves Sect was given enough time, then the World Energy would certainly become even denser. When that time came, the disciples would be able to receive twice the result with half the effort when they cultivated.


Sure enough, the heritage of Thousand Leaves Sect was excellent. If not for the lost ten-thousand-year period, they would definitely be comparable to top Sects like Azure Sun Temple.


Right at that moment, a stream of light suddenly came into Yang Kai’s eyes, and gradually approached from a distance.


The light was so fast that it had appeared before him just as he noticed it.


Once the light flashed down and revealed a figure hidden underneath it, Yang Kai could not help but widen his eyes and look over in astonishment.


There stood a snow-white tiger that was tall, mighty, and awe-inspiring, with its fierce aura exposed, making Yang Kai feel a little nervous. Pouncing in front of him, the White Tiger let out a light growl.


“A Heaven-Grade puppet?” Yang Kai raised his brow.


If he had never seen the Thousand Leaves Sect’s Heaven-Grade puppets before, then Yang Kai may have mistaken it as a Twelfth-Order Monster Beast, but at this moment, he knew that this White Tiger was not a living being, but a Heaven-Grade puppet.


Liu Yan’s little head peeked out from behind the White Tiger’s wide back and stared at him, eyes wide in pleasant surprise, “Master! You’ve come out?”


Yang Kai stared at her and asked sternly, “Why are you riding on this White Tiger?”


Liu Yan pouted, “Xiao Bai belongs to me now, it’s my choice to ride him wherever I want.”


“Yours?” Yang Kai’s eyes widened in surprise, but he quickly understood Liu Yan’s meaning and his eyes were instantly glowing with delight, “Good job!”


Previously, he had been wondering how he was going to ask Ye Hen about bringing one or two Heaven-Grade puppets from Thousand Leaves Sect out with him, but he didn’t expect Ye Hen to be so virtuous as to give Liu Yan one before he even asked.


Since it belonged to Liu Yan, didn’t it also belong to him?


[But this name… Why was it Xiao Bai again?]


Yang Kai suddenly remembered Mo Xiao Qi. That little girl had a bunch of pets, all named Xiao Bai, Xiao Hei, Xiao Hong, Xiao Lan, Xiao Huang, etc… She never gave any of her pets a serious name, who knows how those pets felt inside their hearts.


[Were all girls like this?]


Liu Yan leapt off the back of the White Tiger and landed nimbly on the ground. When she saw Yang Kai staring at her own pet beast with glowing eyes, she instantly poured cold water over him, “This isn’t that White Tiger. It’s a different one.”


“Huh?” When Yang Kai heard that, he was instantly disappointed, “Why didn’t you ask for that White Tiger?”


Even though he had no idea what the rank of the White Tiger he saw last time was, Yang Kai estimated that it was definitely one of their best puppets in Thousand Leaves Sect. Though similar in form, the one in front of him now definitely wasn’t as good as that one.


Liu Yan said, “The Four Divine Beast Heaven-Grade Puppets are the Sect Protecting Heaven-Grade Puppets. They can’t be taken away.”


Yang Kai asked, “Then how strong is this Xiao Bai in battle?”


“Around the First-Order Emperor Realm? At its limit,” Liu Yan answered without even thinking.


Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, “Aren’t there any better ones?”


Liu Yan thought about it and answered, “There are.” After a pause, she said matter-of-factly, “But they don’t look as good as this one. They look all strange… I don’t like them.”


“What’s the point of looking good?!” Yang Kai could almost die of anger, “Strength is king!”


Liu Yan’s face sank, “If I had a scarred face full of pockmarks and accompanied you every day, how would you feel?”


Yang Kai was stunned for a moment, and couldn’t find anything to talk back to her with after a long time. He suddenly had the thought that… Liu Yan’s words made sense.


“Forget it. A First-Order Emperor Realm puppet is better than nothing.” Yang Kai sighed and felt that a great opportunity had been put in front of them, but Liu Yan missed it.


It was obviously unrealistic to go to Ye Hen and ask for another one now. Even Yang Kai couldn’t bring himself to be that shameless.


It was generous enough of Ye Hen to take the initiative to give the puppet to Liu Yan.


Liu Yan said, “Don’t look down on it, Xiao Bai can run very fast. You never know, it may even be able to save your life someday!”


Yang Kai smiled, “Rather than that, I’d like to know why Ye Hen would give this to you.”


“Because I explained many things about the Dao of Puppetry to him.” Liu Yan smiled. Naturally, she could control all of the puppets in the Thousand Leaves Sect instinctively with her new body, so she was more than qualified to teach Ye Hen in this regard, saving Ye Hen many years of hard work.


Ye Hen was extremely grateful, so he naturally gave Liu Yan one of the Heaven-Grade Puppets.


“What about the others?”


“They’ll be back soon. They’ve been helping Thousand Leaves Sect rebuild this whole time.”


While they were speaking, Yang Kai could already see Chi Yue and the others flying over to them.


A few moments later, they all landed one by one, and they were all overjoyed to see Yang Kai. All of them came up to ask him about how he was doing during his retreat.


Yang Kai responded to them one by one and found that Chai Hu had fully restored his cultivation, going from Origin King Realm to the Dao Source Realm. It seemed that the toxins in his body had been completely cleared.



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